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VICE Golf Balls Review: Golf Digest – Four Time Gold Medalist

As tough and well-standardized the world of golf balls is, there always seems to be some room for experiments and interesting new designs. Whether it’s alternating the number of their dimples, or printing pictures on top of them, golf balls tend to bear the full creative brunt of some of its international manufacturers and it goes without saying that when these finished products actually hit the market, they sell like hot cakes.

In this article, we’ll talk about a special breed of golf balls that come from one of the youngest, and yet already wildly successful manufacturers in the world – the small German company going by the name of VICE Golf.

Read on and learn more about what makes their golf balls so special, how you can get your hands on some of them, as well as how their products fare when faced with the tough criteria of some of the biggest authorities in the field!

Right then, let’s see what’s going on here.

VICE Golf – German Ingenuity Comes to the Rescue of an Overpriced Golf Equipment Market

Upon hearing the phrase 'German company,' most people would immediately think about complex high-tech gadgets, or impressive four-wheelers with a pedigree that goes back decades. While this can certainly be true of most businesses founded and operating by the lovable if at times too eager Teutonic people, this company is a little bit different.

Namely, rather than high-tech gadgets, it’s simplicity of product, manufacturing process, and selling is what sits at the forefront of this impressive business, as it's dedicated to producing  golf balls. The whole undertaking was launched fairly recently in 2012, and the company entered the US market only about 3 years later, in 2015.

To put it simply, what makes VICE Golf different is their approach to selling the balls. Having first made sure that all of their designs adhere to internationally recognized golf standards, the clever folks at VICE Golf went on to sell their sporty ware exclusively over the internet. This simple, and nowadays rather intuitive, sales technique enables them to pitch their products to a worldwide audience at a significantly lower price than their competitors and still make a hefty buck at the end of the day.

VICE Golf Models Make Golf Digest's Hot List for the Year 2018

The rather impressive line of work this young but already well-known company has been putting forth before the eyes of the international golfing audience has been recently crowned, in a way. Namely, four of their five golf ball designs received a 'golden medal' from the renowned golf magazine Golf Digest.

This is quite an achievement for the duo of Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl (the founders of the company), who didn't hide their excitement in a recent press release on their website. Generally speaking, getting this award means more exposure for the company, as well as an increased number of sales in the future, so who wouldn’t be happy to be on the receiving end of it, right?

Also, we hope this award will encourage the designers at VICE Golf to come up with even more exciting golf ball models as well as other accessories that might be of use out there on the golf course.

Let's see the gold-medal winning designs then, shall we?

vice golf balls review golf digest

The Four Medal-Winning Golf Balls


Suitable for players of all levels of expertise, the VICE Tour is a standard-looking golf ball that is nevertheless sure to awaken the inner golfer in you! For improved stability mid-air, the folks at VICE decided to equip their ball with 392 dimples, which makes it superbly aerodynamic and ensures a predictable flight path.

It offers a long carry with minimal dispersion along the way, so you can expect your shots to fly in a straight fashion every time.


Equipped with no more and no less than 318 dimples, this golf ball ensures a straight-flying trajectory which is great considering that it's built to cover vast patches of the golf course. The fact that this ball is a bit of a loose cannon might not be the perfect choice for rookies, as they may struggle to control their swing and so send their very own VICE PRO into orbit, or otherwise in a nearby pond.

Other than its dimples, the folks at VICE decided to employ yet another means of increasing the speed of this ball – the so-called High Energy Speed Core (or HESC). Thanks to the perfected weight distribution, the VICE Pro can venture where no other golf balls have.

VICE Pro Soft

The VICE Pro Soft is a golf ball built for people who expect a better feel for the ball while they're out there on the course swinging their trusty clubs. Responsible for the flight of this golf marvel of a ball are the 336 dimples that have been built into it, and what's more, it's design's been further optimized to offer unparalleled performance off the tee.

So, if you need a golf ball that's sensitive to fine adjustments in your shot, getting a bunch of VICE PRO SOFT's may be the golfing solution you've been looking for.

VICE Pro Plus

Last but not least, we've got a golf ball model going by the name of VICE PRO PLUS. As its name suggests, this ball has primarily been made for advanced players, although medium skill level players can also find this one interesting.

The ball's got 336 dimples indented in it, and it features a dual casing which enables it to cover more distance than the usual golf ball. Also, this means a lower ball flight, so it’s able to travel even farther thanks to the decreased arch of the shot.

The Final Word

That concludes our VICE golf balls review. Golf Digest ranks them highly and we have to agree with their assessment.

As you can see, all of the four gold medalists are heavily dimpled golf ball specimens that can help an aspiring golfer hone their skills. Of course, there are subtle differences in all four, so if you fancy becoming the proud owner of a VICE golf ball set, first check if the ball specifications match your expectations as a player.

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