Golf Tournament Outfit Ideas: What to Wear on the Course

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In this guide, I’ll go over the different types of clothing appropriate to wear to golf tournaments and some other tips and tricks you should know. There are a few differences between golf tournament outfit ideas for local amateur golf tournaments, club championships, and PGA tour events, and I’ll break all of that down too.

Golf clothing etiquette hasn’t changed a whole lot since the popularity of the sport has increased. Sure the styles over the years have changed, but it has stayed very professional.

In a rush?

In order to know what you should wear to a golf tournament, let’s first understand the different types of events there are.

Types of Golf Tournaments

Local Amateur Tournament

Local amateur golf tournaments are held worldwide in different state’s and provinces and allow amateur golfers the chance to compete in a tournament-like setting at different golf courses. For amateur tournaments, the handicaps are a wide range between golfers who like to have fun and scratch golfer’s looking to win and add to their resumes.

There is usually a Men’s side and a Women’s side, and a senior’s side. The range of golfers depends on the amount of interest.

amateur golf club attire ideas

Local Club Championship

Local club championships are held all over at hometown golf courses. They usually include golfers who live in the area and call that specific course their home. The range of golfers depends on the population of the town the course is, and there will usually be a Men’s and a Women’s side.

The handicaps at a local club championship tournament will be a wide range once again. After the first round, the tournament organizers will group you into different flights depending on what everyone shoots.

This keeps the scratch golfers and the higher handicap golfers who are just out to have fun together with other golfers at the same skill level..

Professional PGA Tournament

The PGA is the best of the best and is a year-long tour where events are played each week at different golf courses worldwide. PGA golfers compete in 4-round tournaments where they try to make the cut and shoot the best score to win.

They also earn FedEx Cup points in the process, and the person with the most FedEx Cup points at the end of the year wins quite a large sum of money.

PGA golfers are the best golfers in the world, and they are on tour for a reason. Gone are the days of wearing kilts, but PGA Tour events have a more strict dress code that golfers must follow.

In the PGA rules, it has a short and concise section about dress code: 

At all PGA Golf Management tournaments, players shall present themselves with a neat and clean appearance. Shorts or denim are not permitted to be worn by male competitors. Khakis or slacks and collared shirts must be worn by all male players. Female competitors may wear shorts or skirts.

professional golf outfit ideas

What Should Men Wear to a Golf Tournament?

Men typically wear a collared golf shirt, khakis or golf pants, a visor or hat, and golf shoes. In amateur and local club championships, it is also okay for men to wear shorts. For the PGA Tour, shorts are a no-no for male golfers during tournament play, even in really warm weather. Men can wear shorts during their practice rounds.

The PGA Tour allows caddies to wear shorts less than 2″ above the knee.

You will want to ensure you are dressing appropriately for the weather while maintaining the professional dress code required for the type of tournament.

Most male golfers will typically wear a hat, but you must ensure that it is forward-facing. Wearing a backwards hat or any other way can be seen as disrespectful. These rules are not always enforced at local club championships, but typical golf etiquette should be forward-facing.

professional golf tournament outfit ideas
An example of a professional, modern golf outfit

Golf clothes are becoming increasingly popular and have their niche in stores. If you purchase clothing from a golf retailer, you can be sure that it is okay to wear it during a golf tournament. If you aren’t sure, it is best to check with the golf marshal or tournament organizer to be sure.

Golf Tournament Outfit Restrictions for Men

Men should never wear the following to a professional golf tournament:

  • Pair of Sandals
  • Graphic tee shirt
  • Spiked golf shoes (if restricted by the golf course)

What Should Women Wear to a Golf Tournament?

Women’s golf is starting to become more and more popular, so women’s golf clothing is also becoming more popular. The dress code for women at golf tournaments is slightly more lenient than men’s.

Women golfers typically wear a collared shirt and any non-denim pants, capris, shorts, or skirts. They may also wear hats or visors.

professional womens golf outfit
An example of a professional womens golf outfit.

Golf is becoming more progressive as women wear more skirts and skorts for their golf rounds, which may be shorter than in years past. Women’s dress code on the golf course is acceptable for all tournaments, from LPGA Tour events down to the local club championships.

You should always check to see how strict the dress code is, though, because there may be places where the skirts need to be a certain length or shirts need to be tucked in at all times.

Golf Tournament Outfit Restrictions for Women

Women should never wear the following to a professional golf tournament:

  • Tube top
  • Sandals or flats

What Should Spectators Wear to a Golf Tournament?

Believe it or not, there is also a dress code for being a spectator at a golf tournament. Although not as strict as the golfers, there are still some things to avoid wearing.

Male spectators wear a golf shirt with khakis or hemmed shorts, tennis shoes, or loafers. You may be able to get away with wearing a t-shirt, but you want to make sure it is a blank and neutral color with no big graphics on the front.

You also want to ensure you aren’t wearing gym shorts or muscle shirts. You can wear a hat, but you must always ensure it is forward-facing.

Women spectators should wear a sundress or a collared shirt with capris, khakis, skirt, or skort.

golf spectator outfit ideas

As a spectator for a local amateur or club championship, they may be quite a bit more lenient on a dress code, especially if it is just a home course with few people. It is a good idea to wear golf course attire still, but local tournaments may not be as strict as a professional event.

There are very few casual spectators at a local tournament.

Golf Tournament Ideas

Looking to improve your golf wardrobe with some new and modern golf clothing? Here are some of our recommendations:


Amazon Essentials – Best Budget

The Amazon Essentials brand is an excellent budget golf shirt with multiple colors. These golf shirts are incredibly comfortable and easy to move in. It is also a nice quality fabric that holds up to every golf round. The price is very affordable as well.

Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit Tech Stretch Polo Shirt, Black Heather, Small
  • SLIM FIT: Slim fit through the shoulders, chest, and waist
  • TECH STRETCH FABRIC: An ultra-light weight and breathable fabric, with a soft smooth sheen finish. Made with quick dry and moisture-wicking finishes, helping you stay comfortable and cool while you workout. This knit fabric has a 4 way gentle stretch for full flexibility during wear.
  • ACTIVE POLO T-SHIRT: Train in confidence with this staple workout tee. Designed with a longer body length for added coverage during workouts. Whether you're heading out for a jog, a quick game of basketball or running errands with the kids, our apparel is made to work out, live in, and lounge.
  • DETAILS: Featuring a functional button placket, fitted short-sleeves, and back neck tape detail.

In terms of popularity, the TravisMathew brand has skyrocketed in recent tears. TravisMathew, owned by Callaway, has been selling quality golf apparel for a while now. Jon Rahm of the PGA Tour wears it, and you can find it at all major golf retailers.

travismathew clothing review

Nike – Most Stylish

Made famous by PGA golfers such as Tiger Woods and Brooks Koepka, some of the most stylish golf shirts available are “collarless.” They still fit the dress code for all golf tournaments, but have taken the golf apparel world by storm.

They are available in many different colors and are very versatile.

Nike Men's Nike Dri-fit Victory Blade Polo, Black/White, Small
  • Shoulder Seams Are Rolled Forward So You Can Power Through Your Swing With Ease
  • Fold-Over Collar And 2-Button Placket Add Classic Style
  • The Collar Is Ribbed To Help Prevent Curling
  • Stretchy Knit Fabric With Dri-Fit Technology Helps You Stay Dry And Comfortable

Lilly Pulitzer – Best Women’s Overall

Lilly Pulitzer is a premium women’s apparel brand specializing in all women’s golf clothing. The sleeveless tops are trendy on the LPGA Tour. Although the price is fairly high, the quality of clothing is outstanding, and you won’t find it better.


Amazon Essentials – Best Budget

Following suit with the golf shirts, Amazon Essentials offers men excellent, affordable golf shorts. They are comfortable, available in many colors, and can be worn for any occasion. The price tag is highly affordable compared to other brands, so you can’t go wrong.

Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit Stretch Golf Short, Navy, 34
  • SLIM FIT: Fitted through hip and thigh, with tapered leg. Sits below the waist.
  • PERFORMANCE FABRIC: Train in confidence with these lightweight golf shorts featuring a moisture-wicking, gentle stretch and wrinkle-free fabric.
  • GOLF STYLING: Designed for optimal performance and all day comfort on or off the course. Shirt gripping active waistband that keeps your shirt neatly tucked in.
  • DETAILS: Features classic front and back pant pocketing with a fifth pocket for tees, markers, or coins.
  • INSEAM: 9" on US size 32.

Adidas – Best Premium

The Adidas Go-To Hybrid golf shorts are our pick for men’s best premium golf shorts on the market. They are versatile shorts and can be worn for many occasions, golf or not. These shorts are also made with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials. Well worth the price tag.

adidas go-to golf shorts best golf tournament outfit ideas

PGA Tour Apparel – Best Women’s Short

The PGA Tour Apparel brand offers many different options for women golfers, and the nice thing is that they are very affordable. They also have many other choices to choose from in terms of short and long shorts. These shorts can be worn in most golf tournaments, but you may want to check if there is a requirement for how short they can be to make sure.


Puma FA21: 101 Pant – Best PGA Pick

Puma Golf’s California roots inspire the Puma 101 golf pants. They are very versatile pants and can be worn on the golf course and on weekends. They are lightweight, stretchy, and made of a quick-dry fabric to soak up moisture. These are an excellent pick for any golf tournament requiring pants.

Amazon Essentials – Best Budget Pick

Following our previous choice for shorts and shirts, the Amazon Essentials slim-fit golf pants are our pick for the best budget golf pants on the market. They are classic slim-fit pants that are both comfortable and professional looking. They come in many traditional colors, and you won’t find a better price!

Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit Stretch Golf Pant, Navy, 38W x 32L
  • SLIM FIT: Fitted through hip and thigh, with tapered leg. Sits below the waist.
  • PERFORMANCE FABRIC: Train in confidence with these lightweight golf pants featuring a moisture-wicking, gentle stretch, and wrinkle-free fabric.
  • GOLF STYLING: Designed for optimal performance and all day comfort on or off the course. Shirt gripping active waistband keeps your shirt neatly tucked in.
  • DETAILS: Features classic front and back pant pocketing with a fifth pocket for tees, markers, or coins.
  • LEG OPENING: 7 1/2" on US size 32.

PGA Tour Pull-On Pant – Best Women’s Pick

The Pull-On pant offered by PGA Tour Apparel is our choice for the best golf pants available for women on the market. The fabric is moisture-wicking, and they are very comfortable. They can also be worn on many occasions and are perfectly paired with your favorite collared shirt. The price is also very affordable.


TravisMathew Patch Hat – Best Overall

Regarding hats, there are many options for the golf course. Our pick for the best overall is the TravisMathew Patch Hat. As I said before, TravisMathew is becoming quite popular in the golf apparel world. The Patch Hat is highly comfortable, and the breathability in the back means no excessive sweating. There are also many different patterns and colors to choose from.

Puma Bucket Hat – Best Weekend Hat

For a fun choice, I will go with the Puma Aussie P Bucket Hat. This hat is for golfers who like to have fun on the weekends with their friends while adding some style. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this to any tournaments as it probably wouldn’t meet the dress code, but I would highly recommend it for a fun round.

Vimhue Sun Goddess Hat – Best Women’s Choice

For our women’s pick, I will go with a popular hat style. It is the hat you can easily pull your ponytail through to keep your hair out of your face. There are many of that styles available, but our choice is the Vimhue Sun Goddess hat. There are many colors to choose from, and it is of excellent quality.

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