Callaway Apex Pro vs Titleist T100 Irons: Comparison Guide [2024 Versions]

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The Callaway Apex Pro and Titleist T100 are two of the most popular players irons available today. But which golf iron is better for you, and which one should you buy?

In this Callaway Apex Pro vs Titleist T100 comparison guide, we’ll review the shape, feel, performance, weighting, and other factors to help you decide which iron is better.

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Callaway Apex Pro Irons Overview

After a three-year hiatus, Callaway is back again with the newest line of irons in the Apex family. Four models were announced, but we will only look at the new Apex Pros in this comparison guide.

The New Apex Pro Irons result from meticulous attention to detail and real-world input from the best players, like Jon Rahm, making them one of the best player’s irons available.

Designed to provide exceptional distance and Tour-level precision, this iron is a total-performance player iron and exactly what elite players expect from the Apex Pro Series of clubs. The Apex Pro irons also feature the MIM back weight that helps provide more control of the swing weight.

The new Apex Pro irons stock shaft is the Temper Dynamic Gold Mid.

Key Features

New Advanced Forged Hollow Body Construction

The 2024 Callaway Apex Pro irons feature a groundbreaking hollow body construction that pairs a forged face with a forged carbon steel body. This combination creates a premium, ultra-soft feel that elite players crave.

Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres dampen sound and improve feel while allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds across the entire face.

New Progressive Face Design

The progressive face design of the Apex Pro irons ensures powerful longer irons and more precise shorter irons. The long irons feature a robust Forged 455 face cup, enhancing distance and forgiveness.

On the other hand, the shorter irons feature an ultra-consistent forged 1025 face plate, providing more control, enhanced workability, and a softer feel when attacking the pin.

Dynamic Sole Design

The Callaway Apex Pro irons have a dynamic sole design for excellent turf interaction. The pre-worn leading edge cuts through the turf efficiently, ensuring clean contact and maintaining ball speed through the impact zone.

This design promotes consistent contact on all shots, allowing players to attack any lie.

Titleist T100 Irons Overview

The Titleist T100 has been a favorite among professional golfers since its introduction in 2019. Renowned PGA Tour players like Jordan Spieth have trusted this modern tour iron in their setups. The T100 is designed for the better player who values precision control and a faster tour iron.

Titleist has refined the T100 with player feedback and testing to deliver an even more solid feel at impact. A forged dual-cavity construction features an enhanced back bar and precise CG placement to ensure optimal flight and forgiveness.

The T100 comes with the True Temper AMT Tour White shaft, which features ascending mass technology for a low launch and low spin. This shaft provides the perfect balance of stability and performance for players seeking ultimate control.

Key Features

Dual-Cavity Construction

The Titleist T100 model utilizes dual-cavity forged construction, enhancing feel and playability. An improved back bar also provides even more stability on the forged irons.

This construction allows precise weight distribution, improving forgiveness, consistency, and control.

Better Tungsten Weight Placement

The T100 model incorporates better tungsten placement, which helps optimize the iron’s flight characteristics. Titleist used denser D18 tungsten weights and a different brazing process, allowing them to be even more precise with CG placement.

This tungsten weighting allows for more accessible center hits and more distance.

CNC Face Milling

The Titleist T100 irons feature a precision CNC face milling process, which enhances control and shot-shaping capabilities. This technology gives golfers better control over the ball’s spin and trajectory. There is also a new continuous cradle construction that helps to create a more uniform leading edge.

The mid irons were also redesigned for better shot-shaping and stopping power.

Tour Inspired Looks

With a thin topline, minimal offset, and compact blade length, the new Titleist T100 irons were designed using player feedback. These are one of the cleanest irons at the address and provide significant confidence in every swing.

Callaway Apex Pro vs Titleist T100 Comparison

Looks and Feel

The Apex Pro ’24 irons have a classic tour shape with modern design features. They boast a thinner topline and longer blade lengths, seamlessly blending with the other Pro Series models. These irons exude confidence and provide a clean and professional look at address.

The Apex Pro irons deliver a great feel and exceptional performance when struck on the sweet spot.

The T100 irons have a slick and smart design with minimal details. The hollow cavity features the T100 branding, while the Titleist logo is positioned slightly higher up from previous models. The overall appearance is clean and professional, appealing to golfers who prefer a traditional look.

The new Titleist irons provide an excellent feel when striking the sweet spot, and the refined construction and CNC face milling process contribute to improved performance and consistency.

The Apex Pro and T100 irons have a smaller, more compact clubhead size, which can be intimidating. This will be fine for advanced players but not for high-handicap players requiring higher confidence.

2023 Titleist T100 vs T150 vs T200 vs T350 irons

Winner: Tie

Technology and Performance

The Apex Pro irons feature a progressive face design that promotes powerful long shots and precise short irons. The long irons have a robust Forged 455 face cup for enhanced distance and forgiveness, while the shorter irons have an ultra-consistent forged 1025 face plate for enhanced control.

These irons also incorporate a Dynamic Sole Design with a pre-worn leading edge and trailing edge relief, improving turf interaction and consistent contact on all shots.

Titleist has focused on refining the body construction and precision CNC face milling process of the T100 irons. This refinement eliminates imperfections and enhances the overall performance of the irons. The T100 irons also feature an improved Variable Bounce Sole, developed in collaboration with the popular Vokey wedges Titleist offers.

The softened trailing edge allows the club to glide through the turf, delivering a tour-level feel in each iron throughout the set.

The Apex Pros provided a better performance on the golf course. One of the key differences was the stronger lofts on the Callaway Apex Pro irons, as the 3-iron featured a two-degree more substantial loft than the 3-iron of the T100.

Winner: Callaway Apex Pro

Tungsten Weighting

The new 2024 Callaway Apex Pro and Titleist T100 irons utilize tungsten weighting to enhance their performance. The Apex Pro irons feature tungsten weighting in the heel and toe, which helps to increase stability and forgiveness on off-center hits.

On the other hand, the Titleist T100 irons have a Tungsten energy core in the head, which enhances the moment of inertia (MOI) and promotes a higher launch. Both sets of irons offer improved shot consistency and scoring ability, but the specific design and placement of the tungsten weighting may result in slightly different performance characteristics.

The Titleist T100 irons feature a better system for tungsten weighting in their irons. It will quickly add distance and have better spin rates with a higher launch, precisely what better players look for in compact irons.

Winner: Titleist T100


Callaway offers endless combo set possibilities with the Apex Pro 24 irons. These irons can be mixed and matched with other Pro Series models to meet a player’s specific needs. The consistent weight across the entire family allows for seamless integration and customization.

Finding the perfect set with optimal gapping becomes easier with the versatility of these irons. However, customization options may vary depending on the region and availability.

The T100 irons are designed as a standalone set, offering a consistent build and design throughout the set. While customization options may be limited compared to the Apex Pro ’24 irons, the T100 irons provide a cohesive and balanced set for golfers who desire a unified look and feel.

Winner: Callaway Apex Pro

What I Like Better About the Callaway Apex Pro Irons

The more I used the Apex irons, the more I liked them. Although both irons are very compact and small, I felt more confident hitting with the Callaway ones.

I also enjoyed the overall looks of the Apex irons better than the Titleist. This, along with the stronger lofts and overall better feel and distance, had them as the clear choice over the T100s.

What I Like Better About the Titleist T100 Irons

After testing out both of these irons, there was little that I liked better about the Titleist T100 irons than the Apex Pro irons. The T100s have a very slick and professional design. Outside of a subtle Titleist logo and forged T100 stamp, there is little to these, which can be suitable for some golfers.

If you don’t like more modern designs with tungsten screws and different colors, these irons will be for you. I also did like that the distance dispersion was spot on after using the T100s. They had a great feel, and the workability on different shots was excellent.

titleist t100 vs callaway apex pro irons

Callaway Apex vs Titleist T100: Which Golf Clubs Are Better

For Beginners

The Apex Pro and Titleist T100s are built for more experienced golfers due to their compact head shape. Beginner golfers and high handicappers may want to look at more game-improvement irons to help them on the course.

The Apex Pros have stronger lofts, so we recommend them over the T100s for beginners. With each iron having a more substantial loft than usual, as long as you hit the ball off the dead center, it should go quite far.

For Fast Swing Speed Golfers

The 2024 Callaway Apex Pro irons and the 2023 Titleist T100 irons are designed for experienced players, including those with a fast swing speed. The Apex Pro irons feature a multi-material forged construction with urethane microspheres for enhanced feel and a progressive face design for increased distance and control.

The T100 irons are known for their ball speeds, precision control, and clean impact feel.

Ultimately, the choice between these two sets of irons will come down to personal preference and individual performance on the golf course. It is recommended to try out both sets and consult with a professional to determine which one suits your game better.

For High Handicap Players

The 2024 Callaway Apex Pro and 2023 Titleist T100 irons are designed for experienced players and may not be the best choice for high-handicap golfers. The Callaway Apex Pro irons are known for their workability and control, making them more suitable for skilled players with consistent ball striking.

The Titleist T100 irons, on the other hand, offer a classic look and feel with improved forgiveness compared to the T200 irons. However, they are still designed for players with a particular skill level and ball-striking ability.

High handicappers may find the T100s easier to hit than the Apex Pros, even with the stronger lofts on the latter, but it is close.

For Low Handicap Players

It’s no secret that these irons are suitable for low-handicap players. Callaway features tungsten weighting in the heel and toe for improved feel and forgiveness. The T100s have a Tungsten energy bar that promotes a higher launch at impact. These characteristics can result in different performances on the golf course.

Callaway is about enhanced feel and distance, whereas Titleist provides higher ball speeds and precision control. Low-handicappers will succeed with both of these irons.

We lean slightly towards recommending the Callaway Apex due to their looks at address and overall performance.


Tour pros were behind the creation process for these forged irons, so it is no surprise that they perform out on the golf course. The golf industry is ever-changing, as artificial intelligence and performance upgrades keep evolving.

These golf clubs are an excellent option for experienced golfers who can consistently strike the ball and want more control and distance. The T100 iron set has a thin top line and minimal offset, providing the confidence you need on every shot. Callaway features a more pronounced offset but stronger lofts and a better overall performance on the course.

Our final verdict is that we lean slightly toward the Apex Pro irons. However, we recommend trying both for yourself and deciding there.

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