Cobra Aerojet Driver Review: Specs, Features and Things to Know (Standard vs LS vs MAX)

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Cobra’s new 2023 lineup of drivers is called the Aerojet. It comes in three main models, and the focus this year is, as the name suggests – speed through aerodynamics. In this Cobra Aerojet driver review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know before you buy one of the three models:

  • Key features
  • What I specifically like
  • Whether the Aerojet has the ball flight and carry distance that Cobra advertises
  • Does the Aerojet match up to the new Callaway Paradym or TaylorMade Stealth 2 drivers?

If you have any questions, please let us know!

At a Glance

Cobra Aerojet

cobra aerojet driver base view review

2023 Golf Driver

The Cobra Aerojet driver family seeks to maximize distance in the easiest way possible. The core features of the golf club promote fast ball speeds and lower spin through strategically placed weighting and an aerodynamic shape.

Cobra has priced the clubs lower than competitors like the Callaway Paradym and TaylorMade Stealth 2, which should help it capture some market share.


Aerodynamic club shape

Optimized weight placement

$50 cheaper than competitors


Lower spin rates aren’t for everyone

Weaker for slower swing speeds

What is the Cobra Aerojet?

The Cobra Aerojet is a brand-new line of drivers from the Cobra golf brand for 2023. They replace the top-rated LTDx drivers that came out in 2022 and hope to bring new features to keep it one of the most popular drivers available on the market.

With the Aerojet, Cobra aims to bring the fastest club and ball speed through aerodynamics. The new drivers are packed with features and each model brings something different for each type of golfer.

cobra aerojet driver top view

How to Buy

Use the button below to buy your Cobra Aerojet driver today. As more store options become available, I’ll update this guide with more ways to purchase.

Cobra Aerojet Driver Models

Cobra Aerojet

The standard Aerojet model is the base option available. It focuses on the average-to-low spin, medium ball launch, and a neutral shot shape. This model is best for average ‘pure’ golfers who don’t have regular slicing problems and can make solid ball contact.

Cobra Aerojet LS Driver

The LS model stands for low spin. This model also offers the lowest ball launch and low spin in the air. The club weighting has a slight draw bias shot shape.

The LS model helps fight against the slice that haunt’s the majority of golfers. It’s profile is the smallest out of all the models.

cobra aerojet driver adjustable hosel ls

Cobra Aerojet MAX Driver

The MAX model stands for maximum forgiveness. It has higher launch, mid-low spin, and a neutral to draw-based shot shape.

With the high launch, this provides the most forgiveness off the tee. Beginners might lose a little bit of distance, but will be able to get the ball up high into the air more easily. The MAX is slightly bigger than the base model.

Aerojet Womens MAX

The women’s model of the golf driver offers low spin, high ball launch, and a draw-based shot shape to help you get the most distance off the tee. The Womens MAX is an inch shorter than the regular version.

Aerojet Junior MAX

This junior model comes in three different shaft lengths, depending on your age. It offers maximum ball launch and low spin and has a draw-based shot shape to help get the most distance off the tee.

Cobra also has an excellent offer where they provide one free shaft upgrade as your child grows into their game.

Here is a summary picture on the launch of the three main drivers. The Womens and Junior models will follow a similar path as the MAX:

cobra aerojet driver models

Key Features in the Cobra Aerojet Driver


Cobra has introduced the PWR-BRIDGE as part of the driver’s head on the Aerojet. It takes the place of the PWR-COR that they had in previous driver models. Both ideas are generally the same, with just a few tweaks.

The PWR-COR was a piece of steel on the bottom of the driver’s head. It pushed that mass low and forward, allowing for faster ball speeds.

The PWR-BRIDGE is tweaked. Instead of being on the bottom of the club, it is suspended behind the club face, anchored in the heel and toe sides of the driver. It can position the mass farther from the center of gravity which helps increase ball speed even more and boosts your MOI (forgiveness). PWE-BRIDGE also allows more flex on the club’s face than the PWR-COR did.

cobra aerojet driver pwr-bridge


For the first time, Cobra is bringing its PWRSHELL technology over from its iron lines into its driver’s face. The PWRSHELL is a forged-face piece that wraps underneath the driver’s head and connects directly to the sole.

This allows for roughly 15% more flex in the low club face area, which means your ball speeds will increase on perfect impacts.

HOT Face

Cobra’s HOT Face is an artificial intelligence club face that combines thick and thin areas across the face of the driver to maximize ball speed and launch. Most golf companies are now moving to AI-driven faces on their drivers because they can produce faster speeds and further distances more quickly.

The club face on the Aerojet can also provide a more efficient spin across the entire club face, which will help maximize forgiveness on every shot off the tee.

cobra aerojet ai hot face

Multi-Material Construction

The Cobra Aerojet drivers and built with a mix of carbon and titanium, similar to the Callaway Paradym and TaylorMade Stealth 2. On the Aerojet models, Cobra reduced the crown thickness by 30% versus the LTDx. This allows them to save that weight and put weight pads into the heel and toe of the driver to boost the moment of inertia and distance.

cobra aerojet aerodynamic shape


The Cobra Aerojet drivers will retail at $549 USD and be available in stores and online on February 10th, 2023. This is $50 cheaper than other flagship drivers on the market today.

Shafts, Grip & Specs

There are a few different shaft options for the different Aerojet models.

The Aerojet LS has your choice of Mitsubishi Kai’li White 60 (x-stiff and stiff), Project X HZRDUS Black Gen4 (stiff), and MCA Kai’li Blue 60 (regular). It comes in 9 and 10.5 degrees loft.

The base Aerojet model has your choice of Mitsubishi Kai’li White 60 (x-stiff and stiff), MCA Kai’li Blue 60 (regular and stiff), and UST Mamiya Helium Nanocore 4 (lite) and 5 (regular). It comes in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees loft.

The Aerojet MAX has your choice of Mitsubishi Kai’li Blue 60 (regular and stiff) and UST Mamiya Helium Nanocore 4 (lite) and 5 (regular). It comes in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees loft.

The grip that comes standard on each Cobra Aerojet driver is the Lamkin Crossline.

Cobra LTDx vs Aerojet: Key Differences


The Cobra LTDx had Cobra’s speed-enhancing PWR-COR on the driver head, which was a piece of steel anchored to the bottom of the club head. It allowed them to push mass forward and low, but also restricted the club face flex at impact.

PWR-BRIDGE weighting sits more forward due to how it now connects with the club face. This allows Cobra to boost MOI even more and enables the face to flex much more than the PWR-COR did.

No Infinity Face

With the new Cobra drivers, we see the end of the CNC-milled faces that Cobra first introduced in 2019. The new Aerojet drivers have the PWRSHELL HOT Face instead, which is thinner and has a greater surface area when compared to the LTDx.

This new club face offers higher ball speeds and even more forgiveness on every shot off the tee.

What I Like About the Cobra Aerojet

After looking at the new Cobra Aerojet drivers, there is a lot to like about them. At first glance, they are way more visually appealing than the LTDx or even the Radspeed drivers that Cobra released in the past. Instead of going with the brighter yellow colors, they decided to stick with a smooth black with hints of blue and red. Cobra has highlighted the carbon material used on the club to make it stand out.

cobra aerojet driver top view

When you address the ball in your stance, the club looks very appealing and stands up to all of the new drivers currently on the market.

looking down at cobra aerojet driver review

Another thing I liked about the Aerojet drivers was the distance on all my drives. The distance and ball speed are noticeable when hitting this driver. After using a few different drivers, I feel that the Aerojet provides a lot of easy distance. and more speed transfer between golf ball and driver head.

Using my launch monitor, I found spin rates of about 3,100 RPM with the Aerojet. With the LTDx, I was seeing up in the 3,250 RPM range. This lower spin provides more distance on pure, straight, hits.

Lastly, I like the pricing. Cobra products have always been priced a bit cheaper than other premium drivers on the market. The Callaway Paradigm driver, a direct competitor, is $50 more. In this case, golfers should see equivalent performance with the ‘cheaper’ driver.

Not every golfer will be able to justify a brand-new driver, but I would check out the Aerojet for its price alone.

Once again, use the links below to buy your driver today!

cobra aerojet driver review with ball

What I Don’t Like About the Cobra Aerojet

The focus on low spin rates might not be for everyone. You will lower your spin rate naturally as you become a better golfer.

The driver may also need to be more suitable for slow-swing speed players. Cobra markets this driver for fast ball-speed golfers, so make sure to do a bit of diligence before deciding that this is the one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Cobra Aerojet driver better than the LTDx?

Yes, the Aerojet driver has a few key improvements over the design of the LTDx. The use of carbon in the head allows for better weight distribution. A new aerodynamic club shape and PWR-BRIDGE technology allows for better club-to-ball force transfer.

What kind of golfer is the Cobra Aerojet driver for?

The Aerojet driver is made for all kinds of golfers. There are 5 different models, depending on your age, gender, experience level.

Does the Aerojet contain carbon?

Yes, the Aerojet contains carbon in the club head, which allows Cobra to shift the weight to optimal spots in the driver.

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