Cobra Darkspeed vs Aerojet Drivers: Comparison

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The Cobra Aerojet drivers was one of my most underrated drivers in 2023, so how did Cobra do with the new Darkspeed? I’ve put my experiences testing each driver into this Cobra Darkspeed vs Aerojet comparison guide to help you decide which golf driver to buy.

After hours of testing, I’ve concluded that while the new Cobra Darkspeed is slightly more forgiving, the changes are too subtle to recommend a full upgrade from last year’s Aerojet.

But you’ll want to read some of the nuances below.

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What is the Cobra Darkspeed Driver?

The Cobra Darkspeed drivers family, featuring the MAX, LS, and X models, focuses mainly on generating faster swing speeds for golfers at all skill levels. The Darkspeed is engineered using space-grade materials and advanced aerodynamic shaping, marking it as one of the fastest drivers ever built by Cobra.

Each model is tailored for a specific kind of golfer, so that you have a match whether you are looking for maximum forgiveness and accuracy or more extraordinary speed and distance. The X model offers a perfect combination of speed and forgiveness.

Notably, the Darkspeed drivers boast a refined aerodynamic design with a streamlined face, raised skirt, and reduced clubface surface area.

In contrast, the A.I.-designed H.O.T. Face delivers efficient speed and spin across the clubface. The adjustable loft settings and draw-biased control allows you to fine-tune your launch and spin conditions.

Cobra Darkspeed Driver Models

Darkspeed LS

The Cobra Darkspeed LS Driver is designed for experienced players with faster swing speeds. The LS offers exceptional speed and more distance through its streamlined design. Key features of the Darkspeed LS Driver include a low launch and low spin head design, making it ideal for better golfers.

The driver’s aerodynamic profile enhances clubhead speed, while its customizable weights allow for shot shaping, promoting forgiveness and accuracy.

The Darkspeed LS drivers come in loft options of 8.0, 9.0, and 10.5 and have a focus on promoting a neutral to fade-biased shot shape.

Darkspeed Max

The Cobra Darkspeed Max Driver is created for maximum forgiveness and accuracy, making it ideal for casual golfers who want higher launch and straighter ball flights. With a high launch and mid-spin profile, this is the most forgiving driver in the Darkspeed lineup.

The driver’s key features include adjustable weight settings for stability and draw-tuning, a streamlined aerodynamic design for maximum speed, and a larger PWRSHELL with a designed H.O.T. Face for efficient speed and spin across the clubface.

The Darkspeed Max Driver also provides loft options of 9.0, 10.5, and 12.0.

Darkspeed X

The Cobra Darkspeed X driver is positioned as the middle-of-the-road driver. Darkspeed X offers a suitable option for a wide range of golfers, with loft options of 9.0, 10.5, and 12.0. Its progressive aerodynamic technology provides a versatile balance of speed and forgiveness, enabling effortless delivery of distance and accuracy.

The driver features interchangeable weights and eight MyFly loft settings, allowing golfers to fine-tune their launch and spin conditions. With its advanced aerodynamics, adjustability, and balanced performance, the Darkspeed X driver is expected to be a popular choice for golfers aiming to enhance their game.

What is the Cobra Aerojet Driver?

The Cobra Aerojet Driver series, comprising the Aerojet, Aerojet L.S., and Aerojet Max models, is the 2023 Cobra flagship driver. They were designed to deliver exceptional speed and trajectory control.

The Aerojet was released in 2023. Each model features advanced aerodynamic shaping, including a raised skirt, symmetrical shaping, and streamlined edges to minimize drag and maximize clubhead speed.

The drivers also incorporate innovative technologies such as PWR-BRIDGE weighting, PWRSHELL with H.O.T. Face, adjustable weighting, carbon crown and sole, and adjustable loft, enabling golfers to fine-tune their launch and spin conditions for optimized performance.

Cobra Aerojet Driver Models


The standard Cobra Aerojet driver offers a faster aerodynamic shape and extreme forgiveness, making it suitable for Tour players and amateurs. With loft options of 9.0, 10.5, and 12.0, it provides a low spin head with high launch and forgiveness.

Key features include advanced aerodynamic shaping for increased clubhead speed, PWR-BRIDGE weighting for faster ball speed, PWRSHELL with H.O.T. Face for maximized flexibility, and a carbon crown and sole for a lighter, more robust chassis. The driver also boasts adjustable loft settings and a headcover and wrench.

Aerojet Max

The Cobra Aerojet Max driver is designed to deliver unrivaled stability and draw bias in a low-spin design for maximum distance. With loft options of 9.0, 10.5, and 12.0, it caters to a wide range of player preferences, offering an additional eight yards of correction for slices.

This driver features a heavier weight in the back for enhanced forgiveness, while the heavier weight in the heel offers anti-slice capabilities. The Aerojet Max driver is characterized by its aerodynamic design, customizable shaft, flex options, and focus on providing maximum forgiveness and distance for golfers of varying skill levels.

Aerojet LS

The Cobra Aerojet LS driver is designed for players with a swing speed of 95-100mph and over, aiming to provide distance over forgiveness and a workable head with less draw bias at impact.

Its key features include a streamlined aerodynamic design and PWR-BRIDGE weighting for increased ball speed and lower spin rates. The LS has a carbon crown and sole for a lighter, stronger chassis, and an adjustable loft sleeve for fine-tuning trajectory and spin.

The LS driver offers loft options of 9.0 and 10.5, catering to low spin and low launch golfers.

Cobra Darkspeed vs Aerojet Drivers: Key Similarities


  • Both models feature a back weight and a second front position for optimizing ball flight.

  • Both drivers use Cobra’s PWR-BRIDGE technology, which helps transfer more energy to the ball, resulting in faster ball speeds and the PWRSHELL face.


  • The Darkspeed X and Aerojet drivers offer a sophisticated and premium appearance with clean, minimalist crowns and headcovers.

  • Both drivers have a matte black profile, giving a sleek and sophisticated look.

  • The Darkspeed X and Aerojet drivers provide a simple, modern aesthetic focusing on premium design.


  • Both drivers deliver competitive ball speeds and comfortable levels of spin, offering high levels of forgiveness and playability.

  • The Aerojet and Darkspeed X drivers provide solid ball speed and ball-striking consistency, especially with off-center hits.

  • The Darkspeed X and Aerojet drivers offer low spin and high launch characteristics, making them suitable for a wide range of golfers.


  • Both driver models are available in a range of loft options, catering to various player preferences and swing speeds.

  • The Darkspeed X and Aerojet drivers feature adjustable weighting for optimizing ball flight and trajectory.

Key Differences Between the Darkspeed vs Aerojet Drivers


  • Cobra switched things up in 2024. The Darkspeed drivers presented a matte black profile, minimalist crown, and sophisticated appearance. The Aerojet drivers feature a reflective crown, which can take your focus off the ball.

  • The underside of the Aerojet drivers features a grey and blue combination compared to the all-black on the Darkspeed.


  • Although most technology remains unchanged, the Darkspeed drivers feature a 13% larger PWRSHELL face than the Aerojet. This helps provide more confidence and more consistent ball speeds at impact.


  • Due to the new release of the Darkspeed drivers, there will be a critical difference in the pricing. The Aerojet drivers will now go on sale, so it will come down to personal preference between the two and how much you are willing to spend.

What I Like About the Darkspeed Driver Better

At first glance, I liked the color and overall aesthetics of the Darkspeed driver much more than the previous Aerojet model. The matte black was crisp, and Cobra removed the reflective crown from the top, which sometimes got quite distracting.

The Darkspeed feels like a more solid, premium driver when lined up to the ball, and the massive face helped inspire confidence in every drive.

I also liked the sound and feel better on the Darkspeed. There wasn’t much difference, but you could tell when you smashed a ball off the center of the club face. The numbers and overall performance corroborated this as well.

What I Like About the Aerojet Driver Better

What I like better about the Cobra Aerojet driver than the Darkspeed is the customization between the different models. The Aerojet Max offers a draw-bias option, which is excellent for amateur and high-handicap golfers as it helps offset the slice many golfers have.

The Darkspeed doesn’t have an option for draw-bias and sticks with a neutral ball flight on all three models.

Another thing that most golfers will like about the Aerojet driver better is the price point. Anytime a brand new club gets released a year after the previous generation, it will go on sale. The difference between technology is slight to warrant that price increase.

If you are budget-conscious and don’t care about having the newest club in your bag, you may opt for the previous generation for a lower price.

Darkspeed vs. Aerojet Drivers: The Winner (Conclusion)

The Cobra Darkspeed and Cobra Aerojet drivers are exceptional choices for golfers seeking performance and style. The Darkspeed driver features stunning aesthetics and enhanced forgiveness and offers competitive ball speeds and comfortable spin levels, catering to a wide range of players.

On the other hand, the Aerojet driver impresses with its classic shape, modern aesthetics, and remarkable club and ball speed for excellent distance. Although the Darkspeed driver edges ahead with its more sophisticated appearance and a tad more forgiveness, both Cobra drivers perform superbly, making it challenging to pick a clear winner.

Ultimately, each Cobra driver is worth a spot in your golf bag. The Darkspeed is preferable for those seeking a refined and modern package. At the same time, the Aerojet remains a solid option for golfers valuing a solid driver at a great price point.

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