Callaway Chrome Soft vs Soft X vs Soft X LS: Which Golf Ball is For You?

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What makes the Callaway Chrome Soft one of the most popular golf balls today? Keep reading to find out!

In this guide, I’ll compare the Callaway Chrome Soft vs Soft X vs Soft X LS in detail, showing you key features you should know about. Find out what is different in the latest version of the golf ball compared to the 2022 and 2020 versions.

The Chrome Soft, like the Callaway Supersoft and ERC, Titleist Pro V1, or Kirkland golf balls, are highly rated.

Keep reading to find out more!

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Callaway Chrome Soft Overview

Callaway released the new Chrome Soft golf ball lineup on January 28th, 2023. Usually manufacturers will release golf balls every two years, meaning Callaway should have been on an off-year. Instead, they decided to invest more into their Chrome Soft models and release a model just one year after the last.

The result is three great options, each providing something unique to specific golfers.

Phil Mickelson has been playing with Callaway equipment for years, and they increase the number of golfers using their products yearly. The standard Chrome Soft ball is the softest ball of the three. It is designed for a wide range of golfers who want a soft feel and maximum forgiveness.

The Chrome Soft X and Soft X LS are firmer and tailored toward faster swing speeds. The Chrome soft balls all have a brand-new construction and ball flight design, making them popular among most golfers. All three balls come available with the triple track technology in white and yellow colors.

Check out all of the new features below!

callaway chrome soft vs soft x vs soft x ls

Key Features in the Callaway Chrome Soft

Precision Technology

Callaway Golf invested millions in upgrading their ball manufacturing, and the result is one of their most consistent golf balls released to date. You will first notice the signature soft feel that Callaway has created. There is even tighter dispersion throughout the ball, and the ball speed is increased from the previous version.

Callaway struggled with their golf ball production a few years back, so I admire their efforts in investing in manufacturing. The Chrome Soft golf balls play incredibly well and are back to being one of the premium balls available.

Construction Optimization

Callaway completely revamped the construction of the Chrome Soft golf ball. New in the 2022 Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is a Hyper-Elastic Softfast Core which helps provide Tour-level ball speed, spin, and control.

These golf balls are great for every swing speed and have a much softer core than the previous generation of Chrome Soft balls. The soft urethane cover has stayed the same from previous years.

callaway chrome soft review

New Tour Aero Design

Also new in the Callaway Chrome Soft is a tour aero design. This aerodynamic dimple design offers the driver a higher launch and lower spin in all conditions.

Ball flights will always stay consistent, and with three balls available, there is something for every type of golfer.

I recommend playing Callaway Chrome Soft balls and seeing how they work for you on the golf course.

callaway chrome soft vs soft x vs soft x ls hex aerodynamics

Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X vs Chrome Soft X LS: Comparison

callaway chrome soft vs soft x vs soft x ls comparison chart

Chrome Soft

callaway chrome soft

The standard Chrome Soft ball is a three-piece construction allowing it to have a soft feel. Instead of a loud click or hit when impacting the ball, you will hear a soft thud. It also has very low compression and is an excellent ball for beginner golfers because you don’t need to swing as hard to launch into the air.

The Chrome Soft is a high spin ball but, surprisingly, does not have the most spin out of the three. It offers a greenside spin and controls wedge shots and approach shots.

The Chrome Soft ball offers great distance and incredible forgiveness, even on off-center strikes. It is perfect for golfers with slower swing speeds, as the soft cover and new aerodynamic design will help launch the ball into the air.

You may not see the Chrome Soft ball used by PGA Tour players, but it is still a great Callaway ball.

The base model is available in standard white, white triple track, yellow triple track, and truvis pattern.

Chrome Soft X

callaway chrome soft x

The Callaway Chrome Soft X is a four-piece construction with a noticeably firmer feel and louder sound at impact. Although firmer, the soft urethane cover help keeps it a soft feel golf ball.

I would place it slightly softer than most Tour-level golf balls.

I mentioned before that the standard Callaway Chrome Soft is not the highest-spinning ball, and that is because the Chrome Soft X has the most spin for both full wedge shots and greenside shots. This is a big reason why the Chrome Soft X is Callaway’s most-played golf ball on the PGA Tour.

The Chrome Soft X golf ball has a slightly lower launch on impact with both driver and iron shots. This slightly impacts carry distance but is nothing noticeable to most golfers. The Chrome Soft X provides more ball speed and more greenside spin than the other two models and is a great option for faster swing speed and professional golfers.

The Soft X is available in standard white, white triple track, yellow triple track, and truvis pattern.

Chrome Soft X LS

callaway chrome soft x ls

The Callaway Chrome Soft X LS is also a four-piece construction. It features a firmer feel, much like the Soft X, but is the lower spin model. The Chrome Soft X LS is perfect for golfers looking for maximum distance in a fine-tuned lower spin profile.

As this is a low spin golf ball, you will find that it is less workable than the other two models. The LS golf balls still have the highest ball speed and will provide that low spin you want off the tee.

The Callaway Chrome Soft X LS is great for those weekend golfers with a fast swing speed who aren’t necessarily worried about working the ball in different directions. It won’t be as popular of a pick as the other two models, but it is still a good ball nonetheless.

I highly recommend checking out these Callaway balls.

The Soft X LS is available in standard white, white triple track, yellow triple track, and truvis pattern.

What I Like About the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

I like these Callaway golf balls because there is a model for every type of golfer. These balls are designed to provide exceptional performance in all conditions, making them an excellent choice for any level of golfer.

With their signature Chrome Soft feel, you’ll enjoy a comfortable grip with each shot you take. These balls also offer more distance off the tee, low-spinning iron shots, and high greenside control, ensuring you can precisely hit your shots.

I also like that all three models come available in a standard white, white triple track alignment, and yellow triple track alignment. You can also get these balls in a truvis pattern. If you don’t know what this is, it is a pattern that makes the golf ball look like a soccer ball.

It won’t be something you see on the PGA Tour, but it is a fun touch to show your buddies on the weekend.

With the new Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Core and Tour Aero design, the 2022 Callaway Golf Chrome Soft golf balls are a must-have for any serious golfer looking to up their game.

callaway chrome soft golf ball designs

Callaway Chrome Soft 2023 vs 2022 Versions

This is the third time in four years that Callaway has improved the Chrome Soft golf ball (2023, 2022, 2020). The ball has been extremely popular on the PGA tour and for casual fans, so Callaway has been refining it.

The new HEX dimples are one of the biggest changes to this year’s golf ball. Callaway says that they provide better aerodynamics in the air and work better in the wind. The Chrome Soft X and X LS models have even better low spin off the tee.

Otherwise, Callaway is advertising a more refined manufacturing process. This guarantees that each golf ball is the same, down to 1/100th of an inch.

Which Callaway Chrome Soft is the Best?

For Beginners

The best Callaway Chrome Soft ball for beginners will be the standard Chrome Soft. This is the broadest-reaching golf ball of the three. It helps provide the highest launch with your driver and a very high spin with your irons and wedges.

The base Chrome Soft also has a very nice touch off the putter face.

For Faster Swing Speeds

The Chrome Soft X will be the best choice for faster-swing-speed golfers from the new balls released. It is a little firmer than the Callaway Chrome Soft, meaning a faster swing speed is needed to compress the ball.

The Chrome Soft X provides a fast ball speed and is Callaway’s most used golf ball on the PGA Tour.

For Slower Swing Speeds

The standard Chrome Soft will be the best option for slower-swing speed golfers. It is a three-piece constructed golf ball with a very high launch for maximum distance. You do not need a fast swing speed to launch this ball, and the new urethane cover is very soft.

The Chrome Soft is also very soft on full shots, and the sound at impact is excellent.

For Amateur Golfers

For amateur golfers, you can’t go wrong with the Chrome Soft X or Chrome Soft X LS. Both are firmer-feeling golf balls requiring a faster swing speed to take advantage of the features entirely.

These are considered Callaway’s equivalent to the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x. Both are great balls, and it depends on your spin rate for which one you ultimately go with.

For Professional Golfers

Much like the explanation for faster swing speed golfers, the Chrome Soft X is the best Chrome Soft option for professional golfers. For us, it provides the best feel possible out of the new Chrome balls.

The launch is high, and the ball is very workable around the golf course. It has the best carry distance out of the three.


As you can see above, there are many nice things to like about the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls. They provide the right mix of quality and price to match golfers today.

The new Soft X LS is made for those who need the lowest spin possible. The original Chrome Soft is perfect for everyday and casual golfers.

Buy yours today using the links below and check them out for yourself.

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