Titleist Pro V1 vs AVX: Which Golf Ball is For You?

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The Titleist Pro V1 and AVX golf balls are both highly rated, but which golf ball is better for you? In this comparison guide, I’ll review my experience with the Titleist Pro V1 vs AVX to help you understand the differences in:

  • features

  • number of layers

  • compression rating

  • efficiency in long and short game shots

  • which golf ball is better for you, depending on what kind of golfer you are

If you are in a rush, you should know that the Titleist Pro V1 is the Cadillac of all golf balls, but it might not be the best if you are a beginner or senior golfer. The AVX and it’s 3-layer design, is easier to launch for golfers with a slower swing speed.

Keep reading to find out more juicy details and comparisons about these two premium golf balls!

2024 Titleist AVX Overview

The 2024 Titleist AVX golf balls feature an improved design and jump in quality that I like a lot of golfers will enjoy. Building on its foundation since 2017, the Titleist AVX maintains its identity as a three-piece golf ball with a unique composition.

Notable updates for 2024 include a smaller gradient core designed to reduce spin and create a lower trajectory off the tee. The thicker urethane cover enhances greenside spin, especially with wedges and short irons.

The aerodynamic dimple pattern on the new AVX is borrowed from a Titleist tour softball and improves stability in windy conditions.

Priced at $50 per dozen, the 2024 AVX aims to offer golfers a softer feel, increased greenside control, and exceptional distance tee-to-green. It was clear the first time I hit the AVX that it was easily improved over the last generation.

titleist avx golf ball review

Key Features in the Titleist AVX

High-Gradient Core

The 2024 Titleist AVX features a new high-gradient core that enhances energy transfer and contributes to longer distance tee-to-green. This innovative core design boosts overall ball speed and provides a softer feel, allowing you to control your shots confidently throughout the round.

titleist avx core

Proprietary Urethane Cover

Equipped with a proprietary urethane cover, the AVX delivers increased greenside spin, especially crucial for finesse shots around the green. This feature ensures improves short-game control, allowing you to execute precise approaches and achieve optimal performance in critical scoring situations.

In my experience, I think I almost get too much spin using the AVX. However, my swing speed is fast enough compress the Pro V1, so I’m not the AVX’s core user.

Thin High-Flex Casing Layer:

The AVX ball has an upgraded thin high-flex casing layer, which is critical in lowering spin on long game shots. This feature contributes to a more consistent and controlled ball flight, particularly off the tee.

You can expect reduced unwanted spin, enhancing accuracy and distance on your longer shots. This layer may also generate slightly more ball speed.

Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern

The new aerodynamic dimple pattern enhances the AVX’s overall stability in windy conditions. This feature optimizes the ball’s trajectory, effectively ensuring a more piercing flight that cuts through the wind.

I noticed greater predictability and control, even in challenging weather conditions.

Color Options

Available in both White and High Optic Yellow, the Titleist AVX golf ball provides golfers with a visual choice to suit their preferences. The distinct color options add a personalized touch and aid visibility on the course, helping you track your shots more efficiently out on the golf course.

2023 Titleist Pro V1 Overview

The 2023 Titleist Pro V1 is a premium golf ball renowned for its exceptional speed, spin, and feel combination. Priced at $55 per dozen, it is the preferred choice for many professional players, including Max Homa, Viktor Hovland, and Jin Young Ko.

The Pro V1 golf ball is made for players prioritizing performance. It offers a softer feeling ball that can be manipulated better by the top golfers. The Pro V1 also has lower spin and a flatter trajectory than the AVX and also compared to its counterpart, the Pro V1x.

The Pro V1 is equipped with a high-gradient core that serves as a central engine, promoting high speed and reduced long-game spin for an enhanced golfing experience. If you are a good golfer, you can get more distance and penetrating ball flight with the Pro V1.

titleist pro v1 best golf balls

Key Features in the Titleist Pro V1

High-Gradient Core

The Pro V1 is powered by a high-gradient core, acting as the central engine for high speed and lower long-game spin. This innovative core design contributes to enhanced overall ball speed.

The core in the Pro V1 provides you with the optimal combination of distance and control.

Mid-Flight Trajectory

The Pro V1 features a mid-flight trajectory and a versatile ball flight that suits various player preferences. This characteristic gives you greater control over shot shaping, making it an ideal choice for golfers seeking consistency across multiple playing conditions.

Maximum Short Game Spin

The Pro V1 delivers maximum short-game spin, a crucial feature for precision scoring and control around the greens. With Pro V1, you can expect improved performance on approach shots and delicate touches around the green, which gives you the confidence to navigate challenging situations with finesse.

Soft Feel

Known for its soft feel, the Pro V1 enhances the overall sensory experience for golfers. This feature contributes to a satisfying impact sensation and allows you to gauge your shots better, providing feedback that aids in shot control and overall playability.

titleist golf ball comparison guide

Preferred by Top Players:

The Pro V1 has a reputation as the preferred golf ball for players on the PGA and LIV tour. The Pro V1 has been one of the most popular golf ball for the past 10 years.

You can trust that you’re using a ball tested and trusted by some of the best in the game, instilling confidence in your own performance.

Titleist Pro V1 vs AVX Golf Balls Comparison

Comparing the Titleist Pro V1 vs AVX against each other, you’ll see a number similarities and differences.

Number of Layers

The Titleist AVX and Pro V1 are both three-piece golf balls. The latest models of these two golf balls both share the same construction, featuring:

  • a large core

  • casing layer

  • urethane cover

In terms of layers, they are equal, providing golfers with a consistent design across the board.

Verdict: Draw

Compression Rating

The AVX boasts a compression rating of around 80, which makes it a low-compression ball according to our golf ball compression chart.

In contrast, the Pro V1 has a slightly higher compression, offering a mid-range feel with compression around 95. The choice between the two depends on your preference for a softer or firmer feel.

The lower compression in the AVX makes it easier to launch into the area. However, the higher compression in the Pro V1 allows it to fly higher and reach a farther carry distance if you can make a solid connection.

Verdict: The Pro V1 is better for faster swing speeds.

Ball Flight

The AVX promotes a lowball flight, ideal for players seeking reduced spin and a piercing trajectory. The Pro V1 offers a mid-range ball flight and is easier to reach a higher peak height.

It’s essential to consider your preference for trajectory when choosing between the two, with the AVX favoring a lower trajectory and the Pro V1 providing a versatile mid-flight option.

Verdict: The AVX will be less impacted by environmental factors and spin.

titleist pro v1 vs avx code cutout


The AVX and Pro V1 both share low long-game spin profiles, making them suitable for players aiming to minimize spin off the tee. However, they excel in short-game iron spin, offering high control and precision around the greens.

The choice here depends on individual playing styles and the desired level of control. Because the number of layers is the same, you won’t see much of a difference in spin off of your golf club.

Verdict: Draw


The AVX is renowned for its soft feel, making it an ideal choice if you prioritize a softer sensation at impact. On the other hand, the Pro V1 offers a more medium feel, providing you with a responsive and comfortable touch.

Verdict: Both Titleist options are soft feeling golf balls, so this depends on your preference.


The pricing of both balls is a crucial factor. The AVX is priced at $50 per dozen, while the Pro V1 is slightly higher at $55 per dozen. You need to consider your budget alongside your preferences for features and performance when deciding between the AVX and Pro V1.

$5 difference isn’t enough to be a deal breaker, but the AVX has a slight advantage for price-conscience golfers.

Verdict: The AVX is a cheaper golf ball

Titleist AVX vs Pro V1: Which Golf Ball is Better For You?

Depending on what kind of golfer you are, these two balls can both be the preferred choice for you.

Golfers With Slower Swing Speeds

The Titleist AVX could be the better choice for golfers with slower swing speeds. With a low compression rating of around 80, the AVX is designed to compress more efficiently, increasing ball speed for players with slower swings.

This can improve distance and performance for those seeking assistance in maximizing their shots without sacrificing control.

Golfers on a Budget

The Titleist AVX might be the preferred option if budget considerations are crucial. Priced at $50 per dozen, it offers a slightly more affordable alternative than the Pro V1, which is $55 per dozen.

You can still enjoy premium performance with the AVX while keeping your costs slightly more in check.

The Average Golfer

The average golfer’s choice between the AVX and Pro V1 depends on individual preferences and priorities. The AVX’s characteristics, such as a very soft feel, low spin off the tee, and increased greenside spin, make it suitable for those looking to balance various aspects of their game.

On the other hand, the Pro V1, with its mid-range compression, offers a versatile option for golfers seeking an all-around performer with a slightly firmer feel. It comes down to personal playing style and what aspects of performance you value most.

Professional Golfers

If you golf competitively, then the Pro V1 is your pick. I think it has better green side spin and more optimal ball flight. The ball is more durable and has a great reputation on the professional tour.

titleist avx golf ball


Choosing between Titleist Pro V1 and AVX hinges on your golfing priorities and whether you want less spin for your long game or more optimal stopping power.

The AVX stands out for golfers favoring a softer feel and enhanced green side control, perfecting wedge shots with its premium performance line. Its design optimizes spin rates and flight, making it ideal for those prioritizing precision and a softer landing.

On the other hand, the Pro V1 appeals to players seeking versatility and consistency across all shots, offering less spin and robust stopping power for comprehensive game improvement.

Both balls embody Titleist’s commitment to quality, but the choice ultimately reflects your personal game needs. The AVX has lower trajectory and soft feel, while the Pro V1 has all-around excellence, Titleist ensures that most golfers benefit from cutting-edge technology.

Consider your playing style and what you most need on the course to guide your selection. With the right ball, you’re set to elevate your game, leveraging technology tailored to your unique golfing profile.

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