TaylorMade Stealth 2 vs Stealth 1: Is The Upgrade Worth It?

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In this guide, I’ll compare the TaylorMade Stealth 2 vs Stealth 1 driver models in complete detail, to help you decide which golf driver you should buy.

After getting a bunch of use out of the Stealth 1 in 2022, I’ve been trying out the new Taylormade Stealth 2 upgrade to confirm whether newer is better.

If you’ve hit both of these clubs, comment down at the bottom of this guide and let me know which one you prefer.

TaylorMade Stealth Overview

The Stealth was the newest line of TaylorMade drivers released in 2022. It quickly grew to become one of the most popular drivers on the PGA Tour. The Stealth was quite a significant change from TaylorMade’s other drivers because of the carbon face instead of titanium.

A carbon fiber face is lighter, which allows TaylorMade to strategically shift where the weight of the club comes from during your swing. The Stealth lets you increase ball speed off the face of the driver and also let the club be about 40% lighter than previous drivers.

This and a few other tweaks and additions had everyone wanting to try the Stealth driver out. Tiger Woods added it to his bag early in 2022, along with most of the other TaylorMade staffers like Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler, and more.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 driver head

TaylorMade released the Stealth in three different models: the Stealth, Stealth Plus, and Stealth HD. Each model has something a little different that caters to golfers worldwide.

The original Stealth model is most suitable for amateurs and weekend golfers. The Stealth Plus is the lowest spin option of the three and also has a 10g sliding weight on the bottom of the club head that you can adjust to change the shape of your shot and have more control over the golf ball. The Stealth HD has the highest MOI of the three and comes with a High Draw design designed to minimize your slice and offer the most forgiveness.

All of this sounds great, but what about the Stealth 2?

After only a year, is the new TaylorMade driver really an improvement?

Below I will go over the brand-new Stealth 2 and the new features in the three models that TaylorMade has introduced.

taylormade stealth 2 models

New Features in the TaylorMade Stealth 2

New Updated 60X Carbon Face

The new Stealth 2 drivers feature an enhanced version of the 60X carbon fiber face that TaylorMade introduced in the original Stealth. TaylorMade has made the club face even more efficient and lighter. The club face only weighs 24g, which is 2 grams lighter than the original.

TaylorMade also made the club face lighter around the perimeter of the face. This allows them to spread the ball speed across more of the face, allowing even more forgiveness on off center hits. Carbon is lighter than titanium, so the golf ball retains more energy off the club face for additional ball speed gains and distance.

taylormade stealth 2 vs stealth 1 carbon twist face

New Ring Construction

TaylorMade first introduced its ring construction in the SIM2 driver. The ring is a single piece of material that curves around exterior of the golf driver. In the Stealth 2, they switched up and crafted the ring from even more carbon fiber composite material instead of aluminum.

Because carbon is lighter, this saves even more weight on the club head, which allows TaylorMade to reposition that weight throughout the head and enhance forgiveness. With the Stealth 2 and Stealth 2 HD models, you can see the red carbon ring at the address when looking down at the driver’s head, something you couldn’t see in the original.

This allows the driver’s head to appear slightly larger at the address and allows for easier alignment on the golf ball. The Stealth 2 Plus is still black and creates a sleek monochromatic view, which PGA golfers seem to prefer.

taylormade stealth 2 carbon ring construction

Less Spin Rates

The combination of new features in the Stealth 2 give all three models an overall decreased spin. Spin takes away from distance on pure shots and too much is generally seen as a drawback.

If you want low spin, the Stealth 2 Plus offers better performance in this area.

15g Sliding Weight (Stealth 2 Plus only)

The most significant in the Stealth 2 Plus is the addition of a 15g sliding weight track on the sole of the driver’s head. This sliding weight allows you to customize how you want to hit your drives fully.

The Stealth 2 Plus is the lowest spinning option of the three. However, it offers excellent forgiveness on off center strikes due to the new carbon composite ring and 15g sliding weight.

These new additions actually increase the moment of inertia (MOI) by about 9% compared to the original Stealth Plus.

25g Tungsten Weight (Stealth 2 Only)

TaylorMade added a heavy 25g tungsten weight on the Inertia Generator of the base Stealth 2 standard model. It is strategically placed to encourage the most optimal launch and spin characteristics off the tee. This tungsten weight should help slower swings get more speed at impact.

You also can tune the swingweight to what fits your swing the most. With the Stealth 2, the red carbon composite ring offers an excellent easy way to align the ball before hitting your shot.

Weight Shift (Stealth HD Model Only)

On the Stealth 2 HD, TaylorMade took the weight savings from the full-body carbon construction and shifted the 30g tungsten weight closer to the heel of the driver head. This creates an even higher launch on the ball and provides more draw bias.

Draw bias helps to offset that nasty slice that most amateur golfers struggle with. TaylorMade advertises the Stealth 2 HD as the most forgiving model and has separated the standard and HD models more in the new lineup.

HD stands for high draw!

taylormade stealth 2 rear weight

MyStealth Customization

The Stealth 2 lineup is now a part of TaylorMade’s MyStealth program, which allows you to customize the colors of your golf club how you want. You can choose eight different face colors on the Stealth 2 (black, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, yellow, green, and red) and five different carbon ring colors (black, white, silver, gun metal, and golf).

Stealth 2 vs 1: Identical Features

Despite some of the new changes, a lot of the driver has stayed the same.

Nanotexture Coated Face

The head of the Stealth 2 Driver is still encased with a polyurethane cover. Polyurethane is injected into a mold that creates the grooves and sawtooth texture in the club head. It helps ensure your club performs well in wet conditions, where pure carbon material is normally compromised.

This cover features nanotexture technology, which helps to fine-tune spin and launch to optimize total distance.

taylormade stealth 2 vs stealth 1 club face

Inertia Generator

The Stealth 2 Driver still comes with an asymmetric inertia generator to create the optimal speed at or right before teh moment of impact. It aids you in increasing your swing speed during your downswing. The inertia generator is a fancy word for the way the head shape is designed with aerodynamic properties.

Golfers can also place additional weight at the club’s rear for greater forgiveness, a higher launch angle, and a higher MOI.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

TaylorMade’s patented Thru-Slot Speed Pocket returns on the Stealth 2 drivers. the speed pocket helps you generate club speed and rotation on your downswing.

TaylorMade has evolved the technology over the years, which allows them to get more ball speed and produce the most forgiveness possible on mishits.

taylormade stealth 2 vs stealth 1 back view


Sound was a significant question mark when TaylorMade first announced the original Stealth driver because a carbon face sounds more muted. However, I was also pleasantly surprised with how the ball sounded coming off the front of the driver.

TaylorMade had a team of engineers create the perfect pitch along with help from professional golfers on what they wanted to hear when hitting the ball. The sound is the same on the new Stealth 2 drivers, so you have nothing to worry about.

Adjustable Hosel

All three Stealth models retain the adjustable hosel, which lets you make slight adjustments to the loft and draw bias of the club. This allows you to adjust your club if your swing changes or you need some extra help.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 vs Stealth 1 Pricing

The Stealth 2 and Stealth 2 HD will have an MSRP of $599 USD and are offered in 9, 10.5, and 12-degree lofts. The Stealth 2 Plus will have an MSRP of $629 USD and comes in 8, 9, and 10.5-degree lofts.

The pricing is different than the original Stealth line. The HD used to sell for quite a bit more ($750 USD). However, it is now the same price as the standard Stealth 2 model. The Stealth 2 Plus is the most expensive one because that is the tour version for better golfers.

The original Stealth drivers will drop in price once the Stealth 2 line is released. If you are a golfer that doesn’t need the newest, top-of-the-line golf clubs, I recommend trying out the original Stealth first.

taylormade stealth 2 against ball

Is the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Worth an Upgrade?

From the Stealth 1

If you are on the fence, I recommend going to a golf retailer and trying out both versions to see which one works best. The original Stealth was released last year with features and technology to help you hit the ball better off the tee.

Yes, the Stealth 2 is lighter and packed with even more features, but it might not be worth the upgrade from the last generation. The original Stealth drivers will also drop in price, which might make the decision even easier for you.

From the SIM2

Yes, the Stealth 2 driver is a definite upgrade over the SIM2 driver. The SIM2 driver was released in 2021 and still has the titanium face, among other things.

The use of carbon in the Stealth 2 is superior to titanuium and the ring construction from the SIM2 has made its way to the Stealth lineup. The carbon face is the future of golf, and the Stealth drivers are noticeably lighter and offer more distance and forgiveness.

From an Older Driver

Yes, if you are still using an older driver released in 2020 or earlier, then the Stealth 2 will be a massive upgrade over it. The technology and features packed into these new drivers will add much more to your golf game than you realize.

The Stealth 2 will be lighter, more visually appealing, and offer more distance and forgiveness on mis-hits. There are also more ways to offset that slice for amateur golfers and get better ball flight. An upgrade to the Stealth 2 will have you bombing drives down the fairway.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Stealth driver better than the SIM2?

Yes, the TaylorMade Stealth 2 and 1 are better than the SIM2. They are designed with a carbon fiber face, which is much lighter and allows TaylorMade to better redistribute weight in the club. On average, golfers can hit the Stealth 10% further than the SIM2.

Which Stealth driver is best for high handicappers?

The Stealth HD model is the best driver for high handicappers. HD stands for “High Draw” and the HD model has additional draw bias tungsten weighting to help you compensate for a natural slice.

When did the Stealth 2 come out?

The TaylorMade Stealth 2 was released on February 17, 2022.

Why is the Stealth driver so good?

The Stealth driver is so good because of the way that TaylorMade has redistributed weight throughout the club. It is designed to generate you more momentum during your swing, while also being lighter to hold overall. The Stealth also has a very wide sweet spot so that even off center hits go far.

Are any pros using the TaylorMade Stealth?

Yes, a number of PGA and LIV golf professionals hit the TaylorMade Stealth lineup, including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa, and more.

What Stealth driver does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus driver.

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