Found Golf Balls Review: The Best Place to Buy Like-New Balls for Cheap?

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Do you want to buy mint condition golf balls for half the price of anywhere else? If so, then this Found Golf Balls review is for you.

Below, I’ll break down this golf ball retailer website in full detail, including:

  • Golf ball selection

  • Price comparisons with other sites

  • A breakdown of their grading scale

  • Service and return policies

Overall, Found Golf Balls is the website where 95% of amateur golfers should buy their golf balls. The value in price and the high volume of golf balls you receive far outweigh any blemishes or inconsistencies in their grading scale.

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Found Golf Balls is a reputable American premium golf ball store. The company specializes in reselling “used” golf balls by being an intake for golf balls retrieved from the water and bush of the top courses in America.

With a commitment to providing affordable options without compromising quality, Found Golf Balls has become a go-to destination for golfers looking to save money. They have a detailed grading system (more on that below), that ensures the golf balls you receive are high in performance and quality.

What sets Found Golf Balls apart is their unique business model. They have forged partnerships with numerous golf courses, allowing them exclusive access to the vast number of golf balls lost during play.

These balls, which would otherwise go to waste, are retrieved, carefully cleaned, and sorted based on their condition.

Found Golf Balls ensures that only the highest-quality balls make it to their inventory, making them a reliable source for golfers seeking exceptional value.

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What Brands Do Found Golf Balls Sell?

Found Golf Balls has a large selection of golf ball brands from all major companies:

  • Titleist

  • Callaway


  • TaylorMade

  • Bridgestone

This extensive selection allows you to find the perfect ball to complement your game without the hefty price tag typically associated with new balls.

found golf balls in bulk for cheap

Quantity Amounts

Another way that Found Golf Balls sets itself apart is in the ball quantities it offers. You can buy a single dozen balls like you would in the store. However, you get a great price by ordering in bulk. Plus, you’ll open up free shipping options.

Whether you’re a casual golfer seeking a small package for occasional rounds or a dedicated player who prefers to buy in bulk, Found Golf Balls offers flexibility in quantity. You can choose the quantity that suits your requirements, ensuring you always have an ample supply of high-quality golf balls.

Free Shipping

One added perk of shopping at Found Golf Balls is their free shipping option. If your purchase is more than $89, you will qualify for free shipping

This convenience ensures that your golf balls are delivered directly to your doorstep without additional shipping costs, enhancing your purchase’s overall value and convenience.

Return Policy stands firmly behind every item they sell, striving to ensure the utmost satisfaction of its customers. They aim to create happy customers who become repeat shoppers and eagerly spread the word about

With that in mind, the company offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to provide peace of mind. They have a straightforward return policy if you are unhappy with your purchase.

To be eligible for a return, your items must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please note that the return excludes shipping charges, both for the initial delivery and the return shipment.

When initiating a return, ensure your order has its original packaging and materials. The item must be unused, just as it was shipped to you.

Old reviews on the internet from years ago suggest bad customer service.

I found the exact opposite!

Found Golf Balls has increased its support model to ensure you can contact a real person if needed.

Grading Scale at Found Golf Balls

Found Golf Balls employs a meticulous grading scale for their golf balls to ensure transparency and assist you in making informed decisions. This scale classifies the balls based on their condition, providing you with a clear understanding of what to expect. The grading scale includes the following categories:

5A Pristine

The Pristine grade represents the absolute pinnacle of recycled golf balls. Only 5% of all recycled balls meet the Pristine standard.

Pristine golf balls are in perfect condition and do not have any marks, logos, or player markings.

How is this possible?

Most golfers do not generate enough swing speed to put a scuff on a golf ball. Plus, high-quality golf balls are made from urethane and are hard to scratch. Most of the markings you see on your own golf balls can be easily washed away.

While technically ‘used’, 5A Pristine golf balls are indistinguishable from brand new.

5A Mint

The 5A Mint grade consists of recycled balls with the luster and appearance of new golf balls. You’ll be thrilled by the performance and feel of these balls as if they were fresh out of the box.

Instead, these balls have a small logo or marker spot drawn, which does not impact their performance. Writing on your golf ball is a popular tactic for some golfers so that they can tell the difference in their golf balls compared to their friends.

4A Near Mint

The 4A grade encompasses golf balls that exhibit minor markings, surface scratches, or scuffs, resembling typical golf balls that have been played for 12-18 holes. Each ball in this grade is suitable for use in a round of golf without compromising its performance.

Most amateur golfers will happily use the same golf ball for longer than 18 holes if they can. 4A Near Mint balls are still in great shape to use.

4A Near Mint balls also have corporate logos on them, which can be a fun surprise when you get your set of balls.


4A balls are slightly scuffed or discolored. These golf balls are still suitable for play and perform well, but they have more noticeable signs of wear compared to the Near Mint category.

3A Good

The 3A grade is ideal for beginners and first-time golfers, or as practice golf balls for avid golfers. They represent cosmetically challenged golf balls and may display signs of wear, discoloration, blemishes, and scuffs.

3A Good balls may have player markings, team corporate logos, practice markings, or cross-outs.

I wouldn’t buy 3A balls for a real golf round, but they are available for those people who have a fit.

Found Golf Balls vs Retailer Price Comparison

Want a closer look at how much money you can save by buying golf balls from

Take a look at the tables below and compare for yourself!

Titleist Pro V1

New (Official MSRP)12$49.99
5A Mint12$33.99
5A Mint60 (5 Dozen)$164.99 or $33/dozen
4A Near Mint12$21.99
4A60 (5 Dozen)$104.99 or $21/dozen

Callaway ERC Soft

New (Official MSRP)12$34.99
5A Pristine12$30.99
5A Mint12$26.99
5A Mint60 (5 Dozen)$129.99 or $26/dozen
4A Near Mint12$14.99
4A60 (5 Dozen)$69.99 or $14/dozen
3A Good12$9.99

TaylorMade TP5

New (Official MSRP)12$49.99
5A Pristine12$33.99
5A Mint12$26.99
5A Mint60 (5 Dozen)$129.99 or $26/dozen
4A Near Mint12$16.99
4A60 (5 Dozen)$79.99 or $16/dozen

Is Found Golf Balls Legit?


Found Golf Balls operates with utmost legitimacy, and its business model is rooted in the fact that most golf balls are lost after only a few uses. These balls are typically in excellent condition, having been struck only a handful of times before finding their way into water hazards or wooded areas.

For most amateur golfers, who make up most golfers worldwide, the subtle differences between a brand-new ball and a high-quality used ball are virtually invisible.

Therefore, purchasing from Found Golf Balls allows you to enjoy the performance and feel of premium golf balls without the hefty price tag.

What I Like About Found Golf Balls

Several aspects of Found Golf Balls make it a standout option for me.

First and foremost, the pricing at Found Golf Balls is highly attractive. Compared to purchasing brand new balls, you can save a significant amount of money by opting for their used balls. This affordability allows you to purchase more balls or allocate your savings toward other golfing equipment or experiences.

Found Golf Balls provides an excellent opportunity to try out different brands, models, and versions of golf balls without breaking the bank.

Want to try out the latest Bridgestone golf balls?

How about that new Callaway Chrome Soft?

With the lower cost of used balls, you can experiment with different options and discover the perfect ball that suits your swing, playing style, and course conditions.

Another aspect worth noting is Found Golf Balls’ fast shipping. Once you place an order, you can expect prompt delivery, ensuring you receive your golf balls on time. This efficient shipping process allows you to hit the course quickly, armed with your new set of golf balls.

What I Don’t Like About Found Golf Balls

The one thing I don’t like about Found Golf Balls is the occasional inconsistencies when you place a bulk order. Customers have reported receiving mixed model years within their bulk orders. This means the balls may include a combination of newer and older versions, which could lead to slight differences in performance and aesthetics.

Because golf balls get updated and refreshed every few years, you often get a mix of vintages with your set.

However, it’s important to note that these inconsistencies are infrequent and do not significantly impact the overall quality or playability of the balls. Plus, the new features added into golf balls are mostly cosmetic in nature and do not largely impact a particular brands’ style.

Found Golf Balls continues to refine its processes to minimize such occurrences and provide a more consistent experience for its customers.

How to Buy From Found Golf Balls

Browse the inventory at Found Golf Balls and try a set of golf balls for yourself! You will be happy with what you receive.

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