Advantages of Using Golf Laser Rangefinders

Golf is arguably one of the most sophisticated and most highly competitive precision sports in the world today. Whether you’re a professional golfer aspiring to be on the same level with the likes of Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, or an amateur working to lower your handicap, it always helps to have the advantage against the competition.

In today’s modern age, golfers are slowly starting to see the advantages of using golf GPS and laser rangefinder technology in order to further improve their game.

Laser Rangefinders vs GPS Devices

Over the past few years, golf GPS have used global positioning satellites to help golfers measure distances and improve shot accuracy. Being able to know how far the green is relative to your location eliminates the need to check maps, look for markers, or engage in other time-consuming information gathering techniques.

However, golf GPS devices are not always the most reliable means of measuring distances. Poor reception of GPS signals due to several factors such as location or exposure to unfavorable weather conditions can result in significant inaccuracies.

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Fortunately, the emergence of laser rangefinder technology has allowed for greater accuracy when it comes to measuring distances. Unlike most golf GPS devices that can only give you a rough measurement of the distance between you and the next hole or water hazard, laser rangefinders use a reflected laser beam in order to measure the precise distance. The more accurate your data is, the easier it will be for you to refine your game.

Just think of how great an advantage it would be for your golf game if you knew exactly how far you were from the pin, a bunker, or a treeline just left of the tee. You finally get to have an answer to one of the sport’s most important questions: “How far is it?” With enough practice and the right technique, you will be cutting strokes off of your handicap in no time.

Ease of Use

Most golfers have also found using laser rangefinders to be very convenient. Before you tee off, you can simply whip out your laser rangefinder, aim, and get a good read on your target. You won’t have to go online and download the coordinate file for a course or worse, map it out manually, before you even play your first round.

You also need to consider that not all golf courses have GPS maps available for all units. Not having to worry about downloading coordinate files in advance allows you to focus on your game and nothing else. This is especially helpful for individuals who feel that they do better with a golf club than they do with a mouse or a computer keyboard.

Value for Money

Another benefit to using laser rangefinders is the fact that they generally cost less than most GPS devices. While the cost of the unit itself varies for both devices depending on the make and model, or in the case of laser rangefinders, whether you go for a monocular or binocular unit, golf GPS devices tend to cost more money in the long run because some systems will require you to sign up for a paid annual subscription so that you can download the latest course maps or coordinate files onto your device.

But no matter how many maps or coordinate files you have on your golf GPS watch, the fact is, it still has limits. Because you will not need maps in order to operate a laser rangefinder, you can use it on as many holes and golf courses as you can possibly play on. If you want to choose the best golf laser rangefinder for the money, read on our Bushnell Tour V3 Review.

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While not everyone believes that their golf game needs a bit of improvement, laser rangefinders are here to stay. Whether you prefer a monocular or binocular design, there is little doubt that laser rangefinders can only work towards improving your game. With the advantages of being able to deliver pinpoint accuracy, convenience, ease of use, and affordability, laser range finders have indeed changed the game for both amateur and professional golfers.

You might not be the best golfer on the course now, but if you stay with it, put in the work, and have a little help from your trusty laser rangefinder, you will be well on your way to raising your golf game to the next level.