Putt Link Smart Golf Ball Review: Do You Need This?

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The Putt Link smart ball is advertised to help you improve your putting on the golf green. But how well does it work? Is it the new golf accessory you need? This guide reviews Putt Link in detail to help you decide.

In short, the Putt Link absolutely helps you out on the green by giving you new statistics and analysis about your stroke. The big question is whether you have the realistic golf green to practice on enough.

For all of the finer details, read my experience reviewing the Putt Link smart golf ball.

What is the Putt Link Smart Golf Ball?

The Putt Link Smart Golf Ball is a golf training aid designed to enhance your putting game. Putt Link features:

  • dual balance weighting

  • enhanced alignment

  • a vibration damper

  • improved feel

Priced at $199, Putt Link is the most realistic small golf ball for putting yet.

The Putt Link Smart Ball connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet and provides real-time data to help make you a better putter. It is designed to provide golfers with enhanced stability and better repetition in their short game with immediate feedback provided.

The Putt Link Smart Golf Ball promises a better roll, feel, and sound off the face, making it an ideal choice for golfers looking to improve their putting skills. This high-tech golf ball is part of a range of contemporary golf equipment that utilizes advanced technology to aid players in refining their game.

How to Buy

You can purchase the Putt Link from its official store and website. It was the number one golf accessory at the 2023 PGA show.

Click here to buy the Putt Link.

Where Do You Use the Putt Link Smart Ball?

The Putt Link Smart Golf Ball can be used both outdoors on putting greens from dawn to dusk and indoors in a well-lit room or with natural light from a window. The ball should be placed on the putting surface with the PuttLink logo facing up and the alignment line pointing forward.

It’s important to note that Putt Link is designed for putting practice only and should not be hit by a driver or another club that is not a putter.

The ball connects wirelessly to a mobile device via Bluetooth, and the range of the connection depends on the type of device used. If the ball goes out of range, a popup message will appear in the app with instructions on reconnecting.

What Stats Does Putt Link Track?

When using the Putt Link Smart Golf Ball, the PuttLink App tracks various insightful statistics to help golfers enhance their putting performance:

  • True roll distance: Calculates the accurate distance traveled by the putt, even on breaking putts, providing precise feedback on the roll distance.

  • Entry pace: Allows practice of making putts at a firm or dying pace, giving valuable insights into the speed of the putt as it enters the cup.

  • Make percentage: Monitors the rate of successful putts made, allowing golfers to track their putting accuracy and progress over time.

  • Stimp reading: Provides calculated green speed values, informing users about how fast the greens are rolling and aiding in adjusting putting techniques accordingly.

  • Distance control: Tracks the distance control of putts, enabling golfers to refine their putting skills based on the feedback provided.

putt link smart golf ball app stats

These statistics are continuously stored and updated on the PuttLink App, providing users with valuable insights to achieve their goals and track their performance effectively.

Additionally, the app offers a range of drills for distance control, making percentages, entry speed, and varying green slope, allowing users to practice smarter and enjoy improving their putting game.

putt link smart golf ball review chart and analytics

Other Features in the Putt Link Golf Ball I Like

The Putt Link Smart Golf Ball offers a range of features that make it a valuable tool for enhancing putting performance:

Wireless Connectivity

It was really easy to setup the golf ball with my iPhone via Bluetooth. It also has support for Android phones as well.

Once you are connected, Putt Link provides you with real-time data on roll distance, velocity, entry pace, make or miss, and the stimp reading,

You can use this data to gain valuable insights into their putting performance.

Practice Drills

The app offers a variety of drills for distance control, making percentages, entry speed, and varying green slopes, making practice sessions more effective and engaging. After just a few practice strokes, it was easy to see how Putt Link can help you putt more consistently on the green.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

The ball can be used both outdoors on putting greens and indoors in a well-lit room or with natural light from a window. A portable infrared emitter is available for indoor use to ensure accurate data calculation.

putt link smart golf ball review on green

Infrared Technology

The ball utilizes patent-pending technology with infrared light sensors to accurately calculate ball motion, providing reliable data for putting practice.

Range and Battery Life

Putt Link has a maximum Bluetooth range of around 30 feet and a battery life expected to last up to 2 years and thousands of putts.

Additionally, a one-year free replacement warranty is included, with an option for a 2-year extended warranty.

Does the Putt Link Smart Golf Ball Make You a Better Golfer?

The Putt Link Smart Golf Ball provides valuable statistical insights and innovative features, making it a beneficial tool for golfers looking to improve their putting performance. The intelligent ball tracks various putting stats such as true roll distance, putt speed, velocity, entry pace, and make percentage.

I have my own putting green in my backyard, which I feel gives me the advantage in reviewing the Putt Link. Putting better requires consistent practice, and Putt Link is a good supplement if you have the right setup. Instead of using a regular ball, Putt Link gives you a complete stats package to review on every shot.

I really like the audible distance notifications and auto-practice features.

Best Golf Putting Aid in use


Overall, I think Putt Link is a good smart device for the golf market. There is no doubt that regular use can help you get your golf game on point.

My biggest complaint about the Puttlink smart ball is that is only comes as one ball. If you have a practice green to use, you probably like to hit many balls in a single group.

Still, Putt Link is worth checking out. Try it out today!

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