Odyssey AI-One Putter Review: The Best Putter This Year?

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The new Odyssey AI-One putter by Callaway golf is making a ton of waves due to its new AI design and high quality from the one of the top golf brands in the world. But is it worth the buy?

In this Odyssey AI-One putter review, I’ll review everything you need to know before buying it and making it the cornerstone of your golf bag.

Key Takeaways

  • The Odyssey AI-One putters integrate AI technology in their face inserts for improved speed consistency and forgiveness, appealing to tech-savvy and traditional golfers.

  • With various styles, interchangeable weights, and a unique AI Window, these putters offer customization and a glimpse into advanced technology.

  • While the AI-One putters stand out for their innovative design and performance, their high price and unconventional color scheme may not appeal to all golfers.

What is the Odyssey AI-One Putter?

The new Odyssey AI-One putters by Callaway Golf are a groundbreaking advancement in putter technology, integrating artificial intelligence to design face inserts that ensure more consistent ball speeds and improved forgiveness.

These putters feature AI-designed face inserts that enhance speed consistency, resulting in the ball being “21% closer to the hole” than standard milled putters.

odyssey ai-one putter lineup all models

AI Technology

The incorporation of AI technology addresses the critical factor of speed control in achieving success on the putting green, minimizing speed variations from off-center hits horizontally and vertically.

With a classic look, navy blue PVD finish, and a unique “Ai Window” cavity, these putters offer a familiar feel with the White Hot Urethane and aluminum insert.

odyssey ai-one artificial intelligence


Available in four head shapes and equipped with a new lightweight steel shaft and interchangeable weights, the Odyssey AI-One putters represent a significant development in putter performance technology, providing golfers with a game-changing tool to improve their performance.

odyssey ai-one putter review lineup

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What Does AI-One Mean?

The AI-One in the new Odyssey AI-One putters refers to the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the design of the putter face inserts. These face inserts have been engineered using AI to ensure consistent ball speed and improved forgiveness.

Artificial intelligence has become very popular in driver faces and fairway woods, so seeing it finally appears on the putting green is no surprise.

AI-One Milled Version

The new Odyssey AI-One Milled version putter is designed to enhance distance control and more consistent ball speed across the face by featuring asymmetrical face thickness patterns to improve off-center distance control, reducing the likelihood of three-putting.

The AI-One Milled version is distinguishable in the putter corral due to its unique appearance, as the face insert is more of a milled copper color than the white on the regular version.

odyssey ai-one milled putter face

Priced at $450, the AI-One Milled offers various versions with two face options: an aluminum-backed urethane face insert and a milled titanium insert. This design aims to improve consistency, inspired by artificial intelligence in driver face designs.

The AI-One Milled version is a significant advancement in putter technology, addressing speed control issues and mishits that affect distance control, ultimately helping golfers putt better and improve their overall performance.

Key Features in the Odyssey AI-One Putters

AI-One Face Insert

The face is designed using artificial intelligence to help promote consistent ball speed off the face. Odyssey took one of their white-hot urethane layers and used that as backing to help keep that old classic feel.

odyssey putter club head weighting

AI Window

The AI Window in the new Odyssey AI-One putters is a unique addition that makes the contours visible. It’s built from Panlite, offering a classic yet innovative design. This window provides a view into the putter’s interior, showcasing the advanced technology used in the putter’s construction.

The AI Window allows golfers to see the intricacies of the putter’s design, highlighting the fusion of modern AI technology with traditional head shapes.

Lightweight SL 90 Shaft

Included in the AI-One putters is a lightweight steel shaft that features between 20-30 grams of counterbalance weight in the butt end. This helps the feel of the putter and provides consistent ball speed speeds.

odyssey ai-one stroke lab shaft

Interchangeable Front Weights

Each style of AI-One putter has interchangeable front weights you can use to dial in the weight of your putter head exactly how you want.

These weights come in:

  • 5 grams

  • 10 grams

  • 15 grams

  • 20 grams

Weight kit sold separately.

What Styles Can You Buy?

The standard AI-One putters come in five options:


Double Wide DB Blades

Rossie S

#7S (slant neck)

#7CH (crank neck)

The AI-One Milled putters come in eight options with two face options:

One T

Two T

Three T

Six T

Seven T DB (double bend shaft)

Seven T CH (crank hosel)

Eight T

Eleven T

As you can see, there are many different Odyssey putters. Odyssey has always done a great job of offering different styles for different golfers. I recommend trying out your preferred head style before purchasing to see what fits your preference.

What I Like About the AI-One Putters

Odyssey has always been near the top when it comes to putters. They are innovative when they need to be, but at the end of the day, the putters perform on the greens when they need to.

When I tried out some of the new AI-One putters, they felt exactly how I thought they would.

The new AI-One putters feature many different styles, as well as removable weights, interchangeable front weights, two new putter lines, and more.

odyssey ai-one putter on ground

If you are a fan of the Odyssey White Hot Insert, you will be a fan of the AI-One face insert. The ball speed was great, and the new milled face on the Milled version was a pleasant sight. The AI-One lineup is stacked from top to bottom, and you can’t go wrong with them.

The AI-designed face helped promote consistent ball speed and reasonable distance control.

odyssey ai-one three t putter review

What I Don’t Like About the AI-One Putters

Regarding the new AI-One putters, there is not much to dislike.

One thing you may not like about them is the high price point compared to other putters on the market. Putters are forever evolving, so it can be hard to justify spending that money if you don’t feel that the performance outweighs the cost.

This comes to my next point.

Some golf traditionalists may not see the benefits of an AI-designed putter design and may be more comfortable with a traditional milled putter with a regular face insert.

Lastly, Odyssey switched its color design to a navy blue PVD finish. If you are used to having primary colors, this change may be visually unappealing to you, but it all comes down to personal preference.

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