Titleist Tour Speed vs Tour Soft Balls: Comparison

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Titleist has come out with two new golf balls, the Tour Soft and Tour Speed. Both types of golf balls are great for beginners and pros alike.

But which type is right for you?

In this article, I’ll compare the pros and cons of the Titleist Tour Speed vs Tour Soft golf balls and help you decide which type is right for your game.

Below, I’ll tell you which golf ball is perfect for every type of golfer and situation:

  • Those looking for low or high spin
  • Golfers looking to add extra distance off the tee
  • Improved control around the green
  • Those with slower swing speeds
  • The soft ball of choice for average golfers

In the end, you will be able to compare the Titleist Tour Speed vs Tour Soft and determine which ball is worth buying today. If you’ve tried these golf balls before, comment down at the bottom of this guide and let us know which one you preferred.

How to Buy Titleist Tour Speed & Tour Soft Golf Balls

Use the links below to buy and check out more details about each golf ball.

Tour Speed

Tour Soft

Titleist Tour Speed Overview

titleist tour speed golf ball review 2022

The Titleist Tour Speed is a three-piece ball with a thermoplastic urethane cover. It is a new golf ball to Titleist’s lineup.

The ball offers precise short game control and exceptional distance in the long game. The Tour Speed is perfect for those looking for a penetrating flight, long distance, and shot stopping control into the green.

The ionomer casting layer combines with the high-speed core formulation for faster ball speeds, and low spin on tee shots and with longer clubs.

Thanks to the new 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design, these balls have increased speed, forgiveness, and penetrating flight. This may sound confusing for beginners, but the idea is that the dimple design lets the ball easily cut through the air, retaining a tight dispersion and encouraging long distance.


The Tour Speed has a 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design. This makes it suitable for golfers who desire great distances and higher swing speeds. At contact, these balls have low-spin performance and a firmer feel. When you hit the ball with a club or wedge, it will easily spring off into the green side. The three-piece construction encourages accuracy, increased stability, and lower side spin.


The Tour Speed comes with a thermoplastic urethane cover. The shell construction makes it more resistant to scratches and durable to fly through the air. The thermoplastic urethane cover offers more drag around the greens and good ball control with clubs and wedges.


A dozen of the Tour Speed has a retail price of $40 per doze . You can buy the golf ball in both standard white or yellow colors.

Key Features

  • The Tour Speed comes with a reformulated high speed core and proprietary casing layer.
  • A moderate compression so the beginners can easily achieve maximum distance.
  • Longer distances and maximum durability over the previous generation.
  • 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design makes it great for higher swing speeds.

How to Buy

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Titleist Tour Soft Overview

titleist tour soft golf ball review 2022

The Titleist Tour Soft is a bit similar to the Tour Speed, only that it is a two-piece golf ball and comes with a much softer feel. If you prefer a softer feel and you’re not so concerned about ball speeds, then you should try these balls.

The Tour Soft uses the 4CE-grafted cover with a 345 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design. It is long and fast off the tee, and features one of the largest cores Titleist has ever produced.

The large core and casing layer offer increased short game spin around the green. The Tour Soft golf balls are the third generation of the company’s entry into the ionomer market. It’s designed with feel-driven golfers in mind and is perfect for golfers who want some green side spin. The dimple design encourages less drag and a straighter flight.


Featuring a fast and large ionomer core, the Tour Soft comes with a more efficient aerodynamic package for longer distance off the tee. In fact, the balls are engineered to perform tee-to-green and have a compression rating of 65.

The larger core supports better energy transfer and higher ball velocity. Aside from the soft feel, the Tour Speed offers the advantage of durability for high handicap golfers.


The Tour Soft comes with an ionomer casing layer with a 345 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design that’s suitable for all playing conditions. The dimple technology and cover design helps the balls gain improved spin and ball flight around the green. It also helps the balls perform differently on short and long shots.


These two-piece golf balls have an affordable price of $35 per dozen. The balls are available in both white and yellow colors.

Key Features

  • The Tour Soft offers consistent flight and improved aerodynamics.
  • The balls have reliable short game control and soft feel.
  • Contains a large fast core that encourages less drag and maximum durability.

How to Buy

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Titleist Tour Speed vs Tour Soft: Detailed Comparison

titleist tour speed vs tour soft re
view guide

Which Golf Ball Has More Spin?

The Tour Speed offers more spin, and is also formulated for high greenside spin and plenty of short game control. Its quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design provides good control moderate swing speed. You’ll be able to control it better when you need to.

Which Golf Ball Has More Distance?

The farthest golf ball between these two is the Tour Speed. The Tour Speed is built for distance and low spin from the tee. It delivers more optimal distance with woods and irons than the Tour Soft.

The Tour Speed also offers higher ball flight and improved green side control in all playing conditions. If you are a lower handicap golfer, you will achieve great distance without much effort.

Tour Speed vs Tour Soft: Which Golf Ball is Better Off the Tee Box?

The Tour Soft is fast and long off the tee. It provides fast initial ball speed on all full swing shots. On top of that, the Tour Soft also has a more advanced dimple pattern and cover formulation, which golfers can easily use to their advantage each when hitting clubs or wedges to hit the ball off the tee.

Tour Speed vs Tour Soft: Which Golf Ball is Better For Approach Shots?

Compared to the Tour Speed, the Tour Soft is perfect and better for approach shots. These balls also offer great distance with a mid-low trajectory off the tee, and offer higher launch angle with great greenside spin. Plus, they are designed for high precision spin control without sacrificing performance.

Tour Speed vs Tour Soft: Which Golf Ball is Better On The Green?

The Tour Speed is better on the green. It offers medium durability, especially when played in a cold atmosphere. They also perform excellently in spring and summer, and offer an urethane cover for amazing spin around the green.

Which Golf Ball is Better for Slow Swing Speeds?

Performance-wise, the Tour Soft is better for slow swing speeds. This golf ball feels softer and because of the ionomer, it spins less around the green.

Tour Speed vs Tour Soft: Which Is Best for Beginners?

If you’re new to golf, the Tour Soft is best for beginners. It will help you get used to the feel of a golf ball, as well as provide good distance and control. You’ll be able to play your first few rounds without any problems.

Titleist Tour Speed vs Tour Soft Conclusion: Which Golf Ball is Better?

There’s no doubt that Titleist Tour Speed golf balls are the top choice for players looking for maximum distance. They’re designed to provide consistent flight characteristics and high-level performance.

However, if you prefer soft ball with greater control, the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is the perfect option for you. It features a soft cover material and the largest core that provides excellent green game spin and feel. The Tour Soft is a lower compression ball which makes it more forgiving.

Both options are made using the same technology, so they have similar construction and performance. Each can be a great golf ball for average golfers.

Buy a dozen of each golf ball below and check them out for yourself. Each have a competitive price verses other balls on the market.

Alternatives to the Titleist Tour Speed & Tour Soft

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About Titleist

Titleist is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of golf equipment, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, putters, sand wedge/pitching wedge and specialty products such as golf apparel and accessories.

Titleist golf balls are some of the most widely used on the PGA tour and by amateur golfers around the world. They feature innovative technologies that help deliver more distance, forgiveness and consistency. With an unmatched combination of design, materials and manufacturing processes, Titleist golf balls consistently set new standards for quality and innovation.

Golfers worldwide choose Titleist for its superior quality equipment and legendary customer service. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Titleist employs more than 6,000 people worldwide who design and manufacture products at 15 manufacturing facilities located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

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