Bushnell Tour V3 JOLT Laser Rangefinder Review

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A Quick Summary of the Bushnell Tour V3 JOLT Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT is a solid golf rangefinder with the ability to provide quick and accurate readings (10-1000 yards), acceptable magnification (5x), and ability to be accurate to within 1-yard.

Bushnell’s latest generation of laser rangefinder introduces the JOLT technology, which is appreciated for its ability to provide a short burst of vibration to let the user know the PinSeeker technology has locked onto a specific object.

The JOLT technology can be switched off by those who prefer not to use it.

Once the laser is fired, the distance to course objects will intermittently update as the rangefinder is panned across the landscape.

In the process of finding the course objects the laser can fire every 3-5 seconds until a specific target is locked in.

Even though the Bushnell Tour v2 was an outstanding laser rangefinder, the latest Tour v3 JOLT includes new technology, while also improving on the look and feel of the unit.

Important Features of the Bushnell Tour V3 JOLT

There are several selling points that can attract you to the Bushnell Tour v3 with the JOLT technology great for those players that weren’t always 100% sure the laser had locked onto the flag or other target. Plus, the PinSeeker technology has seen a slight improvement in performance.

Let’s look at the major features of this rangefinder:

  • Range finding performance 10-1000-yards; up to 300-yards to flag (accuracy within 1-yard)
  • 5x Magnification
  • Single hand vertical operation; easy to grip
  • Compact ergonomically designed
  • Pin Seeker Technology
  • Approved for tournament play
  • Water-repellent construction
  • Premium carry case and 3-v battery included
  • 2-year warranty

The Bushnell Tour v3 Rangefinder is a favorite with recreational to tournament golfers for its long list of exciting features that make it a pleasure to use.

Pros And Cons Of The Bushnell Tour V3 JOLT Rangefinder

  • Ease of use is a key requirement when using a rangefinder and the Bushnell Tour v3 is certainly able to meet this need. It is fast to operate: On and lasering targets in a matter of seconds.
  • It has the ability to pinpoint the distance to many different objects on the golfing landscape (water hazards, sand pits, trees, etc.), and not just the flags.
  • The overall range of the Bushnell Tour v3 is a reliable 10 to 1000-yards, which makes it possible to identify objects from distance. Plus, for ease of use the unit gives the option to read data in both meters and yards.
  • The PinSeeker Technology on the rangefinder is highly precise at picking out the flag without targeting other objects on the course. You can get an accurate detection of the flag from within a distance of 300-yards.
  • JOLT technology: the Tour v3 combines the PinSeeker Technology with the JOLT technology to simplify the function of the rangefinder. This cool extra feature emits a mild vibration when the unit locks onto a target and has the ability to enhance the performance of this unit for many golfers. But for those users that believe it could detract from the intended usage, it is possible to deactivate the buzz.
Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Laser Rangefinder 4
  • The Bushnell Tour v3 is a speedy unit for locking onto multiple targets. So, accurate readings are only seconds away if you are looking to get the distance to a flag, bunker face, or other object on the course.
  • For better handling of this laser rangefinder (LFR) the case design has received an update to give a more precise fit when held in the hand during use. Plus the rubber armoring makes is easy to grip even when the hands are wet or slippery.
  • The Tour v3 is fully legal for players of tournament games and a reliable option to post scores for handicap purposes.
  • The Bushnell Tour v3 has experienced cosmetic improvements compared to the V2 unit. Its color scheme is more distinctive in white/black/red (similar to other Bushnell lasers like the Tour Z6 and Pro 1M) which is an instant update to the previous models black and gray look.
  • The premium carrying case for the Tour v3 has received an upgrade with a zipper and bungee closure installed in place of the previous magnetic closure. While this isn’t a major change, it is still appreciated and provides a more reliable solution to keep the case closed while on the golf course. Plus, magnets don’t always go well with electronics.
  • The Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT has slightly less magnification than some of the comparable competition at a similar price range.
  • The standard edition of the Tour v3 doesn’t come with the ability to read slope-adjusted distance data (it is possible to include this information on the Bushnell Tour v3 Slope unit).
  • This rangefinder isn’t designed with an OLED display, which makes reading the on screen data easier in low-light conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the battery rechargeable? How many rounds per charge?

Battey is not rechargable, and should last about 4-6 months with decent amount of use.

Does it give measurement in Meters?

Yes, you can change it between meters and yards.

Can it be used on a driving range to determine exact length of each club distance?

It needs a target to bounce the signal off of, like the pin flag. So if your ball lands near a target you could get a reading. I'll measure my drive distance by shooting back at the tee markers from where my drive landed.

Will it tell me how far to a bunker?

Yes. If you can see the front or back of the bunker, you can shoot it or any other object you can see.

Is it waterproof?

It's weather- resistant. Not necessarily waterproof. Users have reported using it in the rain several times with no issues. Battery compartment is sealed off well.

Does this show the slope distance as well?

This is the standard no slope edition. Check out Bushnell Tour v3 Slope.

Does this come with a case?

Yes, it does. It is equipped with a clip so you can hang it on your bag or tuck it inside the appropriate pocket.

I primarily walk when I play. Is is easy to attach to the bag and get in the way? I don't want it bouncing it off my legs.

Yes. The case has a clip that you can attach to the top hook on your bag and you never feel it's there. The device is also small enough so that you can carry it in your pocket.

Can it be used for hunting?

I don't see why not. As long as you can get a lock on it.

Final Verdict

If you’re searching for a high-quality LRF that you can trust, the Bushnell Tour v3 is certain to be a popular choice. It has great accuracy at + or – 1 yard, has a sporty look, and is easy to use when targeting the golf landscape.

People call my game aggressive. But it's just the confidence that comes from preparation. Bushnell is indispensable in that regard."

Rickie Fowler 2016 World #4

Also, the Tour v3 laser rangefinder has witnessed an upgrade on earlier editions with its excellent PinSeeker technology getting a much appreciated enhancement with the addition of the JOLT technology.

The price point for the Bushnell Tour v3 is excellent compared to other rangefinders with similar features. While the price isn’t inexpensive, it is certain to be seen as competitive.

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