How To Play The Best Ball Golf Game

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Best Ball is a popular golf format for up to four players or two teams to play each other. In this complete Best Ball golf game guide, we’ll go over:

  • How to play Best Ball and key rules you should know.
  • Tips and strategies to win the Best Ball game.
  • Reasons you should try this golf format the next time you are out on the course.

If you have played Best Ball before, let us know below!

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What is the Best Ball Format in Golf?

The best ball format in golf is a tournament format where teams of players compete against each other. Each player in the team plays their own ball throughout the round.

At the end of each hole, the team records the lowest score among all players for that hole as the team’s score. This means that even if one player in the team scores poorly on a hole, the team can still benefit from the lower scores of other players.

The team’s final score is determined by adding the lowest scores from each hole. The best ball format allows players to focus on their game while contributing to the team’s overall score. It is a popular format for both competitive and recreational golf tournaments.

The Origins of theBest Ball Golf Game

The origins of the best ball golf format in golf are not clear-cut. The format has likely evolved to encourage team play and create a competitive atmosphere during golf tournaments. It is believed to have originated in the United States and gained popularity in the mid-20th century.

Best ball is now one of the popular formats used in the Ryder Cup and is also an excellent option for corporate events where you may have weaker players and more experienced golfers together.

The Unique Appeal of Best Ball

The unique appeal of the best ball golf format is that it allows players to focus on their game while contributing to a team.

This format encourages teamwork and creates a competitive atmosphere as teams compete against each other. It also helps to speed up play by nullifying the effect of a bad hole, as only the best score is counted.

The best ball format in golf combines individual skill with team camaraderie, making it enjoyable and engaging for competitive and recreational golfers.

How is Best Ball Played?

The Rules of Best Ball

The rules for Best Ball are pretty simple. It is the same as stroke play. However, you play in groups of two, three, or four. You each hit your own golf ball, trying to hit the best shot possible. You play out the hole as usual, recording your own scores at the end of each hole.

The lowest score on each hole is recorded, and the lowest score at the end of the round is deemed the winner.

Best ball golf is slightly different from the scramble format. A scramble is where the team picks the shot to play from, and each player hitting will hit from the same spot to get a lower score. The following shots are watched, and you pick where to play from afterward.

The Role of Teamwork

Teamwork plays a crucial role in a Best Ball golf game. In this format, golfers play as a team; only the best score on each hole counts for the team score. The lowest team score at the end of the round will be declared the winner.

Supporting your teammates and properly communicating plays a massive role for Best Ball teams. You must strategically move around the golf course and trust each other’s golf skills while adapting to new conditions.

By working together, communicating effectively, and supporting each other, a team can maximize its chances of success. Coming out strong on the first hole will also instill confidence early.

Tips and Strategies

Effective Communication

Maintaining open and transparent communication with your partner throughout the round is crucial to succeeding in Best Ball. Identifying each player’s strengths and weaknesses and making a game plan is also a great way to ensure golfers play well with each other.

Practicing as a Best Ball team beforehand can help develop chemistry on the golf course allowing you to succeed in Best Ball and golf scramble tournaments.

Know When To Take Risks

Playing aggressively when appropriate will help you maximize your team’s score. This should only be done when it makes sense to do so. If your partner hits a safe shot on a hole that leaves you a good chance to stay even, it may make sense for you to be a little riskier with your shot to get a better score for the hole.

Best ball is as much an individual sport as a team format, and using both to your advantage will help you succeed.

Why You Should Try the Best Ball Format

The Teamwork Element

Playing stroke play golf is fun, but playing a golf format like Best Ball with team members is also fun. Whether you have two golfers or a four-person team, it is fun to play with friends and try to shoot the lowest score for the hole you can.

The teamwork element makes the round interesting, and it is also a competition for who can shoot the best out of the group.

How Best Ball Can Improve Your Golf Skills

Best ball can improve your golf skills by consistently helping your ball-striking and putting and increasing your mental toughness and the way you navigate the course. Knowing when to take risks is huge with Best Ball and can transfer to when you play stroke play.

Being in a team, you can move on to your next shot and hope your team can pick up any slack. Only one score is used per hole, so it will only partially derail your round, even if you have a few bad holes.

Common Mistakes in Playing Best Ball Golf

Being Too Aggressive

Being too aggressive is a typical mistake golfers make when playing in a best ball tournament. You must decide with your team when to play aggressively and when to ease up and stay consistent.

Being too aggressive will derail your golf round, leaving you with a high score.

Not Playing to Your Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Going into a Best Ball golf tournament with no game plan is a recipe for disaster. We highly recommend practicing with your team and seeing where each person shines so that you can play that way when the tournament comes.

Read each other’s putt lines and offer tips throughout the round to ensure your team scores the lowest round possible.

Making the Most of Your Best Ball Golf Game

Essential Skills Required

To succeed in the best ball format in golf, several essential skills are required:

  1. Consistency is critical in the best ball game, as you must hit good shots and consistently avoid mistakes. This includes having a consistent swing, ball striking, and distance control.

  2. Effective communication with your partner is crucial in Best Ball. You need to discuss strategies, shot selections and support and encourage each other throughout the round.

  3. Understanding the course and making intelligent decisions is essential in Best Ball. This includes knowing when to be aggressive and when to play it safe, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

  4. Best ball requires you to adapt to different situations and adjust your game plan accordingly. This includes adjusting to different playing partners and course conditions.

How to Practice for Best Ball

The best way to practice for the Best Ball game is by practicing with your team members and having good golf course management. Knowing how your team members move around the golf course will give you a great idea of when to take risks and play it safe.

If one player hits excellent tee shots, you can worry about the other members hitting their own shots. Best Ball tournaments are fun, especially if you know how each team member plays and what you can succeed in.

Best Ball Etiquette

Good Sportsmanship

The great thing about a Best Ball golf scramble is that, in most cases, it is a fun work event or a fun tournament done with friends. There is little pressure to do well, especially if less skilled golfers are involved.

You also don’t know who won until the end, so you can go through your round and try to get the best single score possible. Golf isn’t meant to be stressful, and this is especially true in the Best Ball competition.

Understanding the Pace of Play

The golf course’s are very strict with the pace of play, so it is usually best to leave a Best Ball tournament for a charity event or work function. This way, the course is already prepared for a long day. Tournament organizers will usually call ahead and book the course.

Two-person Best Ball will usually go faster than a three or four-person team.

The best way to combat the pace of play is always to be ready when it is your turn to hit your shot. When a golfer hits their own balls tee shot, they should promptly move along. If one member loses their ball, they shouldn’t worry about re-hitting as long as another team member has a safe shot in play.

Each team member records their individual scores, and the lowest score on the hole is marked down.

Video Instructions on How to Play Best Ball Golf

Want to learn more? Check out the video below!

How to Play the BEST BALL Golf Format - Rules Explained

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Ball in Golf (FAQs)

How many players are needed to play Best Ball?

You need at least four players, with two two-person teams competing against one another.

Can Best Ball be played with more than two players per team?

Yes, Best Ball can be played with teams of two, three, or four players.

How are ties handled in Best Ball?

If teams are tied at the end of the round, you will move to a sudden-death playoff to determine a winner.

How do handicaps work in Best Ball?

Handicaps are adjusted to ensure an equal playing field among competitors. The tournament organizer should explain this before the start of a tournament.

Can Best Ball be played as Match Play?

Best ball can be played as Match Play. However, if you have teams with more than two players, you will have many halved holes.

Why I Love the Best Ball Format

I love playing the Best Ball format because you are hitting your own golf ball while playing in a team environment. If you have a bad hole, you don’t need to dwell on it, knowing that your teammate can pick you up and still manage a good score.

Playing with your friends is also fun because you can play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses on the golf course. It requires mental toughness, adaptability, and good golf.

Best Ball is one of the best golf ball formats to play, and we highly recommend trying it out.

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