#1 Prime Day Golf Hub: Best Deals on Launch Monitors, Rangefinders & Golf Accessories

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2023 Amazon Prime Day takes place October 10th and 11th! In this guide, I will show you all Prime Day golf deals.

In the Amazon Prime Day golf deals below, I’ll show you discounts on:

and other key gifts for golfers.

If you know of any other golf deals for Amazon Prime Day, comment at the bottom of this guide and let us know.

NOTE: You might not see some of the deals below until you click on the Amazon shop link and login to your account.

What are the Best Prime Day Golf Deals?

Here are my favorite deals on sale during Prime Day:

  1. TaylorMade Spider GT Putter
  2. FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor
  3. FlightScope Mevo Plus 2023 Launch Monitor
  4. Garmin S40 Golf Watch
  5. Mizuno RB Tour Golf Balls
  6. Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes
  7. Callaway 300 Pro Slope Rangefinder

Amazon Prime Day Golf Deals Overview

Like in past years, there are many great deals on golf products and accessories. The Amazon Basic golf bag is a cheap option that gets an even better discount this year.

As well, a number of products from last year are on sale again:

  • A few launch monitors
  • Golf watches and GPS systems
  • Golf balls from various brands
  • Tons of other golf apparel and accessories

You can find and browse all Prime Day golf deals down below.

prime day golf deals

Prime Day Golf Club Deals

Strata Intro Set

If you are new to golf or looking to introduce it to your friend, the Strata 9-piece intro set is 15% off during Prime Deal deals.

Taylormade Spider GT Putter

TaylorMade designs some fantastic putters, and the Spider is no different. Grab it for 15% off during Prime Day.

Cleveland HB Soft Milled Putter

Save on this Cleveland milled putter. The Huntington Beach is a popular putter brand, simple and easy to use.

Prime Day Launch Monitor Deals

FlightScope Mevo

If you aren’t worried about real golf simulation, then the FlightScope Mevo is the best launch monitor for your money. Save $50 during Prime Day on an already great monitor.

FlightScope Mevo Plus

The Mevo Plus gives you extra data points to capture and full golf simulation capabilities. This is the 2023 version which is even more accurate. Save over $200 on it during Prime Days.

Rapsodo MLM

The original Rapsodo MLM is on sale for Prime Day this year. This camera-based launch monitor uses a connected iPhone to display club and ball data about each hit you make.

Prime Date Golf Watches / GPS Deals

Garmin Approach S40

The Garmin Approach S40 is on sale for Amazon Prime Day. This mid-tier golf GPS watch has a really good rating and won’t break the bank like the Garmin S70 or S62.

TecTecTec ULT-G

If you don’t need fancy, the ULT-G is 33% off!

Prime Day Golf Balls

Several golf balls are on sale. I recommend comparing prices on Prime Day vs used golf balls which perform the same but are way less price!

Mizuno RB Tour and RB MAX

For those looking to save money on a quality golf ball, Mizuno has a few different models on sale.

Volvik Crystal

The Volvik Crystal golf balls are already underrated, and this is your chance to try them out. Volvik is offering 15% off during Prime Day.

Wilson Staff Zip

Wilson offers budget golf balls in bulk. This 24-pack of balls is on sale for Prime Day.

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

This mid-compression golf ball by Wilson is also on sale today.

Prime Day Golf Bags

Amazon Basics Golf Stand Bag

The Amazon Basics golf stand bag won’t break the bank. However, it is still 34% off for Prime Day, which is amazing value.

Samsonite Spinner Travel Case

If you plan on travelling with your golf clubs, then this Samsonite Spinner is the perfect protective case for your clubs.

Click here to read our review on hard vs soft golf travel bags.

Prime Day Golf Hitting Nets and Mats

Dynamax Sportsgolf Net

If you want a good hitting net for at home, the Dynamax is on sale during Prime Day!

Callaway FT Hitting Mat

This Callaway branded hitting mat is perfect for hitting balls off of on your home golf simulator.

Prime Day Golf Rangefinder Deals

Callaway Golf 300 Pro

The 300 Pro is a popular golf rangefinder and is on sale for Prime Day.

Prime Day Golf Training Aids

Real Swing 300 Trainer

If you want to improve your sing at home, the Real Swing is worth looking at. It helps you get the right motion in your back swing and teaches you how to make good contact with the golf ball.

Prime Day Golf Simulator Deals

Phigolf 2

If you have been looking to practice your swing in front of your TV, the Phigolf 2 is on a great deal today for Prime Day.

Prime Day Golf Apparel Deals

Adidas Men’s Tech Response

If you are looking for some basic and unfussy golf shoes, these Adidas Men’s Tech Response are great for any golfer. Get them on an extra deal.

Mizuno Golf Glove

Save 20% on this good quality Mizuno golf glove during Prime Day!

Other Misc Prime Day Golf Deals

Here are some other Prime Day golf deals worth checking out:

What Amazon Prime Day golf deals are you going to buy? We will have live updates today!

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