10 Best Affordable Putters Under $100

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Finding the best cheap putters under $100 doesn’t mean compromising quality. Whether you’re new to playing golf or looking to upgrade, finding an affordable putter at a great price is key to enhancing your game.

This guide delves into the world of cheap putters, showcasing options that promise precision and style without stretching your budget.

From blade to mallet designs, each putter selected offers the perfect blend of affordability and performance, proving that excellence in golf doesn’t always come with a high price tag.

Can You Buy a Golf Putter for Under $100?

The short answer is a resounding “Yes!”

The notion that a high-quality golf putter must be exorbitantly priced is a common misconception. In reality, the market is replete with options that challenge this idea. For under $100, you can purchase a great putter that doesn’t just serve as a basic tool and enhances your game.

These budget-friendly putters come equipped with features usually found in their more expensive counterparts. Manufacturers have successfully balanced cost and quality, ensuring that golfers can access putters that offer reliability and performance even at a lower price point.

Top Recommended Golf Putters Under $100

Golfers often grapple with finding a putter that aligns with their skill level and budget. Fortunately, the market offers many options under $100 that do not skimp on quality. Here’s a closer look at some of the best golf putters in this price range, offering a blend of precision, durability, and style.

Wilson Infinite Putter $99.97

  • Type: Blade

  • Pros: Offers a counterbalanced design for stability, an anti-glare finish, and an oversized grip for better control. It also features a double milled face for improved accuracy.

  • Cons: Some players might find the ball comes off the face a bit hard.

  • Ideal For: Mid handicappers who prefer a simple and effective design.

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Golf Putter$99.99

  • Type: Blade

  • Pros: Known for its precision-milled face and soft 304 stainless steel construction, this putter ensures a consistent roll and solid feel.

  • Cons: This older model might lack some of the advancements found in newer versions.

  • Ideal For: Golfers across all handicaps who value a classic blade-style design.

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter$39.81

  • Type: Mallet

  • Pros: Features a distinctive white finish for easy alignment and a tour-weighted design suitable for faster greens.

  • Cons: The white finish may require extra care to maintain its appearance.

  • Ideal For: High handicappers and beginners who appreciate easy alignment and substantial weight.

TaylorMade Golf White Smoke Putter IN-12Price Varies

  • Type: Blade

  • Pros: This putter is counterbalanced for increased stroke stability and features a Pure Roll Surlyn insert for a smooth roll.

  • Cons: It may be more suited for players comfortable with a counterbalanced putting method.

  • Ideal For: Golfers who prefer a stable and consistent putting experience.

MacGregor Golf MacTec Pro PutterPrice Varies

  • Type: Blade

  • Pros: Offers ARC Tech Face Milling for better distance control and an integrated alignment aid for accurate putts.

  • Cons: Its design may not be suitable for low handicappers.

  • Ideal For: Players seeking maximum forgiveness and stability in their putts.

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Putter$49.99

  • Type: Mallet

  • Pros: Known for its consistent performance and appealing visual design. It has a mid-size grip and a standard loft of 3 degrees.

  • Cons: The design might be too different from traditional putters for some players.

  • Ideal For: Golfers who need a putter that offers simplified alignment and a good feel on the green.

Wilson Harmonized M Putter$45.00

  • Type: Mallet

  • Key Features: Known for its mallet style, this putter is designed for stability and ease of alignment. It is ideal for players who prefer a more simplified putting approach.

  • Ideal For: Golfers seeking a user-friendly and effective mallet putter at an affordable price.

Ram Golf Laser Model 1 Putter w/ Advanced Perimeter WeightingPrice Varies

  • Type: Mallet

  • Key Features: It features advanced perimeter weighting for enhanced stability and less twisting on off-center strikes. The large visual alignment aids ensure accurate lining up.

  • Ideal For: Players looking for a putter with excellent stability and straightforward alignment assistance.

Intech Trakker Mallet Putter 35″Price Varies

  • Type: Semi-Mallet

  • Key Features: This semi-mallet putter design is forgiving and compact, with an offset hosel and a soft face insert for a muted sound at impact, enhancing feel.

  • Ideal For: Golfers who prefer a blend of mallet forgiveness and blade precision.

MAZEL Tour GS Men’s Golf PutterPrice Varies

  • Type: Blade

  • Key Features: Features high MOI for improved speed control, advanced alignment top lines for accuracy, and a low center of gravity for a fluid stroke.

  • Ideal For: Golfers seeking a putter that enhances control and gets the ball closer to the hole, regardless of strike quality.

How to Select the Right Golf Putter Under $100

When choosing a golf putter, especially on a budget, several key factors are crucial in ensuring you get the best value for your money without compromising on performance. Here’s what you should consider:

The Putter’s Head

  • Blade vs. Mallet: Blade putters, known for their smaller heads, are ideal for players with a straight putting stroke. Mallet putters, with larger heads, offer enhanced stability and are suitable for players with an arc in their stroke.

  • Design Impact: The design of the putter’s head affects shooting diversity, with various sizes and weights available.


  • Standard Length: Most golfers find a 34-inch putter optimal, but choosing a length that complements your height and putting stance is essential.

  • Grip and Positioning: The correct length ensures a comfortable grip and optimal putting position, influencing the overall stroke.


  • Face-Balanced vs. Toe-Balanced: Face-balanced putters are suitable for players with straight strokes, while toe-balanced putters are designed for those with an arc in their stroke.

  • Stroke Consistency: The putter’s balance significantly affects the opening and closing of the putter face during the stroke, impacting consistency.


  • Standard Loft: Most putters have a standard loft of around 3 degrees. The loft impacts how the ball rolls off the putter face and its initial trajectory.

  • Personal Preference: While there’s no one-size-fits-all loft, finding a loft that suits your stroke and the green conditions is vital.


  • Size and Comfort: Grips vary in size and should match the golfer’s hand size for comfort and control.

  • Oversize Grips: Many brands offer oversize grips to stabilize the golfer’s putting stroke and improve consistency.

Alignment Aids

  • Optimal Hitting Point: Putters with alignment markings assist in identifying the best point of impact, crucial for both novice and professional golfers.

  • Improving Accuracy: These aids can improve accuracy and confidence in lining up putts.

Understanding these key features will help you find a putter that fits within your budget and enhances your performance on the greens. Remember, a good putter is an investment in your golf game, providing both confidence and consistency in your play.

Understanding Putter Types and Their Benefits

Blade Putters vs. Mallet Shaped Putters

A blade putter, known for their streamlined and traditional design, are often favored by players with a straighter putting stroke. They offer precision and a simpler feel, making them a staple for many golfers.

A mallet shaped putter, on the other hand, provide a larger putter head and are generally more forgiving. Their design aids in aligning the golf ball more effectively, suitable for players with a slight arc in their stroke.

Popular models like the TaylorMade Spider and Odyssey putter exemplify the advanced design features of mallet putters, offering stability and a balanced feel, which can be particularly beneficial for beginners or high handicappers.

Forgiving Putters: A Key for Beginners

Forgiving putters are designed to minimize the impact of mis-hits, making them ideal for beginner golfers. These putters typically feature a larger sweet spot on the club face, aiding in producing a more consistent and solid roll, even on off-center hits.

The aspect of forgiveness in a putter can significantly boost a beginner’s confidence, making the learning curve less steep and more enjoyable.

FAQs About Affordable Golf Putters (FAQs)

Can Affordable Putters Compete with High-End Models?

Absolutely. While high-end putters often boast advanced technologies and materials, many affordable putters under $100 offer comparable performance. Key factors like balance, alignment aids, and head design can be just as effective in budget models, providing excellent value for both beginners and experienced players.

Why is Putter Weight and Balance Important for Beginners?

Stability and Control. Heavier and well-balanced putters help beginners maintain a steady stroke and consistent ball contact. A balanced putter aids in developing a smooth, controlled putting stroke, crucial for accuracy on the greens.

How Can I Maintain and Care for My Budget Putter?

Proper Storage and Handling. To ensure the longevity of your putter, store it in a dry place and use a headcover to protect it from dings and scratches. Regularly clean the putter’s face and grip to maintain its condition. Avoid leaving it in extreme temperatures, as this can affect the material integrity.

What Should I Look for in a Putter Grip?

Comfort and Size. The grip should feel comfortable in your hands and match your hand size. Oversized grips can help stabilize your hands and reduce wrist action, leading to more consistent putts. Experiment with different grip sizes to find what works best for your stroke.

How Important are Alignment Aids on Putters?

Crucial for Accuracy. Alignment aids help golfers set up their putts correctly, ensuring the putter face is square to the target line. They are particularly beneficial for beginners and high handicappers, aiding in developing a reliable and accurate putting stroke.

Can I Improve My Putting with a Budget Putter?

Definitely. A well-chosen putter, even under $100, can significantly improve your putting game. Focus on a putter that suits your stroke style and feels comfortable. Regular practice with a suitable putter can lead to noticeable improvements on the green.

What makes a good putter cost-effective for many golfers?

A good putter becomes cost-effective when it combines essential features like balance, alignment aids, and a comfortable grip at an affordable price. Even inexpensive putters can offer these qualities, making them a wise choice for golfers who don’t want to overspend. The key is finding a putter that matches your playing style and feels comfortable in your hands.

How do budget putters compare with more expensive options in terms of performance?

Budget putters can perform remarkably close to more expensive options. The primary difference often lies in advanced materials or specialized technologies. However, budget putters provide the necessary features like solid roll, proper alignment, and consistent feel for the average golfer.
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