The Best 60 Degree Wedges (Top 5 Picks)

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A 60 degree wedge is a very helpful tool both around the greens and out of the bunkers. If you want to take your game to the next level, choosing the proper 60 degree wedge is the way to go. 

Most golfers will only keep a sand wedge or a pitching wedge in their golf bag. Not carrying a 60 degree wedge could cause you to be missing out on some of the great options and shots around the green. A 60 degree wedge is a great way to take your short game to the next level; the only tricky part is finding one that will work for your golf game. 

We have put together five of the best 60 degree wedges on the market for your to review. Each of these has some unique benefits that set it apart. There is sure to be an option on this list for all player types.

The Best 60 Degree Wedges

  • Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge (Best Overall)
    Of course, you want the best in your 60 degree pitching wedge, and Callaway Mack Daddy 5 has got you covered! Callaway Golf Chief Wedge Designer Roger Cleveland, together with his team, claims that the Callaway Mack Daddy 5 is a breakthrough in both performance and wedge design. It is designed with premium shapes, unique versatility, striking finishes, and outstanding feel, making Callaway Mack Daddy 5 the best lob wedge you cannot afford to miss!
  • Taylormade MG2 (Best for Beginners)
  • Cleveland CBX (Most Versatile)
  • Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge (Most Innovative)
  • Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge (Best for Mid-High Handicappers)

Best 60-Degree Wedges

Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge

Best Overall

Callaway Jaws MD5 Wedge


  • Controllable and good spin.
  • Available in a stunning and stylish design, you can boast to friends.
  • It comes with a plenty of sole grind options.
  • It is not perfect for those who are on a tight budget.

Are you a bit disappointed with your existing 60 degree or other wedges? Callaway Jaws Mack Daddy 5 should be on top of your list. With a combination of a superb manufacturing process and state-of-the-art JAWS groove design, the lob wedge is the go-to and top favorite among beginners and high handicappers out there. Unlike the MD4, it is developed to promote more spin and distance control. The angles, walls, and edges are manufactured with high precision that you can only find at Callaway.


Mack Daddy 5 Jaws features the company’s proprietary JAWS groove developed with a 37-degree wall angle, which is seven times larger or wider than MD4.

How does it work? Well, it elevates and takes the groove-edge sharpness to the next level. When used properly, it guarantees one hop and stops, providing a trajectory that many handicap golfers prefer.

The company integrated the Groove-In-Groove Technology into Mack Daddy lob wedge. Used in the flat parts of the full face, the advanced technology provides comfortable grip and extra surface roughness, too. Each groove features raised micro-ridges, adding enough and reliable grip to the ball’s cover. It also boosts spin on flop shots and chip shots.

Many handicappers believe that the Mack Daddy 5 Jaws just provides a high spin. But the best lob wedge goes beyond that. The spin in either chip shots or flop shots is consistent and accurate. Thanks to the JAWS groove. If you are unable to reach or achieve any scoring zone shot, this lob wedge for high handicappers and beginners adds an excellent level of consistency, giving you confidence.

Established in 1979, Roger Cleveland is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of golf equipment. Throughout the decades, Roger Cleveland is popular for providing lob wedges with a satisfying feel. Similar to the MD4, Mack Daddy 5 Jaws has an unmatched feel. Made up of 8620 carbon steel, this 60-degree lob wedge can create a soft and comfortable feel for golfers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Add it to your cart today!

Taylormade MG2

Best for Beginners

Taylormade MG2



  • One of the best 60 pitching degree wedges on the market.
  • It produced a good spin you would enjoy.
  • Popular for its soft feel and cavity back design.
  • It comes with a rusty look to reduce sun glare.
  • Some golfers do not find the rusty look attractive.
  • The full face is rough and can damage your golf ball if you don't strike the ball properly.

Like Roger Cleveland, TaylorMade is another reputed company of golf wedges, golf balls, and other innovative equipment. They released the Milled Grind wedge in 2017, and it was a big hit. They also launched its MG2 wedges in 2019, which are better than 2017’s Milled Grind wedges. TaylorMade MG2 is designed with a new raw face for accurate wedge play and optimal spin. If you cannot achieve the signature spin of Phil Mickelson, the problem may lie in your golf clubs. Take advantage of TaylorMade MG2 today!


Compared to other companies, TaylorMade uses its CNC milling technology to its MG2, golf clubs, and even iron set. That is why they produce wedges with accurate and exact specifications. Each sole grind and edge is CNC milled to ensure unmatched consistency and precision. TaylorMade MG2 is packed with ZTP Raw Grooves tailored to provide a sharper radius and narrower grooves as well. It also has a rougher surface, generating spins around the greens.

More than that, TaylorMade MG2 can compete with stylish brands out there. It is simple but with some touch of elegance and luxury. It looks appealing, modern, and clean that you can highly recommend to your playmates and buddies.

How about the performance? Well, TaylorMade MG2 has undergone a series of modifications and testing to provide a fantastic and consistent amount of spin. So, it makes shot control more repeatable and easier than you have ever imagined.

Golfers can’t help but feel happy with the wedges’ soft feel. Thanks to its TPU insert. Aside from creating a solid and positive feel, it offers vibration dampening. Say bye to your inefficient wedges and take advantage of TaylorMade MG2.

From the drive, approach, putt, lay-up, chip, punch to flop shot, Taylormade MG2 has a range of shots, providing you an edge over your opponents and giving you effective weapons around the greens.

Year after year, new golf wedges on the market. But the MG2 should be one of your top choices in your wish list.

Whether you’re searching for new wedges with premium design, convenient performance, spin control, or excellent style, MG2 can complete your golf bag and iron set.

Cleveland CBX

Most Versatile


  • Another best 60-degree wedge trusted for its excellent stability.
  • One of the best lob wedges with consistent control of spins.
  • It can compete with other best 60 degree wedges in terms of its soft and excellent feel.
  • A top favorite choice because of its versatile design.
  • It may not be ideal for golfers who are on a budget.
  • High bounce options.

When selecting lob wedges, golfers want a complete package, and Cleveland CBX can come into play. The wedge has a lovely feel and can level up your experience like other brands. It is easy to get the ball high. But it does not happen in one night. It takes a lot of practice and effort. Aside from the smooth feel, the consistency of distance is excellent. Once it lands around the green, it allows the ball to roll, giving you confidence in every shot. It helps you focus on any short game without worrying about the wedge. Plus, it looks stunning and is a perfect addition to your golf bag.


More than that, 80% of golfers prefer using a cavity back wedge. If you are one of them and are a bit overwhelmed by various wedges on the market, Cleveland CBX is one of the brands that excel in that cavity back design.

Unlike the common wedge, Cleveland CBX can be more forgiving and gives you control over a short game.  

It is available with full face or Rotex face made to help golfers get enough spin on the ball. It is packed with the Feel Balancing Technology, which aligns the center of gravity with perfection, control, and precision.

Similar to other wedges from the company, the Cleveland CBX club comes with the Dynamic Gold 115 shaft and V-shaped grind. The V-shaped sole grinds help you perform bunker shots without too many hassles. On the other hand, the Dynamic Gold 115 shaft ensures enough stability. It is not only light but also nice.

Who says it is hard to enjoy and invest in an effective and stunning wedge? Cleveland CBX club makes everything easier than ever. You have a higher chance of winning every short game while using a 60-degree club you can boast to colleagues, friends, and even relatives.

Before, many golf-enthusiasts complained about the versatility of cavity back wedges. But things are different with this pitching club. Its performance is fantastic. With its low swing weight, you can play flop shot, punch shot, drive shot, approach shot, and more.

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge

Most Innovative

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge


  • Its sleek design provides a stylish finish your golf bag deserves.
  • It is a 60 degree wedge equipped with the Progressive Feel Balancing technology.
  • Both the sound and feel are incredible.
  • It comes with a specialized coating to provide quality performance and reduce glare.
  • It is not an entry-level wedge.
  • The head size is smaller than the RTX3.

Since 1979, Cleveland has transformed the way people golf around the green. Throughout the years, its collection of golf wedges became vast, making the selection process simpler and more convenient.

In 2018, Cleveland released its RTX-4 wedge. For almost 3 years of availability on the market, Cleveland RTX is undoubtedly one of the most authentic and the best 60-degree wedges. Compared to the company’s wedges, the RTX-4 club is cutting-edge and professional-grade.


The performance of the wedge is the result of Cleveland’s Rotex Face Technology, creating a higher spin rate with Tour Zip Grooves. The same grooves that the pros use on tour to get the high levels of spin are available to amateurs playing with the RTX 4 wedge. 

While the tread of a tire ensures grip on the road, the Tour Zip Grooves helps the wedge to grab the ball well, creating spin.

Apart from the Rotex Face Technology, the wedge is developed with Progressive Feel Balancing tech. What is it? How does it work? Well, it is responsible for placing the center of gravity in your most preferred location. It specifically enhances the wedge’s feel and delivers perfect distance control.

The location of the center of gravity is also adaptable. That means it allows you to control its trajectory. While other wedges in this list are not suitable for beginners, Cleveland RTX is far different. It is an excellent choice for players regardless of skill levels. While it is enticing to purchase a club for the advanced golfer, take advantage of the entry-level wedges for your peace of mind.

Cleveland also created four sole grinds. The most common is the XLOW grind.

Cleveland RTX exterior design is also sleek and stylish, making it an advanced and outstanding scoring club. It will not only dazzle your buddies on the course but will also enhance your execution. But despite the quality of your wedge, regular and proper practice will expand your skills and unleash your full potential.

What many golf-enthusiasts enjoy about Cleveland RTX is its tone or feel. For every full shot made, expect a soft click sound. But using the center of the wedge’s face, the sound will get deeper.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Best for Mid-High Handicappers

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge


  • A 60-degree wedge that comes with a polished finish.
  • It is sturdy and long-lasting because of the True Temper design.
  • Sole grinds and bounce angles help customize the face’s opening and make the wedge versatile.
  • The grooves improve and ensure spins with consistency.
  • The grip is not as large as you expect.
  • The design is common.

Golf wedges last for years. But after some time, their quality decreases. Whether they have too much wear and tear or your game changes, your golf bag needs a new club.

But you may not have enough cash on hand. Do not worry! Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge won’t cause a dent in your savings account. It is competitively priced and high-quality. It is durable and can withstand frequent use.


Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge is a classic choice for both starters and experienced golfers. But despite its simple style and design, it is made of quality components, giving its comfort level a boost.

Materials play a significant role in a wedge. It can either enhance the durability or a comfortable grip of a club.

Wilson Harmonized Golf wedge excels in both areas. Developed with reliable stainless steel, it is impact-resistant and sturdy. The surface is also smooth.

In terms of flexibility, the golf wedge is built for beginners, mid, and high handicap golfers. It has aggressive grooves and does not disappoint players, whatever the shot they make around the greens.

Like the other clubs, it comes in three choices, including a gap club, a sand wedge, and a lob wedge. When you need to cover a distance of around 90 or 110 yards, the gap wedges will be your best bet.  Lob wedge, on the contrary, is useful and convenient around the green. If you want shorter clubs, a sand wedge is perfect.

Wilson Harmonized Golf wedge features a forgiving large club/full face with easy to hit loft angle and a low center of gravity. Let’s be honest. You struggle to get the ball up in the air. Aside from regular practice, investing in the right club won’t be a disappointment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are The Components Of The Best 60 Degree Wedges?

While there are variations of lob wedges, they are commonly available with loft, shaft, sole grind, grooves, and bounce options.

The loft is the angle of the face of lob wedges. All clubs have a loft. The driver has the lowest degree, from 9 to 13. The lob wedge, on the other hand, has the highest. It ranges from 60 to 64 degrees.

The bounce is responsible for helping the best lob wedges to rebound off the ground. That means your wedge won’t dig into the turf every time you hit chips, bunker shots, and pitches.

The bounce is the section on the clubhead that makes contact with the turf or ground. It is usually made up of sole angle, leading edge, and sole width.

The sole is the bottom of the lob wedge, which is commonly an inch wide. It is sometimes grinded down to create a variety of shapes, affecting how it sits on the ground.

How about the grooves? Well, they are the lines into the face of the wedge’s head. Before, the grooves were deeply cut. But they were changed because the grooves gave players an advantage.

What Are The Common Finishes?

The wedge comes in different finishes, including bronze, nickel, and chrome. Which is better? Of course, you’re searching for a durable and aesthetically stunning finish with minimal maintenance. Chrome and nickel will be your best bet. If you want to create more spin on your shot, the best wedges with a bronze finish won’t be a disappointment. The darker colors are growing in popularity since they are easier to look at.

Which Golf Bounce Should You Choose For Your Wedges?

There are various bounce options to take advantage of. These are low bounce, high bounce, and medium bounce wedges.

Low bounce 60 degree wedges are perfect whenever you take shallow divots. They are also suitable for tighter turf conditions. 

High bounce 60 degree wedge is specifically tailored for courses with softer conditions. It is also a fantastic option for those who take a deeper divot.

On the contrary, medium bounce wedges are a great choice if you love playing a wide range of golf courses. A medium bounce wedge should also be on top of your list when you want a more versatile club.

How Many Wedges Should You Have In Your Golf Bag?

Well, there’s no limit. You can invest in as many wedges as you like. In fact, many golfers have multiple wedges. You can purchase chipping wedge, gap wedges, and lob wedge. But if you prefer to play golf without too much inconvenience, pack light. Just bring what you need the most to win every short game.

How to win each short game in golf?

Well, there’s no limit. You can invest in as many wedges as you like. In fact, many golfers have multiple wedges. You can purchase chipping wedge, gap wedges, and lob wedge. But if you prefer to play golf without too much inconvenience, pack light. Just bring what you need the most to win every short game. The total number of clubs you can keep in your bag is 14. It wouldn’t be a smart choice, but you could carry 14 wedges.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Perhaps, you have done some research on the best 60 degree wedge, and there are many options to pick from. But which is the 60 degree wedge that best suits your unique needs and requirements? While the variety of wedges can be an advantage, it is a bit confusing to deal with and narrow down, especially if it is your first time looking for a 60 degree club.

But regardless of your experience, you deserve to buy a high-quality, sturdy, and long-lasting wedge. Here are a few of the factors to consider when selecting the right 60 degree wedge for any golf game:


What makes the wedge an important addition to your bag? Well, it lies on how much spin the 60 degree lob wedge produces on different shots.

Generally, a pitching club is tailored to produce a high rate of spin, helping the ball stop around the greens with precision and consistency, from full distance swings to bunker play.

The quality of grooves on the clubface generates good spins. But with frequent use, the grooves start to wear down, affecting the spin rate. What professional golfers do is utilize new wedges because the grooves are sharp, producing your preferred spin.


The construction of a 60 degree lob wedge is also critical to its performance. What’s the best material you should take advantage of and try?

For the club heads, they are made of titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and carbon graphite.

Titanium is popular for a reason. Used in the aerospace industry, titanium has become the leading option for most professional players. Titanium does not only provides more weight but also offers a higher drive.

But if you are starting out as a player, the aluminum club head is an entry-level solution you shouldn't afford to miss. Unlike stainless steel, it is lighter and inexpensive. You can enjoy a good quality club head without breaking your bank.

Similar to club heads, shafts also come with a variety of materials, including steel, graphite, titanium, and nanofuse.

Steel shafts are more durable, stronger, and less expensive. Graphite shafts are more expensive and less durable than steel. But don’t underestimate how it provides greater swing.

Titanium is a new material in shafts. Generally, it is lightweight and can dampen vibrations. However, titanium can give the shaft a still and uncomfortable feel.

For the grip, it is made of cord, plastic, rubber, chamois, Cabretta leather & kangaroo, and leather. Which is best among them? Identify your needs beforehand to make a choice with confidence.

Shot Height

The height of the shot is another factor to consider. Many players love the moderate shot height as it gives them more control to play a variety of shots with consistent spin.

Other players like a tall approach shot because it offers them larger areas of the green to enhance their shots during every game.


Most 60 degree wedge brands are available in different price options. Whether you are on a tight budget or are looking for a luxurious wedge, you can find the right product according to your needs.

Of course, you want to save some cash when buying a wedge. But instead of adding the cheapest golf club to your cart, be willing to spend more. The better wedges have better spin and traction and allow you to make more precise golf shots.


Callaway Jaws MD5 WedgeBest OverallCallaway Jaws MD5 Wedge
Taylormade MG2Best for BeginnersTaylormade MG2
Cleveland CBXMost VersatileCleveland CBX
Cleveland RTX 4 WedgeMost InnovativeCleveland RTX 4 Wedge
Wilson Harmonized Golf WedgeBest for Mid-High HandicappersWilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Adding a 60-degree wedge to your bag can significantly increase the number and quality of golf shots that you are capable of hitting. The Callaway Jaws MD5 stands out as the best overall choice for a 60-degree golf wedge. With great feel, forgiveness, and performance this is a wedge you will come back to year after year. 

If you are finding other excellent 60 degree alternatives, Taylormade MG2, Cleveland RTX4 Wedge, and Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge will be a perfect addition to your golf bag. So, what’s your thought? We hope this honest and comprehensive review helps you. Enjoy golfing! Make the most out of every game!

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