How To Fix a Golf Slice 9 Easy Ways (Tutorial)

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Every golfer has struggled with a slice at some point in their playing career. In this guide, I will explain why you slice and go over specific ways that you can fix a golf slice and hit the golf ball straighter and further.

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What is a Slice in Golf?

A golf slice is a ball flight that curves away from your dominant hand. A golf slice for a right handed player will curve away to the right, and for a left-handed golfer, it will curve away to the left.

how to fix a golf slice

There are many different ball flights when hitting a golf ball, but most are controlled depending on how you contact the ball. The slice is different because you can’t control it. A slice causes a huge loss in your distance and leaves you well off where your target was.

Most people think that you can play your slice by just adjusting your feet, but that is not a great idea. Many things cause a slice, so simply changing your feet to play the slice will not fix your swing inefficiencies. You will end up causing more problems in the long run.

Luckily, the solution is within your reach!

And with a bit of reading and some practice, you can fix a slice and get better swing habits forever.

Why is a Golf Slice Bad?

A slice in golf is bad for many reasons:

  • You lose a lot of distance
  • It is a very weak shot that you do not have control over
  • You are put in bad positions on the golf course for your second shot
  • It shows that you have deficiencies in your golf swing that need fixing

The excellent news is correcting a slice in golf is relatively easy. It will take some tuning and adjustments with your swing to ensure it is staying on the correct path. You can also make a few other adjustments, such as changing your grip and ball position.

I’ll break down all of these fixes below.

What Causes a Slice in Golf?

Many different things cause a slice in golf.

Outside-In Swing Path

The most common reason that a golfer slices the ball is due to an outside-to-inside swing path. Outside-to-inside is when you come “over-the-top” on your downswing and naturally add side spin to the ball which promotes a slice. This is very common for new golfers who use their hands and shoulders to power their swing instead of their hips. Some people called this a “steep swing.”

You must properly fix your golf swing path to hit the ball straight and with no sidespin.

Open Clubface

Another reason you are slicing the golf ball is because you have an open clubface at impact. Having an open club face means the ball will favor going to the open side. When you follow-through, you will push the ball towards the open side of your body.

A left-handed golfer with an open club face will slice the ball left, and a right-handed golfer will slice right.

Poor Grip

A poor grip on your golf club can impact your swing plane and club path and cause a slice. By ensuring that your grip is in the right position and strong, you can stop slicing forever.

Back in Stance

If the golf ball is neutral or back in your stance when you swing, your club face doesn’t have a chance to full close before contact. This will lead to a natural push of the golf ball away from your body every time.

golf ball back in stance


To remove your slice forever, you need to practice consistently. Most golfers who only play a handful of rounds annually fall back into old swing habits. If you want to fix your slice, you must overwrite old habits.

Training Aid to Fix a Golf Slice

The best training aid I’ve used to fix a golf slice is this EyeLine golf speed trap. It is a combination of four padded rods that are setup on the inside and outside of your swing path.

If you swing properly, you won’t make any contact with the rods. You will contact the rod on your downswing if your swing path is off. Use this aid to help you get your swing basics setup correctly. It is the first step to getting rid of your slice forever.

How To Fix a Golf Slice

To stop slicing the golf ball, you can take several fundamental steps to improve your golf swing.

Position Your Ball Correctly

One of the main reasons you slice the ball is the position of the ball in your stance. Most amateur golfers have the ball too far forward in their stance, which makes them have to reach for it during their swing.

As you have to reach for the ball, you won’t be able to properly release your club face through the ball. This will cause an outside-to-inside swing path, slicing the ball away from you. Many golf instructors show you to put the ball at the front of your stance to promote maximum power in your swing and an easy launch.

Beginners should be careful though! Move the ball back in your stance and you won’t have to reach for it during your swing.

golf ball forward in stance how to fix a slice

Change Your Grip

Another reason you are slicing the golf ball is because of you grip the club. If you have a weak grip, it can keep your club face open through impact.

A weak grip for a right-handed golfer is where your left hand is too far underneath your grip. Rotate your left hand clockwise until you can see three knuckles on that hand. This will give you a firmer neutral grip and allow you to release through the ball properly.

If you are left-handed, a weak grip is when your right hand is too far underneath your grip. Rotate your right hand clockwise until you can see three knuckles poking out the bottom of the hand.

proper golf grip

Tuck Your Back Elbow

If your back elbow (right elbow for a right handed golfer) is flaring out from your body during your downswing, you are prone to slicing the golf ball.

If this back elbow is not tucked to your side, it will cause an outside-to-inside swing path. A slice drill I like doing for this specific problem is tucking a golf glove into your armpit on your back arm.

Then, swing the club as you usually would, but focus on making sure the glove doesn’t fall out from your armpit by keeping it in place with your right elbow. This helps keep your elbow tucked to your side and will keep your swing on the correct path.

Roll Your Forearms

You are slicing the golf ball because you are not rolling over your forearms through your downswing at impact. Keeping your forearms open keeps the club face open and doesn’t allow you to release through the swing fully.

Remember, when the club face is open, you will slice the ball.

You want to focus on rolling both forearms through impact to promote a straight follow-through. The motion for this is the same as when you hit a tennis ball with a tennis racket.

Fix Your Posture

If you do not have the correct posture when addressing the golf ball, you will slice the golf ball off the tee. Many amateur golfers will only bend their knees and keep their back straight or not hinge correctly at the hips. This will make them crowd the ball and not allow for a complete follow-through. Leaving the club face open at impact will give you a nasty slice on an outside-to-inside swing path.

Ensure your posture is correct to ensure that you rotate correctly through your swing.

proper golf posture
Proper Golf Posture by Rick Shiels

Optimize Your Swing Path

Too many beginner golfers have a natural outside in swing path. If you visualize your club head during your swing, this means that the head comes down higher up vertically on your downswing compared to your backswing. This type of motion is common with a push slice.

Practice hitting with your club head coming down on a lower angle on your downswing. If you need help, visualize the way that you swing a tennis racket with a natural down spin. Your golf club and body should make a similar motion on an inside path.

inside-out swing path fix a golf slice

Feel Your Knee Flex

When you focus on the tennis downswing motion, you will feel your left knee flex if you are right handed or your right knee if you are left handed. Transferring your weight from your back to your lead foot is key to getting power in your golf shots.

Use Your Hips

Another way to create a better swing is to focus on your hip rotation rather than your arm movement. Your arms and hands should be used to create a good grip on your club, but that is mostly it. The bulk of your swing should be in your hips.

When you don’t rotate your hips enough, you leave your stance open. Focus on your body turn in order to hit a straight shot.

Set Your Clubs for Draw Bias

A lot of new golf clubs, especially drivers, allow you to set them up for a natural draw bias. This will turn your club face inward to compensate for any natural slice motion you have. This is a good option to set until you regularly hit shots with a draw motion.

How to Practice Fixing Your Slice

There are a few different ways to practice your new slice-free golf swing:

Hit the Driving Range

The best way to practice your swing without losing your golf balls or patience is to head to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls.

On the range, you can practice different things such as ball position, swing rotation, and a stronger grip. The best golfers in the world didn’t get to where they are with practice swings, so you won’t either!

Book Private Lessons

Every golf course has a golf professional willing to offer private lessons for a fee. These guys and girls have been doing this for a long time and know all the tips and tricks to help you on the golf course.

There is no shame in wanting to get better and paying someone to watch your swing. You will get live feedback on your swing path, golf grip, and other key factors.

Watch Your Divots

Another way to see how you are striking the ball is to watch the pattern of your divots after you hitting shots. If you consistently see divots that go off to the side in the opposite direction, you are hitting the ball sideways at impact, which will cause a slice.

Knowing how you strike the ball will allow you to learn what needs to be done to fix a slice.

Why Do You Slice More With a Driver?

Most golfers slice the golf ball more with their driver than any other golf bag club.

This is due to two things:

  • club length
  • loft of the club face

The driver is the longest club in your bag, making it the hardest to control. The longer a golf club is, the longer the swing path will be. Any hiccup in your swing path will throw off the impact on the golf ball.

The second reason is the loft of the driver. Drivers have the least loft out of every golf club other than your putter. This means you must hit the ball more perfectly off the center of the face to ensure the ball goes straight toward your target.

Any side hit off the face of the driver will cause a sidespin on the ball, which is why the ball will slice away from you.

The good news is that when you fix a slice with a driver, you will hit better shots with all of your golf clubs.

How to Fix a Slice in Golf with a Driver

Fixing a slice with a driver requires a slightly different approach than irons and shorter clubs due to the differences in club length, loft, and the swing path you take. Here are some tactics I like that are more specific to drivers:

Adjust Your Tee Height

Why it’s unique to drivers: Irons are typically hit off the ground, so tee height isn’t a variable.

Finding the optimal tee height can promote a better angle of attack and reduce the chances of slicing the ball.

By teeing the ball slightly higher, you may find it easier to hit the ball with an upward strike, which is often recommended for driver shots to achieve both distance and accuracy.

Widen Your Stance

Why it’s unique to drivers: Given the longer shaft of the driver, a wider stance helps maintain balance compared to the more upright stance with irons.

It can foster stability during your swing, essential for controlling the clubface. With a wider stance, you might notice an increase in stability and a natural reduction in over-the-top swings, often resulting in a slice.

Alter Ball Position in Your Stance

Why it’s unique to drivers: Ball position with a driver can be more forward in your stance than irons to facilitate a proper launch angle.

It encourages an upward strike and helps in reducing the slice spin. By moving the ball position towards your leading foot, you are setting yourself up to make contact with the ball in the upswing phase, promoting a straighter ball flight.

Focus on a Smoother Transition at the Top of Your Swing

Why it’s unique to drivers: Drivers require a more sweeping and rhythmic swing than the steeper angle of attack used with irons.

A smoother transition helps avoid a rushed downswing, often a culprit in creating a slice. Cultivating a smoother transition can potentially result in a more controlled and synchronized swing, diminishing the likelihood of an open clubface at impact which leads to a slice.

Specialized Driver Shafts

Why it’s unique to drivers: While irons can have specialized shafts, drivers offer a more extensive range of customization, including more shaft length options.

Getting a shaft that matches your swing characteristics can significantly influence the ball flight. You might find that with a shaft more suited to your swing speed and style, you can have better control over your driver, helping to reduce the slice in your game.

Applying these strategies can significantly boost correcting a slice with a driver.

Remember, subtle adjustments can often lead to notable improvements. Experimenting with these changes could be a game-changer in achieving a more desirable ball flight.

Video Help on How to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

Still need help fixing a golf slice? Check out some of the best video tutorials below on how to improve your swing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About a Golf Slice (FAQs)

What causes a golf slice?

A golf slice is primarily caused by an open clubface at the point of impact, combined with an outside-in swing path. Addressing these two factors can significantly help in fixing a slice.

How Do I Correct My Grip to Fix a Golf Slice?

To correct your grip, ensure that you are not gripping the club too tightly and align your grip more in the fingers, not the palm, to facilitate a proper release through impact.

What is the Best Drill to Fix a Golf Slice?

The “Towel Drill” is highly effective, where you place a towel under your armpit and maintain its position during your swing to encourage a more connected and inside-out swing path.

How Does Ball Position Affect a Golf Slice?

A forward ball position, closer to your lead foot, encourages an in-to-out swing path, helping to reduce the slice spin generated from an outside-in swing path.

Can a Proper Follow-Through Fix a Golf Slice?

Yes, a balanced and full follow-through ensures proper clubface closure, helping to reduce the chances of slicing the ball.

Can Changing My Club Help Fix a Golf Slice?

Yes, opting for a club with the right shaft flex and loft for your swing speed can aid in reducing the slice by promoting a straighter ball flight.

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