How to Use GSPro with SkyTrak: Easy 5-Minute Tutorial

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By default, SkyTrak does not list GSPro golf simulation software support. With a few steps of work though, you can connect up your SkyTrak launch monitor to GSPro and play some of the most realistic golf courses you will find in a sim.

Before we begin, a round of applause to our digital wizards who tapped into the GSPro API and made this combination possible!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get this setup running smoothly on your SkyTrak system.

Does this Work on the SkyTrak Plus?

Yes, the instructions below work for the SkyTrak Plus as well. It uses the same API to connect to the GSPro.

GSPro Requirements

Before we kick off, remember that GSPro will need a Windows PC that meets the following minimum specs:

  • 4GB free space

  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 or AMD RX 580

  • Stable internet connection

  • An Ethernet port and/or Bluetooth, depending on your Launch Monitor

Want to learn more about this software and the specs required? Check out the official GSPro website.

How to Use GSPro with SkyTrak

Download the GSPro Device Interface Software for SkyTrak.

Begin by downloading the Skytrak Connection App. This crucial tool lets your SkyTrak interact with the GSPro API. Once you download it, unzip the contents into an easily accessible folder on your local drive.

Download the .NET Files

Download these .NET dependency files and run the installer in the folder. This will install some files needed to run the Device Interface application.

Purchase GSPro and Install

Next, head to the GSPro website and buy your GSPro license. Don’t worry if you’re still unsure. GSPro offers a 7-day return policy if you aren’t happy with how things turn out at the end of this tutorial guide.

After the purchase, you’ll receive an email containing your license key and download instructions. Download the GSPro software and install it on your hard drive.

Launch GSPro

With GSPro installed, it’s time to fire it up! Ensure your SkyTrak is turned on (there’s no need to launch the SkyTrak Application), then open GSPro and select your screen resolution.

Click on the Launch GSPro button and then wait for GSPro to show you a connection window. Select Open API when prompted.

Note: The very first time you launch GSPro, you’ll get a pop-up box prompting you to select ‘API V1 Control.’ Browse and select the ‘PGSimConnector.exe’ from the folder you downloaded from the dropbox link.

Launch the GSPro Device Interface Software

Now, launch the PGSimConnector.exe from the folder you downloaded earlier. A window will pop up, and you need to leave this running as it enables your SkyTrak to communicate with the GSPro Software.

If you see an error from the software, select Run Anyway and proceed.

The two circles in the pop-up window indicate your connections. The top circle turns green when connected to your SkyTrak, and the bottom circle turns gold when connected to Perfect Golf. Once connected, you can minimize this window. You’ll also notice the red bar on the API V1 Connect pop-up turning green, indicating it’s ready to go!

The red line at the top of this box will turn green when connected after Step 4. If this dialogue doesn’t automatically launch, you can manually open it from the GSP Connect Application in the following folder: C:GSProV1CoreGSPC.

Enjoy Your Simulator Golfing!

Once the red bar on the API V1 Connect turns green, your SkyTrak is connected, and you’re good to go. Take some time to explore the settings menu in GSPro. You can also download some courses and configure others settings:

  • player hand

  • offset

  • units

  • putting preferences

Troubleshooting GSPro on SkyTrak Issues

As with any software, you might face hurdles while setting up and using GSPro on SkyTrak. Don’t fret, though, as most of these issues can be easily resolved.

Here’s how to navigate some common roadblocks:

Windows 10 Home Fix

Are you a Windows 10 Home user struggling to run the GSPro Sim Connector? Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Install the Windows 7 SDK files from here.

  2. Then install the Windows 10 .NET Framework from here.

  3. Copy the corflags.exe from C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsWindowsv10.0Abin and paste it into the same folder with PGSimConnector.exe.

  4. Open PowerShell in this folder and run the following command: .CorFlags.exe /32BITREQ+ PGSimConnector.exe.

By doing this, the PGSimConnector.exe program will be forced to run in 32-bit mode and should load properly.

Mulligan Issue

If you’re using mulligan turns on, and the ball is hit to inside 150 yards, you might need to open the PGSimConnector and reselect normal mode.

The system might not reset the SkyTrak back to the read mode from which the original shot was hit.


If you notice misreads while golfing, check the mode in PGSimConnector, ensure it is set to the desired mode, and re-arm the SkyTrak.

This situation might happen when loading a new hole, and the SkyTrak doesn’t automatically switch back to Normal Mode for driving on the next hole.

And with that, you should be setup and ready to go!

Still need some more convincing?

Check out details about GSPro below and why I think it is one of the most underrated golf simulators available today.

Video Instructions: How to Play GSPro on SkyTrak

If you still need more help, here is a great video that explains all of the same instructions that I did above:

How to Install GSPro for SkyTrak

What is GSPro?

GSPro is a leading golf simulation software on the market, with ultra-realistic ball physics and amazing 4K graphics. The GSPro community is massive, and members regularly contribute to the game. The online community includes a golf tour, allowing you to compete with other players.

GSPro is compatible with FlightScope and Uneekor launch monitors by default. It offers an OpenAPI interface that you can use to integrate the software with other systems unofficially, like Garmin and SkyTrak.

What sets the GSPro software apart is your ability to participate in online virtual tours and its powerful online community. Additionally, all the courses included are designed by community members using GSPro’s Open Platform Course Designer.

gspro best golf simulator software

Course Selection

GSPro consists of over 280 courses, with more still being added.

Key GSPro Features

The GSPro golf simulator software is loaded with features designed to make your virtual golfing experience as engaging and realistic as possible.

Here are some key highlights:

Realistic Graphics

One of the standout features of GSPro is its stunning graphics. The software recreates golf courses with incredible attention to detail, from the grass’s greenery to the sand’s texture in bunkers. With GSPro, you’ll feel like standing on a real golf course.

Other options like SkyTrak and E6 Connect are passable, but don’t offer the realism that GSPro does.

Online Play

GSPro provides a robust online play feature, allowing you to compete with friends and other golfers worldwide. Whether you want a friendly match or a competitive tournament, GSPro has plenty of options to try out.

Course Selection

With GSPro, you can virtually travel to world-class golf courses without leaving home. The software includes a wide variety of courses, giving you the freedom to practice and play on multiple terrains.

One standout feature is that GSPro features a robust course designer. Design your own course and put it into the game for other GSPro users to download and try out.

GSPro Cost

A GSPro license costs $250 per year for a standard subscription and continued access to the platform. However if you cancel your subscription, you lose access to everything.

GSPro offers a subscription + lifetime addon for $550 up front, followed by $250 per year. This extra $300 gives you access to the latest version of the software you downloaded, even if you cancel your subscription.

We don’t recommend the standard subscription at all. Click here to read about and buy GSPro.

GSPro Gameplay Video

Want to see more about how the GSPro Golf simulator software looks? Check out the video below!

Playing GSPro Golf Simulator Software with Flightscope Mevo Plus (TPC Sawgrass)

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