2024 Titleist T100 vs T150 vs T200 vs T350 Irons Comparison

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The Titleist T-series 2024 irons have 4 different models, and how do you know which one is perfect for you? In this guide, we’ll compare the Titleist T100 vs T150 vs T200 vs T350 irons in complete detail to help you understand all of the differences!

We’ll review all of the common features you’ll find in each club and then go into a breakdown of specific differences and changes. Which model of T-Series irons are best if you’re a beginner? A scratch golfer? Looking to improve your game?

Read on to find out!

Titleist T100 vs T150 vs T200 vs T350 Comparison Table

Here’s a quick summary table to compare the Titleist T00 vs T150 vs T200 vs T350 irons. Underneath that, we’ll go into detail about everything in the table!

ModelKey FeaturesIdeal ForShaft Option
T100– Dual-cavity forged construction
– Tungsten placement
– CNC face milling
– Precision control
Advanced, Tour PlayersTrue Temper AMT Tour White
T150– Muscle Channel
– Ultra-dense D18 tungsten
– Slightly larger profile
– Enhanced speed & forgiveness
Precision + Added BenefitsTrue Temper Project X LZ
T200– Hollow body design
– Forged face
– Max Impact support bar
– Enhanced turf interaction
Distance without SacrificeTrue Temper AMT Tour White
T350– Hollow-body construction
– Dual-tungsten weights
– Larger blade & wider sole
– Maximum forgiveness
Game ImprovementTrue Temper AMT Tour White

2024 Titleist T Series Irons Overview

Titleist golf club marketing has recently launched its new T-Series irons, built on the brand’s 3D philosophy of Distance (Control), Dispersion, and Descent angle. The focus of these irons is on distance control to achieve consistent distances from shot to shot, while Dispersion largely depends on the golfer’s skill.

Titleist offers four models: T100, T150, T200, and T350. Each model has its unique features and performance characteristics.

The new T-Series irons prioritize improved feel at impact and offer golfers a range of options to suit their individual needs, with improvements in distance control, forgiveness, feel, and overall performance.

Titleist T100 vs T150 vs T200 vs T350 irons comparison guide

Standard Features in 2023 Titleist T Series Irons

The new 2023 Titleist irons share several standard features that make them stand out in terms of performance and feel.

3D Philosophy

The T-Series irons are built on Titleist’s 3D philosophy, focusing on Distance (Control), Dispersion, and Descent angle. This philosophy ensures consistent distances from shot to shot while allowing golfers to control their ball flight.

Distance Control

The T-Series irons prioritize easier control of distance, allowing golfers to achieve consistent distances with each shot. This is essential for accuracy and precision on the course.


The T-Series irons are designed to provide forgiveness and a confidence-inspiring shape. The T150, for example, offers increased forgiveness with its slightly larger footprint, while the T200 features a hollow body design for improved performance and feel.

Dual-Cavity Construction

The T100 model utilizes dual-cavity forged construction, enhancing feel and playability. This construction allows for precise weight distribution, improving forgiveness and control.

Tungsten Placement

The T100 model incorporates better tungsten placement, which helps optimize the iron’s flight characteristics. This ensures consistent and desired ball flight trajectories.

CNC Face Milling

The T100 model features a precision CNC face milling process, which enhances control and shot-shaping capabilities. This technology gives golfers better control over the ball’s spin and trajectory.

2023 Titleist T Series Irons Comparison

Titleist T100

titleist t100 irons

The Titleist T100 has been a favorite among professional golfers since its introduction in 2019. Renowned players like Jordan Spieth, Cameron Smith, and Justin Thomas have trusted this modern tour iron in their setups. The T100 is designed for the better player who values precision control and a faster tour iron.

Titleist has refined the T100 with player feedback and testing to deliver an even more solid feel at impact. The forged dual-cavity construction features an enhanced back bar, providing the stability desired by more touring professionals. Dense D18 tungsten and precise CG placement ensure optimal flight and forgiveness, while the precision CNC face milling process improves control and consistency in ball flight. The Variable Bounce Sole, developed with input from tour pros and Vokey Design grind experts, offers effortless turf interaction for a faster move through the turf.

The T100 comes with the True Temper AMT Tour White shaft, which features ascending mass technology for a low launch and low spin. This shaft provides the perfect balance of stability and performance for players seeking ultimate control.

Titleist T150

titleist t150 irons

The T150 is the next evolution of the T100, offering increased speed, distance, and forgiveness. Built on the same fully forged platform, the T150 provides the exact precision and feel of the T100 with added benefits.

The T150 features a refined Muscle Channel close to the face, delivering a solid feel at impact and enhanced speed. Ultra-dense D18 tungsten and precise CG placement ensure outstanding MOI and launch dynamics within a solid, fully forged design. The slightly larger profile of the T150 promotes forgiveness without sacrificing the compact, tour-inspired look. The Variable Bounce Sole has been improved to provide a tour-level feel through the turf, allowing for effortless interaction and enhanced performance gains.

The True Temper Project X LZ shaft, known for its low launch and low spin characteristics, is the featured steel shaft option for the T150. This shaft complements the performance of the T150 by maximizing ball speed and control.

Titleist T200

titleist t200 irons

The T200 is Titleist’s modern-day hollow body players distance iron, offering distance help without sacrificing looks, feel, trajectory, or stopping power.

The T200 features a completely reengineered design, delivering a stiffer, more stable chassis for an improved feel. The forged face and a cast back and hosel provide optimal performance and forgiveness. The precision CNC face milling process, Max Impact support bar, and polymer core behind the face ensure consistent contact, control, and feel. The refined sole design enhances turf interaction, allowing for smooth and effortless shots through the turf.

The True Temper AMT Tour White shaft, known for its low launch and low spin characteristics, is the featured steel shaft option for the T200. This shaft complements the performance of the T200 by maximizing distance and control.

Titleist T350

titleist t350 irons

The T350 is the ultimate game-improvement iron in the new T-Series models, offering maximum forgiveness and distance.

The T350 features a hollow-body construction inspired by the T200, providing maximum forgiveness and distance. The dual-tungsten weights in the heel and toe and the high-strength steel face maximize speed and forgiveness on off-center hits. The refined back plate design enhances ball speed and feels with its polymer core and support bar structure. The larger blade length and wider sole of the T350 make it the most forgiving option in the T-Series lineup.

The True Temper AMT Tour White shaft, known for its low launch and low spin characteristics, is the featured steel shaft option for the T350. This shaft complements the performance of the T350 by providing tighter distance control and more consistent spin.

Pricing and Availability

The T100, T150, T200, and T350 are priced at $200 per club or $1,399 for a 7-piece set with steel shafts. The graphite shaft version is available at a slightly higher price.

What I Like About the Titleist T Series Irons

I like the new 2023 Titleist irons for several different reasons.

Firstly, these irons offer a wide range of options to cater to different types of golfers. Whether you are a beginner or a scratch golfer, there is a T-Series iron that suits your needs.

The T350 iron, for example, is designed with game improvement features and a forgiving design, making it an excellent choice for beginners. On the other hand, scratch golfers may find the T100 model appealing, as it offers the compact yet forgiving design you want in a modern tour iron.

This variety ensures you can find an iron matching your skill level and playing style.

Secondly, the T-Series irons prioritize improved feel and performance. Titleist has incorporated advanced technologies such as milled faces and refined max impact technology to enhance feel at impact and provide consistent performance.

These refinements improve distance, Dispersion, and descent angle, allowing you to achieve better spin and distance. Additionally, the ability to quickly build combo sets and transition between different models is a crucial feature of these irons, offering flexibility in customizing your iron set to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Which 2023 Titleist T Series Irons Are the Best?

For Beginners

The new Titleist T350 iron is a good option for beginner golfers because it is the ultimate game-improvement iron. The T350 offers a larger and more forgiving design compared to other models in the T-series, which helps beginners achieve better results even on off-center hits.

The irons also feature better tungsten weighting for precise center of gravity (CG) placement and maximum moment of inertia (MOI).

These features contribute to increased forgiveness and stability, allowing beginners to gain confidence and improve their game on the golf course. The T350 also offers long carry distances and improved turf interaction, thanks to its dual-taper, forged face, and Variable Bounce Sole.

Overall, the T350’s game improvement characteristics make it an ideal choice for beginner golfers looking to enhance their performance and build their skills.

For Faster Swing Speeds

The new 2023 Titleist T150 iron is an excellent option for golfers with fast swing speeds due to its impressive features and performance.

The T150 irons are designed to provide a high ball speed, precision control, and a clean, sharp feel on impact. They have a refined Muscle Channel that sits close to the face, enhancing speed and distance.

These irons also feature a thicker topline and widened sole, contributing to increased distance and forgiveness. The T150 irons have 2-degree stronger lofts, allowing for greater distance with each club. The split D18 tungsten weighting and improved Bounce Sole also ensure optimal CG placement and better turf interaction.

Overall, the T150 irons offer the speed, distance, and control that golfers with fast swing speeds require to excel on the course.

For Low to Mid Handicaps

The new 2023 Titleist T200 iron is an excellent option for low to mid-handicap golfers due to its impressive features and performance and bridging the gap between game improvement and player’s irons. The T200 irons offer a great feel and have a forgiving design, making them suitable for players with varying skill levels.

This is also why they are dubbed the ultimate player’s distance iron.

They also provide exceptional distance, more ball speed, and launch quickly, allowing golfers to achieve longer shots than previous models. The T200 irons are recommended for handicaps of 12 and below.

Overall, the T200 irons are designed to enhance the gameplay experience of low to mid-handicap golfers, making them a top choice in the 2023 Titleist T-Series iron lineup.

For Professional Golfers

The new Titleist T100 iron is an excellent option for scratch golfers and golfers on the PGA Tour. The T100 model is known for its compact yet forgiving design and subtle refinements, making it a good option for skilled players like scratch golfers who prioritize control and precision.

The T100 irons are also the most played iron and most played model among Titleist pros such as Justin Thomas and Cam Smith.

But, it is recommended that scratch golfers and professionals try out different irons and get fitted by a professional to determine the best option based on their swing characteristics and preferences.

These new irons do, however, raise the bar in terms of performance, especially over the previous generation.


The 2023 Titleist T-Series Irons, with four distinct models – T100, T150, T200, and T350 – offer a comprehensive solution for golfers at every skill level.

With innovative features like the dual-cavity forged construction in the T100, the Muscle Channel in the T150, the hollow body design in the T200, and the maximum forgiveness of the T350, Titleist has harnessed cutting-edge technology to optimize distance control, forgiveness, and feel.

Leveraging the 3D philosophy focusing on Distance (Control), Dispersion, and Descent angle, the T-Series ensures consistency and precision in every shot. Whether you’re a touring professional seeking ultimate control with the True Temper AMT Tour White shaft or an avid golfer looking for game improvement with the True Temper Project X LZ, the Titleist T-Series irons deliver unparalleled performance and craftsmanship.

Explore the latest Titleist T-Series and find the perfect match for your golf game today, and experience the next evolution of golf iron innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Titleist T-Series Irons (FAQs)

What is the difference between the 2024 Callaway Apex Pro and Apex CB irons?

The 2024 Callaway Apex Pro irons are designed for elite players seeking exceptional distance and Tour-level precision. In contrast, the Apex CB irons cater to a broader range of players, including beginners, offering a mix of forgiveness, distance, and a pleasing aesthetic.

Are the Callaway Apex MB irons suitable for scratch golfers?

Yes, the Callaway Apex MB irons are tailored for scratch golfers and elite players prioritizing precision, control, and a classic muscle back design.

Which Apex model is best for mid-handicappers in 2024?

The Callaway Apex CB is ideal for mid-handicappers, providing a perfect blend of forgiveness and playability, ensuring a seamless transition as they improve their game.

Can you combine the Callaway Apex irons to create a custom set?

Yes, the new 2024 Apex irons offer endless combo set possibilities, allowing players to tailor their set based on their specific needs and preferences.

Which 2024 Callaway Apex iron offers the best distance?

The Apex Pro series irons, with their Progressive face design and forged 455 face cup, are engineered to maximize distance, making them the go-to choice for those seeking longer shots.

Are there any PGA tour golfers using the 2024 Apex series?

Yes, Jon Rahm, one of the world’s leading golfers, played an integral role in designing the new 2024 Callaway Apex golf clubs.

When were the 2024 Callaway Apex irons available for purchase?

The new Callaway Apex irons were released in August 2023 with a starting price of $1,499, varying based on the chosen combo set.

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