Callaway Apex Pro vs Apex CB vs Apex MB vs Apex UT Irons: Which One is For You?

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The Callaway Apex 24 irons have 4 different models, and how do you know which one is perfect for you? In this guide, we’ll compare the Callaway Apex Pro vs Apex CB vs Apex MB vs Apex UT in complete detail to help you understand all of the differences!

We’ll review all of the common features you’ll find in each club and then go into a breakdown of specific differences and changes. Which model of Apex irons are best if you’re a beginner? A scratch golfer? Looking to improve your game?

Read on to find out!

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Callaway Apex Pro vs CB vs MB vs UT Comparison Table

Here’s a quick summary table to compare the Callaway Apex Pro vs CB vs MB vs UT irons. Underneath that, we’ll go into detail about everything in the table!

Feature/ModelApex Pro IronsApex CB IronsApex MB IronsApex UT Irons
ConstructionMulti-material forgedAll new forgedMulti-material forgedForged
Face DesignProgressive (Forged 455 & 1025)ForgedDual chamfer leading edgeSlightly shallower face
Sole DesignDynamic, sharper leading edgeDynamic, pre-worn leading edgeDynamic, dual chamferStandard
Combination PossibilityEndless with Pro SeriesCompatible with other modelsCompatible with other modelsCompatible with other models
Long & Short IronsEnhanced distance & higher launchLower CG & higher CGProgressive CGLofts: 18, 20, 23 degrees
Special FeaturesMIM back weight for controlMIM weights in toe, progressive CGTrailing edge relief, classic feelPowerful, versatile off the tee
Stock ShaftTrue Temper Dynamic Gold MidTrue Temper Dynamic Gold MidTrue Temper Dynamic Gold MidTrue Temper Dynamic Gold Mid

2024 Callaway Apex Pro Irons Overview

Callaway has recently unveiled its highly anticipated 2024 Apex Pro series of irons. These irons have been specifically engineered to deliver exceptional performance and versatility for golfers at all levels.

The new Apex clubs feature an all-new forged construction and a Dynamic Sole Design. The progressive CG ensures optimal ball flight and control for more precise short irons, making them ideal for tour players.

Additionally, Callaway made it so you can combine many options depending on your skill level. The new 2024 Callaway Apex golf clubs are set to become the go-to choice for golfers seeking top-notch performance on the greens.

Let’s dig into them in more detail by first talking about the standard features that come in every iron no matter if you buy the Callaway Apex Pro vs CB vs MB vs UT.

Callaway Apex Pro vs CB vs MB vs UT irons comparison

Standard Features in Every 2024 Callaway Apex Pro Iron

Advanced Forged Performance

The 2024 Callaway Apex irons all feature a groundbreaking hollow body construction that pairs a forged face with a forged carbon steel body. This combination creates a premium, ultra-soft feel that elite players crave.

Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres dampen sound and improve feel while allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds across the entire face.

New Progressive Face Design

The progressive face design of the Apex Pro irons ensures powerful long irons and more precise short irons. The long irons feature a robust Forged 455 face cup, enhancing distance and forgiveness.

On the other hand, the short irons feature an ultra-consistent forged 1025 face plate, providing more control, enhanced workability, and a pure feel when attacking the pin.

Dynamic Sole Design

The Callaway Apex Pro irons have a dynamic sole design for improved turf interaction. The pre-worn leading edge cuts through the turf efficiently, ensuring clean contact and maintaining speed through the impact zone.

This design promotes consistent contact on all shots, allowing players to attack any lie.

Endless Combo Sets Possibilities

The new 2024 Apex irons can be seamlessly combined with other models in the Pro Series range to create the perfect set tailored to a player’s specific needs. Whether it’s loft packages, sole geometries, or shapes, the Apex Pro results from meticulous attention to detail and real-world input from the best players in the game.

Designed to deliver exceptional distance and Tour-level precision, this iron is a total-performance players’ dream. 

2024 Callaway Apex Pro vs Apex CB vs Apex MB vs Apex UT Comparison

Apex Pro Irons

callaway apex pro

The New Apex Pro Irons result from meticulous attention to detail and real-world input from the best players in the game. Designed to provide exceptional distance and Tour-level precision, this iron is a total-performance player iron and exactly what elite players expect from the Apex Pro Series of clubs.

The Apex Pro irons also feature the MIM back weight that helps provide more control of the swing weight.

The Apex Pro Series includes all of the newly introduced features, including:

  1. All new multi-material forged construction.

  2. Dynamic sole design for more efficient turf interaction and a sharper leading edge.

  3. The long irons enhance distance in a Progressive face design, and the short ones provide a higher launch and trajectory control.

The new Apex Pro irons stock shaft is the Temper Dynamic Gold Mid.

Apex CB Irons

callaway apex cb

Inspired by the Apex TCB, the New Callaway Apex CB irons are designed for discerning professionals and elite ball-strikers who demand pure feel and workability.

This iron combines a classic tour shape with modern design features, resulting in the ultimate tour iron. There are MIM weights placed in the toe of the iron sole that helps provide control and workability.

The Callaway Apex CB irons also feature a progressive CG design. The long irons feature a lower center of gravity which promotes towering shots, while the short irons have a higher CG for a lower ball flight, which helps offer more spin.

The Apex CB irons also include the other new features that Callaway announced, including:

  1. All new forged construction.

  2. A dynamic sole design that has a pre-worn leading edge for more efficient turf interaction.

The new Apex CB irons stock shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid.

Apex MB Irons

callaway apex mb

The New Callaway Apex MB irons are designed for the best players who seek a high level of performance in a modern Tour blade. With unrivaled craftsmanship and attention to detail, this iron delivers the classic feel and precision that elite ball strikers demand.

The Apex MB irons have a dual chamfer on the leading edge of the iron that cuts through the turf more efficiently, while the trailing edge chamfer provides trailing edge relief. The Callaway Apex MB Irons also feature the progressive CG on long and short irons.

The Apex MB irons are the perfect modern tour blade for those scratch golfers who want to dominate the golf course.

The Apex MB Irons also include the following:

  1. Multi-material forged construction.

  2. Dynamic sole design for better turf interaction.

The new Apex MB irons stock shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid.

Apex UT Irons

callaway apex ut

Designed as a powerful and versatile option off the tee, the Callaway Apex UT is perfect for better golfers seeking a long iron replacement. Packed with distance and precision, this driving iron offers exceptional performance from the tee and versatility from various lies. The Callaway Apex UT is one of the best utility irons on the market, and tour players will want to try this club out.

The Callaway Apex UT has a more compact shape than the previous model and features a slightly shallower face promoting a higher launch.

The Apex UT features the same new technology as the other models and will be available in 18, 20, and 23 degrees of loft. The new Apex UT iron stock shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold Mid.

Callaway Apex 24 Iron Loft Comparison

The table below shows all of the different lofts and available clubs in the Apex series.

Callaway Apex Pro vs CB vs MB vs UT comparison table

What I Like About the Callaway Apex Irons

What I like about the new Callaway Apex lineup is that there is a model for everyone. Although they are considered premium iron, there is a cavity back option that would even work out for beginner golfers.

There are also options explicitly made for tour pros. Jon Rahm is one of the best golfers in the world right now and helped design these new golf clubs. Some professional golfers seek a pure blade, whereas other tour pros want a more neutral ball flight. Callaway wanted to fit in with everyone, and I can confirm this.

Lastly, the pricing of these new golf clubs is reasonable. They plan to start at $1,499 when released in August 2023. The price will vary depending on the combo set of clubs you choose, but for something so premium and brand new, you would expect the price to be much higher.

Which 2024 Callaway Apex Irons Are the Best?

For Beginners

The 2024 Callaway Apex iron lineup offers a range of options for golfers of all skill levels. While the Apex lineup is designed with top-tier players in mind, the Callaway Apex CB irons are specifically aimed at a broader range of players, including beginners.

These Apex CB (cavity back irons) feature great attention to detail and are designed to provide distance, forgiveness, and a pleasing look that appeals to all players. Therefore, the Callaway Apex CB irons would be the best choice for beginner golfers looking for a combination of forgiveness and performance in their irons.

callaway apex 24 vs apex 21 irons

For Faster Swing Speeds

The 2024 Callaway Apex irons that would be best for faster swing speeds is the Apex Pro. These irons are designed to provide faster ball speeds and are aimed at elite players, offering exceptional performance and versatility. These clubs were also designed by golfers like Jon Rahm, who is looking for the best performance while on the golf course.

The Apex Pro also has a smaller head shape in the mid and scoring clubs, which can assist in generating a very high speed. The Apex Pro irons are suitable for golfers with faster swing speeds.

For Scratch Golfers

The best 2024 Callaway Apex iron lineup option for a scratch golfer would be the Callaway Apex MB (Muscle Back) irons. The Callaway Apex MB irons are designed for elite players who prioritize precision and workability.

These irons feature a classic muscle back design and are forged from 1025 carbon steel, providing a soft and responsive feel. The compact head shape and thinner topline offer excellent feedback and control, allowing skilled golfers to shape their shots easily.

callaway apex pro 24 vs 21 irons

For Mid-Handicappers

Navigating the complex world of golf can be a challenge for mid-handicappers. You’re no longer a newbie but not quite ready to play with the big guns.

The sweet spot? The Callaway Apex CB.

With its perfect blend of forgiveness and playability, the Apex CB serves as the bridge you’ve been looking for. It’s versatile and reliable, like the Swiss Army knife of golf irons. Its progressive CG design ensures you get the best of both worlds: distance in long irons and precision in shorter ones.

As you keep improving, this iron will be right there with you, ensuring your transition to lower handicaps is smooth and confident.

For Golfers Seeking Maximum Distance

Let’s be real, who doesn’t like to see that ball soar through the sky? If you’re always trying to squeeze out those extra yards, the Callaway Apex lineup won’t disappoint. Particularly, the Apex Pro with its Progressive face design, is like a rocket launcher.

That forged 455 face cup? It’s there to ensure the ball goes the distance, every single time.

So, the next time you want to outdrive your buddies, you know which iron to have in your bag. Watch out, long par-5s; here you come!

For Utility Iron Seekers

There are days when you don’t want to wrestle with that tricky long iron or unpredictable hybrid. Enter the Apex UT – your trusty sidekick for those challenging shots.

Designed with power and versatility, this iron shines brightest when you’re teeing off or facing those pesky lies. Its compact shape and a slightly shallower face ensure you get that high launch, making your ball glide effortlessly.

Give the Apex UT a swing if you’ve been on the fence about utility irons. It might just become your secret weapon on the course.


The 2024 Callaway Apex Iron lineup sets a new benchmark in design and performance. Callaway has meticulously crafted an iron to fit your unique play style, whether you’re a novice just stepping onto the green or a seasoned pro.

Starting with their ground-breaking hollow body construction to the dynamic sole design, these irons assure you of performance and precision. From the unparalleled craftsmanship of the Apex MB for those pure shot-makers to the impressive Apex UT for those seeking more versatility, there’s an iron tailored for every golfer’s need.

The long irons have a forged 455 face cup for boosted distance, while the short ones possess a forged 1025 face plate for utmost control. And let’s not overlook the seamless blend of these irons, providing players the liberty to curate their perfect set. Iron sets start at $1,499 and can be customized to your liking.

So, whether you’re aiming to improve your handicap or looking for that perfect iron to complete your set, the Callaway Apex 2024 range is poised to elevate your game. Swing away, and may every shot be your best yet!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Callaway Apex Irons (FAQs)

What is the difference between the 2024 Callaway Apex Pro and Apex CB irons?

The 2024 Callaway Apex Pro irons are designed for elite players seeking exceptional distance and Tour-level precision. In contrast, the Apex CB irons cater to a broader range of players, including beginners, offering a mix of forgiveness, distance, and a pleasing aesthetic.

Are the Callaway Apex MB irons suitable for scratch golfers?

Yes, the Callaway Apex MB irons are tailored for scratch golfers and elite players prioritizing precision, control, and a classic muscle back design.

Which Apex model is best for mid-handicappers in 2024?

The Callaway Apex CB is ideal for mid-handicappers, providing a perfect blend of forgiveness and playability, ensuring a seamless transition as they improve their game.

Can you combine the Callaway Apex irons to create a custom set?

Yes, the new 2024 Apex irons offer endless combo set possibilities, allowing players to tailor their set based on their specific needs and preferences.

Which 2024 Callaway Apex iron offers the best distance?

The Apex Pro series irons, with their Progressive face design and forged 455 face cup, are engineered to maximize distance, making them the go-to choice for those seeking longer shots.

Are there any PGA tour golfers using the 2024 Apex series?

Yes, Jon Rahm, one of the world’s leading golfers, played an integral role in designing the new 2024 Callaway Apex golf clubs.

When were the 2024 Callaway Apex irons available for purchase?

The new Callaway Apex irons were released in August 2023 with a starting price of $1,499, varying based on the chosen combo set.

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