Fore Cards Review: Make Golf Fun Again

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Fore Cards are a unique way to incorporate games into your next round out on the golf course. But are these cards fun or just a novelty? Below, I review Fore! Cards, Fore! Drinks, and Fore! Money in full detail from my experiences to help you decide whether they are worth buying.

In short, Fore Cards are absolutely worth playing with the boys out on the golf course if you want to have fun and keep things casual. There are a few bad cards in each variation of the game, but in general these are a good time and worth a laugh.

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What are Fore Cards?

fore cards review

Fore Cards are a unique type of golf-themed playing cards designed to add fun and entertainment to the game. These cards typically feature golf-related images, trivia, or challenges on each card and can be used in various ways to enhance the golfing experience.

Golfers can incorporate Fore Cards into their rounds by manipulating them to determine who tees off first, adding a competitive or social aspect to the game, or simply enjoying the golf-related content on the cards during downtime on the course.

Overall, Fore Cards offers an awesome way to infuse more enjoyment into golf.

Fore! Cards Overview

fore cards

A deck of Fore Cards comes with two different color cards. Green Fore!-Mat Cards determine the teams and number of points and explain how points can be earned throughout the round.

Blue Fore!-Keeps Cards can be kept and used at any point during the round to gain an advantage throughout the game.

These cards list different items to help or hinder you on the golf course. You can decide to make an opponent re-hit their shot, hit blindfolded, move their ball to the closest part of the fairway, and more. The purpose of this game is to add a fun and creative way of playing a golf game with your friends.

Fore! Money Overview

fore money

Fore! Money is the game you want to play if you like betting and gambling. Before the round starts, you must assign a dollar value to 1 point. Each card in the deck has a different point value, which can be negative or positive.

The whole purpose of the Fore! Money game is to accumulate the most positive cards you can by the end of the round while avoiding the negative cards.

Once your golf round is over, each golfer adds up their points, and the golfer with the most points wins the predetermined payout. This adds a fun spin on a round of golf with your friends to see who can take home the bragging rights.

Fore! Drinks Overview

fore drinks golf game

Fore! Drinks are a specific deck of cards to purchase, incorporating drinks into your round. Before you start, you must determine what a drink is: a sip, full gulp, or chug.

There are two types of cards in this deck:

  • Fore! Rules Cards: Determine the drinking rules for each hole.

  • Fore! Give Cards: These can be handed out throughout the round to make other players take a drink.

Before teeing off on each hole, a Fore! Rule card is randomly selected, and that will outline the drinking rules for that specific hole.

As always, drink responsibly while out on the golf course!

How Do You Play Fore Cards?

To play the Fore Cards golf game, follow these simple steps:


Gather a standard deck of Fore Cards, which typically feature golf-related images, trivia, or challenges on each card.

Shuffle the Deck

Shuffle the Fore Cards thoroughly to ensure that the cards are well-mixed.

Game Setup

Decide on the rules and format for using the Fore Cards. For example, you can agree that each player will draw a card at the beginning of each hole or specific intervals during the round.

Card Interpretation

Determine how the content of each card will be interpreted. For instance, some cards may have trivia questions, and the player who draws the card must answer the question to win a small prize or advantage in the game.

Incorporate Challenges

If the Fore Cards feature challenges or tasks, such as hitting a shot blindfolded or putting with the opposite hand, decide how these will be incorporated into the game. This can add an element of fun and unpredictability to the round.

Enjoy the Game

Throughout the round, players can draw and interpret the Fore Cards according to the agreed-upon rules, adding an entertaining and lighthearted aspect to the game of golf.

Remember, the specific rules and format for playing the Fore Cards golf game can be tailored to suit the players’ preferences, making it a versatile and enjoyable addition to any round of golf.

Are Ford Cards Fun?

Yes, Fore Cards are an excellent way to enjoy golf.

These unique playing cards add an element of strategy, entertainment, and unpredictability to the game, making rounds of golf more engaging and enjoyable. It also helps even the field between good golfers and bad ones.

Whether used to incorporate trivia and challenges or to determine small advantages during the game, Fore Cards offer a creative and interactive way to infuse fun into the golfing experience.

Additionally, they can provide opportunities for social interaction and friendly competition among players. Fore Cards can contribute to a more entertaining and memorable golfing experience for participants of all skill levels. If you love playing popular golf formats, you will enjoy Fore Cards.

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