BAL.ON Smart Kit Review: Golf Shoe Training Aid With AI Analytics

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This is the ultimate BAL.ON Smart Kit review to go through this new golf training aid in detail. Keep reading to learn how these smart insoles can give you seven key metrics and tons of tops on how to improve your golf swing.

In short, I was surprised at how much incredibly useful data you can learn from your feet placement and weight transfer during your golf swing. BAL.ON helps golfers improve their swing by providing smart insights in the app, along with specific drills based on your golf swing.

Read on below to find out the seven metrics that BAL.ON is great at capturing.

Is this one of the best training aids for golfers? Keep reading to find out!

What is the BAL.On Smart Kit?

The BAL.ON Smart Kit is a golf training aid that uses foot pressure sensors combined with artificial and within a smartphone app. It serves as a training coach to help you improve your swing and performance on the course. The two foot sensors wirelessly connect to smart pods.

The app will, in turn, analyze the pressure data and combine it with recorded swing videos, providing you with valuable insights, personalized coaching, and detailed feedback to improve your overall performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, the kit is a valuable addition to your golfing aids.

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bal.on smart kit installed on shoes

What is Included in the Kit?

When you open up the BAL.ON Smart Kit, you will see the following items:

  • 2 foot sensors: You must insert these foot sensors into your golf shoes.

  • Smart pods: These pods attach to the side of your shoe and sit there while you wear them.

  • Charging stations for the smart pods.

  • Instructions manual for setup and usage.

There is also an accompanied BAL.ON app that you will need to download as part of the setup process. The app synchronizes to your sensors and smart pods so that you can receive information wirelessly back to the app.

bal.on smart kit review whats included

Cool BAL.ON Smart Kit Features

Here are some of my favorite features of the BAL.ON Smart Kit:

Advanced Foot Pressure Sensors

The BAL.ON Smart Kit has intelligent foot pressure sensors that integrate seamlessly into your golf shoes. The function of the two sensors is to capture real-time data during your training session, providing insights into balance and weight distribution.

These sensors also give advanced metrics and instant feedback on your maximum pressure, golf swing rhythm, swing mechanics, weight shift, weight transfer, and more.

I like how easily the app provides you with areas where you need improvement in your golf swing in order to get more distance and momentum.

bal.on smart kit review on shoe

AI-Powered Swing Analysis

The kit uses artificial intelligence to analyze your golf swing using the foot pressure data it receives back. By analyzing the weight distribution during your swing, BAL.ON can create a visualization of what your swing looks like and where you need to improve.

These intelligent insights help you refine your golf game with a more consistent swing.

bal.on smart kit swing metrics

Versatile Training Options

The BAL.ON Smart Kit offers versatile training options to help you practice different shots on the golf course. For example, BAL.ON understands how your swing will be different when you hit your golf driver compared to your irons. It also knows the difference between a full swing vs a chip shot.

With this information, BAL.ON can customize your training session based on swing scenarios, shot types, and different clubs in your golf bag.

Immediate Feedback and Scoring

One of the standout features that I like about the BAL.ON is its immediate feedback and scoring. After each swing, you receive instant scores for eight different metrics in the app. The app also tracks your progress, makes real-time adjustments and recommendation during your round.

bal.on smart kit app

User-Friendly Setup and Connectivity

I really felt that the BAL.ON setup process was very simple and easy to follow. The foot sensors easily attach go into any golf shoe, and the smart pods seamlessly connect to the smartphone app through Bluetooth.

Detailed Analytics and Visualization

The kit provides you with advanced golf analytics about your swing. The app’s heat maps and pressure distribution graphs help you understand where your golf swing needs improvement. I really enjoy reviewing the charts, and I don’t think they are too complicated.

Potential for Specialized Training

Aside from standard golf swings, the kit also supports specialized training. With this feature, you can use the sensors to explore specific drills like punch or flop shots. This is also an opportunity for you to try out different shots and then review how they look different in the app.

BAL.ON’s AI technology is smart enough to recognize the individual patterns of each swing and recommend improvements for you.

bal.on smart kit metrics example review

What Statistics Does the BAL.ON Measure?

BAL.ON measures the following eight key metrics:

  • Impact: BAL.ON examines the impact between the club and the ball, providing insights into accuracy and consistency at the point of contact.

  • Backswing: BAL.ON evaluates the movement and timing during the backswing phase. This evaluation helps to highlight areas for improvement and consistency.

  • Rhythm: the overall rhythm and tempo of your swing.

  • Max Vertical: The kit indicates the maximum vertical position of your club reached during the swing.

  • Setup: BAL.ON analyzes your initial stance and positioning, providing insights into the foundation of your swing.

  • Transition Timing: It assesses the timing and smoothness of the transition from backswing to downswing.

  • Vertical Timing: The kit measures the timing of the vertical movement in your swing.

  • Overall Score: The kit provides a holistic evaluation of your entire swing.

From these key metrics, BAL.ON presents you with over 100 different calculations, graphs, tips, and feedback items in the app for you to review.

bal.on smart kit review heatmap

What I Like About the BAL.ON Smart Kit

Several features of the BAL.ON Smart Kit stood out for me. First, I was impressed by the quick and straightforward setup process. I was able to easily attach the foot sensors to my golf shoes and then connect them to the smartphone app.

The in-depth analytics that the BAL.ON kit provides for eight different swing metrics offers a level of detail that I found invaluable. From rhythm and backswing to setup and impact, the granular data easily enables me to identify areas where I need improvement in my golf game. It also confirms that you have a consistent golf swing.

One last thing I liked is that BAL.ON can technically be used by more than one person, each with their own account in the app. Switching footwear isn’t the easiest transition, but the option is there if you want it.

bal.on smart kit review phone setup

What I Don’t Like About the BAL.ON

Despite my positive experience with the BAL.ON Smart Kit, a couple of aspects presented challenges during my usage.

One thing I don’t like about this kit is that you will need a decent understanding of golf swings to fully interpret the provided feedback and insights. However, I find some of the resources within the app to be very helpful in this regard.

Who is the BAL.ON Made For?

This golf training aid is designed for:

  • Amateurs: If you’re passionate about golfing, you need this training aid to elevate your game and gain valuable insights into your swings.

  • Professional golfers: Professional golfers can also use this kit to enhance their swings and identify areas for further improvement.

  • Golf coach or instructors: If you are a golf instructor, you can add the BAL.ON Smart Kit to your coaching session to improve your students’ learning experience. The multi-user functionality will be useful for you.


The BAL.ON Smart Kit is an interesting approach to golf swing analysis and improvement. Personally, I found the integration of foot pressure sensors and AI-powered feedback to be a game-changer, offering insights that traditional training aids simply cannot match. I didn’t realize that you could learn so much from your foot pressure and weight adjustment.

Some of the feedback provided, from swing rhythm to weight distribution, are a great tool for improvements on the course. While the technology may require a learning curve for those less familiar with the intricacies of golf swings, the app is mostly helpful in this area.

Despite the few drawbacks, such as the need for a basic understanding of golf swing mechanics to fully leverage the kit, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

The BAL.ON Smart Kit is an example of how technology can revolutionize golf training and elevate your game.

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