Titleist Vokey SM10 vs SM9 Golf Wedges Comparison

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Are the Titleist Vokey SM10 golf wedges worth an upgrade over the SM9 wedges? What are the new features in these golf irons that will actually improve your golf game?

In this comparison guide, I’ll go through my experience with the Titleist SM10 vs SM9 wedges in detail to help you understand the changes.

If you are in a rush, you should know that the SM10 wedges are much easier to get spun with, and their high-lofted wedges (over 58 degrees) are the easiest to hit yet. Plus, you can get the SM10 wedges in every loft between 48 and 62 degrees and six grinds, for maximum possibilities.

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Titleist SM10 vs SM9 Comparison Table

FeatureTitleist SM9Titleist SM10Winner
Ease of UseKnown for clear and distinct feedback on impact.Designed to offer improved feel and control, and strong ball flight. Easier to get spin on.Titleist SM10
Grind OptionsSix grind options: F, M, S, D, K, L.Seven grinds, including the “new T Grind” with the narrowest sole for maximum versatility.Titleist SM10
SpinSpin Milled grooves engineered for maximum spin and durability. Different grooves tailored based on loft.Advanced groove design with localized heat treatment for durability, tighter tolerances, and micro-texture to enhance spin.Titleist SM10
AppearanceCleaner look with the BV logo in white and wings in black.Slight difference in logo placement; everything in black.It depends
Custom OptionsStamping options, custom paint-fill, unique toe engravings, hand-ground options, Vokey WedgeWorks Flight Lines.Stamping options, custom paint-fill, unique toe engravings, hand-ground options, Vokey WedgeWorks Flight Lines (similar options as SM9).Draw

Titleist Vokey SM10 Overview

The Titleist Vokey SM10 have been designed to offer golfers comprehensive options to enhance their short game further. Priced at $189 per wedge, with the raw finish at $225, these wedges are the latest addition to Titleist’s renowned Vokey Design line.

Building on the success of the SM9 wedges, Titleist created an improved flighting and feel for each wedge option. They shifted the center of gravity, which allowed for more control and stability on each wedge shot. The SM10’s allow for a lower, more attacking ball flight while offering a solid feel.

Each groove has been meticulously engineered to maximize spin and durability, with a localized heat treatment to double the groove’s durability.

The new wedges are available in Tour Chrome, Nickel Finish, and Jet Black. There is also a Raw option, offering golfers a choice to suit their preferences and game. The SM10s are once again designed by Bob Vokey, Titleist’s professional golf designer.

Wedge Styles

You can buy the Titleist SM10 wedges in all standard styles and lofts:

You can buy the SM10 in every loft from 48 up to 62 degrees!

Key Features Only Found in the Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges

The new Titleist Vokey SM10 wedges offer various features to enhance a golfer’s short-game performance. Here are the key features found in the new Titleist Vokey SM10 wedges:

Shot Versatility

The Vokey Design SM10 family comprises six tour-proven sole grinds and offers 25 unique lofts, bounce, and grind combinations. This allows every golfer to find their optimal wedge setup, ensuring proper turf interaction and contact and unlocking creativity around the greens.

Precise Distance and Trajectory Control

The SM10 wedges feature new progressive center of gravity placements through the lofts. This gives you better trajectory control to hit the golf shot that you want.

Maximum Spin

The wedges are equipped with Vokey Design’s patented spin-milled process and refined to deliver higher, more consistent spin. The grooves are individually cut based on loft and finish and treated with high-frequency heat to maximize durability.

Progressive Shaping and Enhanced Profiles

The SM10s have been updated with progressive shaping by loft and consistent profiles to give you more confidence as a golfer. This feature ensures that each loft category is designed to provide the best performance for the specific type of shots golfers face.

Titleist Vokey SM9 Overview

The Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges is one of the most played wedge ever released. They came out on March 11th, 2022.

You can buy the SM9 wedges in six tour-proven grinds, including the F, M, S, D, K, and L grinds. These wedges are tailored to match individual swing types and playing styles.

The SM9 wedges boast a progressive center of gravity (CG) throughout the lofts, with a lower and more controlled ball flight and solid contact. This ultimately leads to improved distance and trajectory control with increased stability for consistent results.

In addition, the SM9 wedges incorporate Spin Milled grooves that are engineered to provide maximum spin and durability. These wedges also come in a wide range of loft and bounce combinations, catering to different swing types and course conditions.

These features make the Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges an ideal choice for golfers seeking precision, versatility, and consistency in their short game.

Key Features Only Found in the Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

Precise Distance & Trajectory Control

The progressive center of gravity (CG) throughout the lofts in the SM9 wedges promotes a lower, more controlled ball flight and solid contact. Compared to other wedges, I think it is easier to control distance and trajectory and accuracy.

Tour-Proven Grinds

The SM9 wedges offer a range of tour-proven grinds, including the F, M, S, D, K, and L grinds. Each grind is tailored for specific playing conditions and swing types.

Premium Finish

The SM9 wedges are available in a premium Jet Black Titanium Carbide Vapor finish, designed to enhance durability. They are paired with a Dynamic Gold Onyx S200 shaft and a Tour Velvet 360 grip with BV Wings. I think these wedges look modern and sleek.

Titleist SM10 vs SM9 Wedges Comparison

Ease of Use

There is a reason that Titleist Vokey wedges have been the top choice for PGA tour professionals over the past several years: they are easy to use and provide exceptional performance on the golf course.

I think that both the SM9 and SM10 wedges feel awesome. The SM9 wedges are known for their clear and distinct feedback on impact, while the SM10 wedges have been designed to offer improved feel and control and strong ball flight.

Golfers can expect a seamless hitting experience with SM9 and SM10 wedges, as they deliver precise feedback and performance to enhance their short game.

I think the SM10 wedges are a bit easier to get spin on. If you are an average or above-average golfer, this is a great skill to add to your golf cart.

Winner: Titleist SM10

titleist sm10 vs sm9 wedges club face

Grind Options

The grind options between the Titleist Vokey SM9 and SM10 wedges give golfers various choices to match their swing and playing conditions.

The SM10 wedges offer seven grinds, including the “new T Grind,” designed provide maximum versatility and flawless contact. The new T Grind features the narrowest sole in the lineup. It is a low-bounce option, allowing for the most greenside versatility.

Both the SM10 and SM9 wedges feature six grind options, including the F, M, S, D, K, and L grinds. These grinds are tailored to match individual swing types and playing styles, providing unmatched shot versatility and allowing golfers to be prepared for every challenge.

Winner: Titleist SM10

titleist sm10 vs sm9 comparison guide


The SM9 wedges feature Spin Milled grooves engineered for maximum spin and durability. The grooves are tailored based on loft, with lower-lofted wedges featuring narrower, deeper grooves and higher-lofted wedges having wider, shallower grooves.

On the other hand, the SM10 wedges are designed to elevate spin performance even further. Every SM10 groove is precision cut to the edge to maximize spin, and each wedge undergoes 100% inspection for quality and performance. A localized heat treatment is applied to the impact area to double the grooves’ durability.

Additionally, the SM10 wedges feature an improved spin-milling process, tighter tolerances, and micro-texture between the primary grooves to enhance greenside spin.

While both the SM9 and SM10 wedges offer exceptional spin performance, the SM10 wedges introduce advancements in groove design, heat treatment, and micro-texture further to enhance spin capabilities and durability on the golf course.

Winner: Titleist SM10

titleist sm10 vs sm9 vokey wedges comparison guide


The visual appearance of the SM9 and SM10 wedges has caused quite a stir among golfers online. Although there are not huge differences, there is a slight difference in the placement of the Vokey Design logo.

The SM9 has a cleaner look and logo than the SM10, but both still feature the BV wings logo. On the SM9, the BV is a clean white color, and the wings are all black. In the SM10 wedges, they changed everything to black.

Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference as to which wedge is more aesthetically pleasing.

Winner: It depends

Custom Options

I really like the customization options for the Titleist Vokey SM9 and SM10 wedges, which provide golfers with a range of personalized choices to tailor their wedges according to your preferences and playing style.

The customization options available on both the SM9 and SM10 wedges include:

  • Stamping options: 10-character straight/freestyle stamping, 15 characters around the toe, and two lines of 10 characters each

  • Custom paint-filled loft, bounce, and grind markings, along with the BV Wings logo

  • Six unique toe engravings for added personalization

  • Hand-ground options for grind personalization

  • Vokey WedgeWorks Flight Lines for further customization

Winner: Draw

Where I Like the Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges Better

There are many reasons I prefer the new SM10 wedges over the previous SM9 model. My performance and numbers were slightly better with the SM10 wedge in hand.

Titleist Vokey Design changed to fly a slightly lower ball with increased spin. The SM10 wedges also feature longer hosel lengths, a straighter leading edge, and a thickened top line to provide better control and higher spin.

I could tell this when I used them.

Another reason to prefer the SM10 is to have new clubs with new features. The SM10 features a new T grind option and a new nickel finish. If you want the newest and latest technology in your bag, I recommend checking out the SM10.

Where I Like the Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges Better

There are a few different reasons why I prefer the SM9 wedges over the new SM10 wedges. I am in the category that finds the SM9s more aesthetically pleasing than the new SM10s. The difference is slight, but I find the SM9 to have a cleaner look, and I like the placement of the logos better.

Another reason for choosing the SM9 wedge is the cost consideration. With the release of the SM10 wedges, the price of the SM9s has dropped considerably. This is big for some golfers who are more budget-conscious about what they are spending on their golf equipment.

If you already have the SM9 wedges, the upgrade in technology may also not be worth it if you are already satisfied with the performance of the SM9.


Choosing the right golf wedge can be a game-changer. Comparing the Titleist SM10 vs SM9 wedges in detail, I personally prefer the SM10 wedges for a few key reasons.

The SM10 series introduces innovative features that enhance spin, control, and versatility, making them a significant upgrade for any golfer looking to gain confidence in their short game. With improved groove design, higher lofts, and a wider range of grind options, the SM10 wedges offer an exceptional blend of performance and customization.

The additional spin and control provided by the SM10s can be a deciding factor in tight situations on the course. Plus, the new looks give the SM10 wedges a fresh and appealing look.

For those on a budget or satisfied with their current setup, the SM9 wedges remain a fantastic choice, especially considering their now more accessible price point.

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