Arccos Link Pro vs Link Gen 2 Comparison Guide

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The brand new Arccos Link Pro let’s you track your Arccos sensors without needing an Apple Watch. But how well does the new Link Pro reduce missed shots compared to the last generation?

In this comparison guide, I’ll go through the Arccos Link Pro vs Link Generation 2 in detail to help you decide which shot tracker is worth buying.

In short, the Arccos Link Pro offers a few key advancements over the Link Gen 2, such as in-pocket tracking and better shot recognition accuracy, at a modest price increase that is worth it for most Arccos users.

What is the Arccos Link Pro For?

Arccos Link Pro is a completely redesigned device launched by Arccos, designed to seamlessly track a player’s shots automatically without needing a phone. This third-generation product is about the size of a car key fob. It can be placed directly into a golfer’s pocket, eliminating the necessity of carrying a phone during play.

The device pairs with Arccos sensors and the Arccos app, and it works with all 2nd and 3rd-generation Arccos products, including:

  • Arccos 360

  • Smart Sensors

  • Smart Grips

  • Cobra Connect

  • PING Smart Sets

The all-new Arccos Link Pro features enhanced next-generation tech GPS. This wireless charging case can power the device for up to 12 rounds on a single charge and has a multi-mic configuration for highly accurate shot detection while in the player’s front pocket.

It also includes a pin set button for accurately marking the hole location. This device is permissible for use under the Rules of Golf and is available for retail at $224.99.

The Link Pro is compatible with iPhones running iOS16 and newer and Android devices running Pie 9.0, provided they have Bluetooth, gyroscope, and accelerometer capabilities.

With its innovative features and user-friendly design, the Arccos Link Pro aims to provide golfers with a precise, less intrusive, and always-ready solution for on-course shot tracking, catering to amateurs and elite pros alike.

arccos link pro vs link gen 2 comparison guide

New Features in the Arccos Link Pro

Arccos Link Pro, the latest offering from Arccos Golf, has several innovative features, making it a game-changer for golfers. Here are the new features in the Arccos Link Pro:

  • Works in Pocket: Automatically tracks shots without needing to carry a phone.

  • Wireless Charging Case: Provides up to 12 rounds on a single charge, enhancing user convenience.

  • Enhanced GPS: Features a new GPS chip for quick satellite lock and improved data accuracy on the course.

  • Multi-Mic Configuration: Ensures highly accurate, seamless shot detection while the device remains in the player’s front pocket.

  • Pin Set Button: Allows users to mark the hole location accurately while Link Pro is in the pocket.

The Arccos Link Pro is designed to be minor, lightweight, and weather-resistant, measuring less than 25 grams, and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices (sold separately).

Existing Arccos Link Features

The Arccos Link, a small, lightweight device, offers several features to enhance the user experience. Here are the existing features of the Arccos Link:

  • Automatic Shot Tracking: Seamlessly connects with Arccos sensors to record shot data automatically without needing a smartphone during play.

  • Enhanced Microphone Protection: Provides a more reliable experience by improving microphone protection for accurate shot detection.

  • Improved Clip Design: Includes a slot for users who wish to use a lanyard for added security.

  • Weather-Resistant and Lightweight: Small and lightweight, weighing less than 25 grams, and compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

  • Battery Life: Offers up to 10 hours and can be quickly charged via a standard micro USB cable (included).

Moreover, the Arccos Link is compatible with Arccos Smart Sensors, Arccos Smart Grips, Cobra Connect, and PING Smart Sets and is permitted under the Rules of Golf for the United States Golf Association.

It also allows Arccos members to access Arccos Caddie on their smartphones during a round for additional functionality.

Is the New Arccos Link Pro Worth It?

The new Arccos Link Pro offers several improvements that significantly upgrade over the previous Arccos Link device.

One of the main reasons it is worth it is pocket convenience. The original Link requires that you clip it onto your belt during play, whereas the new Link Pro can be left in your pocket for the entire round. This offers a more convenient and comfortable experience, as having a belt clip can be distracting during your golf swing.

As you can see in my picture below, the Link Pro is a fraction of the size of a standard iPhone Pro. When I put it in my pocket, I hardly notice it is there.

arccos link pro size vs iphone

The new Link Pro also features a 12-hour battery life, compared to the 10-hour battery life of the previous Link device. It also comes with a wireless charging case, offering up to 12 rounds on a single charge and an easy and convenient place to charge at all times.

Lastly, the new Link Pro boasts improved microphones that increase shot-tracking accuracy. These new microphones help provide you with more reliable data from your golf game.

Why I Like The Old Arccos Link Gen 2 Better

After testing out both of these devices, the only reason you may consider the older Arccos Gen 2 over the new Link would be the additional cost. All of the features of the new Link Pro are welcomed and help provide you with a precise approach to every shot.

If you are budget-conscious and unsure if you will use it every round, then you should purchase the old Link Gen 2. We recommend trying out the new Link Pro if you want new sensors to provide the most accurate club distances.


When comparing the Arccos Link Pro with the Link Generation 2, it’s clear that the new Link Pro offers significant advancements that cater to the needs of modern golfers. In-pocket shot tracking is the number one thing that makes the Arccos Link Pro stands out as the superior choice on the golf course.

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional golfer, the Arccos Link Pro is designed to enhance your game by providing detailed, accurate shot data in a more convenient and efficient manner. For those debating the Arccos Link Pro vs Link Gen 2, the Pro version’s advancements make it a worthwhile upgrade, ensuring golfers have access to the latest technology to improve their game.

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