10 Best Golf Handicap Apps for the New USGA Rules

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Knowing your golf handicap is key to understanding if you are getting better at the game of golf. In this guide, I’ll go over the best golf handicap apps that you can download for iOS (and Apple Watch) and Android today. Each of these apps is able to calculate an accurate handicap to current USGA standards.

For each golf handicap calculator app, I’ll go over:

  • Key and helpful features you should know about
  • Things I specifically like
  • How to download and install them today

If you try out any of these apps or have any other recommendations to share, comment down below and let us know.

What are the Best Golf Handicap Apps?

  1. The Grint
  2. SwingU
  3. 18 Birdies
  4. Golfshot
  5. mScorecard
  6. Golf Handicap Tracker and Scores
  7. GHIN
  8. Golf Handicap by My Online Golf Club
  9. Simple Handicap
  10. Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

The Grint

The Grint is one of the best golf handicap apps. It is USGA compliant for the new set of rules and designed for every golfer. It has a ton of features, from golf stats, a digital scorecard, and a built-in GPS rangefinder. If you’re looking for a golf handicap app that will act as a virtual caddie, then give serious consideration to The Grint.

The Grint can help you manage your scores, USGA handicap, GPS, and more. Once downloaded and installed on your phone, you can start to use your phone to track stokes on every hole. With The Grint, you won’t have to worry about using paper and pencil – everything is done in the app. 

You can also use the app to check important analytics including:

  • scoring
  • putting
  • iron accuracy
  • FIR%
  • GIR%
  • scrambling

The Grint gives you access to a vast golfing community where you connect with other golfing enthusiasts. You can view your golf buddies’ scores, live scores, and stats.

You can also upload pictures and swing videos, analyze your game, and obtain a legit handicap index. The Grint is one of the most well-rounded golf apps available today. It’s gotten some recent app updates and is highly supported

Key Features

  • Lets you track clubs you’ve used for each hole and how they’ve performed.
  • The app will give you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gives you an in-depth look into your habits, distances of swings, and past scores.
  • The Grint will notify you of what your friends are doing on the golf course.

What I Like

I liked that The Grint integrates with Apple Health App to help you track your workout when you are on the golf course. I also liked that you can explore courses that will be playing soon or you haven’t played. Overall, a lot of features in this app improve the golf experience. Plus if you need it for solely handicap tracking, it is top notch.

Click here to view and download The Grint.

the grint best golf handicap app


Loved by millions of golfers globally, SwingU is a great scorecard app and GPS rangefinder for golfers of all skill levels. Packed with battery-efficient and incredible accuracy, SwingU is designed to be your complete golf coach. 

SwingU lets you easily track distances to the greens and hazards, as well as score, putts, and auto advances hole-to-hole. You will get a free handicap after uploading your scores from 3 golf rounds.

Once downloaded, you will be able to track your shots and gain insights into how far you hit your golf balls. SwingU is constantly improving with technology and new functionality. 

If you are new to golfing, SwingU comes with daily instructions and tips to help you stay on top of your game and upgrade your skills. Plus, it’s reliable and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Lets you easily track your scores, stats, and club efficiency.
  • The app gives daily tips on how to improve your golfing skills
  • You can pair it with Apple Watch to get distances and keep score for you and your friends.
  • SwingU can also calculate your handicap index.

What I Like

I liked that downloading and installing SwingU on your smartphone lets you track your golf scores and automatically calculate your handicap index. The app is very easy to use, and you will get all the relevant information you need to play like a pro. The app can also point out your weaknesses, so you work on them for improvement.

Click here to view and download SwingU.

swingu best golf handicap app

18 Birdies

The 18 Birdies app is a game-changer for golfers serious about tracking their handicap. Its sleek interface and user-friendly design provide a seamless experience for golfers of all skill levels.

One of the app’s standout features is its ability to calculate your handicap automatically. Enter your scores after each round, and the app does all the work. This makes it easy to keep track of your progress and identify areas for improvement.

The app also offers a range of additional features that enhance the overall experience. It provides detailed statistics and analytics, allowing you to analyze your game and identify patterns. It also offers GPS functionality, giving accurate distances to hazards and greens on thousands of courses worldwide.

Another great feature of the app is its social aspect. You can connect with friends, join virtual tournaments, and share your achievements on social media. This adds a fun and competitive element to the game, fostering a sense of community among golfers.

The app has a Caddy+ Premium version, but you only need it if you want additional stat tracking and other features.

Key Features

  • Deep dive into your stats, including club distances, handicap tracking, and more.
  • Community tab lets you compete against friends in tournaments, mini-games, and more.
  • The graphics on the GPS area of the app are super clear and very easy to navigate.
  • Easy-to-use interface for all skill levels.

What I Like

I like that 18 Birdies has an incredibly easy-to-use interface that lets you track almost everything to do with your golf game. The Feed tab is also a nice touch as it allows you to keep in touch with friends who could be located around the world.

Engaging in mini-games or tournaments and tracking each other’s rounds keeps you updated and supports the friendship fun. Lastly, the Caddy+ premium portion of the app is also significant and well worth the price.

18 birdies best golf handicap apps


The Golfshot app is a comprehensive and highly functional app that caters to the needs of golfers at all levels. With its impressive range of features and user-friendly interface, it has become a go-to choice for many golf enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of the Golfshot app is its GPS functionality. It provides accurate distances to hazards, greens, and custom points on thousands of courses worldwide. This feature helps golfers make informed decisions and improves their overall course management.

Another notable feature is the score-tracking capability. Golfshot lets users quickly record their scores, track their progress, and view detailed statistics. This helps golfers identify areas for improvement and track their handicaps over time.

The app also offers a built-in rangefinder, eliminating the need for additional devices on the course. Golfers can quickly and accurately measure distances to targets, enhancing their confidence and shot selection.

Additionally, Golfshot provides 3D flyovers of each hole, giving players a virtual course tour. This feature allows golfers to visualize their shots and strategize their game plans more effectively.

Key Features

  • You can record your scores hole-by-hole or use the quick score entry feature for faster input.
  • Golfshot provides 3D flyovers of each hole, allowing you to visualize the course layout and plan your shots more effectively.
  • The app lets you share your virtual scorecards with friends, family, or golfers.
  • The app has an active community where golfers can connect, participate in challenges, and share their achievements.

What I Like

On top of the statistics and handicap tracking, Golfshot is an excellent app with tons of GPS functionality. The 3D flyover of each hole on the golf course is crucial and shows you exactly where you need to hit your shots to find success.

I like that Golfshot also offers you each hazard on the course and their distances. All of these features will help any skill-level golfer make their game better.

golfshot handicap app


mScorecard is an all-in-one scorecard, GPS, and handicap calculator app. It’s designed with lots of features to improve your golfing experience. With mScorecard, you can do things like tracking greens in regulation, scores, and club recs. The app also lets you enter details for scores and shots quickly during or after a round.

mScorecard automatically calculates and tracks your golf handicap based on previously played rounds. It supports a wide range of handicap systems that so many countries have adopted.

Aside from handicap calculation, this app stores your game history and lets you find advanced round statistics, players, and an unlimited number of courses. All you need to do is to upload them to the server for easy access on any device. mScorecard lets you play and track popular side games like Birdies, Eagles, Stableford, and Skins.

Key Features

  • Lets you record all details of your game (up to 5 players per round).
  • You can view distances to the green, hazards, bunkers, and other important areas on the course.
  • Automatically display your scorecard by tilting your phone to landscape anytime during a round.
  • Automatically records your handicap and advanced stats.

What I Like

I liked that mScorecard users can easily add additional players for tracking in the app. The GPS is incredible and has courses and gameplay available for all categories of golfers. Also, mScorecard is the best universal handicap simulator on this list. It adopts its formula to match your country of play.

Click here to view and download mScorecard.

mscorecard best golf handicap app

Golf Handicap Tracker and Scores

Calculating your golf handicap can be overwhelming, especially for new golfers. Golf Handicap Tracker and Scores lets you track your golf scores and automatically calculates your handicap index based on your scores in the previous rounds. 

This app supports the new USGA handicap rules and can calculate handicap for every course in the world. When downloaded and installed on your smartphone, you have the option to automatically manually input rating and slope.

The app can implement a Soft Cap and Hard Cap to limit the extreme upward movement. One good aspect of using this app is that you can use it to follow your friends’ handicaps and scores. Plus, you will get an instant notification as soon as your friends post scores.

Key Features

  • Supports a 9-hole scores combination.
  • Equipped with thousands of courses with slope and rating.
  • You can backup and restore your scores to and from the server.
  • The app automatically calculates handicap for specific courses and maximum stroke.

What I Like

I liked that Golf Handicap Tracker and Scores lets users record their scores and set their handicap. The cap features are interesting so that you can limit fluctuations in your handicap. The functionality of this app is simpler than others on the list. There aren’t as many bells and whistles, but it does its main job right.

Click here to view and download Golf Handicap Tracker and Scores.

golf handicap tracker and scores best golf handicap app


The official golf handicap calculator app by the United States Golf Association (USGA) is called GHIN, or Golf Handicap Information Network. GHIN is designed as an official handicap scoring system for golfers to use, track, and follow. The USGA offers the GHIN a service that contains adequate and comprehensive information on handicaps.

GHIN is a highly intuitive golf course handicap calculator. The app offers a personalized mobile experience and easy access to manage your game. If you enter in a handicap at a club house’s GHIN computer or on your mobile app, it will sync to the same server for easy access later.

GHIN comes with lots of exciting features, including golfer lookup, score history, and score posting. You can use the app to record your hole-by-hole scores and total score. It also has stat tracking features like the number of putts, greens in regulation, and driving accuracy.

Key Features

  • GHIN lets you look up your score history.
  • Can track your hole-to-hole score and greens in regulation.
  • Score posting is also available to record your total score.

What I Like

I liked that GHIN offers a personalized mobile experience when downloaded and installed on your phone. The app lets you manage and follow your game in the most professional way. Plus, you will be able to track stats such as driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and the number of putts. Since GHIN is a service offered by the USGA, the accuracy of course slope and ratings is very up-to-date.

Click here to view GHIN.

ghin best golf handicap app

Golf Handicap by My Online Golf Club

If you are looking to improve every aspect of your game, Golf Handicap by My Online Golf Club is a handy app for you. MOGC comes with a really simple design. It lets you track your golf handicap at all courses worldwide.

With this app, you can do a lot of things like uploading your scores, linking up with your golf buddies, and honing new skills. You can also calculate the handicap based on the new USGA WHS formula.

This app is designed to help you simplify tracking. It can track your progress and save the data on your smartphone. You will love other features like tracking total score, stroke by stroke, and hole by hole. You can even see the score what score you need to shoot in the upcoming round to lower your handicap further. 

Ultimately, this app is great for tracking more than 40 pro stats.

Key Features

  • Lets you maintain a recognized handicap and submit unlimited scorecards.
  • Purchase a golf handicap card within the app.
  • Uses international USGA standards to calculate your handicap index.
  • Lets you submit unlimited scores.

What I Like

I like that this app offers the complete golf handicap, scorecard, GPS rangefinder, trophies, statistics, and live scoring competition solution. Tracking progress is also nicer in MOGC verses other golf handicap app alternatives. With over 40 tracked statistics, this app is good for analytics.

Click here to view and download Golf Handicap by My Online Golf Club.

golf handicap by my online golf club

Simple Handicap

As the name suggests, Simple Handicap is an easy-to-use golf handicap app that’s built with simplicity in mind. It uses the World Handicap System to automatically calculate your handicap for you. If you’re a beginner golfer and you’re looking for an easy way to learn and record your handicap index, then you will enjoy using Simple Handicap.

To efficiently use this app, download and install it on your smartphone. Enter in your preferred course, add rounds, and enter your 18-hole score. Simple Handicap will automatically calculate your golf handicap using your previous rounds. You can also use Simple Handicap to track things like your score, hazards, and distances to the greens.

Key Features

  • Has a notification system that will notify you of what your friends are doing on the golf course.
  • Track clubs you’ve used for each hole and how they’ve performed
  • Lets you track your weakness and performance and gives improvement tips.

What I Like

I liked the fact that the Simple Handicap was made for the average golfer who wants to track their handicap index without paying so much. The app is free to use and simple to get started. You just download the app, enter your favorite courses, add rounds, and you’re good to go.

Click here to view and download Simple Handicap.

simple handicap best golf handicap app

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker is one of the most popular golf apps of all time. Diablo was built to automatically help you establish a handicap index using your previous rounds. Diablo can post scores, reviews, ratings, and also track your buddies, thanks to the full integration with Facebook. In fact, you can link up with new members directly from the contact list.

This free app is packed with lots of exciting features, including obtaining a handicap index by posting five scores, viewing your score history, and joining USGA-licensed clubs. You can also share your score on social media platforms. 

Thanks to its GPS feature, you can use this app to find nearby courses. There are over 18,000 courses in the app’s database, so you’ll get comprehensive information on any golf course nearby. Your scores are saved on the server, which means there’s no need to use a handicap card.

The biggest knock on the Diablo app is that it has not been updated since 2016. That means that while its popular, it has not been updated to use the new USGA handicap tracking system. We keep it on our list of best golf handicap appsbecause of the chance we might see an update one day.

Key Features

  • Integrates with Facebook so you can post scores and connect with your friends.
  • Lets you post and view your score history and performance.
  • Can post 9 or 18-hole scores and tournament scores.

What I Like

The social media integration in the Diablo app is top notch. It’s easy to track what friends are doing and to have friendly competitions with them. I hope that Diablo is updated soon to follow new USGA guidelines so that more people can check out the app.

Click here to view Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker.

diablo golf best golf handicap app

What is a Golf Handicap?

A golf handicap is a number assigned to a golfer based on his/her skill level. It is an indication of how many “over par” you are expected to shoot on an average golf course. This number is then used to compare a player’s ability against other players of similar skill levels.

In 2020, USGA adopted the handicap calculation by the World Handicap System. The new system takes into account the difficulty of the course and which tees you hit the ball from. It is considered to be more fair and universal for both professional golfers on the PGA tour and amateur golfers with few tracked rounds.

Key Features to Look For in Golf Handicap App

There are 6 key features I like to look for in an iOS or Android app that calculates your golf handicap. These include:

User Interface

Is the interface user friendly? Does it take me less than 2 minutes to input your data after a golf round? This is a key feature for us and it should be for you as well.

World Handicap System Support

How accurate does the app calculate your handicap? Can you trust it?

In 2020, the USGA adopted some rule changes to how a golf handicap is calculated. All of the apps above use these new rules. They now take into account the overall difficulty of the course you are playing and do a better job assigning you a handicap that is relative to other golfers around the world.

Data Storage

Can you store my golf handicap up in the cloud and access it from any phone or computer? Sometimes, you don’t want to enter information into your phone, but want to use any computer or web browser. A cloud solution is key today in a good golf handicap app.

GPS Tracking

Do they offer GPS and live shot tracking? Most good apps do more than just calculate your handicap. They allow you to know the exact distance to the hole, just like a golf GPS does. If you are okay with something a bit more complicated, this feature is key.

Social Media Integration

Does the app integrate well with Facebook, Twitter? Can you add friends into the app and track each other’s scores and have competitions? Some golfers prefer these social features because a good competition is nice.

Frequent Updates

Does the app receive new features and frequent updates? We check all of the apps and how often they receive updates before they are added to our list.

Videos About Golf Handicap

Want to learn more? Check out these golf handicap videos below and learn more about what it is and how to calculate it.


A good golf handicap app can make your life easier when you play. You no longer need to carry a calculator or pen and paper. There are so many great apps available for iPhone and Android phones. Above, we’ve listed some of our favorites.

The Grint and SwingU are my favorite apps. They offer a ton of extra features in addition to just tracking your golfhandicap score. Plus, they receive frequent updates and follow the latest United States Golf Associate adopted calculations.

If you like these apps, or any of the other ones available, comment down below and let us know!

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