How To Play The Peoria System Golf Game

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Peoria System is a popular golf tournament format that evens out the playing field. In this complete Peoria System golf game guide, we’ll go over:

  • How to play Peoria System

  • Key rules you should know

  • Tips and strategies to win a golf tournament in this format.

If you have played Peoria System before, let us know below!

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What is the Peoria System Golf Game?

The Peoria System in golf is a handicapping system used to determine a player’s handicap index. It is most commonly used for one-day tournaments and allows for excitement and unpredictability in the competition.

The Origins of the Peoria System

The origin of the Peoria handicap system in golf is not clear. It is believed to have originated in the early 20th century, possibly in Peoria, Illinois, hence the name.

The system was created to provide a fair and equitable handicapping system for golf tournaments or events where players do not have real handicap indexes. Over the years, it has become a popular method for calculating the handicapping system for tournaments, especially single-day tournaments.

peoria system golf game tips

The Unique Appeal of the Peoria System

The unique appeal of the Peoria system in golf is that it allows golfers without official handicap indexes to compete in net tournaments on a level playing field. Since most golfers in these tournaments do not have established handicaps, the Peoria system provides a fair and equitable way to calculate handicaps for the event.

The system’s reliance on six secret holes and the element of luck adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the competition. Additionally, the Peoria handicap system is relatively easy to understand and implement, making it accessible to many golfers.

How is the Peoria System Used?

The Rules of the Peoria System

The Peoria System works by having the tournament organizer or committee choose six holes before the tournament begins. This usually consists of:

  • two par 3s
  • two par 4s
  • two par 5s

The holes are unknown to all of the golfers involved.

Once the holes are chosen, the golfers will play regular stroke play.

There is one exception, and that is that double par is the maximum score you can get on one hole. Note the Peoria handicap system shouldn’t be used when playing match play.

The six holes are revealed once the round ends, players add up their total, and the Peoria handicap is determined.

A modified Peoria system uses a slightly different formula for calculation with different holes selected.

In Double Peoria, twelve holes are selected, and a different formula calculates the golfer’s score. The double Peoria system requires more consistency on the golf course.

peoria system golf game tips

The Importance of the Selected Holes

The six secret holes selected by the tournament committee in the Peoria System are essential because they are the only measuring stick used to calculate the handicap allowance for golfers in specific one-day tournaments.

The scores on these six holes are used to determine the adjustment that will be made to each golfer’s gross score, allowing for fair competition among players of varying skill levels.

Keeping these holes secret until after the round is completed adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to the system, making it more exciting for participants.

Calculating the Handicap

Once the round is complete, the six unknown holes will be announced to the group. Every golfer will then add up their scores on those six holes. Once added up, you must multiply that total by 3. Then have the golf course’s par subtracted from that total, multiplying the resulting number by 80. This total is the player’s handicap allowance.

The player’s allowance is then subtracted from the player’s gross score, resulting in the player’s net Peoria system score. The lowest score at the end will be considered the winner.

Tips and Strategies

Focusing on Consistency Over Individual Holes

The fact that the six holes are unknown is why you should focus on consistency over individual hole scores. Without knowing what holes are used in the Peoria system net score, there is no added pressure to perform on certain holes. Your best bet is to play as consistently as possible.

Importance of Adapting to Unpredictability

It is crucial to adapt while out on the course. Even if you score high on one hole, keeping that from affecting the rest of your game going forward is essential. That high hole may not be among the six selected, so you don’t have to worry about it.

If you let that affect you, it will throw off your entire game. Being able to adapt to what the course gives you is very important.

peoria system golf tournament strategy

Why You Should Try the Peoria System

The Fairness Aspect

The standard Peoria system is excellent because it equals the playing field between competitors. It ensures that scoring is fair for all players on the golf course. The Peoria scoring system is great for one-day functions as you don’t have to worry about the excellent golfer’s beating the other players’ scores considerably.

The Peoria system also introduces a little luck that can help the high-handicap golfers.

Improving Your Golf Game

Playing with the Peoria scoring system in place is a great way to help your consistency on the golf course. As the six holes are unknown, you can’t worry about that in your head. You have to go out and play your game as consistently as possible.

This will help improve your golf game in the long run.

Common Mistakes When Using the Peoria System

Misunderstanding the Handicap Allowance

Every golfer must use the same handicapping system for tournaments. Determining the handicap allowance is very important with the Peoria system, so if a few golfers use a different formula, it can completely mess up the tournament.

Apply the correct allowance formula to ensure an accurate net and gross score.

Incorrect Selection of Secret Holes

Ensuring that the six secret holes selected for the Peoria system are fair and representative of the course is vital. Randomly choosing too easy or difficult holes will lead to inaccurate handicaps.

This will ensure that all golfers have fun and that everything is equal.

Making the Most of Your Game

Essential Skills Required

There aren’t any essential skills you need to know besides your golf skill for the Peoria system. Your golf skill is what will give you the ability to shoot low scores on every hole. Practicing your consistency with ball striking and putting should translate well on the golf course.

How to Practice for Games Using the Peoria System

Unless you are competing in many one-day golf tournaments, it is hard to practice for golf games using the Peoria scoring system. Consistently hitting the range will help a player’s gross score.

Besides, your best bet is to get familiar with the golf course to know a little about each hole to help you score better.

Peoria System Etiquette

Understanding the Pace of Play

Regardless of what type of mini-game you are playing on the golf course, it is essential to remember that the pace of play still needs to be followed. The golf course’s very strict and wants tournaments running along smoothly.

That being said, tournaments usually take longer than a regular round of golf, so the pace of play may be slower, to begin with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peoria System (FAQs)

How are the six Peoria holes selected?

The six secret holes are randomly selected by the tournament organizer before the start of the tournament.

Can the Peoria System be used in smaller groups?

Yes, the Peoria system can be used with any number of golfers as long as each golfer has the same amount of holes on the golf course.

Is the Peoria System suitable for high-handicap golfers?

The Peoria system is suitable for high-handicap golfers as it helps level the playing field. It also adds an element of luck and unpredictability.

Can you use the Peoria System in non-tournament play?

No, the Peoria handicap system is only used for 1-day tournaments (work events or charity functions) to level the playing field amongst golfers.

What happens if a player withdraws during a game?

That player’s score would get discarded, and you would move on.

How do you adjust the Peoria System for a 9-hole course?

If you are on a 9-hole golf course, you would have three unknown holes selected instead of six.

Why I Appreciate Golfing with the Peoria System

I like golfing using the Peoria System because it helps provide an equal playing field for golfers of various skill levels. It is the perfect system for one-day tournaments because you don’t have to worry about good golfers running away with all the prizes due to having the best scores.

Next time you plan a one-day tournament through work, consider using the Peoria system!

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