Ping S159 Golf Wedges Review: My Experience!

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Are the Ping S159 the new golf wedges you’ve been looking to add to your golf bag? In this Ping S159 review, I’ll discuss the new clubs’ key features and compare them to other wedge alternatives.

Overall, the Ping S159 wedges are going to be underrated. While not as known as Callaway Jaws or the TaylorMade Milled Grind, Ping’s wedges offer similar quality and a ton of loft and grind combinations. Plus, they are cheaper than alternatives.

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Ping S159 Wedges Overview

Ping S159 are tour-proven wedges that result from extensive testing and collaboration with Ping PGA tour players, including Viktor Hovland. The S159 wedges offer an impressive 25 loft/grind combinations, providing golfers with a wide range of options for custom fitting.

The 8620 carbon steel head, combined with an elastomer insert, contributes to a soft and responsive feel at impact. The square leading edge ensures you get full contact at impact.

S159 wedges are available in two finishes: Hydropearl 2.0 chrome and Midnight, a new darker option with an attractive, anti-glare appearance. I’ll go over these in more detail below.

I like the wheel-cut grooves on the S159s, which ensure consistency and control and minimize spin variation. These grooves are loft-dependent and optimized to deliver elevated spin rates required for executing challenging short-game shots.

Ping has also introduced the WebFit Wedge app, a web-based tool engineered to help golfers find the best grinds and gapping solutions for their games. I really like this because explaining lofts and grinds to amateur golfers is always overcomplicated.

ping s159 golf wedges review

Key Features in the Ping S159 Wedges

Precision Milled Grooves

Ping has created precision-milled wheel-cut grooves that are fully loft-dependent and optimized to deliver elevated spin rates required for executing challenging short-game shots. The 46-to-52-degree wedges are milled to maximize groove volume, perfect for maximum control on full shots.

The 54-to-62-degree options feature tightly spaced Micromax grooves, which help provide more spin control on short-game shots.

New Grind Options

The new S159 wedges feature numerous new grind options, including the B Grind and H Grind. Each is designed to offer golfers an option to suit various playing conditions.

B Grind

Available in 58 and 60 degrees, this low-bounce design sits low on the turf for square face shots. This option is perfect for golfers with a shallow angle of attack when using their wedges.

H Grind

Available in 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees. The bottom of the wedge has a half-moon grind, which is great for softer conditions.

This is a very versatile wedge line and a great shot-saving option for greenside versatility.

WebFit Wedge App

Ping has made finding the perfect wedge for every golfer considerably easier. Download the new WebFit wedge app and answer a few simple questions about your golf game.

WebFit will start by asking you questions about your standard pitching wedge carry distance and what kind of clubs you currently have in your golf bag.

ping s159 webfit wedge carry distance
ping s159 review webfit lofted wedge

To recommend the perfect grind and bounce options, Ping WebFit will ask you about your typical course conditions.

ping s159 review turf conditions

Finally, Ping will ask you what you want most out of your golf wedges.

ping s159 wedges priority

When you are done with the questionnaire, the app will provide you with every recommended wedge you should buy. You will receive a list of recommendations for the best degree, loft, and grind options.

ping s159 webfit results review

What I Like About the Ping S159 Wedges

After testing the new S159 wedges, a few things stood out to me. First, the wedge’s look and soft feel were great. These are forged wedges, and if you are a solid ball striker, this will not turn you off one bit.

ping s159 review in sand bunker

The spin control on short-range chips was great, and overall, the wedge performance was exactly what you want out of premium golf wedges.

Another thing that I liked was the WebFit wedge app that Ping is offering. Unless you are a low-handicap golfer, you likely have yet to learn what grind and bounce mean regarding wedges. With the app, you answer a few questions about your golf game and how you hit your wedges, and the app will automatically provide you with the best options in just a few minutes based on your answers.

This will help you decide which new wedges to purchase and help you in the long run.

ping s159 review back view

What I Don’t Like About the Ping S159 Wedges

One of the main things I disliked about the new S159 wedges was the forgiveness. These are forged wedges, meaning there is little room for mis-hits. The feel on mis-hits could have been better, and the performance of those shots showed.

These wedges are made for better ball-strikers and low-handicap golfers than high-handicappers.

Who is the Ping S159 Made For?

The new Ping S159 wedge is designed for many golfers who seek variety around the green and spin retention, especially in wet conditions. The diverse grind options, such as the S, B, H, T, W, and E grinds, cater to different playing conditions and techniques, offering golfers more options based on their game and conditions.

The S159 wedges are further tailored for players with a steep angle of attack or those who play in soft conditions, ensuring score-lowering performance, maximum forgiveness, greater control, and versatility for a wide range of golfers.

Ping S159 Alternatives

Callaway Jaws Raw

The Callaway Jaws are some of the most popular golf wedges available today. The three features I like more than the Ping S159 wedges are:

  • Aggressive Grooves: The JAWS Raw wedges feature the most aggressive grooves in golf, producing exceptional spin rates on full and pitch shots, especially in wet conditions.

  • Weight-Balanced Design: Callaway has optimized the weight balance of the wedges to improve flight and spin characteristics, enhancing the overall performance of the raw face design.

  • Customization Options: Through Callaway Customs, you can customize the wedges with various paint-fill options, emojis, medallion colors, and stamping patterns, enabling personalized club design.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 4

Milled Grind from TaylorMade are really popular premium wedges. Three features I like better than the Ping S159s are:

  • Enhanced Spin and Control: The MG4 wedges continue the provide more consistent spin benefits through the machined sole shaping. The grooves feature laser-etched diagonals on the flat areas between each scoreline, increasing spin on partial shots and preventing spin loss in wet conditions.

  • Improved Feel and Sound: Weight redistribution to the perimeter on the higher lofts enhances the feel while increasing the thickness of the flange in an area in line with the center of the face, which improves the sound profile.

  • Customization Options: TaylorMade offers a program with 15 selected paint fills, personalized lettering and logos, and custom finishes, allowing golfers to tailor the wedges to their preferences.

Titleist Vokey SM10

The Titleist Vokey SM10 wedges are another alternative to the Ping S159. Three reasons I like Titleist’s wedges better are:

  • Technology and Performance: The Vokey SM10 wedges feature individually cut TX9 grooves, micro-texture between the grooves, and heat treatment to enhance spin, distance control, and durability, making them the best-performing wedges in the Vokey lineup.

  • Progressive Center of Gravity: Progressive CG placement throughout the range of lofts available contributes to improved flight and spin characteristics, offering enhanced control and predictability around the greens.

  • Aesthetics: The Vokey SM10 wedges feature a clean and simple look, with straight leading edges and progressive shaping. They are available in three different finishes: traditional chrome, matte black, and a new nickel finish.


In my personal opinion, the Ping S159 wedges hold their own in a fiercely competitive market. Ping has created golf wedges that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with heavyweights from Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist.

What sets the S159 apart for me isn’t just its price point but the extensive research and development Ping has poured into making these wedges versatile, precise, and tailored to the modern golfer’s needs. The WebFit Wedge app is a stroke of genius, demystifying wedge selection for the average player.

While the forgiveness might leave something to be desired for high handicappers, the level of customization and control offered makes these wedges a compelling choice for golfers looking to fine-tune their short game.

Would I recommend giving these a swing? Absolutely! Especially for those who value precision and customization in their quest for a better short game.

Ryan William
Ryan William

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