deWiz Swing Modifier Review: Can This Golf Watch Fix Your Swing?

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The deWiz swing modifier is a new golf accessory designed to improve your swing and fix inconsistency. But does it work? In this deWiz review, I’ll go through my experience with this golf tech watch and tell you if I think it is worth the money.

If you are in a rush, you’ll want to know that I absolutely believe the deWiz watch is a game changer and worth it if you care about getting better on the golf course. However, the $599 price tag will turn off a lot of people, and some of this functionality lives within a cheaper Apple Watch.

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What is the deWiz Swing Modifier?

The deWiz Golf Swing Modifier is a cutting-edge wearable golf technology designed to enhance golfers’ swing performance through real-time feedback and data analysis. This revolutionary device offers instant feedback on 14 different swing metrics.

Every time you swing, the deWiz provides an interactive 3D model of your swing.

The device has three modes:

  1. Discovery Mode

  2. Practice & Learn Mode

  3. Challenge Mode

Each mode is tailored to help golfers analyze and improve their swings.

Notably, the patented Learning Stimuli technology in the device accelerates the learning process by providing real-time feedback and subtle signals when the swing deviates from the desired values.

With its lightweight, comfortable wristband and intuitive app, deWiz aims to propel golfers toward their perfect swing.

How to Buy

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What Does the deWiz Measure?

The deWiz Golf Swing Modifier measures 14 actionable golf swing metrics:

  • hand speed

  • hand path

  • ball flight

  • backswing plane

  • transition distance

  • swing plane

  • swing path

  • tempo

  • backswing length

  • backswing time

  • downswing time

  • start to impact

  • pause time

  • initial downswing direction (x-axis and y-axis)

The deWiz provides real-time feedback on your swing, including whether you need to take a longer backswing, whether you are swinging over the top, and hundreds of other factors.

The device is worn on your wrist, allowing you to set parameters for your practice sessions. DeWiz provides a shock through the wristband if the swing deviates from the specified values.

The main aim is to accelerate learning and help golfers achieve their perfect swing through innovative technology. The device also offers a Challenge mode, such as the deWiz Distwedges Challenge, to make the learning process fun and addictive.

deWiz Pricing

The deWiz Golf Swing Modifier is $599 and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, there are membership options available for purchase:

  • 12 Month Membership: Priced at $299, this option provides 12 months of access to deWiz data, features, and in-depth analysis. The membership renews for $99 the following year and can be canceled until three days before the renewal.

  • Lifetime Access: For $599, users gain lifetime access to all deWiz data, features, and in-depth analysis, eliminating the need for annual renewals.

Both membership options include the deWiz wristband, USB charger, instruction manual, quick-start guide, and access to the deWiz app and progress tracking website. The adjustable wristband fits wrists with a 155-200mm circumference and has a battery life of up to 20 hours.

How Does deWiz Improve Your Golf Game?

Your Driver

The deWiz Swing Modifier offers various features to enhance a golfer’s driver swing:

  • Instant Feedback: The device provides clear, instantaneous feedback on the driver swing, ensuring that any deviations from the desired parameters are immediately recognized.

  • Learning Stimuli: By utilizing the Learning Stimuli feature, golfers can set specific numerical parameters for elements of their driver swing, such as transition, tempo, and backswing length. If the set parameters are not achieved, the deWiz provides an electronic pulse to signify the deviation, giving you real-time feedback.

  • Challenge Mode: The deWiz offers a Challenge mode, which engages users in a game where the app generates different backswing distances. You have to match them as precisely as possible. This mode adds an element of fun and addictive practice designed to improve overall driver swing performance.

  • Versatility and Longevity: The device’s versatility and the continuous addition of new features to the app contribute to its excellent longevity as a training aid. The app’s features, including the On Course Mode that captures data while playing.

Your Wedge Game

The deWiz Swing Analyzer optimizes your wedge game through the following features and capabilities:

  • Precision Optimization: By accurately measuring your backswing length, the deWiz enables you to minimize reliance on feel for partial backswing lengths, such as half swing, ¾, 90%, or clock-system backswing length. This precise measurement allows you to benchmark and practice toward specific backswing lengths, ultimately leading to improved wedge play.

  • Challenge Mode: The “deWiz Distwedges Challenge” game mode provides an opportunity to test and enhance wedge control, allowing users to hit shots and receive points based on their wedge control.

Is The deWiz Swing Modifier Worth It?

In my experience with the deWiz Swing Anazlyer, it is a great training aid if you are looking to improve your swing plane and make overall improvements on the golf course to hit the ball straighter and longer. The device provides all the necessary feedback to help golfers diagnose errors in their swing path and tailor drills to target different inconsistencies specifically.

The deWiz app that comes with the deWiz golf watch is also very user-friendly, and they are constantly adding new features and different challenges to keep it fresh. The feedback is precise and instantaneous and tracks everything through the app, allowing you to go back and review after practice sessions.

If you are serious about improving your golf swing, the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier is worth the investment.

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What I Don’t Like About the deWiz Swing Modifier

The first thing I hate about the deWiz is the price. At $599, this device is more expensive than an Apple Watch. And then deWiz forces you into a subscription package. If this watch will catch on with the general public, it needs to be half the price.

Another feature that I wasn’t a fan of is the shock feature, which shocks you when your swing deviates from the parameters set through the app. I found this to be quite uncomfortable and distracting during my swing.

Lastly, you won’t consider this training aid if you are more of a casual golfer who isn’t too worried about investing time and money into your swing. It is best suited for serious golfers who are looking for more consistency.


The deWiz Swing Modifier stands as revolutionary technology in the golf industry, offering a blend of real-time feedback, precision, and innovative training modes to improve a person’s ability to master their golf swing.

By addressing swing flaws through motor learning principles, this device caters to the casual golfer looking to enhance their game and to elite pro golfers striving for perfection. Despite its premium price, there is no denying its value. F

or those contemplating taking lessons or spending countless hours on a launch monitor, the deWiz device, as detailed in this dewiz golf review, offers a more efficient and tech-forward approach to refining swing mechanics and improving wedge distances.

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