C3i Wedge Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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Today's blog post is going to explore the C3i Wedge as it is on the market today, providing you the key features and technical specification, the most important criteria for you to make the right choice, and your frequently asked questions (FAQ) answered. Thanks for reading!

C3i Wedge
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C3i wedge is a unique golf club you can use for the short game around the green. Its wide sole offers the perfect balance and more contact on each of your swings. This is a club built for a wide range of handicaps, however, the players that will enjoy it the most are the mid to high handicappers.

Key Features

C3i Wedge
  • This wedge has a unique look. It is incredible equipment to use for your short game. It comes with a wide sole feature that can perform in deep rough and move through sand simply and easily.
  • This is an ideal wedge for both high handicappers and beginning golfers who are looking for a leading-edge that can be trusted around the green. 
  • This C3i wedge helps golfers to play well with a square stance. This means that unlike the more advanced wedges, this one is more accessible to players of any handicap.
  • The C3i wedge is USGA compliant. This means that it is ideal to use within 50 yards of tournament plays. Aside from starters and high handicappers, this C3i wedge is also advisable to use by junior golfers.

As of now, you have probably tried playing a traditional wedge. When we say traditional wedge, it is a type of sand wedge with a narrow sole and teardrop-shaped clubhead. Many people refer to these as a blade style wedge. 

After playing with a traditional sand wedge, you may probably played with a wedge that features a rounded, large clubhead and wider sole. This type of wedge allows you to have an easier bunker play and reduces possible fat shots. The sad truth about this lob wedge is that it is not ideal for tight lies, feels clunky, and looks strange.

But those were before. Since we are now living in a technology-oriented generation full of upgrades, golf club enthusiasts have developed a weapon that has the qualities of a wide-sole and traditional lob wedge.

In this post, we are going to give you a thorough and brief C3i wedge review. So, if you want to get the ball around the greens, then you are in the right place.

Essentially if you want the feel of a players type wedge with the performance of a beginner’s wide sole wedge you can now have it. 

In this C3i wedge review, we are going to provide you with the necessary information you need to know about this golf club wedge.

With C3i wedge, you can perform flop shots like a pro. So, if you want to know more about this wedge, then keep reading

You have probably heard about the C3i wedge because of advertisements while watching golf tournaments. Considering that introduction, you may be thinking that C3i wedge is just a lesser club or gimmick that does not worth investing in. But, if you are one of those beginning golfers and high handicappers out there, a C3i wedge is perfect for you.

The C3i wedge is a unique golf club you can use for a short game around the green. Its wide sole offers the perfect balance and deeper rough that offers more contact on each swing you do. The C3i wedge is good for high handicappers. This golf wedge can help golfers to have a more enjoyable short game.

Technical Specifications

c3i wedge

65 Degrees Wide Sole Sandblasted Face For Better Alignment

One of the great features we love about this C3i wedge is that it comes with a sandblasted face. It helps golfers to create higher spin rates on the golf ball. Not only that, but it also allows better contrast that could result in a better alignment. 

One of the reasons the C3i is being used by most golf enthusiasts is that it allows for an easy stance when you address a golf ball. This can be done without opening your feet. Many golfers get nervous about opening the feet and being worried it could cause shots to go to far right. 

It also promotes a more advanced shot style. The sandblasted face of these specialty wedges encourages the golf enthusiasts to align themselves to their target line perfectly.

Optimized Center Of Gravity

Another interesting thing about the C3i wedge is that it has a low center of gravity compared to the other wedges most golf enthusiasts find in the market today. The main work of the C3i wedge is to help a golfer get the ball into the air with spin. 

Through this, a golfer can hit the golf ball with better accuracy and more control. The more advanced golf clubs rely on the skill set of a golfer when it comes to creating a great shot. The interesting thing about this C3i wedge is that it allows the golf enthusiasts to feel a high quality golf shot even though they are new to the game.

Wide Sole For Smooth Impact

The reason a lot of beginning players love using the C3i wedge is that it has a wider sole that will go through the surface with a high-quality contact. 

Let’s face it; many new golfers are going to be positioned in the rough for many of their wedge shots. Having a club that can cut through rough is going to make a big difference. 

The C3i wedge allows a golfer to act with a square stance, whether he is playing from the fairway, deep rough, or in the sand. That's why the C3i edge is considered as a no-frills short game club, which offers exceptional contact on each swing player's make.

Pros and Cons of C3i Wedge

Just like the other products in the market, the C3i comes with some pros and cons you need to keep in mind. In this section, we are going to provide you the advantages and disadvantages you may encounter when using C3i wedge during your game. Read on to find out a bit more.  

  • The C3i club will help you to strike directly at your target and attack in a square stance, no clubface manipulation necessary.
  • Compared to a standard wedge, this golf club is perfect and way easier to utilize for the beginning golfer.
  • This golf club promises that it can get rid of fat shots within 50 yards of the flag.
  • This is ideal for high-handicappers and amateur golfers.
  • The C3i claims you can get the ball out from its bunker in a single swing.
  • The C3i is perfect for addressing the ball, whether you are in a square stance or open stance.
  • The C3i is perfect for addressing the ball, whether you are in a square stance or open stance.
  • This is a perfect club to operate by a golfer who is struggling with bunker shots and many other lies around the green.
  • Most of its users recommend this club to anyone who is having a hard time with their bunker plays.
  • Aside from that, if you are an excellent bunker player, then this club will help you a lot.
  • This club has been featured in popular TV shows, which include MyGolfSpy and Golf Digest.
  • Some of its users complain about its inconsistency on longer approach shots.
  • You cannot use this club outside of 50 yards since it comes with much loft.
  • Some of its users say that its bunker game is excellent but hard to control.
  • You cannot open the face of the C3i.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Level Of Golfer Would Benefit The Most From The C3i Wedge?

As mentioned earlier, C3i helps golfers to achieve high loft. This golf wedge is ideal for both beginning and high handicap golfers. Aside from that, it also has a wide face, helping the golfers to hit the golf ball through the golf course easily compared to the other more advanced wedges. The C3i also allows the golfers to apply a square stance, enabling them to have a more consistent swing within 50 yards.

What Are The Loft Options For The C3i Wedge?

The C3i wedge features three different loft options. Each option offers a launch angle and high spin—the C3i comes with two lob-wedge-like 65 degree and 59 degree model and sand wedge-like 55 degree models.

The interesting thing about each model is that it features 12 degrees of bounce rate because of the wider face of the golf club. Despite the number of loft options, it does not affect how well the C3i operates.

How Would The C3i Benefit The Beginning Golfer?

Beginners tend to have a hard time getting the ball up in the air. This is a result of the fact that the concept of how a ball is launched is a bit difficult for a golfer to understand and figure out. However, the natural specifications of the C3i allow you to get launch without having to manipulate the club all that much.

Can The C3i Wedge Be Played With An Open Stance?

Yes, it is still possible if you love to hit the ball in an open stance around the golf course. 

Low handicappers tend to play in an open stance, mainly because this position provides them with more control in every shot they make around the green. Apply the C3i wedge to notice a huge improvement in how you cut strokes and escape bunkers from your game. If you are having a hard time with bunker shots, then the C3i club is perfect for you. The C3i club can be used for performing longer-range bunker shots.

The bottom line is that you won’t have to manipulate your stance, and that is a strong advantage for the player that is new to the game or wants to keep things simple.

Testing Criteria for Evaluation

Understanding How Grooves Affect Spin

One of the important parts of a wedge which can affect your short game around the green is the grooves. This is because it affects how many spins should be imparted as well as the swing speed. Spin will help you to know the level of shot and how it will land on the course.

The spin helps you to have more control over your C3i wedge during your short game. You can get the ball easily with the utilization of the C3i wedge.

Putting Together The Right Combination Of Wedges

Even though finding the right wedge that will look perfect in your bag is a time-consuming and daunting task, it is always worthwhile. This is because you are going to get the shot you desire during the game. Whether you are a beginner or an expert golfer who still wants to understand or improve each swing, it is always ideal to find the right equipment. When it comes to wedges, you need to determine what you want to have.

Looking for a wedge is quite confusing for many. If you don't know your skill level, understanding terms like bounce and sole grinds will make it hard for you to find your new shaft.

One of the great places to start your search is to educate yourself on how it can impact each shot and swing you make. Starting at 46 degrees and ending at 65 degrees of loft, the height, as well as the distance of your shot, will be greatly affected by the discrepancy between the loft in your wedge.

AutoGlide Xtreme Sole For Easy Contact

A lot of players are amazed by the AutoGlide Xtreme Sole of C3i. Considering that this wedge has a wider base, the player can move the club smoothly and hassle-free to hit the golf ball. This is always true despite the condition.

The sole also creates the best distance compared to the standard wedges out there. This is because this one comes with a crisper sole than the others. Instead of wasting your hours seeing and creating weaker shots, why not try C3i and enjoy its wide surface to create more effective shots in every swing.

Polymer Insert On Face

The polymer that was inserted into the C3i's face allows the player to have a solid feel of spin. This is considered to be one of the most forgiving clubs you can see in the market. The C3i is known because of its polymer inserted on the face. That's why it can create jaw-dropping spin while delivering higher and farther distance. The C3i is composed of a unique set of features that will help each player to achieve their desired game.

Why Bounce Affects Quality Of Impact

The bounce is a confusing and cloudiest term that should be understood by amateur players. The C3i is a sand wedge that will help you cut through the sand without directly digging it. The wedge's bounce rating is essential, considering that it shows how wide the club's face is. This also indicates who the golf club will affect your turf.

Things to Keep in Mind

Just like the other product review, our C3i review includes the things you need to keep in mind. So, here it goes:

  • The square strike can help the beginning golfer to hit a low-running chip shot.
  • The C3i wedge is an excellent equipment that is ideal for every short game.
  • In each golf play you make, the C3i wedge will assist you a lot in improving your new golf experience.
  • The C3i wedge has a wide club face that may give you an improved gaming experience.
  • The C3i wedge is a good piece of equipment to help golfers to get the ball into the air.
  • The C3i wedge will aid you to have flop shots like a professional. So, if you are just starting your journey in the course, it would be best if you will begin it using C3i.
  • The C3i helps the golfers to get the ball in the air pretty quickly because it comes with 65 degrees of loft.
  • The C3i also eliminates a golfer from digging with the leading edge of the club. Unluckily, some of its users find that the leading edge loses its paint easily.
  • The C3i is also an excellent wedge for every course because it comes with several tight lies.
  • The c3i wedge is known for its tightest average proximity to the hole.
  • The C3i sand wedge allows you to hit the ball directly at your target and perform an accurate swing.
  • With C3i wedge, you can get out the ball from its bunker with a play.


The C3i wedge is one of the popular wedges in the market today. These clubs are ideal to use by both professional and beginning golfers. Every golf enthusiast out there needs at least one of these clubs to have a more enjoyable play. You may notice that the power of this club lies under its face. 

The C3i has a wide face, giving the player a higher chance to ace the game. The club face is made from quality materials.

The C3i is one of the wedges in the market that went through lots of innovations. Aside from that, this club is easy to use. We recommend beginners to try using it and see a potentially big difference for their game.

Considering the number of advanced wedges in the market today, you might find it hard to pick which one is right for you. Compared to most advanced wedges out there that require the player to be in an open stance to create shots, the C3i wedges are designed to aid the users to create shots at an even stance.

Since this wedge is simple, C3i is considered one of the most important clubs for beginning golfers and high handicappers to create beautiful shots. Aside from helping you to create excellent shots, C3i also helps to have a more consistent play in a short game.

As mentioned, one of the important features of this wedge is its extremely wide face. Even though this wedge does not look like the typical club on the market today made by the top manufacturers, including Cleveland, Titleist, or Callaway, this wedge works fine, especially in creating shots at an even stance.

The interesting thing about this wedge is that it is a big aid for those players who are having a hard time directly hitting the ball. Also, this works as well as the other high-profile models. If you are one of those golfers who are struggling with bunkers and shots, this may be the perfect time for you to consider C3i. A lot of golfers worldwide start to love the benefits offered by C3i to the play.

We highly recommend this wedge to both beginning golfers and high handicappers. So, do not think twice. Buy C3i wedge now.
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