3 Best Arccos Alternatives for Golf Shot Tracking

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Arccos is the number one golf tracking solution that keeps track of your shots on the course, but is there anything better out there? In this guide, I’ll go over the best Arccos alternatives and how their features match up.

I’ll review some of the main things you’ll want to care about, including:

  • tracking accuracy

  • subscription cost

  • data and analytics features

When you are done, you’ll know about all of the main Arccos alternatives from Shot Scope, Golf Pad, and Garmin.

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What are the Best Arccos Alternatives?

Arccos Overview

arccos shot tracking GPS

Arccos is the leading golf shot-tracking system offering automatic shot-tracking technology powered by A.I. machine learning. It captures over 98% of all tee shots, providing golfers with the most accurate shot tracking. With more than 40,000 courses from over 190 countries, Arccos allows players to download course maps and track their shots in real-time.

The system includes Arccos smart sensors that screw into the grips of your clubs. The Arccos app tracks all of your shots and provides analytics about your golf game. It does this if you keep your phone in your front pocket, through your Apple Watch, or the Arccos Link accessory.

Some of my favorite features in the Arccos app are:

  • precise yardages adjusted in real-time for weather

  • a caddie feature that helps with club selection

  • strokes gained data analytics to help you improve your game.

Arccos also offers the Link, a small, wearable device that seamlessly syncs with your smart sensors and the Arccos app. This eliminates the need to carry a phone during play. If you don’t want the Link Pro, you can connect the Arccos app directly with your Apple Watch to have the data on your wrist instead of your phone.

Next, I will go over a few Arccos alternatives in more detail. I’ll show you how well they perform and if any of them are better than Arccos.

Golf Pad Tags

golf pad tags

Golf Pad Tags is an automatic shot-tracking system integrated with the Golf Pad GPS app. Like Arccos, it allows you to record each shot and provide comprehensive data without interrupting the flow on the golf course. They work in a similar way as Arccos, with each small tag screwing into the end of your golf grip.

Golf Pad Tags track scores, shot distances, putting stats, and more. Golf Pad Tags are a great way to track shots and analyze the data to help refine your overall golf experience.

Purchase Price

Golf Pad tags cost $99 and come with 15 tags to attach to your golf clubs. The app is available for free through the iOS and Android app stores.

Subscription Fee

Golf Pad Tags are free to use through the app; however, it is important to note that a Premium subscription is also available. Purchasing the tags gives you a free one-year Premium subscription, valued at $29.99. This is cheaper than Arccos each year!

The Premium subscription enables advanced statistics like distance trends, putt distances, wind-adjusted distance, and shot dispersion.

Other Devices Required

The only device required to download the app outside of the tags themselves is a smartphone. You can also get the app on a smartwatch and conveniently have the distances right on your watch, but that is optional to access the full features.

Tracking Quality

golf pad tags best arccos alternative tracking quality

The tracking quality of the Golf Pad Tags has been generally positive, offering accurate shot tracking and immediate feedback on distances. I would say that they are a little worst than Arccos overall. Swing tracking technology is fundamentally different, only only radio frequency to transmit.

Battery Life

Unlike the Arccs sensors, which have a permanent battery installed into them, Golf Pad tags have nothing. They use a radio frequency in each club to transmit data from each shot. This is one area I think Golf Pad does better than Arccos at.

Data and Analytics

You can view all of your analytics in the Golf Pad app. This is the main area where Arccos does a much better job. Golf Pad’s stats and presentation are much simpler in nature. I don’t like how they don’t give as many recommendations to help you improve your game.

Other Things to Know

golf pad best arccos alternative

The Golf Pad system seamlessly integrates with smartwatches such as the Apple Watch, providing real-time yardage on your wrist. This improves the overall tracking experience for smartwatch users and ensures you don’t need to always keep your phone on you.

Shot Scope CONNEX Performance Tracking

shot scope performance tracking

Shot Scope Performance Tracking, including products like CONNEX, offers golfers a comprehensive shot-tracking system for their golf rounds. This system provides access to over 100 performance statistics, allowing users to analyze their game post-round, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to lower their scores shot by shot.

The cheapest product that Shot Scope offers is the CONNEX tracking tags, which work like Arccos and Golf Pad Tags. The lightweight tags attach to your grips and provide immediate data. Shot Scope also offers a broader range of products that can be used with their system.

Purchase Price

The CONNEX tags are available for $69.99 and come with 16 tags. Shot Scope also offers GPS watches, rangefinders, and handheld devices that work with their app. These products range in price from $149 to $299.

Subscription Fee

There is no additional subscription fee for Shot Scope Performance Tracking products. Your data is available through their free app that connects with your chosen Shot Scope product.

Other Devices Required

No additional devices are required for Shot Scope Performance Tracking. If you just get the tags, the technology from the tags interacts with the app to show you the data. If you purchase one of the products, such as the GPS watch or handheld device, the data will be displayed there.

Tracking Quality

shot scope tracking quality

The tracking quality of the Shot Scope Performance Tracking products has received positive feedback from users and reviewers worldwide. The yardages and data are highly accurate for each shot and make a huge difference on the course. These products are a fantastic way of getting free caddie advice through technology to help you become a better golfer.

Battery Life

With the tags, you don’t have to worry about battery life other than your smartphone, which will display the Shot Scope app. Shot Scope drains my phone battery much quicker than Arccos does. If the Arccos uses up 50% of my phone battery during a round, then Shot Scope uses up 90% or more.

Other Things to Know

shot scope arccos alternative

Shot Scope offers thousands of pre-loaded golf courses ready to go to ensure that golfers can use their tracking devices wherever they golf. This and no additional subscription fee make the Shot Scope products an excellent choice for golfers wanting virtual caddie advice at a cost-controlled price.

Garmin Approach CT10

garmin approach ct10 best arccos alternative

The Garmin Approach CT10 golf tracking system offers a comprehensive solution for golfers seeking to track and analyze their game. These club-tracking sensors automatically record every shot played with any club, providing specific statistics and long-term averages to help users better understand their game.

The Approach sensors also integrate with any compatible Garmin watch, allowing golfers to access detailed statistics for each club directly on their watch. The Garmin golf app is also available to use.

Purchase Price

The purchase price of the Garmin Approach CT10 complete set is $299. You can also purchase a starter set of three sensors for $79.

Subscription Fee

There is no additional subscription fee for the Garmin Approach CT10 sensors.

Other Devices Required

Although no other devices are required for the CT10 sensors themselves, they also integrate with all Garmin golf watches, allowing you to access all of the data from your wrist easily. If you have a Garmin golf watch, this is a great way to combine all the data into one spot for shot tracking on the golf course.

Tracking Quality

garmin approach ct10 tracking quality

Tracking quality on Garmin Golf products has always been top-notch, and it is no different with the Approach CT10 sensors. They provide accurate shot-tracking data clearly and insightfully. There are occasional minor errors in shot detection, but you can easily edit the information to ensure it stays correct.

Battery Life

The Garmin Approach CT10 sensors are equipped with user-replaceable CR2032 batteries, providing a battery life of up to 4 years under regular use. This can vary depending on the frequency of use.

If you have a Garmin golf watch, you must keep track of that battery life and ensure it is fully charged before starting your golf round to provide accurate data collection.

Other Things to Know

Along with seamlessly integrating with all Garmin golf watches, the Approach CT10 sensors also feature an automatic on/off feature that can help extend the battery life up to 4 years. This is a bit longer than Arccos, whose batteries last about three years.


Golf Pad Tags, Shot Scope Tracking Products, and the Garmin Approach CT10 sensors are excellent alternatives to Arccos Sensors, offering golfers comprehensive shot-tracking solutions.

Golf Pad Tags are a user-friendly option that leverages NFC technology to seamlessly record all of your necessary shot data.

Shot Scope Tracking Products offer in-depth data analysis, high accuracy, extensive course coverage, and a great price. They also have many different products that easily connect with the technology.

The Garmin Approach CT10 sensors provide accurate shot tracking, seamless integration with Garmin golf watches, and long-lasting battery life. They deliver valuable performance data to enhance a golfer’s game.

We recommend checking out the Shot Scope CONNEX tags. For only $69, you can get a set of 16 tags that easily attach to your golf clubs. They offer extensive shot tracking data, and there is no additional subscription fee, meaning you get all of the data for free through their app. You can also seamlessly connect with your smartwatch to have all the data on your wrist.

Arccos’ main advantages are the advanced analytics they offer in its app and a slightly higher reliability on shot tracking!

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