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The Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers and Beginners for 2018

If you are just starting out playing golf, your handicap is probably high like all beginners.

A golf handicap is a numerical representation of a golfer’s potential playing ability, based on his scores and the courses played. It is used to allow golfers of different levels to play together.

The lower the handicap, the better a player is deemed to be.

best golf balls for high handicappers

Handicap scores can be as low as zero. This score is termed as scratch. It can also go as high as 36 for men and a maximum of 40 for women.

Our Top Golf Ball for High Handicappers Pick: Callaway Warbird

best golf balls for beginners

Out of all the golf balls listed here, our favorite is the Callaway Warbird Golf Ball. It provides maximum distance, reduces sidespin and is of the trusted Callaway quality. It's truly a premium ball for beginners, at a truly affordable price.

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Now, there are many ways to lower your handicap.

Having regular and effective golf practice sessions and using training aids are some of them.

Another way is using a golf ball which best suits your style of playing.

Many high handicap golfers have lower swing speeds that will benefit if the ball travels more distance.

Another common problem for beginners is that they tend to slice the ball off the tee.

Thus, distance golf balls are the best golf balls for high handicappers or the beginner golfers because distance matters more for beginners than spin or control.

Distance golf balls also have lower spin that will minimize the slice.

Before we dive into the list of best golf balls for high handicappers, click here to learn how to calculate your handicap.

Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

These great golf balls by Callaway are specially designed for the players who are seeking optimistic distance for maximum flight.

The Warbird is a 2-piece ball with a larger, softer Warbird Core that provides faster ball speeds for maximum distance. The thinner cover of the core enhances the feel without sacrificing speed and distance.

best golf balls for beginners

The HEX Aerodynamics surface pattern generates better low speed lift for the ball and helps in the reduction of drag and promotes stable flight while holding itself in the wind.

This ball is available in two color choices:

One is traditional white and another is optical yellow for better visibility in the air or on the ground.

best golf balls for high handicappers

In the series of Callaway golf balls, Warbird, with its commitment to distance and dual color choices, is considered as one of the best choice for golf balls.

Wilson Smart Core Golf Balls

In the age of smart phones and smart TVs, we now have a “smart” golf ball.

What stands out with the Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball is its patented Smart-Core formula, which reacts to your swing speed.

Around the green (short game), it provides a soft response for more spin and control and an exceptional feel.

best golf balls for high handicappers

Off the tee, on long shots, it provides a firm response, minimizes spin and gives more distance and accuracy.

In other words, it specializes in straight distances whenever you need.

Protected by a durable ionomer cover, it has a long-lasting playability through different conditions.

Lastly, the Wilson Smart Core golf balls come at a very good value for a pack of 24. You no longer have to worry about hitting balls into the hazards.

Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls

You probably have seen Titleist golf balls everywhere.

After all, the Titleist brand is known as the #1 ball in golf.

Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls are probably some of the best golf balls in the market, but as a beginner, they may not be as suitable due to the price and technology involved.

Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

The Titleist DT Solo golf ball, on the other hand, may be the suitable one for you.

As a beginner, you want maximum distance and the DT Solo provides just that with its large, Surlyn-blend core with a compression of around 70. This means that if you have a swing speed of below 90 mph, this ball is perfect for you.

The DT Solo features a soft-compression and high-velocity core which provides lower driver spin over long distances which helps reduces unwanted hook and slice sidespins for straighter distances.

best golf balls for high handicappers

The DT Solo also offers responsive, excellent short game performance.

As with the Titleist brand, the DT Solo has a highly trusted quality and consistency. This is the best value ball you can get from a premium brand.

Bridgestone Golf e7 Piercing Flight

Many golf pros trust their game with Bridgestone, so why shouldn’t you?

The e-Series golf balls were manufactured with one purpose: Make Golf Easier, and it surely hit its purpose with the e7 piercing flight balls.

The e7 Piercing Flight is an upgrade from the e5, e6 and e7 balls.

best golf balls for high handicappers

Made of a reactive Surlyn cover and 326 Dual Dimple pattern design and technology, the e7 golf ball is able to generate advanced and increased aerodynamics for longer distances and ball flight.

All e-Series golf balls employ the WEB Dimple Technology, which increases surface coverage by more than 10%, improving distance and flight performance.

best golf balls for beginners

The progressive core enhances ball speed over longer distances while the mantle layer reduces back spin, giving you more control and exceptional feel.

Not to mention, the 3 piece ionomer cover of the e7 provides enhanced durability.

With the e7 Piercing Flight, it is easy to hit straight and far with consistency, easy to have a good spin on approach shots and have a soft feel on the green,

Wilson Ultra 500 Straight Golf Ball

Wilson are one of the leading pioneers of the golf ball industry, meaning the majority of their balls can be extremely pricey.

However, the Ultra 500, while being a basic two-piece golf ball, have incredible technology used in the manufacturing process, which not only creates a great golf ball, but allows them to be extremely cost effective.

best value golf balls

Added to the balls are amazing spin-reducing technologies which allow the balls to fly straighter and farther. Perfect for beginners.

With a low spin design, you can be sure your shots will be on target!

They also feature a titanium core, with a cut resistant cover allowing for amazing distance, and perfection on the driving range.

The cut resistant Surlyn cover means that the Wilson Ultra 500’s have a huge lifespan, you are more likely to have lost the ball, than damage it!

This set is the cheapest option reviewed here, perfect for beginners. and high handicappers.

A word on Golf Ball Compression

Compression is a measurement of forced needed to compress the golf ball against the clubhead. The ball launches as this compression is released.

A higher compression ball requires higher swing speed to generate maximum distance while a lower compression ball requires less.

General Guide:

Swing Speed <85 mph: Low Compression Ball (<65)

Swing Speed 85-104 mph: Mid Compression Ball (66-89)

Swing Speed >105 mph: High Compression ball (>90)

Quick Summary of the Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Callaway Warbird

Best Overall

  • Dual Color
  • Wallet Friendly

Wilson Smart Core

Second Best Budget Ball

  • Durable
  • Wallet Friendly

Titleist DT Solo

2nd Best Overall

  • High Quality
  • Great distance
  • Reduces spin

Bridgestone e7 Piercing Flight

Best Premium Distance Ball

  • Durable
  • Great distance
  • Reduces spin

Wilson Ultra 500


  • Great distance
  • Reduces spin
  • Ultra cheap

There you have it, our selection of the best golf balls for high handicappers for optimal performance and great distances.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter too much which ball you chose, as long as you have consistent practice with selected golf ball.

Just select one from the list, practice often and you’ll definitely see your handicap score go down!

If you have any more queries about the top golf balls for high handicappers, feel free to ask us in the comments section below. If you know any other suitable alternatives, feel free to add let us know.

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