Types of Golf Hats: The Best Baseball, Flat Brim, Bucket, and Straw Hats

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In this guide, I’ll go over all of the different golf hat styles that you can buy today. I’ll go over every popular type of hat that you can wear on the golf course and give examples of popular professional golfers who wear each, including:

I’ll also teach you the most popular golf brands for each type of golf hat.

If you have a favorite hat that you like to wear, make sure you comment down below and let me know!

Baseball Hat

The golf baseball hat is the most popular one worn by golfers. They come with rounded crowns and a stiff brim for maximum comfort. Baseball hats are also easy to wear and match any type and color of apparel.

My recommendation is to go with a snapback hat on the course because it allows the most adjustability to ensure it fits the best. There are hats available where you buy a standard size, but then have to depend on it fitting your head how you want it to.

The advantage to wearing a golf baseball hat is that they all come with a moisture-wicking headband that will soak up all of the moisture on your head during your round of golf. This ensures that you don’t have to wipe your head and risk getting more sweat on your hands.

Moisture on your hands can lead to the club slipping from your hand.

Which Professional Golfers Wear a Baseball Hat?

Wearing traditional style baseball hats in golf started becoming popular in the 1990s. Narrowing down exactly which PGA golfer wears a baseball hat would take way too long, but there are quite a few golfers you probably wouldn’t recognize on the street without one.

Tiger Woods has been wearing the Nike swoosh logo since 1996, when he signed his first sponsorship deal with them. Since then, he has created his brand within Nike, and that is the standard baseball hat he has been wearing on the golf course ever since. The logo is a play on his initials “TW” and takes the place of where the Nike swoosh would be on the hat.

Jordan Spieth has only been on the PGA Tour since 2012 and signed his sponsorship deal with Under Armour. The Under Armour golf hat he wears is highly recognizable. These hats are extremely comfortable, and you can get different logo variations on the front.

jordan spieth types of golf hats baseball hat

Most other professional golfers you watch on TV wear baseball caps.

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Under Armour Iso-Chill Driver Mesh Hat

Travis Mathew “The Patch” Hat

Flat Brimmed Hat

Flat-brimmed golf hats are a different variation of the baseball hat. Flat-brimmed hats are starting to become more popular with the younger culture and made their way onto the golf course a few years ago.

Flat brim hats still have a rounded crown with a stiff brim, but it is flat instead of curved. It has a wide brim compared to the traditional baseball hat. It all comes down to personal preference between the two and what you would rather wear.

Flat-brimmed hats still have the moisture-wicking fabric in the headband to soak up all of the sweat and come in many different fabrics.

Which Professional Golfers Wear a Flat Brimmed Hat?

Rickie Fowler is the most common PGA golfer wearing a flat-brimmed golf hat on the course. Rickie has a Puma clothing sponsorship and is known for being very eccentric on the course.

He likes to wear matching outfits and bright colors and was one of the first golfers to bring out the flat-brimmed hats. The hats he wears nowadays aren’t quite as flat-brimmed but still more so than a whole curve.

rickie fowler flat brimmed hat

Another PGA golfer that wears flat-brimmed hats on the course is Charley Hoffman. He used to have the long blonde curly hair flowing out the back of it. Charley has since chopped his hair off, but his hats have stayed the same. He also uses the snapback version, which allows for more adjustability.

Titleist Tour Stretch Tech

Ping Tour Vented Delta Hat

Nike Retro72 2022 Golf Hat


Visors are a trendy hat option for golfers on the course. A visor is another variation of the baseball hat, but it does not have a crown, so the top of your head is open. The visor sits on the top of your head and is held with a strap around your head.

Because there is no crown, it allows for more breathability to the top of your head. The visor provides shade so that the sun isn’t getting in your eyes. Many men and women golfers love wearing a visor out on the course because it is comfortable, practical, and looks good.

Visors became popular on the golf course way back in the 1960s/70s/80s and are still used today by a few different golfers. Visors are more practical in the LPGA as the ladies use them so that their ponytails can stay on top of their heads. However, they still don’t have to worry about hair or sun getting in their faces.

Visor hats don’t offer as much UV protection for the top of your head.

Which Professional Golfers Wear Visors?

When visors were first introduced to the golf course, Sandy Lyles, Arnold Palmer, and Johnny Miller wore them. The popularity of them nowadays has stuck in both men’s and women’s golf.

More recently, Bubba Watson, Fred Couples, and Ian Poulter of the PGA Tour have stuck with wearing visors when golfing.

On the women’s side, the most famous golfers wearing visors out on the course include Brooke Henderson, Danielle Kang, and Michelle Wie. However, a lot more wear them than what is listed.

TaylorMade High Crown Visor

Titleist Women’s Sundrop Legacy Visor

Adidas Fairway Visor

Gatsby/Newsboy Hat

The Gatsby/Newsboy hats are also referred to as flat caps. They are not as popular as regular baseball hats and visors, but they still have their use. Gatsby hats are incredibly soft and have a rounded front.

The body Gatsby golf hat is usually pulled over the brim, which helps it create the shape. The hats are very classy and, if worn correctly, will have you standing out.

Which Professional Golfers Wear a Gatsby Hat?

The Gatsby/Flat caps are not a very popular option on the PGA Tour today. They were more popular back in the day but didn’t stick as most golfers moved towards the traditional baseball-type hats.

However, there is one golfer who stuck with the flat cap until just recently, and that is Bryson DeChambeau. Bryson is always an eccentric guy on the golf course, and he made the flat cap popular.

Puma Golf Men’s Tour Driver Hat

ZLSLZ Men’s Cotton Flat Newsboy Hats

Golf Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is a straightforward one made from an exceedingly soft fabric. The brim is downward-sloping and is a complete circle around your head, offering a significant amount of shade from the sun.

Bucket hats are popular among recreational golfers because they are comfortable and easy to throw on. Plus, you will stand out from the crowd on the golf course. Bucket hats are the perfect hat for a casual round of golf.

You can also purchase a bucket hat with a string on it just in case it gets a little extra windy. That is personal preference, as some golfers may find that the hanging line gets in their way.

Which Professional Golfers Wear a Bucket Hat?

There haven’t been many PGA golfers that have worn a bucket hat during a professional event. Some may think a bucket hat is non-traditional and shouldn’t be allowed on a golf course.

One of the more recent winners on the PGA Tour that has worn a bucket hat was Joel Dahmen. Other golfers like Charl Schwartzel and Rory Sabbatini have tried it out, but it hasn’t stuck.

Jack Nicklaus was seen wearing bucket hats back during his prime.

Titleist StaDry Performance Bucket Hat

Barstool Sports Pink Whitney Flowers Bucket Hat

Galvin Green Aqua Bucket Hat

Straw Hat

A straw hat in golf is a very wide-brimmed hat woven out of different types of straw. The brim itself wraps around your entire head and offers excellent protection from the sun. There is usually some ribbon wrapped around your head on the straw.

Straw hats were more popular in the 80s and 90s and haven’t made a comeback in today’s game of golf. If you wear one, they are great for shade and sun protection. Straw. hats offer a nice and different look on the course.

Which Professional Golfers Wear a Straw Hat?

Before he was the face of golf and the brand Nike, Tiger Woods donned a straw hat during his amateur events. Some of the other PGA Tour golfers that wore straw hats include Greg Norman and Charl Schwartzel.

Maybe one day, the straw hat will triumphantly return to the PGA Tour!

Puma Nassau Straw Sunbucket Hat

Callaway Golf Women’s Straw Hat

Conclusion: Which Type of Golf Hat Should You Buy?

There is no right or wrong answer to which golf hat you should buy. Pick one that fits your style on the golf course. Remember that it’s main goal is to protect your face and head from the sun’s UV rays!

Which golf hat did you end up buying? Comment down below and let me know which one you went with.

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