The 5 Best Winter Golf Shoes for Cold Weather Play

the best winter shoe in action in the snow

As all experienced golfers know, playing golf while being attacked by the harsh elements of winter can be troublesome. Therefore it is imperative that you make sure you are fully prepared for whatever the weather may be, part of this is making sure you have a good pair of sturdy winter golf shoes.winter golf shoes. But how do you know which pair to buy, and which pairs to avoid?

Best Sun Sleeves For Golf [Ranked and Reviewed]

Best Sun Sleeves for Golf

Spending too much time on the golf course under the direct light of the sun is not good. That’s why it is advisable to wear the best sleeves for golf to protect your arms and your skin from the UV rays of the sun. Although sunlight is considered the main source of Vitamin D, you may …

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The 6 Best Golf Towels to Keep You and Your Clubs Dry

Golfer looking after his clubs by cleaning them after shot with a towel

Ever been in the middle of a round of golf, and a freak brief downpour happens, leaving your clubs wet? Need something to dry that equipment of yours off? While the example above is a bit of an extreme example, it is one of many reasons why you need to get yourself a golf towel! These towels help you to keep your gear and hands clean dry, making it easier to play. If you ever found yourself in the above situation, or have found sweat and dirt build up on your clubs, then you need to have one of these towels on your golf bag. To help you find which of these towels you should buy, we are going to take a look at five of the best golf towels on the market today.

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