Callaway Great Big Bertha Review: High Speed Performance

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The Callaway Great Big Bertha is a staple in Callaway’s driver line, and the new 2022 version of the driver is no different. It is built from the ground up and packed with every technological upgrade possible. In this Callaway Great Big Bertha review, I’ll go over:

  • Key features in the driver
  • A comparison guide to the last generation Callaway Big Bertha B21
  • Information about the Callaway Great Big Bertha vs Rogue ST drivers

Check out our review below and let us know what you think!

How to Buy the Callaway Great Big Bertha

Buy the new GBB driver from one of the golf retailers below.

As soon as the Great Big Bertha is available on Amazon worldwide, I will update this guide!

What is the Callaway Great Big Bertha?

The Callaway Great Big Bertha is the 2022 version of the popular line of drivers. Big Bertha is a well-known term if you have followed golf for an extended period.

The original Big Bertha driver was created and released back in 1991 by Callaway Golf. Golfers loved the driver because it lived up to its name, as the club face was big and offered maximum distance on every tee shot.

Now, in 2022, Callaway has rebuilt the Great Big Bertha from the ground up and considers it one of the most technologically-advanced drivers they have ever created. It is incredibly lightweight and easy to swing and will have you crushing the ball off the tee.

callaway great big bertha review driver beside ball

Key Features

Lightweight Design

As soon as you pick up the new Callaway Great Big Bertha driver, you will notice how incredibly light it is. Callaway did this on purpose, making the construction of the driver’s head is a mix of titanium and carbon fiber.

The Jailbreak Speed Frame and AI Designed Flash Face are both made from titanium. The crown of the driver is made from a triaxial carbon fiber material, which Callaway has used on their previous drivers. The carbon fiber crown saves much more weight than titanium does.

The Great Big Bertha driver is roughly 30 grams lighter than a standard tour driver.

callaway great big bertha review action shot

Forged Carbon Sole

The issue with having a lightweight driver is that the moment of inertia (MOI) is lower. This means the driver is not as forgiving as other high MOI drivers. Callaway has tried to offset this with its forged carbon sole, as well as having a second composite patch of carbon fiber on there as well.

The carbon fiber helps increase MOI and forgiveness while keeping the driver very lightweight. Adding the carbon fiber to the driver’s sole allows the center of gravity to be lower and deeper, helping increase MOI and adding distance on every tee shot.

Jailbreak Speed Frame

Callaway included its Jailbreak Speed Frame in the Great Big Bertha driver, which they used in their Epic and Rogue drivers.

This speed frame is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is what most golf brands are moving toward in their new clubs. It helps provide enhanced horizontal and torsional stability while promoting increased ball speed off the club face.

This speed frame, paired with the lightweight carbon fiber material, will help to improve your swing speed and launch the ball into the air.

callaway great big bertha review driver hitting ball

AI Designed Flash Face

Just like the Jailbreak Speed Frame, Callaway completely designed the face of the Great Big Bertha using Artificial Intelligence. This allows their computers to create multiple face designs until they come up with the best design possible.

With the Great Big Bertha, Callaway has now included spin optimization, allowing them to increase ball speed while helping lower spin.

The hope is that all of these features help you increase your total distance off the face.

callaway great big bertha review ai face

Who is the Callaway Great Big Bertha For?

After getting a chance to use the Great Big Bertha, I would say that the driver is best suited for mid-to-high handicappers or amateurs looking to add a little more distance off the tee. Due to the club’s weight, it will be best for slower swing-speed players.

High-swing speed golfers will not like the lightweight driver head and shaft as it can feel quite “whippy” if you swing too hard.

The Bertha is one of the most popular beginner drivers of all time. The new Great Big Bertha makes some smart upgrades that I think you’ll like.

What I Like About the Great Big Bertha

While the Great Big Bertha will not be for everyone, there is a massive group of golfers it will be great for. I like the finishing on the driver, which is like a dark sage green color.

The driver’s head is excellent, and the forged patch of carbon fiber on the sole gives it a cool marbled look. The club face is clean, and the pre-installed shaft and grip are also great. The head is also packed with performance technology to ensure the ball is launching off the face.

What I liked most about the Great Big Bertha was the distance I got while hitting balls with it. I consistently hit it 10 yards further than with the Big Bertha B21. The performance was very similar to the Rogue ST for me. The balls seem to launch off the club’s face quickly and should be the same for anyone who picks up this club and uses it.

The driver is also very forgiving. The contact off the face feels solid, and the sound is excellent. Even on mis-hits, the ball carried incredibly far.

callaway great big bertha review top view

What I Don’t Like About the Great Big Bertha

The one concern with the GBB is how light it is. Callaway says it is about 30 grams lighter than other tour drivers. This may not seem like a lot, but once you swing each driver, you can quickly tell the difference.

If you swing too hard, the shaft feels too flexible. Depending on your swing, this could cause you to push or pull the ball.

The price tag will be the other main concern for casual golfers. The price tag of the Great Big Bertha starts at a hefty $699 USD. Most high-handicap golfers want to spend less money on a single club, but it all depends on what you are looking for. With the distance I was getting on each drive, the price tag may be worth it.

Callaway Great Big Bertha vs 2021 Big Bertha B21

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 was released in 2021 and is meant to be a “slice-stopper.” It is a high-launch driver with an ultra-low center of gravity and low spin. An internal draw bias is intended to help offset the slice that haunts most amateur golfers.

The Bertha B21 may not be a direct competitor to the Great Big Bertha, but they share some similarities.


The Great Big Bertha and the Big Bertha B21 drivers have club faces designed by Artificial Intelligence to help promote faster ball speeds across a larger area. Even on mishits, the ball still travels a far way.

Both drivers also include the Jailbreak Speed Frame bars that help to connect the sole of the head to the crown. It is made from a carbon fiber material significantly lighter than other materials.


Although the B21 isn’t known as a long-distance driver, the ball still launches off the face due to the Jailbreak frame and AI-designed flash face. The B21 driver is precisely engineered with an internal draw bias to eliminate the slice and allow for a straighter, more extended ball flight.

The Great Big Bertha does also have a semi-draw ball flight bias. This is due to the lightweight construction of the head and the club’s overall weight. As it is lighter, you will naturally draw the ball.


The brand new Great Big Bertha driver will cost a pretty penny at $699 USD. The B21 Big Bertha driver is hovering around the $350 USD mark, roughly half. Try out many different drivers and see what works best for you.

If the B21 driver helps to eliminate your slice and only goes 10 yards shorter than the Great Big Bertha, it may be worth it to go with the older model. If that distance is what you are after and you are a fan of having the newest and best equipment, the Great Big Bertha may be for you.

Buy the Big Bertha B21 below:

Callaway Great Big Bertha vs Rogue ST Drivers

The other newest line of drivers released by Callaway is the Rogue ST line. Four drivers in the Rogue ST family offer something a little bit different on the golf course, depending on what you are looking for.

best gift for golfers callaway rogue st driver


The Great Big Bertha and the four Rogue drivers include the Jailbreak Speed Frame, the AI-Designed Flash Face, the Triaxial Carbon Crown, and an adjustable hosel. The one thing missing from the Rogue drivers is the Forged Carbon Fiber Toe Pad which is what helps lower the weight of the Great Big Bertha driver.

This is what helps keep the Great Big Bertha 30 grams lighter.


Each driver offered by Callaway offers something a little bit different in terms of performance. The Great Big Bertha offers the highest launch out of the five. The Rogue St Max D and St Max provide the next highest launch. The Rogue Triple Diamond offers a mid-launch as the tour driver, and the St Max LS offers the lowest launch.

The Great Big Bertha, Rogue St Max D, and St Max offer mid-spin off the tee. The Rogue St Max LS provides a low spin off the tee, and the Triple Diamond version offers the lowest amount of spin.

All of the Callaway drivers offer a draw bias when it comes to ball flight. Most golfers struggle with a slice, so golf companies do what they can to help offset that. They also all offer a very high amount of forgiveness off the tee.


The Great Big Bertha comes pre-installed with a Winn Dri-Tac grip, whereas the other four Rogue drivers come with a Tour Velvet 360 grip. The Winn Dri-Tax grip is quite a bit lighter than the others, which helps with the overall lightweight construction of the Great Big Bertha.

When it comes to choosing a golf driver, we recommend that you head to a golf retailer and hit as many as you can. It all comes down to personal preference and what works best for you and your golf game.

Buy the Callaway Rogue ST driver below:


The Great Big Bertha driver by Callaway is a perfect driver for beginner golfers. It’s also great if you have a slower swing speed. The features in the club reduce 30 grams off of it, making this driver weigh 10% less than other traditional options.

Callaway has built a lot of smart features in the club. Its AI flash face gets a lot of praise for making it easy to hit. The speed frame is brought over from the Epic and Rogue ST drivers.

Callaway’s biggest drawback is that the new driver is no longer entry level for price. The Big Bertha was always a cheaper option for new golfers, but the 2022 GBB is only $50 less than other drivers in the lineup.

Still, it’s worth hitting and trying out for yourself today.

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  1. Note: I’m 58 years old with 8.8 index on the Grint. Im 6 foot 4 / 225 pounds with swing speed around 97 to 100 on the driver.

    Just tested – ordered the New Callaway GBB driver using a 4th gen Hazardus Black 6.0 stiff shaft. Key note: spent 90 min hitting with the pro at PGA Super Store. Hit it vs Ping G430 with 65 gram Tensai Orange shaft and my Rouge ST Max with blue 55 Tensai stiff shaft. Goal was to walk out of there with the Ping G430 not the GBB. However my numbers were so much better using GBB. I even tried the new Callaway Paradyme with same Hazardus Black shaft but was hitting it right. Something about the light weight GBB head allowed me to straiten the face easier at impact. Plus I went from around 240 yards drives using Ping G430 and Rouge St Max with 3500 spin to 265 yards and 2500 to 2800 spin using the GBB. I ordered GBB. Note the true tale of the tape is outdoor performance. I’m a touch skeptical about the heavy 60 gram shaft with such a light head however I get 90 days to try it thru Pga Super Store.


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