5 Best Golf GPS Apps – Top Picks to Buy

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Want to improve your golf skills?

If yes, it is time to use technology to improve your golf skills.

Thinking about how to do so?

The best way to amalgamate technology into golf sports is to use golfing apps. We're not just speaking about any golfing app but rather GPS app. These allow you to monitor your position on the course consistently. Additionally, the GPS app alerts you to the nearby holes as well.

The convenience which these GPS apps provide you with has made them quite popular. Needless to say, that has given rise to numerous such golf apps. The problem is that choosing among them is not an easy task. Nobody has the time to compare every golf GPS app in real-time, either.

To save you all of this trouble, we have done the hard work for you. We have compared various apps to compile a list of the top 6 Best golf GPS apps. Once you go through our list and the guide below, choosing the right golf application will be easier than ever.

Our Best Golf GPS Apps in 2022

Table of Contents

Best Golf GPS Apps

GolfShot Plus

Best Overall

GolfShot Plus


  • Works with numerous digital gadgets
  • Over inbuilt 40,000 courses
  • Provides club recommendations
  • Real-time data on offer
  • Covers golf News
  • Facilitates golf contests
  • 3-D view on offer
  • Easy to use
  • Has a slight learning curve

The app on top of our list is available on various platforms. Besides that, it can work with android and Apple watches as well. The app offers pro and free version. Additionally, it not only tracks your position but tracks your every shot. Moreover, it provides you with data regarding every shot to improve your game.

The Golf GPS app Pro version helps you track distances as well. With satellite images and maps of over 40,000 courses, almost every prominent course is already covered. You get a bird's eye view map, which allows you to better plan your next shot. Additionally, features like leaderboards, digital contests, and so on can keep you occupied as well.


The app even covers the latest golf news to keep you up-to-date. What more can you ask for?

With ample features available, it is difficult to ignore this app in favor of any other.

A large number of courses covered:

The app is only good enough if it features a large number of courses. This one has over 40,000 inbuilt course maps. Also, the hazards and various topography stats are covered. Once you open up the map, you will get complete information about the course.

The LED display on offer:

If you opt for a pro version, you get a 3-D display of the various holes around the course. It will certainly help you plan your game in a much better way.

Works with wearable technology:

If you have an Android watch or iOS Watch, this app works with that as well. The advantage of using this in conjunction with a wearable is that it can monitor your shots in a much better way. Additionally, it can provide you with the necessary data for improvement.

Club recommendations on offer:

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the pro version of the app provides you with a club recommendation feature. That is why; it can easily replace your caddy.

The numerous features of this app certainly help it stand out.


Most Easy and Convenient

The Grint


  • Covers thousands of courses
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available across various platforms
  • USGA compliant handicap feature
  • Facilitates easy navigation through the course
  • Website interface needs improvement

Do you prefer a golf application with easy to understand user interface?

If yes, you need to look at this option. With various distance measurements like the front, center, and back distance, the data you get is enormous. The user interface allows you to easily adjust the map to know the distance to holes and other such features of the golf course. GPS technology facilitates the same. It will enable you to track your stats against those of your opponents.


The USGA compliant handicap feature is one of the main highlights. There are hardly any other golf apps providing you with the same. They have a paid version as well, which allows you to compete online with other players. In that case, it works as an excellent scoring app. In addition to the iOS and Android interface, it also offers a website interface and tracks your scores. Due to this reason, getting real-time stats is not a problem. A large number of golf courses covered and the friendly user interface make it stand out from others.

Customizable Interface:

When you're using GPS for golf, you need to find the distances to various objects on the course. It might be a hole, sandpit, or the waterfront. This app allows you to do so easily by just tapping on the object. That way, you can plan your game in a much better way.

Tens of thousands of golf courses:

A golf application is only useful if it covers the course you plan to play on. However, this one only lists tens of thousands of golf courses. Therefore, there will be no compatibility issues.

Satellite images on offer:

The top-down view provides the right hybrid mix between the satellite images and easy-to-understand topography-based images. So, navigating through the course is not going to be an issue.

Opportunity to compete digitally with other players:

Everyone playing golf with you can download this app. The app can track the scores of all players. Consequently, competing with your playing opponents digitally is possible.

The user interfaces with a large number of supported courses are what makes this golf GPS app such a reliable option.

18 Birdies

Best Swing Analyzer

18 Birdies


  • AI high-powered coach
  • Detailed yardage data
  • Excellent satellite view
  • Social networking feature
  • Available for iOS and android platform
  • Focuses on US courses

How about a free golf GPS app?

If you prefer that, you should take a look at 18 Birdies. In total, the app covers over 6,000 golf courses for your next tee times. The app stands out due to its crystal-clear satellite view. Additionally, it provides you with yardage information. The clean design and social networking is another reason why you should go for it. With the confluence of all these features, it is undoubtedly one of the best golf apps on offer.


Swing analyzer on offer:

The app can analyze your swing speed. Not only that, but it can help you with improvement suggestions as well. Due to this reason, it can help you improve your golf game significantly.

Detailed yardage distance:

It provides you with front yard distance, mid yardage distance, and even the back one. The advantage of all the stats is that you can easily plan your shot. The more stats you have, the better.

AI coach on offer:

How about a golf GPS app with an AI-powered solution?

The app which we are describing now uses AI for swing analysis. At the same time, it also uses the same technology to suggest improvements. With each swing, you get shot tracking data. Consequently, the suggestions will become more and more accurate as the AI algorithm gathers more data.

Compete with others:

The golf social network feature allows you to analyze your data with respect to others. Consequently, you can work towards improving your performance consistently due to the same. You will also know right away where you stand as compared to other players.

The AI-powered design of this GPS app helps it stand out.

Hole 19

Best Free App


  • Aids your game
  • Supports over 43,000 golf courses
  • User-friendly interface
  • Suitable for Smartphones and wearables
  • Reliable yardage data on offer
  • Limited customer support

The next app on our list is once again one of the free golf GPS apps. It goes by the name of Hole19. It works on Android phones and Apple devices. Additionally, it functions pretty well on the apple watch. The stylish design and simple interface of this app are what helps it stand out.

With the coverage of thousands of different golf courses, it is easy for you to view them. Moreover, the excellent satellite view allows you to navigate your way through the course easily. The stats are pretty detailed. You can use the scorecard feature of the app to keep track of your game. You can avail of these features using the free version of the app. If you're looking for an app that provides a realistic course satellite view, you must consider this option.


Wide coverage courses:

The USP of this golf app is that it covers tons of different courses. In fact, it covers various golf courses that you will not have to worry about searching for compatibility before visiting a golf course. In total, it offers 43,000 courses spread across 200 countries. If you're looking for a global golf app, this one certainly meets all the requirements.

Scorecard feature on offer:

The scorecard feature keeps track of your score on every game. In fact, you can share this code on social media, which makes it much more interactive.

Reliable data on offer:

Using GPS technology offers you reliable yardage data as well. The advantage of the same is that it can help you in planning your shot carefully. You need not worry about buying a separate golf GPS rangefinder due to the same.

Aids your game:

Using the app also provides you with distance tracking, club recommendation, changes all suggestions, and so on. All these can actually help you improve your game.

If you're looking for a golf GPS app that actually allows you to improve your game, you can consider Hole 19 app.

Golf Logix

Best for Greens


  • Covers 8000 courses
  • Offers graphical representation
  • Easy to get the precise ball hitting data
  • Provides club choosing data
  • Compatible with android and iOS apps
  • Many features are available in the paid version only

If you do not mind shelling out a few dollars, this GPS app can serve you well. GolfLogix has been around for years and is trusted by millions of golfers around the world. It provides a graphical representation of the course. Consequently, it is much more entertaining. The graphical representation makes it easy to spot the nearest hole.

Additionally, it offers yardage information. With coverage of over 8000 golf courses, you certainly cannot go wrong with this one. IOS and Android compatibility means that you can use it on any smartphone. In addition to the graphical interface, it also offers a 3D and topographical golf course map, which makes things easier for you. The excellent representation of each course is what helps it stand out.


Graphical representation:

Some golfers do not prefer the bland satellite representations of the golf course. If you're one of them, the graphical representation of this app will certainly keep you hooked.

Adequate coverage:

With over 8000 courses on offer, finding a compatible golf course near you is not going to be difficult. The list of courses is ever-expanding.

Easy to obtain precise data:

The app allows you to mark the location of the ball on the golf course. After that, you can mark the location where you need to hit it. Once you do that, it provides you with accurate data of exact GPS distances. As a result, you can improve your performance with the help of the GolfLogix golf app.

Club choosing data:

The GolfLogix GPS app also informs you where the ball will land if you use a particular club. Additionally, it enables you to know which club can give you a perfect shot. It amalgamates GPS technology and course data to predict the same. Due to this reason, it can help you in choosing the right club as well.

The graphical representation, the club recommendation, and precise balling hitting data provide it with an edge over other options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can golf GPS improve my game?

If you want to locate each hole, GPS can help. Golf GPS allows you to track your location, calculate the distance of your position and the nearest hole.

If you are a casual golfer and don't have a caddie with you that knows the course like the back of their hand, then the golf GPS app is your buddy. The golf GPS app provides you front, center, and back data distances. It can help detect hazards even though you cannot see them, which is essential to golfers. Aside from these, it also gives suggestions on which golf club in your golf bag to use on your next shots best on the data gathered from your previous performance.

Which is better handheld GPS devices or golf GPS apps?

Although handheld devices are popular, nowadays, with the advancement of technology, many golfers also opted to download the golf GPS app on their phones. There are free golf GPS apps in the market that can work for both Android and iOS and work as golf GPS rangefinder apps.

What type of players need a golf GPS App?

All kinds of players can use a golf GPS app, from beginner to advanced golfers. It is just a matter of selecting the apps that has the most important features that golfers need. For example, if you are a new player, a golf app that has more monitoring features. Mostly for advanced golfers, there are apps with the accurate distance measurement.

How do I download Golf GPS apps?

Many GPS apps are available for download from your phone apps store. You can download it from the Apple Store or Google play store. However, there are also platforms or websites in which you can make a purchase of the app.

Do I need an additional app aside from GPS?

The first thing that you will need for your golf GPS app is your smartphone and Wi-fi. You can download the app from there. The list of the apps we discussed today does not require any other equipment before using it on the course.

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Number of courses covered

You have to always first start with the number of courses covered. Ideally, the golf GPS app should have at least 5000 golf courses covered. Of course, the higher the number of courses covered, the better it is.


Golf GPS apps are different from one another. It offers different kinds of features that can best be suited for different player profiles. Aside from looking at the various features, the app you choose should be compatible with android and iOS smartphones at the minimum.

In case it is compatible with the Apple watch, android watch, and other such devices, it is a huge positive.

Data on offer

You have to also look at the data which it provides. Yardage is the most common data which it provides. In addition to that, if it does swing analysis, it is an added advantage. Also, many apps go a step further and track your scores as well. If it provides all these three, you couldn't ask for more.


Most of the apps are free. There are golf apps that allow s you to down the GPS rangefinder feature even on the free version. However, you can upgrade it if you wish. If you want to upgrade it for later and still want to stay on your budget. You can also check its upgraded price before downloading. And upgraded features provide you more options than the free one.

Aside from access to course database worldwide, it also gets rid of the annoying ads that pop-ups while you play. You can expect to be in the loop if ever there is a new course update.


Lastly, you have to check the interface of the application as well. It should be easy to operate. An ideal GPS golf app would help you improve and enjoy your game. An over detailed apps would be hard to explore can be stressful in the course. If it has a learning curve, you will not have the time on the course to use it again and again. You are ideally looking for a user-friendly interface.


GolfShot PlusBest OverallGolfShot Plus
TheGrintMost Easy and ConvenientThe Grint
18 BirdiesBest Swing Analyzer18 Birdies
Hole 19Best Free AppHole 19
GolfLogixBest for GreensGolf Logix

Instead of using a trial and error approach to find the best golf application, it is better to go through our list above. We have already done extensive research to compile this list of the 5 best golf GPS apps. Once you choose from this list, you will have an app that is easy to operate and can help you immensely on the course. It is time to upgrade golf skills using these apps.

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