SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI: Which New Launch Monitor is Better?

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The SkyTrak+ (Plus) and Uneekor EYE MINI were released within a few months from each other in 2023, but how do they compare head to head? In this complete SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI review guide, we look at both launch monitors in detail to determine:

  • Which monitor has more accurate golf ball flight data and tracking?

  • How easy is it to install each monitor?

  • Which launch monitor is cheaper?

  • SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI, which one should you buy for your home golf simulator?

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SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI Comparison Table

CategorySkyTrak+Uneekor EYE MINI
Data Points (Ball)Launch angle, Carry distance, Total distance, Total spin, Ball speed, Backspin, Side angles, Side spin, Max height, Descent angleBall speed, Carry distance, Launch angle, Side distance, Side angle, Side spin, Backspin
Data Points (Club)Club speed, Club path, Face to target, Face to pathClub path, Smash factor, Attack angle, Club speed
Special RequirementsNo special requirementsEYE MINI club Stickers required for accurate club data
Tracking TechnologyDual Doppler radar and photometric system, Shot Optimizer featureDual high-speed cameras, Club Optix technology
InstallationRequires a space of 10 feet of ball flight distance and 12 feet of total space behind the hitting area, device connection requiredRequires an indoor space with room for a comfortable swing, mounted at a suitable height, device connection required
AccuracyVery accurate with slight edge due to Dual Doppler radar systemVery accurate
Software SupportBasic range to input data, optional Game Improvement plan ($149) and Play & Improve plan ($249)Uneekor View software (PC and iOS), integration with Swing Optix Cameras and Ball and Club Optix Technology
SubscriptionYearly subscription needed for yearly access to real coursesSubscription needed for connection to third-party software (GSPro or TGC2019)
Battery Life5 hours on a single charge6 hours on a full charge

SkyTrak+ Overview

A home golf simulator set-up is often considered unattainable for most golfers due to the required space and cost. However, the new SkyTrak+, or SkyTrak Plus, offers more value for your money.

The original SkyTrak, launched in 2014, became popular among golfers looking for an affordable way to track their ball flight and gather shot data. It stood out among its competitors as one of the best budget-friendly golf launch monitors, with a significantly lower price than radar-based options like the Trackman.

Now, with the launch of the SkyTrak+ after nine years, golfers are excited about its potential.

skytrak plus golf launch monitor

Like the original, the SkyTrak Plus features a dual Doppler radar system. This system provides crucial information and utilizes proprietary machine-learning algorithms for enhanced accuracy. These metrics are vital for understanding your club delivery and adjusting your swing to improve your golf game.

The SkyTrak+ still uses a laser to indicate the ball’s position for tracking, which can be problematic when hitting off of grass and requiring device movement. It is more suited for mat use, although the hitting area has been expanded by 40 percent.

The user-friendly main display screen presents quickly interpretable numbers, color-coded based on their proximity to the SkyTrak+’s optimal values. A helpful graphic on the right side illustrates the club’s interaction with the ball at impact, along with a heat map displaying where your shots have landed down the range.

In addition to its portability and lightweight design, the SkyTrak+ camera system ensures accuracy at the driving range and when hitting a net at home. The SkyTrak+ software offers a virtual experience on over 100,000 golf courses when synced with a tablet or computer. This feature transforms mundane range sessions into interactive and purposeful practice sessions.

Famous golf courses like Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, and Torrey Pines are available to play, allowing you to compete with friends from anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • SkyTrak+ can integrate with TGC2019, WGT, and E6 CONNECT, giving you access to more than 100,000 courses.

  • A dual Doppler radar system combined with machine-learning algorithms provides precise club data points such as club head speed, club path, face angle, and smash factor.

  • The hitting area of the SkyTrak+ is 40% larger, and it utilizes a camera-based photometric system to deliver reliable ball data, including launch, spin, and tilt axis.

  • The SkyTrak+ features updated Wi-Fi capabilities, USB-C charging, and an improved processor, enabling seamless integration with PC and mobile devices.

How to Buy the SkyTrak+

The SkyTrak+is available directly from Shop Indoor Golf, a reputable USA golf simulator company. Use the button below to buy yours today.

Uneekor EYE MINI Overview

The EYE MINI portable launch monitor generated significant anticipation due to Uneekor’s stellar reputation with its fixed-mount launch monitors. The EYE MINI is the first portable monitor, which is much easier to install and setup.

Comparable to the SkyTrak+, the EYE MINI operates as a photometric launch monitor near the ball and hitting area. It falls in the mid-range regarding cost, being more expensive than the SkyTrak (more details on that below).

uneekor eye mini golf launch monitor

One of the key advantages of photometric launch monitors is their portability, allowing for usage at home or during trips to the driving range. Previously, Uneekor only offered non-portable, overhead-mounted units designed exclusively for indoor use, making this a notable stride forward.

The Uneekor EYE MINI is touted to deliver the same power as the EYE XO but in a compact, portable form.

Key Features

  • The EYE MINI has dual high-speed cameras, similar to the EYE XO cameras, with a minimum rating of 3000 frames per second (fps).

  • Infrared sensors are included, eliminating the need for special lighting requirements.

  • The EYE MINI offers excellent connectivity options, ensuring reliable usage of the launch monitor in any location.

  • Supports Wi-Fi, USB-C (for Uneekor use only), and Ethernet connections.

  • With an external E-Ink display, the EYE MINI provides comprehensive metrics without setting up a PC and simulation software, making it convenient for on-course and quick practice sessions.

  • The hitting area measures approximately 12 inches wide by 8 inches long.

How to Buy the Uneekor EYE MINI

The Uneekor EYE MINI is available directly from Shop Indoor Golf, a reputable USA golf simulator company. Use the button below to buy yours today.

SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI: What’s In The Box

The SkyTrak+ comes with the SkyTrak+ launch monitor, SkyTrak software, charger, and a quick start guide & user manual.

skytrak+ vs uneekor eye mini unboxing

When you take the Uneekor EYE MINI out of the box, it comes with the Uneekor EYE MINI Launch Monitor itself, Uneekor EYE MINI carrying case with carrying strap, power cable, CAT6 Ethernet cable, and Uneekor EYE MINI club stickers.

uneekor eye mini unboxing

Next, we compare all of the important things about the SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI to help you decide which monitor is worth buying today.

SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI: Data Points

The SkyTrak+ can track and capture ball data:

  • launch angle

  • carry distance

  • total distance

  • total spin

  • ball speed

  • backspin

  • side angles

  • side spin

  • max-= height

  • descent angle

and additional club data:

  • club speed

  • club path

  • face to target

  • face to path

Similarly, the EYE MINI can also track both ball and club data. The ball data points include:

  • ball speed

  • carry distance

  • launch angle

  • side distance

  • side angle

  • side spin

  • backspin

The club data also includes:

  • club path

  • smash factor

  • attack angle

  • club speed

You need the EYE MINI club Stickers attached to your golf ball for accurate club data, which is bad. However, the EYE MINI has a nice e-ink display which shows you stats even when you don’t have your sim software open, which is good!

uneekor eye mini display

SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI: Tracking Technology

The SkyTrak+ incorporates a dual Doppler radar and photometric system for tracking, eliminating the need for club stickers. This upgrade enables SkyTrak+ to monitor club data accurately.

Another upgrade is that there is less shot delay than the original SkyTrak. This will make a lot of home golfers happy, me included.

Alongside enhanced tracking capabilities, the SkyTrak+ offers improved functionality through a feature it calls the Shot Optimizer. This shows your club, ball speed, and launch stats against industry standards and offers advice on improving.

skytrak+ vs uneekor eye mini golf simulator tracking

In contrast, the Uneekor EYE MINI harnesses the data-tracking capabilities of the EYE XO and QED ceiling-mounted launch monitors. The EYE MINI captures, measures, and tracks ball data using dual high-speed cameras.

Additionally, utilizing Uneekor’s Club Optix technology, this system records the movement of your club throughout your golf swing, providing comprehensive club data analysis.

uneekor eye mini infrared tracking

How to Install Each Launch Monitor


Installing the SkyTrak+ involves a few key steps to ensure proper placement and sufficient space. Here’s a guide to help you with the installation:

  1. Check the minimum space requirements: Before setting up the SkyTrak+, ensure you have enough space to swing a golf club comfortably. The minimum space requirement for the SkyTrak+ is approximately 10 feet of ball flight distance and 12 feet of total space behind the hitting area.

  2. Choose the installation location: Select an area where you can set up the SkyTrak+ securely and have sufficient space.

  3. Positioning the SkyTrak+ unit: Place the SkyTrak+ unit on a stable surface such as a table or tripod. Ensure it is level and securely mounted to prevent any movement during swings. The SkyTrak+ has a built-in camera that needs a clear line of sight to capture accurate data, so position it accordingly.

  4. Connecting the SkyTrak+ to a device: The SkyTrak+ needs to be connected to a compatible device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone to display the data. Follow the instructions provided with the device to connect them via Wi-Fi or a USB cable. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

  5. Setting up the hitting area: Clear the space behind and around the hitting area of any obstructions that could interfere with your swing or the SkyTrak’s sensors. Use a hitting mat or turf to simulate a fairway or tee box.

  6. Adjusting the alignment: Align the SkyTrak+ unit with the center of your hitting area to ensure accurate readings.

Once everything is set up, you should perform a few test swings to ensure the SkyTrak+ is capturing accurate data. Use the accompanying software or app to configure the settings, including club selection, virtual courses, and shot analysis options.

Uneekor EYE MINI

Similarly, here’s how to install the Uneekor EYE MINI:

  1. Determine the installation location: Choose a suitable indoor space with enough room to swing a golf club comfortably.

  2. Clear the area: Remove any obstacles or fragile objects from the room to create a safe environment for swinging the club.

  3. Mount the Uneekor EYE MINI: The EYE MINI launch monitor should be securely mounted at a height that aligns with the hitting zone. Depending on your preference and available space, it is typically installed on a sturdy tripod or a wall bracket. Ensure the mounting mechanism is strong enough to support the device’s weight.

  4. Connect the power supply: Plug the power cable into a suitable electrical outlet and connect it to the launch monitor.

  5. Connect the EYE MINI to a computer: Use the provided USB cable to connect the EYE MINI to your computer.

  6. Position the hitting area: Set up a hitting mat or turf in front of the EYE MINI. Ensure that it is aligned with the center of the launch monitor and provides enough space for comfortable swings.

  7. Configure the software: Install the Uneekor software on your computer by following the instructions. Once installed, launch the software and follow the on-screen instructions to configure the EYE MINI.

  8. Calibrate the system: Follow the calibration process outlined in the Uneekor software to ensure accurate measurement of ball and club data. This typically involves placing calibration balls at specific distances and hitting shots to fine-tune the system.

Once the installation and calibration are complete, test the EYE MINI by hitting shots and analyzing the data provided by the software. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI Accuracy

The accuracy of the SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI is nearly identical. Both launch monitors are very accurate and would make a great fit in your sim golf setup.

If I had to pick a winner, the Skytrak+ outshines by a little bit by incorporating its dual Doppler radar system. It is a little bit less prone to error than Uneekor’s camera system. Plus, the tracking area is a bit bigger for you.

Winner: SkyTrak+

SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI Software Support

The SkyTrak+ includes a basic range to input your club and ball data. Two optional software plans are available: the Game Improvement plan for $149 and the Play & Improve plan for $249.

The Game Improvement plan gives you access to features that help you track and enhance your game and connect your SkyTrak+ to golf simulation software. On the other hand, choosing the Play & Improve plan provides you with 15 E6 Courses (iOS & PC) and 15 WGT Courses (iOS & PC) and unlocks new features to improve your golf game.

skytrak+ golf simulator support

The EYE MINI is equipped with the Uneekor View software on both PC and iOS, which proves handy when you’re in the driving range and using a mobile device. The Uneekor View software is also the standard software for the EYE XO monitor. With Uneekor View Software, you can view the club and ball data of your shots at the driving range and even watch replays of your swings.

The EYE MINI integrates with other Uneekor’s accessories, such as the Swing Optix Cameras, and utilizes the Ball and Club Optix Technology to provide precise data. You must affix the included stickers onto your clubs to gather club data.

uneekor eye mini software package

SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI Price

The SkyTrak+ retails for $2,995, while the EYE MINI costs $4,500. The latter includes club data with the purchase.

Additional functionality can be unlocked with different subscription packages.

SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI Subscription

SkyTrak+ doesn’t have any subscription package. All the functionalities come with the purchase price.

However, golfers will likely find the Uneekor EYE MINI subscription needing to be more manageable. Although club and ball metrics are included with the purchase, a subscription is necessary to establish a connection between the MINI and third-party software like GSPro or TGC2019.

To access third-party sim software, at least the PRO package is required.

SkyTrak+ vs Uneekor EYE MINI Battery Life

The SkyTrak+ can operate continuously for 5 hours after a single charge. The charger is included in your purchase.

The Uneekor EYE MINI will last up to 6 hours when fully charged.


In conclusion, the SkyTrak Plus and Uneekor EYE MINI are exceptional golf launch monitors for the market. You won’t be upset with either launch monitor.

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly yet highly accurate launch monitor with extensive features, the SkyTrak+ is your ideal choice. It has a large tracking area, a dual Doppler radar system, and compatibility with various simulation software.

If indoor and outdoor use, an e-ink display, and a reputable commercial brand are important, the Uneekor EYE MINI is worth considering. Its stellar reputation, compact design, and high-speed camera technology offer high-quality performance and a range of unique features.

The need for club stickers for accurate club data might be a drawback for some golfers, but the EYE MINI’s inclusion of comprehensive metrics and compatibility with Uneekor’s proprietary software makes it strong.

Our guess?

Most golfers will prefer the $1,000 in dollar savings for the SkyTrak+. Its reputation is solid, it provides all the important data, and it has high compatibility with all of the top software options.

Let us know what you think and buy yours today below!

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