Ping ChipR Review: The Short Wedge You Need?

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Do you have trouble hitting consistent short game shots around the green? In this Ping ChipR review, I’ll go over Ping’s new short game iron in full detail. This chipper club is perfect for casual golfers in search of game improvement hacks.

Ping promises that the ChipR will:

  • Remove your fear of chunking or blading shots around the green
  • Give you more consistent spin
  • Help you chip in a variety of lies

So, read the Ping ChipR review below and decide for yourself if this is a legitimate solution for golfers or not. If you want to leave a comment down below, I’d like to hear from you.

Ping ChipR – Quick Summary

An interesting chipper to improve the short game for average golfers.

Ping thinks they have a short game winner here and we mostly agree. It looks like an undersized iron, hits like a putter, and gives you a consistent bump and run tool around the green.

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What is the Ping ChipR?

ping chipr chipper back view

The Ping ChipR golf club is a brand new, innovative golf club that will help you hit better from short distances around the green. Dubbed the new short game solution, the Ping ChipR aims to give golfers improved confidence on chip shots around the green.

The Ping ChipR looks like an iron, but combines elements of the putter with it to improve chip shots and offer extreme versatility on the golf course. There have been many different variations of putter/chipper clubs before, but Ping really brings this one to the next level with its hydropearl chrome finish.

This club is very good looking and blends right in with any irons. If you don’t want a clunky golf club hanging out of your bag then this will be the club for you.

At first glance you may not even notice the difference between this club and a regular iron, but its performance out on the course is hard to deny.

How to Buy the Ping ChipR

The ChipR can be purchased from our friends at PGA Tour Superstore and Global Golf using the links below. As soon as the club is available worldwide via Amazon, we will update this section.

Who is the Ping ChipR for?

The Ping ChipR golf club will be perfect for golfers who are looking for a little more confidence on chip shots around the green. There is no denying that chipping is one of the toughest aspects of the golf game to master.

The Ping ChipR combines elements of a putter to take away the “yips” and make sure you are hitting consistent chips every single time. You hit balls with a putting-like stroke, but the club itself looks more like a traditional wedge with a more compact size.

This game improvement club is very versatile and can be used in a multitude of scenarios such as:

  • greenside chips
  • chipping out of thick rough
  • 40 yard bump and run shots

The ChipR provides excellent distance control and maximum forgiveness to ensure no more chunking or thinning the golf ball. A great way to think of this club is as an extension of your putter instead of another wedge or chipping club.

Ping has brought out a chipper club before, but they say that this iteration can turn decent golfers into great ones.

ping chipr review in action

Key Features


The new Ping ChipR golf club is very versatile in how it can be used. It has 38.5 degrees of loft, which is the exact same as a 9-iron. However, it lies 5.5 degrees more upright than a 9-iron, so the shaft sits more vertically.

This is why you will have more success using a putting stroke as it will help keep the loft on the club. On chips from the fringe and around the green, using the Ping ChipR with a putting stroke will ensure perfect distance control and consistency. You won’t have to worry about thinning the ball past the target or chunking behind the ball.

Another versatile shot that can be used with the Ping ChipR is the 40 yard bump and run, where you can find yourself in between clubs. This club offers excellent distance control and will have you putting the ball close on every single approach shot. This will end up being a very reliable golf club for golfers who find themselves in between what kind of wedge to pull out from 50 yards and in.

Heavy Weight

Due to the loft and heavier head weight on the ChipR, it is very easy to hit golf balls out of thicker greenside rough as well. The extra weight will help push the ball out and the loft will get it slightly into the air and towards your target.

Cambered Sole

The Ping ChipR is made with a cambered sole, which means that there is a slight upward curve in the middle of the club face. This allows for a smooth swing through the rough and fringe for maximum consistency on every single shot.

It also features a shallow face height and has a 70 degree lie. A standard putter has 72 degrees lie by comparison, so that is why your putting stroke will work better with this club.

431 Stainless Steel

The Ping ChipR is also made from 431 stainless steel head and is perimeter weighted for maximum forgiveness. The club weighs about 325 grams, which is similar to a putter and you will notice this when swinging the club. The extra weight comes in handy when hitting out of thicker rough, as you do not need to add that much more power to get the ball up and moving.

Hydropearl Finish

Also included on the club head is a composite cavity badge and a hydropearl chrome finish that repels water away. This will help keep the finishing shiny and new looking for a long time.

MicroMax Grooves

The Ping ChipR has precision-milled MicroMax grooves. MicroMax grooves means that there are actually more grooves on the club face due to them being tighter together. What the tighter grooves does is increase contact on the ball and maintain maximum spin on the golf ball. This is also what will help provide maximum distance control on every single swing.

ping chipr review club face

Z-Z115 Shaft & Dyla-Wedge Grip

Rounding out the new Ping ChipR is the stock shaft and grip. The shaft is the Ping Z-Z115 wedge shaft which is very lightweight at 111 grams. The balance point is located a little lower then normal, which allows for a better feel of the club head throughout your swing. It is a standard 35 inch length, but you can customize that longer or shorter if needed through Ping.

The grip that comes on the club is the 36 Dyla-wedge Lite grip which is actually 3/4 –inch longer than a traditional grip and features a reduced taper. This encourages you to choke down more on your chip shots and not lose the feel of the club.

What I Like About the Ping ChipR

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect when using the Ping ChipR for the first time. I knew that chipper clubs were a gimmicky type of golf club and might not be taken seriously, but that might all change with the new Ping ChipR.

Putting Stroke

Overall, the Ping ChipR is incredibly easy to use. One thing to note, use a putting stroke at all times when using the club. It took a while to get used to, but it will end up working better in the long run.

If you use the club like a normal wedge, you end up de-lofting the club and you will not strike the ball consistently. Using a putter stroke and letting the weight and loft of the club do the work did wonders.


I like the look of this golf club. If you didn’t know any better, you would think it is just a brand new wedge or iron that Ping just came out with. It is modern looking and slick with the hydropearl chrome finish and perimeter weighting.


Whether it was hitting out of thicker rough or bump and run shots from 40 yards out, it was incredibly easy to put a good strike on the ball and let it get close to the hole. You can tell the club head is a little heavier than normal, but with this type of club it is welcomed.

A lot of amateur golfers lack control on chips and a fear of chunking the golf ball. This Ping club is good for high handicappers who want more spin control and consistency.

ping chipr back view

What I Don’t Like About the Ping ChipR

The Ping ChipR won’t be found in the golf bags of any PGA tour professionals and this makes it lose some of its cool factor. As well, relying in this can hurt your chances to learn how to hit your wedges well from shorter distance.

Other golfers may think that the gimmick isn’t worth it or that the price is too much. Either way, I would recommend hitting it if you haven’t and make your decision based off that.

If you think a chipper club can help your game in the long run, then go for it.

Video Reviews

Looking for more Ping ChipR reviews? Below are a few videos we like that explain the product well.

PING ChipR Review by TGW

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What club does the chipper replace?

Most chipper type golf clubs would typically replace one of the wedges in your bag. A chipper is a higher lofted club similar to a 8 or 9 iron. However, the club head is adjusted to be hit like a putter, which makes them easier to use around the green for beginner golfers.

Do PGA Tour player use a chipper?

No, there are no PGA Tour golfers that would consider using a chipper. Chippers are designed for beginners and high handicap golfers. They give you less control over the spin of your golf ball, so they would not be suited to the PGA.

What distance is a chipper club used from?

Chipper clubs are very versatile in that they can be used from anywhere 50 yards and in. They can also be used off the fringe of the green and also from thicker rough. Due to the loft and higher weighted club face, they are very easy to use and allow for great distance control and consistent strikes on the ball.

What loft is the Ping ChipR?

The Ping ChipR comes in a 38.5 degree loft, which is similar to a 9-iron. The shaft lies 5.5 degrees more upright than a 9-iron, meaning the shaft sits more vertically.

Is a golf chipper legal?

Yes golf chippers are legal. The USGA deems chipper’s to be an iron. If you were to use one, you would replace one of the wedges in your bag.


I think the Ping ChipR is a great option for anyone looking to add a chipping wedge into their bag. It gives you more control over the ball flight and spin, making it perfect for learning how to chip.

Ping thinks they’ve found a winner with this club and that casual golfers will want it. We mostly agree with them.

Some of the best things about this chipper:

  • It has great feel and it is easy to swing.
  • The head size and shape is optimized for the short game.
  • You have more control over your ball flight right from your first swing.

Some of the drawbacks:

  • It’s a little expensive for such a niche club
  • It doesn’t suit more experience players
  • No PGA tour pros will be using this

If you get the chance to try out or buy this club, comment down below and let us know what you think about it.

Buy the Ping ChipR using the links below:

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