XE1 Wedge Ultimate In-depth Review

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XE1 Wedge

The XE1 wedge is one of the most versatile club wedges which you can find. Moreover, higher forgiveness means that it is very convenient to use. You need not worry about the learning curve.

Most amateur golfers struggle with getting out of bunkers. A sand trap is intimidating even though it is not all that difficult to get out of. It takes some time and patience to learn the skills; however, the proper equipment can also help quite a bit. If higher handicap players need a bit of help in the wedge game, it is certainly understandable. 

Choosing a great wedge to get out of the sand does not need to be difficult or expensive. This XE1 wedge is one of the most forgiving and playable golf wedges on the market. 


  • Higher loft angle
  • Numerous variants available
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Auto glide sole
  • Aids your golfing club skills
  • Legal for tournament play
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Highly versatile

Let us now check the key features of the xe1 wedge to understand more about our xe1 wedge review.

Key features of XE1 wedge

We will review a few of these features of the XE1 wedge so that you can break down whether or not this is the proper wedge for you.

1. Numerous variants

The advantage of the XE1 wedge is that it is available in multiple variants. Firstly, you can choose between the left-hand variant and the right-hand variant. It means that you can select XE1 specifically designed for you.

The XE1 is available in a 55 degree, 59 degrees, and 65-degree loft. These lofts help to make sure that you can carry a few of the wedge if you find it to be a good fit for you. The higher the loft angle, the easier will be the lifting of the ball. With three options available when it comes to the loft angle, you have plenty of choices.

The numerous xe1 loft angle variants available ensure that you can pick the option which is most comfortable for you, but you can also put a few of these in your bag if you want to.

2. Perfect for Flop Shots

One of the primary purposes of a golf club wedge is to get the ball out of the hazards. With higher loft angles, it is now undoubtedly possible. The high loft angle ensures that you can get sky high flop shots as well.

Another advantage of the higher loft angle is that you will not have to open the blade or vary your stance to hit the ball at the center of gravity. 

The higher the height, the easier it is to clear the higher side in a single instance. Due to these two features, xe1 wedge certainly makes flop shots easy. Say goodbye to the three swings it used to take to get out of a bunker!

3. Aids precision

The unique design of the wedge also means that you get the precise pitch and chip shots. Instead of demanding precision from you, the construction is such that you can get a bit of help on those off center hits. It is because there is no need to open the stance or the club face. You have just to play square and swing. That's it!

The precise design of the sand wedge ensures that you need not worry about fat shots either. Hitting the ball fat and thin are the two most common mistakes with the wedge in the hand. 

There are very few club wedges that can improve your short game. It is amongst them. You will not find this feature even in c3i, which is xe1's competitor.

It is one of the prime reasons why xe1 wedge can aid your precision. The precision aiding design is one of the main reasons why you should go with xe1.

4. Auto glide sole

The sand wedge also has an auto glide sole. You might be curious, how does the design of the sole make a difference?

The auto glide sole ensures that you can move the wedge through sand quite quickly. It will not get stuck. Moreover, the effort you will have to put into moving the club wedge will not be that great either. Due to this reason, you need not worry about bunker shots or shots buried in deep rough. You can get the ball out in a single instance.

Amateurs often find it difficult to clear the hazard in a single instance. Using this auto glide club wedge, you can do so in a jiffy. For professionals, the auto glide can be of great help, but most professionals won’t find this club’s feel to be a good fit for their game. 

5. Back-weighted design

Another advantage of the xe1 wedge is the back-weighted design. It is a difference that you need to experience yourself.

The back-weighted design helps you in keeping the leading edge of the wedge on the downside. If the leading edge is pointing much higher, there are chances of a thin shot and short game. In that case, controlling the ball becomes very difficult. You might end up wasting some shots. Instead, the back-weighted design means that you can control the direction of the ball with precision.

Once again, the back-weighted design of this sand wedge can improve your game significantly.

6. Tournament Compliance

You might be thinking that all the features are great, but can you use xe1 wedge in the tournaments?

The answer is yes!

The wedge is legal according to the USGA rules of golf. The design is such that it can provide you with an edge in the tournaments. Also, it can allow you to clear the hazards and move the ball around the green patches quite easily and in a single shot. It will undoubtedly save you valuable strokes in the tournament.

Don’t be afraid of clubs that are not name brand options; there is still some great technology out there for a very fair price. 

In a nutshell, not only can you use xe1 wedge in the tournament, but in fact, you must use this xe1 wedge in the tournament.

7. Highly versatile

By now, you might know that xe1 wedge is quite helpful when it comes to clearing the hazards and bunkers. However, the question which crops up is, Is it versatile enough to use on the golf course?

The answer is yes. You can move it swiftly and safely around the green grass and sand to ensure that it is as versatile as a wedge can get. In other words, for chip shots or pitch shots, the Xe1 has the performance that you need. 

Not only that, the back-weighted design means that it is suitable for precision shots as well. The precision shot making capability makes it perfect for any region of the golf course. You can use it for a variety of shots as well.

The versatility of the xe1 wedge certainly helps it stand out as compared to the other club wedge options available. Most other club wedges are only suitable for getting the ball out of the sand or the bunker. Apart from that, you need to switch the golf club to play your game shots.

You will not face this problem with the xe1 wedge. The versatility is another feather in its cap.

8. Extreme loft angle

The loft angle options are 65 degrees, 59 degrees, and 55 degrees. All three possibilities ensure a higher loft angle. The higher loft angle allows you to hit the ball high. The combination of the high loft angle and the back-weighted design means that the ball can cover a significant distance as well. If you want to hit it very high and make it cover a short distance, it is possible due to the back-weighted design.

The high loft angle also means that you do not need precision to hit the perfect flop shot. The higher angle of 65 degrees means that you can hit the flop shots easily with little skill. Once again, the wedge xe1 helps you improve your golf game. The easy to use design makes it perfect for everyone.

With all these features, you can be sure that xe1 wedge outscores others even when you check c3i wedge reviews.

It is now essential to know more about xe1 wedge, particularly its design and construction quality. We will cover that below.

Our XE1 Wedge Review

Without considering the design, construction quality, and other aspects of the xe1 wedge, you cannot make an informed decision. We will now look at the further details of the XE1 review.


When it comes to the design of the xe1 wedge, you will notice the rounded leading edge. The rounded leading edge ensures that it will not dig itself into the ground. It is one of the primary reasons; it can move swiftly. The non-digging design also means that the contact will be much more precise. You will have to put in less effort with quite a bit less room for error. 

Couple that with the back-weighted technology, and controlling the direction of the ball becomes easy. The higher loft angle of 65 degrees will compliment both these features. Hitting the golf ball high, is going to be easy. 

We have covered most of these features of xe1 wedge above. However, when you look at them together, it is easy to understand why they make a significant impact. Every one of these features has been carefully planned to provide an advantage to xe1 wedge.


Construction quality

The steel shaft ensures that it can handle wear and tear and improve the short game. Steel flex is quite common in a golf wedge. The flex will be a standard wedge flex. Steel wedges are a bit heavier and can help golfers hit the ball higher, but they aren’t great for low swing speed golfers. 

Steel is the standard material when it comes to club wedges. That is why, by going with the steel shaft, xe1 wedge does not deviate from the industry-standard either. In terms of construction quality, you will have no problems at all.


The XE1 has decent aesthetics. It is a modern golf club wedge, which does not disappoint in its looks. The Silver finish auto glide sole certainly adds to the aesthetics. Along with that, there is a hint of red and black. Does it look as clean as a Vokey wedge? No. It also isn’t in the same price range as the Vokey. 

With so many factors working in its favor, you will have nothing to complain about when it comes to aesthetics.


For many golfers, the feedback of the wedge matters a lot. The feedback lets them know whether they have hit the ball at the center of gravity or not. If the feedback is hard, it is evident that you have made the correct contact.

Any variation in the feedback, like low vibration, means that you have hit the ball off the center of gravity.

The advantage of the XE1 wedge is that it takes the middle ground. The feedback is not that harsh. 

The feedback is not that light either that you won't be able to gauge your shot. It is just in between. Due to this reason, anyone can use it easily. You can gauge the precision of your shot, and at the same time, the feedback will not irritate you either. Thus, if you're looking for a wedge with medium feedback, this is the one which you should go with. This is truly what most golfers in the game improvement category need.

Overall Performance

The reason the performance of this golf wedge is so much better is that it offers maximum forgiveness. Forgiveness refers to the golf club wedge’s ability to reduce the impact of poor contact and bad swings. If the forgiveness is on the higher side, the proper shots result in inadequate outcomes to a certain extent.

The maximum forgiveness of the xe1 wedge ensures that it is suitable for beginners and experts alike. With features like weighted-back, 65 degree loft angle, and rounded edge, you can be sure that you will not need precision to use xe1 wedge.

For some, this might be like an unfair edge. However, for beginners, it can certainly make the game of golf much easier.

Now that you know everything about xe1, it is essential to understand how it stands in comparison with other club wedges.

How does the XE1 Wedge stand out in comparison with the competition?

One of the closest competitors of the XE1 Wedge is the Cleveland Golf 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge (Cavity Back). Now we will compare both of these.

The Cleveland Golf 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge uses a laser technique for its construction. The construction quality is at par and even slightly better. However, the application for which it is suitable is different. The roughness between the grooves provides you with more spin. Hence, it is ideal for golfers who need that precise spin while lifting the ball out of the hazards.

On the other hand, when you look at the XE1 Wedge, it has a low friction design. Moreover, it is designed such that beginners, intermediates, as well as experts can use it easily. It is as versatile as a wedge can get.

The forgiveness of the XE1 wedge is much higher than its competitor. The higher forgiveness also makes it easy to use.

In a nutshell, if you're looking for a wedge that can provide you with a spin, Cleveland Golf 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge is a good choice. However, this feature also limits a bit of the forgiveness that it offers. If you're looking for a versatile and easy-to-use wedge, our XE1 review outscores the others.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

For Whom Is XE1 Wedge Suitable?

Most of the time, the xe1 wedge will be best suited for the mid to high handicapper. If you are a golfer that tends to struggle with your short game and to get the ball up in the air, the XE1 is an excellent choice to consider. If a golf bunker scares you, give the xe1 a try.


The XE1 wedge is one of the most versatile club wedges which you can find. The higher forgiveness means that it is very convenient to use. You need not worry about the learning curve. You have to pay attention to the USGA regulations when you choose clubs that are not name brand. 

Luckily the XE1 is compliant with the USGA, forgiving and affordable for what it offers. If your short game needs a change this year, this is a club to try.

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