7 Cheapest Urethane Golf Balls to Buy Today

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Most golfers agree that a urethane ball has a more premium feel and ball flight compared to surlyn or ionomer. In this guide, I’ll show you the cheapest urethane golf balls that are good value for their price!

Below, I feature popular options from Titleist and Taylormade, along with underrated options from Snell, Vice, and Srixon!

If you have the best ball with a urethane cover, comment and let me know!

What are the Best Cheapest Urethane Golf Balls?

  1. Titleist AVX

  2. Taylormade Tour Response

  3. Maxfli Tour X

  4. Snell MTB Prime

  5. Vice Pro or Pro Plus

  6. Srixon Q Star Tour

  7. Callaway Chrome Soft

Why is Urethane Better Than Ionomer and Surlyn?

Urethane golf balls provide better spin control and a softer feel off the clubface, making them a better choice than ionomer and surlyn. With a urethane cover, you can shape your golf shots and have more control around the greens. The softer feel is also preferred by many golfers, especially those with higher swing speeds.

Most PGA professionals use have a urethane cover because the performance advantages heavily outweigh what an ionomer or surlyn covered ball has to offer. Urethane balls offer more performance. They are more expensive, but good golfers don’t care much about that.

The main benefits of an ionomer or surlyn covered ball are that they are known for their durability and resistance to scuff marks. If you don’t care about the actual performance of the golf ball and are just looking for a durable ball, you may look outside of a urethane cover.

Check out our review of cheap urethane golf balls below!

Titleist AVX – $50 Per Dozen

The Titleist AVX is a three-piece golf ball with a urethane cover. It is designed for golfers looking for a softer-feeling, low-flying, and low-spinning option compared to premium balls such as the Pro V1 golf ball.

Titleist aimed to provide golfers with more distance on mid-irons and increased greenside spin control. The compression rating of the AVX remains unchanged at 80, making it a softer-feeling urethane option.

The Titleist AVX is available for $49.99 per dozen, making it a cost-effective option for golfers who still want excellent performance without spending top money. The AVX is a great ball for the price and provides impressive spin for maximum workability around the greens and golf course.

TaylorMade Tour Response – $40 Per Dozen

The TaylorMade Tour Response is a three-piece, urethane-covered golf ball. Its compression rating is 73, and it is designed for moderate swing speeds. Due to its low compression, it is an incredibly soft-feeling golf ball. TaylorMade tries to offset that low compression by providing a higher launch off impact and lower spin, adding overall distance to each shot.

The TaylorMade Tour Response makes a great case as one of the cheapest urethane balls. You get high ball flight and a soft feel, all at a very low price point. Even with the soft feel, the Tour Response gives you impressive distance as well as more spin and control.

These are very popular golf balls among slower-swing speed golfers.

Maxfli Tour X – $26 Per Dozen

The Maxfli Tour X is a four-piece golf ball with a urethane cover. It offers a great combination of distance control and performance. Due to its combination of distance and low spin, it plays particularly well in windy conditions.

Golfers with a higher driver swing speed will find that the Maxfli Tour X helps in controlling their swing and matching the ball to their setup, leading to improved shot accuracy and trajectory.

The golf ball features a compression rating of 101, making it a pretty firm ball. It is designed to provide low spin off the tee, making it suitable for golfers with a faster swing speed.

Although the Maxfli Tour X has premium construction qualities, it is available at a lower price than other premium golf balls, making it one of the best cheap golf balls on the market. These Maxfli balls are a great cost-effective option for golfers looking for premium performance at a low price point.

Snell MTB Prime – $33 Per Dozen

If you are looking for a less well-known company that still offers the best-value golf balls, look no further than Snell. It was created by Dean Snell, who worked many years for TaylorMade and Titleist and was one of the original creators of the Pro V1.

The MTB Prime is a three-piece golf ball with fast speeds, low driver spin, and a soft feel. These golf balls have a compression rating of around 80-85, making them a perfect option for mid-swing speed golfers.

The ball features a new XV3 urethane cover that helps increase its greenside control and durability. You may think this is a cheap ball because you have yet to learn about the company, but it is an excellent value for money and will increase your performance on the golf course.

Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus – $25 or $40 Per Dozen

Vice Pro and Pro Plus golf balls are premium, urethane-covered golf balls designed to provide tour-level performance at an affordable price. The Vice Pro is a three-layer design, whereas the Vice Pro Plus is a four-layer design. Both balls feature a thin cast urethane cover, allowing for maximum control and short game spin.

The Vice Pro compression rating is 90, and the Pro Plus is 100. The Pro is optimized for medium swing speeds, whereas the Pro Plus is optimized for faster ones. Both golf balls are made to lower the spin rate on your driver and irons while offering maximum distance. The sound feedback is slightly different between the two.

These balls are highly affordable, especially if ordered in bulk, and there are a variety of colors to choose from.

Srixon Q Star Tour: Three Piece Golf Ball – $25 Per Dozen

The Srixon Q Star Tour is a three-piece urethane-covered golf ball with a compression rating of 67. This is one of the softer golf balls compared to the others we have reviewed. The medium firmness is designed as a mid-high launch, low-spin ball, which is excellent for slow swing speeds. It helps offer better distance control on iron shots and has an exceptionally soft feel off the putter face.

These golf balls are a solid option for high handicappers. The low compression helps maximize the energy transfer from the club face to the ball, helping launch it higher with less spin. This helps get a reasonable distance off the tee, even with a slower swing.

These are also a great value option on the golf ball market.

Callaway Chrome Soft: Premium Golf Balls – $55 Per Dozen

The Callaway Chrome Soft is a three-piece golf ball featuring a new High-Performance Tour Urethane Cover. It’s meant to create a softer feel for increased spin and more consistent spin on short-game shots. The compression is 75, making it a soft-feel golf ball aimed at providing distance and control.

Chrome Soft competes directly with TaylorMade and Titleist in the golf ball market. All are premium golf balls, each offering something slightly different depending on the golfer using them.

You will be satisfied after using the Chrome Soft golf ball, as it is one of the premium and best-value golf balls you can purchase. They also come in yellow and have Callaway’s triple-track alignment aid.

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