TaylorMade Stealth DHY vs UDI Review: Who Are These For?

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The TaylorMade DHY and UDI are two new utility irons designs for long distance. The feel of an iron with the forgiveness and distance of a traditional hybrid, TaylorMade hypes up these two clubs as the perfect long-approach solution. In this review, I’ll compare the TaylorMade Stealth DHY vs UDI and help you answer these questions:

  • Who are the Stealth DHY and UDI for?
  • What are some key features in these utility irons?
  • What are the main differences between the TaylorMade Stealth DHY and UDI.
  • How can you buy each club today.

With second-shot golf clubs than ever before, the DHY and UDI are enticing choices for golfers who need to play better on today’s long golf courses. If you like and buy the Stealth DHY vs UDI, let us know what you think.

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What is the TaylorMade Stealth DHY?

taylormade stealth dhy iron review

The TaylorMade Stealth DHY stands for “Driving Hybrid” and it is a brand new golf club offered by the golf brand. Most golfers struggle with a distance gap from their shortest fairway wood to their longest iron, so TaylorMade is going for something that can be hit in between consistently.

The new Stealth DHY has the looks of an iron, but with a bit larger and thicker topline and wide sole, much like what a rescue hybrid looks like. The blade is also slightly longer than a regular iron and the lower center of gravity offers unbelievable forgiveness.

TaylorMade has always been a pioneer when it comes to engineering new golf clubs, and this is no different. Golfers are all different and they like having different options and choices to make out on the course. It is the same for these two new clubs as they provide versatility to golfers off the tee and fairway.

How to Buy

The Stealth DHY is available in 17, 19, 22 and 25 degree lofts.

What is the Stealth UDI?

taylormade stealth udi iron review

The TaylorMade Stealth UDI stands for “Ultimate Driving Iron” and is the other option offered by the company. The Stealth UDI is different from the DHY as it is a more traditional looking golf iron.

Driving irons are becoming more and more popular for PGA Tour Pro’s mostly due to their workability and consistency. They are easy to get mid-to-low ball flight, but still provide maximum distance that you need off the tee. In the Stealth UDI there is a rear position weight that offers low launch from impact.

The Stealth UDI looks like a slightly bigger version of the very popular TaylorMade P790 irons. It makes sense why the company went that route after seeing the popularity and performance of the P790s around the world. Like the P790, the Stealth UDI has a good blend of control and workability.

How to Buy

The Stealth UDI is available in 18, 20 and 23 degree lofts.

Stealth DHY & UDI: Common Features

Despite being two different clubs, the DHY vs UDI from TaylorMade feature a number of common features.


Both the Stealth DHY and UDI irons feature a hollow-body construction with a 450 stainless-steel head along with a 4140 forged-steel L face. This is the exact same material that TaylorMade used in its P790 irons.

This type of material wraps around the sole of the club face and helps offer maximized ball speeds all while keeping that forged look. When you hit long iron shots with these clubs, you will feel right away the explosiveness of the ball off the face of the club compared to traditional irons.

Speedfoam Air

TaylorMade injects a lightweight foam inside the club to even further enhance ball speed and feel on impact. This foam actually weighs 69 percent less than the previous generation SIM2 utility irons, which ends up saving around 4 grams of weight on the club. It may not seem like a lot, but it is a noticeable difference when swinging the club.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

The Stealth DHY and UDI irons both include the thru-slot speed pocket that TaylorMade has included in previous clubs. This allows the club face to flex a little bit more at impact and help with forgiveness on mis-hits and optimal launch angle.

A lot of times when golfers, especially beginner golfers, use a long iron they try to sweep and lift the ball off the ground. This speed pocket helps with that issue and allows a little more consistency.

Inverted Cone Technology

Both the DHY and UDI irons have inverted cone technology, which is a TaylorMade patented design that varies the thickness of the club face. This increases the coefficient of restitution (COR) zone and widens the sweet spot on the club.


Both the Stealth DHY and UDI feature a mirror polish black chrome on the toe of the club. Also included is a hint of red which helps tie in with the Stealth family of clubs (red Carbon face on the Stealth driver).

Stealth DHY & UDI: Differences

Before we tell you which golf club is better for you personally, you should know about some of the key differences between these two utility irons.


The Stealth DHY has a wider sole and the weight placement is positioned right in the sole of the club, which helps create a lower center of gravity. What this does is make the club easier to hit, and also helps launch the ball higher into the air.

taylormade dhy vs udi distance chart

The lower COG creates a higher trajectory than the Stealth UDI. On the Stealth UDI, the weight placement is right behind impact which helps create a lower ball flight and trajectory.


The Stealth UDI promotes a lower ball flight with the center of gravity (COG) being right behind impact. This, along with a more traditional forged iron look, allows for better shot shaping and workability around the golf course.

The Stealth DHY is a more hybrid looking iron which does not allow for a lot of shot shaping and instead focuses on easy to launch shots.


Both of these clubs are designed for forgiveness, however the Stealth DHY will definitely provide more forgiveness just due to the hybrid nature of the club. The blade is longer and with the wider sole, it offers confidence at address. With the lower COG it will also offer way more forgiveness on mis-hits.

The Stealth UDI will be more forgiving than a regular long iron and you hit it with a more traditional address. It’s a solid replacement for a 3 or 4-iron.

Which Golfers is the Stealth DHY for?

The new Stealth DHY golf club is made for golfers who are looking for new technology and a golf club that they can feel confident hitting both off the tee and ground. It isn’t a traditional looking rescue hybrid, but more of a long iron feel.

However, the DHY offers the same forgiveness that a hybrid does. It is easy to hit and will offer maximum forgiveness, even on strikes off the center of the face.

The lower center of gravity will help provide more launch and ball speed.

Beginner golfers should look to the Stealth DHY as a solid hybrid replacement. You will get easy launch on your second shots, which will place you closer to the green.

Which Golfers is the Stealth UDI for?

The Stealth UDI is suited towards more experienced golfers who prefer the forged iron look on their long irons. Those who have a higher swing speed will find the UDI very easy to hit. It provides a low launch on the ball, but will maximize distance and still allow you to shape your shots around the course.

The UDI may not be as forgiving as the DHY, but will still do what you need it to do. On longer par 3 holes, the UDI will be a solid club to get you to the green, with enough spin to stop.

More pure ball strikers should look to the UDI instead of extra woods.

What I Like About These Irons

There are quite a few things that I like about these clubs when comparing the DHY vs UDI irons. First, they are both incredibly easy to hit. My recommendation would be to head into a golf retailer and try out some practice swings with each club.

Each iron offers something a little different, so it will come down to personal preference. If you are more comfortable hitting a hybrid style club, then the Stealth DHY will be for you. If you are someone who prefers hitting a more traditional iron off the tee, then the Stealth UDI is for you.

I also like the fact that TaylorMade offers many different loft options for both the DHY and UDI. The UDI comes available in 18, 20 and 23 degree lofts for right handed golfers and 18 & 20 degrees for left handed golfers.

The Stealth DHY comes in 17, 19, 22 and 25 degrees for right handers and 19 & 22 for left handers. This allows you to choose something that perfectly fits in with the rest of your clubs and ensures no distance gaps.

Lastly, I like that these give you another option of what club to hit off the tee. Some golfers are not comfortable hitting drivers or fairway woods off the tee or struggle keeping the ball in play. These clubs are very easy to hit and still allow you to maximize distance so that your approach shots aren’t too far out.

These clubs can be used from amateur golfers all the way up to professionals and can be a massive advantage over other alternatives.

What I Don’t Like About These Clubs

There isn’t a whole lot not to like about the new Stealth DHY and UDI golf clubs. I think the only gripe would probably just be the price of them. They are going to retail for about $249 USD per club, which is quite costly if you feel you are just purchasing a single “iron”.

The fact is, these are brand new clubs and with the new technology, you are going to be paying a premium for it. They won’t be for everyone, so it is up to you and how much time and money you want to put in to golf.

Video Reviews

Want more information on these two irons? Check out the video reviews below for more information.

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The TaylorMade Stealth DHY and UDI are two new utility clubs fill the gap between wood and irons on your long approach shots. With more penetrating ball flight compared to traditional irons, both offer great forgiveness and overall performance.

With longer holes being normal, these utility clubs can be an advantage for golfers who are not as experienced.

In short, if you are comparing the TaylorMade Stealth DHY vs UDI:

  • The DHY replaces your hybrid or fairway woods. It allows you to bash golf balls with an iron-like shape.
  • The UDI feels more like a long iron. It allows for your spin around the green.

Despite being in the same family, there are slight differences in profile launch between these two. Give them a try today!

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