Vice Pro Air Review: Is This Golf Ball Good?

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This is a detailed Vice Pro Air review to help you decide if Vice’s newest golf ball is made for you or not. The Pro Air is Vice’s first new golf ball since 2020, and it comes with a brand new design that enhances your play on the golf course.

If you’ve tried the Vice Pro Air, let me know what you think!

What is the Vice Pro Air?

The Vice Pro Air is a new model in the Vice Golf Ball lineup and the first golf ball that Vice has released in 4 years. This new Vice Pro Air model replaces the old Vice Pro Soft. This golf ball is designed with mid-to-high compression, and is designed to cater to golfers of all different swing speeds.

The Vice Pro Air is a three-piece golf ball with a cast urethane cover and features a softer core to reduce driver spin, which will help increase the distance on your shots. It is designed with a 318 dimple pattern that enhances the ball’s aerodynamic performance. This means the dimple pattern prevents the ball from spinning as much in the air, adding height and distance to your shots.

The Pro Air also provides a higher launch with your irons to increase landing angles on all your approach shots.

The Vice Pro Air golf balls are currently on sale for $32.99 per dozen, making them a great budget option for golfers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. These new Vice balls are sure to provide optimal on-course performance at a great price.

How to Buy

All of Vice’s golf balls can be purchased off of Amazon, any golf retailer, or the official Vice website. Currently, the Pro Air is only available on their website.

Use the button below to buy yours today, and I will update this guide in the future if they become available anywhere else.

Vice Pro Air Core Features


The new Vice Pro Air ball features a 3-layer design with a cast urethane cover. Vice included a size-optimized High Energy Speed Core (HESC) with a lower compression to improve the feel of slower swing speeds and efficiently convert swing speed into distance.

The Cast Urethane cover is created with a thin, softer cover, leading to an enhanced feel around the course. It has more durability than a basic surlyn golf ball.

This 3-layer design works to increase each shot’s trajectory and reduce spin to help create maximum distance.

Compression Rating

The compression rating of the new Vice Pro Air is 75, which is optimized for high efficiency at low to medium swing speeds for optimal distance. The low compression ratings help out slower swing speeds to maximize distance on their shots.

Although this ball caters to golfers with a slow swing speed, it is also suitable for a broader range of golfers looking for optimal on-course performance.


The new Vice Air is designed with a softer core to help lower the spin on the driver and provide a softer feel for the golf ball. This results in a higher launch on every shot.

In my experience with the ball, it features a premium feel and satisfying sensation on every strike, making it a good ball for many golfers.


The Vice Pro Air features a new Cast Urethane Cover, the thinnest cover for maximum control and short-game spin. Although this ball is made to lower spin on your driver, the new dimple pattern helps provide optimal spin on short-game shots, which is what all golfers are looking for.

After using this ball, I can confirm that the spin around the greens was great.

Optimal Alignment Aid

The new Vice Pro Air has an alignment aid designed to take strokes off the game by providing a visual guide for aiming and lining up putts after reading the green. This aid is designed with crisp edges that taper off toward your target, helping achieve better accuracy and consistency in your putting.

This aid is a small but significant addition that can positively impact a golfer’s putting game.

Who is the Vice Pro Air Made For?

The new Vice Pro Air ball is designed for golfers of all swing speeds, offering a versatile option for golfers looking to optimize their performance on the golf course. With its mid-to-high compression and emphasis on launching higher with lower spin to maximize distance, the Pro Air is particularly suitable for golfers with slower swing speeds, helping with the energy transfer from the club face to the ball at impact.

If you are struggling to determine which Vice balls would work best, we recommend checking out their ball fitting tool on their website. This tool provides a great breakdown of each ball they offer and its benefits.

Vice Golf Ball Alternatives

Vice Pro

The Vice Pro is a great alternative to the Vice Pro Air, offering a balance of performance and feel between the Vice Pro Plus and Vice Pro Air. It is optimized for medium swing speeds and features a great spin rating. However, unlike the Pro Air, which is optimized for all swing speeds, the Vice Pro is not an ideal choice for golfers with a higher swing speed due to its lower compression rating.

Vice Pro Plus

The Vice Pro Plus golf ball is an alternative to the new Vice Pro Air. It offers a four-piece construction with a Cast Urethane cover designed for high ball speeds and ultimate control. Both models are great balls, but they cater to different swing speeds. Despite their differences, both models are designed to offer optimal on-course performance at a great price.

Vice Tour

The Vice Tour ball is an alternative between the Pro Plus and the Pro Air. The Vice Tour sets out to strike a balance between distance spin, making it suitable for an extensive range of golfers. It is made for a medium swing speed, offering a versatile and responsive option for the golf course.

The Vice Tour and the new Vice Air share similar qualities, so it comes down to personal preference, as the prices are identical.


This Vice Pro Air review highlights this golf ball as a standout option for golfers seeking enhanced performance on the course. With its innovative design and mid-to-high compression, the Pro Air caters to various swing speeds, making it versatile for many players. The 318 dimple pattern and softer core increase distance and improve trajectory, providing a satisfying feel and control.

Priced at $32.99 per dozen, the Vice Pro Air offers excellent value for its performance features. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, the Vice Pro Air is worth considering for its combination of technology and affordability.

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