Top 8 of the Greatest Golf shots in the History of the Masters

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Do you know what a golf player savors the most except playing golf? I'll tell you.

Each year the tournament has that one satisfying moment, the best shot of the entire match, watching that shot is the moment of pure bliss for a golfer.

But above all, there are a few shots that are etched in the history of time. These shots are the ultimate bests of all time, and any pro could count and explain them to you as vividly as it happened yesterday!

Let me tell you about the best shots played in the history of golf that became timeless.

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Top 8 of the Greatest Golf Shots in the History of Masters

1. Byron Nelson’s 13th hole in 1937

In the final round of Augusta National's final round, Byron Nelson whose nickname was Lord Byron was six shots behind. He turned the whole game around by hitting a birdie on his 12th! So, on the next hole, he decided to go for a three wood. He ended up landing the ball approx. Twenty feet within the range of the hole and it was a little off of the green. Managing to claw about six strokes back from Ralph Guldahl he ended up chipping it in for an eagle, while Ralph double bogeyed and bogeyed the very same hole. It was one epic shot that everyone would remember for ages.

2. Arnold Palmer’s 13th hole in 1958

It is also a very historical shot, which ended up becoming the sensation of year ’58 in the golf world and Arnold became a star! The shot came on about 457 yards, doglegging sharply to the left. Leaving a very difficult hook shot at the green, Palmer had hit a drive down the left about 245 yards away. Palmer's statement was recorded; he said: "I had a hookish lie, so I decided to go for it." He then ended up leaving an 18 feet putt right in the center of the green by using a three wood, which then turned into an unbelievable eagle. Under Doug Ford ‘57, it gave Palmer his first green jacket.

3. Doug Ford’s 18th hole in 1957

Behind the leader Sam Snead, Ford lagged by three shots. Ford’s first and only Masters Title was earned that day owing to some brilliant play and also a back nine of 32. His famous shot on the 18th however, was the tournament’s star shot. He ended up hitting a flat shot which landed deep in a bunker. It was impossible to hit perfect recovery shot at that time because it would have had a devastating effect on the entire game. However, Ford hit a neat sand shot which was a birdie; this birdie ended up handing him his amazing victory that golfers would probably not forget for ages.

4. Sandy Lyle’s 18th hole in 1988

In this game, Lyle knew that the only way he could win was by snatching a birdie while standing on 72nd tees joint. He pulled shot that ended up landing in a fairway bunker, and it was far away from the hole, as much as about 146 yards, the feat of getting the shot on the green was almost impossible, and the other option was playing it sideways. At that point, he ended up taking out his seven iron and played one of the neatest shots someone has ever witnessed. It is said that not even an ounce of sand got disturbed by the club during that shot. The ball landed about 30 feet away from the hole and crept its way back to it, the game was finished off by a birdie, and that is how Lyle won his only and first green jacket.

5. Jack Niklaus’s 16th in 1986

Niklaus has a story to tell about this particular shot, as it was one of the most confident shot he had ever hit.  He played it with a 5-iron and his son had yelled ‘be the right club!' to which he had responded ‘it is.' The ball was rolling right in the hole, but it finished up only about a foot away. This allowed Jack to hit a birdie and it was recorded as the greatest win in the history of golf. The order of events in this particular shot and the cockiness of Nikalus's attitude towards this hit makes it all the more memorable.

6. Larry Mize’s 11th hole in 1987

Winning a tournament and earning the Masters Title is something every young golfer tends to dream of, but some people end up turning that dream into a vivid and beautiful reality.  During a playoff with Greg Norman, Larry was stuck in a similar situation; a difficult shot and a beautiful dream. Norman was to the right of Mize, a little off the green when Larry ended up hitting the chip and everyone watched it hit the pin as it dropped into the hole. This was a beautiful win, and I'm sure everyone who saw it believed it to be a magical shot.

7. Tiger Woods’ 16th hole in 2005

This one-shot is going to be talked about even after a century has passed, I am certain. The golfers are in awe of Tiger's performance since he had this chip by taking a two-shot lead. He stood at the back on the green, about 25 feet away from the hole. The ball slowly moved towards the hole for what seemed like an eternity, and it finally dropped in after a small pause. This was undoubtedly one of the best shots in the history of golf.

8. Gene Sarazen’s 15th hole in 1935

Sarazen had hit a four wood into the whole from 253 yards on par for a 2, and let me tell you that back in 1935, this kind of stuff never happened. It was a rarity, a treat to the eyes of those who witnessed. It is, in my opinion, the best shot one has ever hit. And it's not only my opinion. Every other golfer would tell you that this is their all-time favorite shot.


I hope you enjoyed this list and they gave you some inspiration.

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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