9 Best Center Shafted Putters to Buy Today

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In this guide of the best center shafted putters, I’ll show you a number of designs and models from some of the golf’s biggest brands.

A center shaft connects the head and the shaft together at the center of the club. I’ll tell you why this can be key if you are looking for a more consistent stroke while on the green.

For each golf putter, i’ll go over:

  • Key features that make each easy to hit.
  • The design and materials that brands are using today.
  • How to buy each center shafted putter.

These clubs are easy to align and help keep the putting stroke balanced. Having the whole thing centered is something that works for a lot of players to lower their scores.

Let’s have a look!

What are the Best Center Shafted Putters?

  1. Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 706 (Best Overall)
  2. Bettinardi Inovai 7.0 Center (Most Innovative)
  3. SeeMore FGP (Most Basic)
  4. Cleveland HB Soft Premier 10.5C (Easiest to Hit)
  5. Odyssey Stroke Lab Shaft Versa (Best for Beginners)
  6. Ping 2021 Tyne C (Best Wingback Design)
  7. Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Slotback (Best Premium)
  8. Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 6 STR Mallet (Menu Best Center)
  9. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter #11 Center Shaft (Most Versatile)

Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 706 Center Shaft

Best Overall

The Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 706 is brand new, released in August 2022. It is my pick for both newest and best overall center shafted putters. Tour Edge is slowly becoming a household name in the golf world because they offer price-friendly golf club options with incredible technology.

The Wingman 706 has a redesigned Wing design, which helps redistribute weight to the sides and back of the  head to help boost MOI. This allows for more perimeter weighting on the putter head and will help provide maximum forgiveness on every single putt.

There are also adjustable weights on the putter’s sole, which allow you to add or subtract grams depending on your feel and preference. 3 grams is the standard option, but you can get 8 and 15 grams as well.

Included in the Wingman 706 is a new softer thermoplastic TPU face insert. It is noticeably soft on impact and provides an excellent feel for every single putt. If you are in the market for a new price-friendly golf putter, I highly recommend that you check out the Tour Edge Exotics Wingman putter!

Key Features

  • Hollow Carbon Sole Plate in the new Wingman design redistributes weight to the sides and back of the clubhead to boost MOI.
  • Interchangeable sole weights allow you to add or subtract to the heel and toe of the club head, depending on feel and personal preference.
  • The soft thermoplastic TPU face insert has an incredibly soft feel at impact.
  • Comes with a Jumbo Sink Fit Pistol grip made by Lamkin

Bettinardi Inovai 7.0 Center Shaft

Most Innovative

The Bettinardi Inovai 7.0 is my choice for the most innovative center shafted putter on the market today. At first glance, you may be thrown off by its appearance, but if you can get past that, you will find that the technology makes it an excellent option for out on the greens.

The Inovai 7.0 is dubbed as Bettinardi’s highest MOI putter to date. The 303 Stainless Steel head material combined with 6061 military-grade Aluminum insert allows optimal weight distribution on the putter head. This will provide extreme forgiveness on every putt and perfect stability throughout your putting stroke.

The Inovai 7.0’s appearance could make or break your opinion of it It has a sleek Cobalt Blue finish on the aluminum body, and a Platinum finished Stainless Steel face. An enhanced white alignment line on the top line allows you to line up every putt perfectly. This, along with Bettinardi’s softest feeling milled face, will provide the ultimate confidence and feel on the greens.

The only downside to the Innovai 7.0, outside of the appearance to some, would be the price tag. Bettinardi is a premium company. If you are an experienced golfer looking for an innovative center shaft, I recommend checking out the Inovai 7.0!

Key Features

  • Made from 303 Stainless Steel and 6061 military-grade Aluminum, the technology optimizes the weight distribution, giving it a very high moment of inertia.
  • The sleek Cobalt Blue finish creates a funky yet innovative appearance for enhanced alignment.
  • Has a Tour-grade shaft that provides even more stability. The putter also comes with a custom Lamkin SINKFit grip which provides comfort and promotes proper wrist alignment.
  • Feel Impact Technology Face Milling provides a soft face.
  • Quite expensive, and the head appearance may not be for everyone.

Seemore FGP Black Mallet

Most Basic

The Seemore FGP Black Mallet is a great, basic option for golfers looking to use a center shafted putter. The putter mallet head is slightly larger than a blade but not quite as big as other mallets on the market. The black finish with white alignment makes it a very nice putter to look at when addressing the ball.

The weighting on this club lies right behind the center of the head, making it very easy to release. The head is made from 303 Stainless Steel and features a soft milled face. This SeeMore putter features its patented RifleScope Technology alignment system, allowing you to align every single putt easily.

The club is also balanced to plane, which means that it dynamically changes to the angle at which you putt and naturally returns the face to square at impact. The FGP is extremely easy to use, and I would highly recommend checking it out for a nice basic option.

Key Features

  • Cast 303 Stainless Steel milled face
  • Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system for perfect alignment on every putt
  • The face is dynamically balanced to the angle that you putt and naturally returns to square at impact
  • Lacks that big “name” recognition in the golf world

Cleveland HB Soft Premier 10.5C

Easiest to Hit

The Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #10.5 is my pick for the easiest center shafted putter to hit. The club itself is just extremely slick to look at. I took a look at the all-black version, but there is also a silver version available. The only downside to the all-black was the fact that there are no painted-on alignment lines that could throw a few golfers off. The nice thing about the center shaft is that you can use the shaft as an alignment tool in its own right.

Cleveland included its Speed Optimized Face Technology which helps to distribute the ball speed evenly across the face of the putter. This helps with distance control and gets the ball there on mishits. There are also two different grip options available, depending on your putting stroke type and preference.

Lastly, the face insert on the Soft Premier is one of a kind. It features a unique diamond CNC milling pattern which provides pure rolling putts and an incredibly soft feel at impact. This putter is extremely easy to hit, and the price tag is also great, which is why I recommend giving it a shot!

Key Features

  • Features Cleveland Golf’s Speed Optimized Face Technology which helps distribute speeds across the entire face of the putter.
  • Offers two different grip options depending on your personal preference.
  • Unique diamond CNC milled face provides an incredibly soft feel at impact.
  • Comes in all black or all silver option.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Shaft Versa

Best for Beginners

If you are searching for a center shafted putter with superb and exceptional design and build with state of the art technology, then the Odyssey Stroke Shaft Versa is a perfect choice. Face-balanced Odyssey clubs have a center of gravity located beneath the axis of the club’s shaft.

The whole line of Stroke Lab has brought a massive change to the golf world. For the very first time in history, a company began focusing on the shaft and not only the clubhead. This offers golfers a true roll.

The shaft in the Versa is both steel and graphite. By doing so, Odyssey can save approximately 40 grams that you can relocate. The weight was then repositioned into the grip and the club head.

The stiffer and lower torque makes this product very consistent. One vital thing for the golfers out there with regards to putting is the capability to repeat the stroke consistently. This is one of the best putter that pros use today.

The Versa comes with a face insert, which has a new micro hinge face insert. The micro hinges face assists in promoting smooth, consistent roll and incredible control with regard to distance. The price of the Versa is worth it and the putter is going to stay in your gold bag for many years to come. 

Key Features

  • Excellent shaft technology and consistent roll.
  • Great face insert feel and distance control.
  • Offers golfers true roll.
  • Highly stable during impact.
  • Enables remarkable alignment.
  • Can be more costly than other clubs on this list.

Ping 2021 Tyne C

Best Wingback Design

The Ping Tyne C is my choice for the best wingback design. As almost every company has one, wingback designs are incredibly popular today. Wingback designs are similar to blade putters but with extra mallet wings. The help with alignment to ensure you are striking pure every time.

The Tyne C  has a dual-durometer face insert, meaning there are two layers to it. The front layer is a softer material that helps on shorter putts, and the back layer is made of a firmer material that helps with your distance control. Ping made the grooves on the face insert more shallow, which helps provide an incredibly soft feel at impact.

Also included on the Tyne C are two tungsten weights, one in the heel and one in the toe. This helps even out the head to increase MOI and fully optimize the center of gravity. This will help provide extreme forgiveness on the greens, even on mishits. If you are used to wingback mallet heads, I would suggest the Tyne C if you are also interested in the center shaft!

Key Features

  • Multi-layer face insert means that the front layer is softer for precision on shorter putts, and the back layer is a little more firm to ensure better distance control.
  • Shallow grooves on the face insert provide a soft feel
  • Tungsten weighting on the toe and heel to increase MOI and provide exceptional forgiveness
  • A little pricey compared to other clubs in the same range

Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Slotback

Best Premium Option

The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Slotback with Jumbo Grip is the best premium center shafted putter. Bettinardi is a top custom brand that makes beautiful hand crafted clubs for golfers who are serious about a fluid stroke.

The Stock 28 has a premium design, milled face, premium quality, and feel. Bettinardi is not extensively known in the same way that big golf brands are known. It is a smaller brand under the Mizuno umbrella and is placed the same way as the Scotty Cameron line under Titleist. Studio Stock is well-known to be superbly made and has a premium price tag.

The Studio Stock 28 is crafted to be a crossover between a mini mallet and the blade-style, and the perfect way I can explain that is that it looks like a dual-wide blade style putter

The Studio Stock 28 was created with precision milling as well as forgiveness in mind. This is integrated with optimized weighting as well as MOI features and characteristics. The face is made to generate a superbly soft feel during impact. Studio Stock 28 is a good choice for those who wish to invest in a high-quality center shafted putter. If you like to look at choices that are not under the Scotty Cameron umbrella, this one is the best pick.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5S

Best Center

Titleist Scotty Cameron speaks for the best in class design, quality as well as feel. The State of the art Phantom X 5S is made without spud and no offset. It has adjustable sole weights. The straight shaft utilized in face-balanced putter offers a super clean and minimalist look at the address.

This is one of the most excellent smallest style centers shafted putters on the market today, with a high Moment of Inertia MOI. The mallet design has distinctive yellow sightlines, which stands out when you are looking down at the ball at address. Scotty Cameron generates a remarkable tick sound if you hit it center and offers slight feedback from the hand once you hit it.

The feedback can be used to give you an accurate stroke and learn what is necessary to become a better player. The club is relatively forgiving once you miss the center of the face and will still generate a straight putt on an off-center strike.

If you are searching for a superb and exceptional quality, then the Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5S is for you. Don’t think about the premium price tag when you buy it!

Click here to read our full Scotty Cameron Phantom X review guide.

Key Features

  • Amazing putter head design and high Moment of Inertia MOI.
  • Superb and exceptional quality center shafted putter.
  • This mallet putter has a great feel, and amazing center shafted design.
  • Well-defined sightlines and balanced putting stroke.
  • Limited design options.

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter #11 Center Shaft

Most Versatile

This Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter is packed with essential features such as speed optimized face technology that generates consistent distance on each putt and superb head design. It has a diamond CNC milling pattern or outline with deep grooves. CNC milled offers a soft feel with good sound and roll that begins on-line.

An optimized center of gravity location and strategic weight redistribution provides a solid feel as well as stability for straighter putts. The 6 Tour edge shapes suit the style and stroke of any golfer.

The Huntington Beach from Cleveland was made with the idea of offering a soft feel even on a mis-hit. The pricing is one good reason why this one is loved by many golfers out there.

The center of gravity on the #11 isn’t moveable, but is strategically situated to offer a solid feel as well as stability. These are available in different styles, but the number 11 is the only center shafted version the company offers. The head style is a little bit of contemporary mallet design, which will be ideal for the player who is looking for speed as well as distance control.

Key Features

  • Has an extremely soft feel and has a diamond CNC milling pattern.
  • Amazing head design, consistent distance.
  • Very reasonable pricing.
  • A balanced putting stroke, armed with speed optimized face and ideal for the player who is looking for speed as well as distance control.
  • There is no insert option available.
  • The Center of gravity isn’t moveable.


What Is A Center Shafted Putter?

A center shafted golf putter attaches the head and the shaft at the middle of the club. All other kinds link the shaft and the head close to the heel and toe of the putter.

What is the Benefit of a Center Shafted Putter?

A center shaft is best for all golfers who want to work on getting their putting stroke going straight back and straight through. Almost every center shafted club available today is face balanced that assists in producing the straighter putting motion. Face balanced clubs hold the same weight between the heel and toe of the golf putter.

The center shaft allows you to square up the clubface at impact and look straight down at your alignment line. In general, if you think you have a hard time acquiring the putter square, and feel the natural putting arc is not beneficial for you, then a center shafted golf putter is worth considering.

What Is The Right Golf Putter Length For Me?

The golf putter length is one of the most important things to think of when you are planning to buy a new club. The length will impact how you manage the direction of the golf ball and the impact on distance control. For men, a lot of conventional centers shafted or heel-shafted are between 33 inches and 35 inches in length.

How Much Should I Spend On A Putter?

There is no precise answer on how much you must spend on a center shafted putter; this is simply because it depends on your needs and what you like. Those on a tight budget can purchase one for as low as $50. This price allows you to get a basic no-frills option and would not be built with excellent materials.

If you want a premium club, you will need to pay $450 or more for the most groundbreaking, advanced, and high quality. However, if you don’t want the cheapest version nor the high-end models, worry no more as there lots of choices available for only $100 to $250, which should please the mainstream golfers. Putters that are in a middle-range are a good value as they provide high-quality materials as well as feel without breaking your wallet.

Lower handicap golfers are likely to pay more for their shafted putters due to the high-quality structure or construction, technology, and feel related to them. That said, everyone can invest in an expensive club and begin reaping the perks. Settle on a rough budget, which works for you, and pick the best one from there.

How Often Should I Replace My Putter?

There is a continuous change in the golf club technology; a driver produced before the year 2015 is practically outdated and puts a player at a distinct disadvantage when coming up as opposed to a newly made driver. With the majority of a golf club, you are missing out on a considerable technology and yardage if you do not upgrade every couple of years. With shafted putters, the discussion isn’t as easy and simple.

Putting is about feel, and things are working or not working. For players out there who are not getting along with their putters that they have had for many years, perhaps you due for an improvement. Base the choice to change shafted on quality and feel and not on the newest technology.

Is Center Shafted Putter Better Than Other Styles Available?

Many professional players and golfers alike find the center shaft massively advantageous in boosting their play. They enable remarkable alignment with the golf ball, leading to better shots and greater stability.

Also, they need less effort with regards to moving to the target line of the clubhead. A lot also offer them a preferable option because of the increased or better stability and responsiveness.

Do Expensive Center Shafted Putters Make A Huge Difference?

High-end ones are likely made with good grip and balance, enabling players to reach the target line without too much effort. How often you play may affect the price that you want to give out on the shafted putter.

For casual or infrequent golfers who love playing on an irregular basis, they might find that a reasonably priced putter has all the features needed for a fantastic game. For professional or seasoned players out there, you tend to gain from spending a bit more on a high-quality center shaft.


It is vital to make sure that you choose the best center shaft putter to cater to your styles and playing needs efficiently.

We’ve listed some criteria that I would suggest you considering before choosing because this will make sure that you get the best center shafted putter that will cater to your performance and playing needs.

Hand Orientation

A lot of center shafted putters are available in left and right-handed orientations. This makes sure that every player’s requirements are provided, allowing them to do the best of their capability. But, some center shafted clubs are just available in any of these hand orientations as well.

Size Options

Center shafts are available in various sizes; you can choose from 33, 34, and 35 inches. The option of the size enables you to get the most excellent size. You also need to consider the head weight. 340 to 350 grams is the normal option. It provides you a smooth roll.

The most common sizes of a enter shaft are 33”, 34”, and 35”. Your choice of any of these sizes available enables you to carefully select the most fitting size for all your requirements and needs.

Selecting the best-sized club is vital because it can affect your swing. If you want a great distance, then consider a longer club. This is the perfect choice for you.

Loft And Lie Angle

This feature refers to the level of the angle in which the clubhead lies related to the shaft’s vertical face. Lie angle is the angle between the middle of the shaft and the ground once the iron is placed into the position. Many clubs will condition the loft as well as lie angle in their specs.


Feel offered by each center shaft can vary between the models and brands. A lot of clubs offer a firm but soft feel, which enables for better accuracy with a better smooth roll and spin that tend to lead to an improvement in shots. Center-shaft putter feel is going to be very influential in how you play the game.


If you are giving out a significant amount of money on this accessory, you will look forward to it lasting many years of use without breaking. The toughness of the construction mainly influences how long the putter will last and how efficient it’s going to survive daily use when you play regularly.

A lot of putters available are made with an aluminum construction that makes sure they are durable and robust as well as less likely to deteriorate even if used on a daily basis.


There are lots of brands available out there. Shopping with a reliable brand offers many benefits because you can be confident that they’re trusted in making high value golf equipment that will last longer.

More famous brands are available for a high-end price, but this might be advantageous for professional level players. But, some less known brands are praised and adored for making superior and first-rate putter for a very reasonable price.


Today, these are available at different prices. It all depends on the brands and the integrated features. Some appear cheaper than others. For regular and seasoned players, you might decide on spending more than someone who seldom plays.

Skill Level

Some center shafted putters are ideal for diverse playing levels. You will surely benefit from using this accessory for starters or beginners, most especially those with a smoother feel and greater focus on stability. This allows players to develop confidence and familiarize the skills before advancing into advanced options.

Weight Distribution

It is becoming common for the weight of all golf clubs to be distributed evenly all through the club head and shaft. This enables for better balance, ultimately providing greater control the moment you take the shot.

A center shaft putter can be an excellent choice for those that are looking for consistency and stability in their stroke. Taking the club straight back and straight through is easier to do with a center shaft in your hands. 


Putters with a center shaft design are coming back in style and available on both blade and mallets. Compared to heel-shafted putters, center clubs are more balanced and allow you to see down the shaft to your alignment aid easier. Most golfers find it easier to hit straighter, with more stability at impact.

In this guide, I went over some of the top options available today from Scotty Cameron, Tour Edge, Bettinardi, Odyssey, and others. Other guides on the internet don’t even understand what a center-shaft is and give you incorrect information.

Not here though!

We are lifelong golfers who know the best.

If you end up purchasing any of these clubs, commen down below and let us know what you went with.

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