Wolf Golf Game: How To Play + Tips + Rules

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Wolf is a popular golf game that is played by many golfers around the world. It is a game played with four players and combines strategy, luck, and skill. The game is designed to be played over 18 holes and can be played on any golf course.

In this article, we will go over the following:

  • How to play the Wolf golf betting game.
  • The Rules of Wolf
  • Tips and strategies to be on the winning team

If you have played Wolf before, let us know below!

What is the Wolf Golf Game?

Wolf is a golf game that is played with a foursome. Before the round starts, you flip a tee or a coin to determine the tee shot order. This is very important as the order does change every hole.

Whoever is chosen to tee off last on the hole is called Wolf for that hole. They watch the others tee off on the first hole.

After everyone is done, the Wolf decides if they want a playing partner for that hole or to be the Lone Wolf.

There is scoring associated with who wins the hole.

Wolf is considered a better ball game and an enjoyable way to play your golf rounds.

wolf golf game how to play

The History of Wolf

The Wolf golf game’s history and origin are a great secret. No one seems to know when it was created or by who.

It was most likely started by a group of friends looking for a different challenge on the golf course. Over time the game has evolved into a strategy-based game that changes how you play your golf game. Today, it is well known and there are posted rules on the internet, including right here!

Why Wolf is Different From Other Golf Games

Wolf differs from other golf games because of its unique playing format and strategy. Unlike other golf games, Wolf involves rotating hitting orders.

If you are playing for money, you have to assign a monetary value to each point. Players take turns being the Wolf on each hole.

There is quite a bit more strategy involved in playing Wolf, and it also takes some luck. Wolf is one of the more complex betting games, but extremely fun once you learn the strategy.

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How to Play Wolf (The Golf Game)

The Rules of Wolf

The game of Wolf is played with four golfers. Before teeing off, you must determine a shot order by flipping a tee or coin.

Whoever is designated to tee off last is the Wolf for the hole.

The order for each hole changes, so that each player gets at least four turns to be the wolf. Golfers play the role of the Wolf once every four holes.

Once the first three golfers hit their tee shot, the final player (Wolf) decides whether they want to add a partner for that hole. If not, the Wolf declares themselves as the “Lone Wolf.”

The final two holes go to the player with the most points.

The player with the most points at the end of the round will win a set amount of money.

The Role of the “Lone Wolf”

wolf golf game tips

If you are the Wolf and decide not to add a partner for that specific hole, you are the “Lone Wolf.” The Lone Wolf has one objective for the hole: to shoot the lowest net score on the hole.

The remaining players use the best ball system.

Deciding to play solo and be the Lone Wolf is risky and means you are confident in beating the other players. If the Lone Wolf wins the hole, they will win big. However, they gain zero points if the Lone Wolf loses the hole.

The next hole declares a new wolf based on your predetermined order.

Scoring System in Wolf

The scoring system in Wolf is relatively straightforward.

  • If the Lone Wolf wins the hole and beats the other three players, the Wolf wins double, and they will get 4 points.
  • If the Lone Wolf loses the hole, the three other golfers get one point each.
  • If the Wolf decides to add a partner for a hole and they win the hole, they each get 2 points.
  • If the Wolf picks a team member to be their partner for the hole and loses it, the other team gets 3 points each.

In general, the lowest score wins the hole. However, you want team wins when you are on one and solo wins when you are alone.

Blind Wolf

A third variation of the game allows the Wolf to declare themselves as the “Blind Wolf.” To do this, you must declare this before anyone teeing off the hole.

This means you play the hole alone and can’t see anyone’s tee shots before deciding. This is incredibly risky. However, it can be rewarding because you will gain double and sometimes triple points if you win the hole.

long wolf golf game

Wolf Golf Tips and Strategies

Assessing Risk/Reward

In the Wolf golf game, a lot of risk-reward is involved in the gameplay. Deciding to be the Lone Wolf is an excellent way to win big, but it also requires beating the other three players on the hole.

This ups the risk of playing Wolf, but the score points are also increased to compensate accordingly.

This strategy also comes into play during the later holes. If it is your turn to be the Wolf and you need a certain number of points to win or surpass the other golfers, you need the self-confidence to be the Lone Wolf or Blind Wolf and win the hole with the lowest score.

Understanding Your Fellow Players

Understanding your playing partners is crucial when playing the Wolf golf game. By observing their strengths and weaknesses, you can decide better when to go Lone Wolf, when to team up, and which player to choose as your teammate.

For example, if one of your playing partners struggles with putting, you may team up with them on a hole that only requires a little putting.

Similarly, if one of your partners is a long hitter, you should avoid going Lone Wolf on a hole that requires accuracy over distance.

Understanding your partners’ tendencies can also help you anticipate their shots and better position yourself for your own shot. By working together effectively, you can increase your chances of earning points and winning the game.

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Using Your Position Wisely

Using your tee position wisely is a crucial strategy in the game of Wolf. Knowing when it’s your turn to be Wolf is huge and allows you to decide when to team up with a partner and when to play the hole by yourself.

It also allows you to plan based on the golf course you are playing. If you are familiar with the course or know that you have good holes coming up, you can plan your points, assuming everything goes well.

Why You Should Try the Wolf Golf Game

The Competitive Edge in Wolf

You should try the game of Wolf because it is an exciting, new way to play the game of golf. It also comes with its fair share of risk and reward.

You can still play your game competitively but with added elements and risk to win money. It’s always nice to be on the winning side after the game, and it is a great way to play with friends or strangers.

The Social Aspect of Wolf

Golf is a social game. Yes, you can play alone, but playing with friends and enjoying the weather is much more fun.

Having a wager on the game with a purpose at the end is a great way to escape from regular stroke play. It is also fun talking about the game and strategy after it is all done.

wolf golf game tips

Common Mistakes in Playing Wolf

Choosing the Wrong Partner

Choosing the wrong partner is one of the most common mistakes when playing Wolf. The game aims to have the most points by the end of 18 holes. To gain points, you must win individual holes.

Let’s say the third hole requires a very accurate second shot into the green, and one of your partners drives the ball down the middle of the fairway, but you know they struggle with iron approach shots.

You may want to choose them because of their drive, especially if you drive the ball into trouble. But it may not make the most sense if they can’t get near the pin on the approach shot.

Playing to their strengths and weaknesses is huge in the game of Wolf.

Misjudging the Hole Difficulty

Misjudging the hole difficulty is a common mistake in the Wolf golf game. Players often focus on their partner selection and tee position, neglecting the importance of evaluating the hole’s difficulty. This can lead to poor shot selection and ultimately result in losing the hole.

It is crucial to assess the hole’s difficulty and choose the right strategy, such as deciding whether to go for a safe shot or take a riskier approach to win the hole. Playing with high handicappers can also make this mistake more common.

Overlooking Player Abilities

Studying your playing partner’s strengths and weaknesses in the game of Wolf is crucial. This is how to decide when to team up or play the hole solo. If you overlook that someone is a great putter or great with approach shots, it could ruin your score and make you lose the hole.

Making the Most of Your Wolf Game

Essential Skills for Wolf

Outside of knowing the rules for Wolf, the best skill you can have is your actual golf game. It is easy to follow throughout your round to see which partners are playing well and which aren’t.

If you know that your golf game is the best of the four golfers, you will have a great idea about taking a partner if someone is shooting great that day or else riding solo because you know you have the skill.

How to Practice for Wolf

The best Wolf strategy is knowing all the rules and studying your playing partner’s strengths and weaknesses. If you play golf consistently with the same people, you will learn how they hit a ball, their go-to shot, and more.

This is the best way to practice for Wolf and win the game.

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Wolf Etiquette

Being a Good Sport in Wolf

At the end of the day, playing a game of Wolf is still just a regular golf game. As long as you have the rules and prize money determined before the round, there should be no hatred during and after the game.

Getting out for a round of golf is always a great way to enjoy the weather, exercise, and have a great time with friends.

Offering to play Wolf with complete strangers is also an excellent way to break the ice and learn something new on the course.

Respecting the Pace of Play

Remember that playing a game of Wolf should not make your golf game take longer. Golf courses are still very strict with their pace of play, and you have to respect that.

The game of Wolf works excellently when everyone knows the rules, and you can flawlessly move through your round without holding the golf course up.

Wolf Golf Video

Want to see the wolf game in more detail? Check out this video!

Why I Love the Game of Wolf

In conclusion, I love the Wolf golf game because it is a thrilling and competitive experience that requires strategic thinking, careful observation, and a bit of luck.

The game’s format allows players of all skill levels to participate and enjoy the game, and the added element of betting provides a purpose for the end.

It is a fun way to play the game instead of regular golf typically, and we highly recommend trying it out next time you are out on the golf course!

Frequently Asked Questions about Wolf (FAQs)

When can you declare it as a “Lone Wolf?”

You can declare it the Lone Wolf after everyone tees off for that particular hole.

How do you switch the game order on each golf?

The game order is determined at the start of the round with a coin or tee flip and changes every hole. If the order starts 1, 2, 3, 4, it will switch to 2, 3, 4, 1 for the next hole.

Can you switch partners in Wolf midway through?

You cannot change partners if you choose a playing partner for that hole. Once the hole is complete, you move on to the next.

What happens when there is a tie in scoring in the game of Wolf?

If there is a tie in scoring on a hole, typically, that hole is considered a wash and no points carry over. However, you can also choose to carry points over to the next hole, increasing the money to be won.

How to handle disputes in the Wolf golf game?

The best way to avoid disputes in Wolf is to confirm all of the details of the game before teeing off on the first hole. This includes the tee shot order, bet amounts, and how to play the final two holes.

Can Wolf be played with more than four golfers?

Wolf can be played with a fifth golfer if the golf course allows it. Instead of rotating tee shots on the first 16 holes, you would play holes 1-15 and rotate every five holes.
Deciding to be the Lone Wolf with five golfers is a higher risk as you have to beat the better ball of four other golfers.

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