The Best Golf Simulator Tees for Your Indoor/Outdoor Simulator

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Finding the right golf tee for your golf simulator can be challenging. Hitting mats don’t always have enough depth to tee up nicely, and you want something that responds like a real golf tee.

In this post, we’ll help you discover the top 5 best golf simulator tees on the market, discuss their compatibility with various golf mats and launch monitors, and even explore some DIY solutions and unique accessories to customize your golf simulator experience.

Short Summary

  • Discover the best golf simulator tees that work with all styles of grass, turf, and hitting mats.

  • Consider compatibility, potential launch monitor detection issues when choosing a tee, and pros & cons of indoor vs outdoor tees.

  • Enhance your experience by customizing it with DIY solutions and unique accessories.

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What are the Best Golf Simulator Tees?

To help you find the perfect golf simulator tee, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the top 5 golf simulator tees available today. These tees are designed specifically for golf simulators, offering durability, consistency, and versatility for various golfing environments.

Our pick for the best simulator golf tees are:

We’ll also discuss their compatibility with different golf mats and launch monitors and potential issues that may arise when using them indoors or outdoors.

BirTee Golf Tees (Best Overall Simulator Tee)

birtee best overall golf simulator tees durable plastic

BirTee Golf specializes in golf. Tees are a top choice for golf simulators, frozen ground, and driving range mats due to their versatility, durability, and availability of different heights.

These tees are designed to sit atop the surface without being pushed into the mat, making them perfect for indoor practice. Their extremely durable and flexible plastic construction ensures consistent tee shots and minimal resistance at impact.

One potential drawback of BirTee Golf Tees is the limited selection when purchasing smaller packs; you receive only two for approximately $18. However, the many advantages they offer make them a popular choice among golfers seeking a reliable and adaptable tee for their indoor golf practice.

BirTee Golf Tees - PRO Speed Version with Enhanced Durability - 8 Pack. Indoor Golf Tees/Golf Simulator Tees/Winter Golf Tees. (Blue)
  • New PRO SPEED version design for enhanced Flexibility & Durability. These plastic golf tees are virtually unbreakable.
  • Consistent height tees: includes 8 tees of varying height from 1/4" up to 2" with 1/4" incremental steps. Sizes included are 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2". Remember, these sizes are all ABOVE the ground so you can easily match to your regular golf tees, such as the 2 3/4" or 3 1/4" tee.
  • The base diameter of tees #7 & #8 are a little smaller than the original version to be less detectable from overhead cameras in golf simulators. The larger cup area also makes it easy for juniors, seniors or golfers with adaptive needs.
  • Works on any surface including golf courses, practice mats, gym floors, and even frozen ground. Perfect for an indoor golf simulator, as a driving range tee to play off the mat or grass, winter golf. or just use as your regular golf tee.
  • Reusable, durable, and recyclable. Pending USGA and RCGA Approval. Made In Canada.

Tomahawk NEO Tees (Best Adjustability)

tomahawk best rubber tees for golf simulator

Tomahawk NEO. Tees are another excellent option for golf simulators. They are known for their:

  • Flexibility

  • Stackable design that allows for customizable height adjustments

  • High durability

These are the simulator tees I use and I really like their performance and adjustability. They never wear and are reliable.

Despite their many benefits, Tomahawk NEOs are not without their many advantages. Tees may struggle in windy outdoor conditions due to their flexibility. However, their adaptability and durability make them an excellent choice for golf simulator use and indoor practice.

Tomahawk NEO Golf Tee's "As seen on TV"
  • 9 pack color tees
  • PERFECT WINTER TEE! Great to use with Golf Simulators
  • 3 Large that 1 5/8" Can be trimmed to size with scissors
  • 6 small that are 1/2" and turn them over and they are 1/4"
  • Sits on top of the grass, no need to push into the soil

THF Plastic Tees (Best Indoor/Outdoor)

thf plastic tees review best golf simulator tees

THF Plastic Tees are similar to regular tees, so they work great indoor and outdoor if you have regular grass to use. They praised for their durability and versatility. These indestructible tees can be used on the golf course like a regular golf tee, providing consistent height options for various clubs.

The biggest disadvantage to the THF tees is that they may not fit in your hitting mat. You should try using a regular tee with a few driver swings before buying these. Because of their natural design, these tees sometimes fly backwards all over the room.

THF Tees are incredibly durable and can withstand heavy use. These tees are an excellent option for golfers seeking a reliable and long-lasting tee for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

THF Depth Mark Plastic Golf tess with Wide Soft Rubber Cover 3 1/4 83mm Pack of 50 Almost Unbreakable
  • DURABLE AND SAVE YOUR MONEY:How much did you expend in one year on golf tees?Our tees are more durable than wood/bamboo tees,one package can last for a long time,maybe one or two years.
  • MEASURE MARKS:This is a plus,you can use the measurements every 5mm to strike the ball consistently:40mm/45mm/50mm/55mm/60mm,and the measurement lines won't miss even after a long time compared with the painting measure tees.
  • STABLE AND EASY TO SEE:Around 0.8 inch width head can help to hold the ball more stable, you don't need to worry about the ball falling down from the tee,especially on windy days.Also big blue top makes the tee easy to see.
  • PROTECT YOU CLUBS:very good quality soft robber can help to protect your EXPENSIVE and PRECIOUS clubs and won't leave white on your clubs,which make your cleaning easier.
  • PROTECT THE ENVIROMENT:Less tees,better envioment!Suggest we all work together to improve our envioment.

Tee Claw (Best Fixed Size)

best golf simulator tee claw

Tee Claw is a unique golf tee holder designed to provide convenience and ease of use during your tee shot. This innovative accessory is designed to sit atop any surface and work with any hitting mat, preventing the tee from becoming displaced during play. Additionally, Tee Claw can serve as an alignment aid, further enhancing its functionality and versatility.

One downside of the Tee Claw is that it may not be suitable for use with irons due to its design. However, by rotating the Tee slightly, this issue can be addressed.

Overall, the Tee Claw is an excellent option for golfers seeking a unique and functional accessory to improve their golf simulator experience.

BIRDIE79 Upgraded Premium Big Head(Silicone) 4 Legs Standing Golf Tees-Adjustable Golf Tees -Easy Tee Up- Tee Off with Greater Consistency - Excellent Durability- Golf Tee Hanger -All Seasons(Orange)
  • ALL YEAR ROUND-Our golf tee has 4 legs. so we can always make golf. tees standing on the ground without inserting into the ground. so don't need to worry about ground condition.and Especially in winter, I recommend it to anyone who wants to play golf too much.(spring ,summer, fall , winter)
  • GREATER CONSISTENCY & ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT. – Tee’s quick & easy adjustable height(45,50,55,60mm) will enable you to drive consistency by eliminating one of the big variables that go into teeing off. (1) set height adjustment silicone part at right height for you and your club (2) place tee on the ground (3) start playing like the real you again (4) repeat. Tee off at the same exact height every time. You will love the added consistency that Birdie79 adjustable golf tees bring to your golf game.
  • PAR 3 GOLF TEE(length 42mm)- The golf tee is a par 3 golf tee, and its main function is to prevent the loss of 4 leg standing golf tee, and another function is to disassemble the par 3 golf tee from this product and use it in the par 3 round. You can also adjust the height of the golf tee if you use it with the white ring attached.
  • 20MM SILICONE HEAD & 32MM SILICONE HEIGHT WITH 10 BUMPS - Diameter 20mm of silicone head ,all golfers put golf ball on any head tee cap easily. and 10bumps decrease friction by almost zero. so you can hit long-distance! and 32 mm silicone material height It reduces the impact of the golf tee when taking a tee shot, and the silicone material of the main part of the golf tee absorbs most of the shock, so it has excellent durability. Silicone material can protect your previous driver(No scratch)
  • FLUFFY TEE HOLDER(DIAMETER 60MM)-Its main function is the double prevention of loss of 4 leg standing golf tee, that is, it prevents the loss of 4 legs standing golf tee together with the par 3 golf tee.And another function is that when it is inconvenient to put a golf tee in your pocket when moving the golf course, you can use it and put it in your pocket, and you can keep it in your pocket comfortably. Since it is a soft cotton, there is no discomfort in the pocket.Hang it on any condition.

Kreative Dilla Designs KDD Golf Mat Tees (Most Cost Effective)

kdd golf mat tees

Kreative Dilla Designs KDD Golf Mats Tees are 3D printed, flexible, and durable golf tees suitable for fast swing speeds and various golfing environments. Their unique design allows them to be used on hard ground or winter tees without flying away during tee shots, making them ideal for frosty days and various golf simulator settings.

These tees come in packs of 10 and are priced at less than $1 per tee, making them an affordable option for golfers looking to improve their golf simulator experience. Available in red, blue, and yellow, Kreative Dilla Designs KDD Golf Mats are available in red, blue, and yellow.

Kreative Tees offers a colorful and cost-effective solution for golfers seeking high-quality, durable golf simulator tees.

Kreative Dilla Designs KDD Golf Mat Tees, Golf Simulator Tees, Winter Golf Tees (Small/Medium/Large - 12 Pack) Blue
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Works on any golf mat
  • Made of flexible, rugged material
  • Easy to setup
  • 4 small tees (.75 in)/4 medium tees (1.25 in)/4 large tees (1.65in)

Golf Simulator Tee Compatibility

When selecting the perfect golf simulator tee, it’s essential to consider its compatibility with your hitting mat and launch monitor. Some tees may work well with certain mats and monitors, while others may not.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss hitting mats and rubber tee receivers compatible with various golf simulator tees and potential launch monitor detection issues that may arise when using certain tees in your golf simulator.

Hitting Mats

It’s crucial to ensure that your hitting mat and rubber tee receiver are compatible when using golf simulator tees.

These options are designed to work seamlessly with various golf simulator tees, providing a consistent and enjoyable golfing experience.

Outdoor golf tees may also be used with certain hitting mats and rubber tee receivers, although their durability may be limited compared to indoor-specific tees. If you’re using a rubber tee receiver, plastic tees will be more durable than wood tees, prolonging the lifespan of your golf simulator tees.

Launch Monitor Detection Issues

You may encounter detection issues with your launch monitor when using certain golf simulator tees. For example, some launch monitors may mistake a white tee for the golf ball, resulting in an inaccurate reading. To avoid this issue, it’s essential to be aware of potential detection issues and adjust as needed.

One solution to detection issues is to choose a different color tee, such as a black tee, which camera-based launch monitors may more easily detect. Additionally, rotating the tee slightly can address any detection issues associated.

By being mindful of potential detection issues and adjusting accordingly, you can ensure a smooth and accurate golf simulator experience.

best golf simulator tees to try

Indoor vs. Outdoor Golf Tees

When comparing indoor and outdoor golf tees, it’s important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each type. Indoor golf tees are designed for use with indoor golf mats, while outdoor golf tees are intended for use on grass or other outdoor surfaces.

In the following sections, we’ll explore the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor golf tees to help you determine which type best suits your golf simulator needs.

Pros and Cons of Indoor Tees

Indoor golf tees offer several advantages, including consistent height for teeing up the ball, compatibility with indoor golf mats, and a softer impact than outdoor tees. These tees are designed specifically for use in golf simulators and provide a reliable and consistent golfing experience.

However, there may be some compatibility issues with certain launch monitors when using indoor golf tees. Additionally, the electronic feedback provided by indoor golf simulators may not always be precise, and there are limited options for hitting out of ‘bunkers’ when using indoor tees.

Despite these drawbacks, indoor golf tees remain popular for golfers who frequently practice using a golf simulator.

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Tees

Outdoor golf tees are more versatile and can be used on various surfaces, including grass and hard ground. They are also more resilient than indoor golf tees, and designed to tolerate external conditions. Outdoor golf tees offer a range of heights to accommodate different preferences of golfers and can be used with indoor golf simulators, provided they are compatible.

However, outdoor golf tees may not be as durable or suitable for golf simulators as indoor-specific tees. When using outdoor tees with a golf simulator, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with your hitting mat and launch monitor to prevent potential issues or damage.

best tees for a golf simulator

Customizing Your Golf Simulator Tee Experience

To enhance your golf simulator experience, you may want to consider customizing your golf simulator tees. From DIY solutions to unique golf tee accessories and modifications, there are plenty of options to personalize and improve your golf simulator experience.

In the following sections, we’ll explore some of these customization options and provide tips on how to implement them into your golf simulator setup.

DIY Golf Tee Solutions

For those who enjoy a hands-on approach, several DIY golf tee solutions are available to enhance your golf simulator experience. One such solution involves tying your tees down to the hitting mat using thread or fishing line, ensuring that your tees remain in place during play.

Other creative DIY solutions include making a golf tee top as a craft project suitable for kids of all ages or using golf tees as a substitute for corn holders in a pinch, as suggested on Pinterest. These DIY solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to purchasing specialized golf simulator tees and provide an opportunity for personalization and creativity.

Unique Golf Tee Accessories and Modifications

In addition to DIY solutions, unique golf tee accessories and modifications are available to customize your golf simulator experience. Examples include adjustable tees, weighted tees, and tees with built-in ball markers. These accessories can be found on websites like Etsy,, and Custom Made Golf Events.

These unique golf tee accessories and modifications can enhance your golf simulator experience and prevent chasing tees that fly backward during play. Whether it’s a lighting solution to improve visibility or a personalized golf tee holder, these accessories and modifications can take your golf simulator experience to the next level.


In concluding, selecting the ideal golf simulator tee greatly impacts your indoor golfing experience. The BirTee Golf Tees stand out for their durability and adaptability to various environments. Tomahawk NEO Tees offer high adjustability and excellent performance. THF Plastic Tees are designed for indoor and outdoor use, offering durable and reliable practice sessions. The Tee Claw enhances ease of use during tee shots and is an alignment aid, whereas Kreative Dilla Designs KDD Golf Mat Tees bring a unique, colorful and cost-effective solution for golfers.

Consider compatibility with your golf mats and launch monitors, potential detection issues, and pros and cons of indoor vs. outdoor tees. Utilize DIY solutions and unique accessories to customize your golfing experience further.

Making an informed decision based on these parameters ensures a smoother golf simulator experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Simulator Tees (FAQs)

Are there any DIY golf tee solutions for golf simulators?

Yes, there are DIY golf tee solutions for golf simulators. These include tying your tees down to the hitting mat using thread or fishing line and making a golf tee top as a craft project.

What should I consider when choosing a golf simulator tee?

When choosing a golf simulator tee, ensure it is compatible with your hitting mat and launch monitor, and check its durability, versatility, and suitability for indoor or outdoor use.

Are golf simulator tees different for indoor and outdoor use?

es, there are differences between indoor and outdoor golf simulator tees. Indoor tees are designed specifically for indoor golf mats, offering consistent height for teeing up the ball, while outdoor tees are more versatile and can be used on various surfaces like grass and hard ground.

Can I use regular golf tees for a golf simulator?

You can use regular tees, depending on the quality of your hitting mat and whether a tee will stand up on it. Specialized golf simulator tees offer benefits such as consistent tee shots, minimal resistance at impact, and high durability.

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