Best PuttOut Golf Training Aids to Buy Today

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PuttOut makes some of the most popular golf training aids designed to help you reduce strokes with your putter. In this guide, I’ll go over the best PuttOut training aids you can buy today, along with studio packages by PuttOut you can buy to improve your game and save money.

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What are the Best Golf Training Aids by PuttOut?

  1. PuttOut Slim Putting Mat
  2. Putting Mirror and Alignment Gate
  3. Premium Pressure Putt Trainer
  4. Putting Plane and Alignment Sticks

What are the Best PuttOut Studio Packages?

  1. Starter Studio
  2. Travel Studio
  3. Academy Studio
  4. Pro Studio
  5. Tour Studio
  6. Tournament Inspired Studio

Next, I’ll go into all of the best PuttOut golf training aids in more detail. All of these options would make a great gift for golfers in your life.

PuttOut Slim Golf Putting Mat

Best PuttOut Putting Mat

I have always been a fan of PuttOut, and one of the best products from the company is the Slim Golf Putting Mat. Having a convenient place to practice putting as a golfer will help you stay on top of your game, and that’s where the PuttOut Slim Golf Putting Matt comes in. This Matt is designed for those who lack floor space to practice putting. It allows you to put a full practice green in your home or garage.

Putting on this mat is exactly like putting on a well-manicured grass-putting surface. This golf mat resembles a medium-to-fast green for ball speed. You can practice your golf swing at home and see the benefits on the course.

The PuttOut Slim Golf Putting Matt comes with printed alignment markings, distance markings, and target points. It measures around 8 feet and rolls up neatly into a bag for convenient transportation. The sticky underside makes the mat stay in position when you are practicing.

Key Features

  • Offers everything you need to practice putting at home.
  • Designed for a medium -to-fast paced green.
  • Encased in a protective, dense cardboard cylinder, making it crease-free from delivery.
  • Rolls flat out of the packaging due to its extra-thick TPR rubber backing.

What I Like

I like that the PuttOUT Putting Mat works in rooms with limited space. I also like that it comes with a handy drawstring bag for easy transportation, so you can always practice golfing anywhere you travel. Compared to other putting mats I’ve tried, the PuttOut has an ideal speed to it.

Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate

Best PuttOut Putting Mirror

The Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate is a training aid that can help you improve your putting and reduce the number of putts you take per round. It is also designed to help those who want to set up the ball more consistently at address.

PuttOUT has designed this training aid to fit your golf bag, so you can always take it to the putting green to practice improving your stroke and alignment. Remember, good alignment means more consistency and more holed putts.

The alignment mirror comes with a stand-alone 50mm putting alignment gate, allowing you to comfortably work on your target and strike path by directing the putter head to pass through the guide. The mirror has a durable rubber casing with spikes and measures 24 cm wide. The rubber casing helps it stay in place on a floor, carpet, or turf without tees.

Key Features

  • Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate fits easily in your golf bag.
  • The gate is wide enough to allow a golf ball to fit through its opening.
  • You can use this training aid both indoors and out.
  • It aids in proper body alignment and a clean stroke.

What I Like

I like that the Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate can help you work on positioning and alignment while putting. With this handy training aid, you can easily set up all the best putting drills. All you need to do is to set the width of the magnetic putter guides on the mirror to address position and check your alignment.

Premium Pressure Putt Trainer

Best PuttOut Putting Trainer

The key to becoming a putting professional is to practice constantly, and the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer helps you take putting practice to the next level. This training aid simulates the exact conditions of putting into actual golf holes. The trainer is designed to help you hit perfect putts more often.

The big feature of the Pressure Putt Trainer is that it returns the golf ball the same distance that you would have gone past the hole. It features a white circle the exact size of a golf hole, giving you a realistic target to aim at. The trainer helps you improve your swing speed.

puttout pressure trainer golf aid

The Premium Pressure Putt Trainer recreates the pressure of a putting drill and gives you accurate feedback about your stroke. There’s a sloped plastic ramp behind the “hole,” designed to either send back your ball if you cover the micro-target correctly or capture it if you hit it with perfect speed.

This putting trainer is great for immediate feedback on your putting skill and putting stroke. It will help you improve faster.

Key Features

  • The Premium Pressure Putt Trainer is versatile. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.
  • The trainer fits in your golf bag, so you can easily transport it.
  • This training aid comes with three smaller dot targets, which allow you to focus while practicing.
  • Features a white circle the same size as a golf hole.

What I Like

I like that the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer simulates the same conditions of putting into a real hole when you are on the green. I also like that it comes with alternate targets, a feature that’s great for those that want to aim toward the back of the cup on putts. You can use this indoor or outdoors. In your house, you can putt on your carpet or on a golf putting mat.

Putting Plane and Alignment Sticks

Best PuttOut Alignment Sticks

The PuttOUT Putting Plane and Alignment Sticks are among the best putting plane tools you will ever find on the market. This alignment set comes with:

  • two glass fiber alignment sticks with magnetic connectors
  • one putting plane fabric with markings
  • four rubber and alloy spiked feet
  • two putting gates with a 60mm arch

To use this kit, you’ll want to setup your gates in a straight path towards the hole. Then, use the alignment sticks to track your putter head direction. Use the plane board to create the perfect putter arc and path. This PuttOUT alignment set has a multitude of drills to help every aspect of your putting technique.

best puttout golf training aid plane and alignment stick set

The alignment sticks are meant for accuracy, while the material plane fabric improves your stroke length and checks your backswing line and follow-through. The putting plane also helps to groove your swing.

Just remember to select an angle that matches your putter. The PuttOUT Putting Plane and Alignment Guides can be transformed into a perfect device for measuring your stroke length.

Key Features

  • Works for any putting stroke.
  • Has marks on the putting plane to enable you to measure your backstroke easily.
  • You can use the alignment rods to practice consistency of stroke and putter face alignment.
  • This training aid gives instant feedback on your putter path and ball impact.

What I Like

I like that you can use the Putting Plane and Alignment Sticks independently to practice a range of drills. I personally use it alongside other training aids like the mat and the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer to improve your short game.

What is PuttOut?

PuttOut is a reputable brand that sells golf accessories and training aids that can help you become a better golfer. PuttOut was established in 2016 and based in London.

PuttOut’s main products help you learn how to putt better and take away strokes on the green. If you cannot go to the course for whatever reasons, you can purchase PuttOut’s training aids to simulate on-the-course experience at home.

In addition to some of the products above, PuttOut also offers studio packages, which include multiple products at a reduced rate. Below, I’ll tell you all of the PuttOut studio packages you can buy today.

PuttOut Studio Packages

Starter Studio

The Starter Studio package is perfect for newbie golfers who want to practice putting in the comfort of their homes, offices, or a golf studio. This set costs $128.99 and consists of:

  • pressure putt trainer
  • green medium mat

You can use this set to build your putting confidence.

Travel Studio

The PuttOUT Travel Putting Studio is perfect for those who lack putting space and need small space to practice putting. It costs $128.99 and consists of :

  • compact mirror
  • pressure putt trainer
  • green slim mat

Academy Studio

The PuttOUT Academy Putting Studio is great for golfers who want to take their putting practice to the next level. Academy Studio comes at a price tag of $197.99. It comprises of:

  • medium green mat
  • pressure putt trainer
  • alignment mirror and gate set.

All these training aids will improve every aspect of your putting practice, including eye position, alignment, stroke, and pace.

Pro Studio

This studio package is for professional golfers who want to improve their putting strategies at home or in the office. The Pro Studio consists of:

  • 2 premium pressure putt trainers (stone and coral)
  • green large mat
  • mirror gate set

The set will help you explore your putting stroke and work on longer putts. The Pro Studio package costs $299.99.

Tour Studio

The Tour Studio is meant for you if you want to build a putting facility at home. The set includes:

  • pressure putt trainer
  • green large mat
  • platinum trainer
  • putting plane, mirror & gate

You can purchase the Tour Studio for $448.99.

Tournament Inspired Studio

The PuttOUT Tournament Inspired Studio is for the average golfer preparing for a tournament. You can purchase this studio package to practice at home or in the office. The set includes:

  • mirror gate set
  • premium pressure putt trainer
  • medium mat

The entire set comes in limited edition championship colors. The Tournament Inspired Studio package costs only $198.99.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are putting aids worth it?

Putting is the most critical part of the game. For many golfers, over 36 strokes per round are taken around the green. Putting aids help you reduce putts on the course and allow you to practice at home. They are well worth it!

What PuttOut putting aids do the pros use?

A lot of PGA pros use the PuttOut pressure trainer. One of the main reasons is because the trainer returns the ball to you the same distance you would have gone past the hole by. This allows golfers to pinpoint their speed and line anywhere on the green without having to hit to a real hole.

Which PuttOut aid will improve your swing path?

The PuttOut Putting Plane and Alignment Sticks are a perfect accessory to improve your swing path. The kit comes with a fabric that you can use to verify your backswing, swing path, and impact position. Plus, the alignment sticks can be used to verify a straight putt and make sure that your putter head is on-target.

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