Phigolf 2 vs Phigolf 1 Detailed Comparison: Is The Upgrade Worth It?

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Phigolf is an incredibly popular golf simulator that you can use right from the comforts of your own home. The new Phigolf 2 promises to improve the original and add more features. We will compare the Phigolf 2 vs Phigolf 1 in complete detail, including:

  • What is Phigolf 2?

  • A detailed comparison between Phigolf 1 and Phigolf 2

  • Frequently Asked Questions

One nice thing about the Phigolf is that it doesn’t require much space and allows you to use a swing stick to track all your swing data while playing world golf tour games. You can also have fun playing against your friends on different golf courses worldwide.

If you have used the Phigolf simulator in the past, let us know down below how it went!

What is the Phigolf 2?

phigolf 2 golf sim package

Phigolf 2 is one of the most versatile golf simulators on the market. The Phigolf system allows you to practice and analyze your golf swing from anywhere you want without needing a hitting net.

The package includes:

  • the main swing stick device

  • a charging cable

  • a wrist safety strap

  • an instruction manual.

The swing stick mimics the feel of a real golf club as it is a golf grip attached to a real shaft. You then screw the Phigolf sensor into the bottom of the grip, which tracks your head speed, swing plane, face angle, attack angle, ball speed, and more.

This sensor also screws into a real golf club which is great for golfers wanting to use their own clubs to track the data. Once everything is screwed in and ready to go, you must download the Phigolf app from the app store compatible with your phone, and this is where the data will show up.

You can also use the Phigolf system with popular golfing apps like World Golf Tour and E6 Connect and play on real-life courses like St Andrews and Torrey Pines. There are many fun game modes on these apps that you can play alone or with friends.

How to Buy

The new Phigolf 2 golf simulator is available worldwide on Amazon and you can buy yours today below!

Phigolf 2 Key Features

Extensive Swing Analysis

phigolf 2 vs phigolf 1 sensor in club setup

Once the motion sensor is hooked up and Bluetooth is turned on for your mobile device, Phigolf will offer you 3D analysis on every shot. You will receive live feedback on many things, such as:

  • clubhead speed

  • club path

  • ball flight

  • estimated distance

You no longer require an impact screen or an expensive golf simulator to practice your game. Phigolf believes that you should be able to practice right from your living room. You can also practice your putting to see your swing tempo, swing speed, and more.

Three Golf Apps Supported

phigolf 2 support for wgt and e6 connect

Phigolf allows you to access multiple golf apps simultaneously to enhance your golf experience. On top of the nine golf courses the Phigolf app offers you for free, you will also access 26 golf courses through the WGT Golf App and 41 golf courses through the E6 Connect app.

This allows you to play more courses, including all Major Championship venues. This is why Phigolf is one of the best golf simulators today.

Speed Golf Feature

New in the Phigolf 2 simulator is a Speed Golf feature. In this mode, the scoring takes into account your golf score, as well as how fast you complete your round.

You will play 18 holes of hole and race from hole to hole on foot. You can run on the spot or use a treadmill at home for a more complicated challenge.

This is a fun feature that adds some fitness at the same time.


The Phigolf 2 is available for $299.

All of this sounds great, but how does this add up in our Phigolf 2 vs Phigolf 1 comparison? Let’s look at the two devices in detail below.

Phigolf 2 vs Phigolf 1: Detailed Comparison

Sensor Tracking

phigolf 2 sensor tracking

Phigolf and Phigolf 2 feature a Smart Sensor that screws into the bottom of the swing stick or real club. Once you set up Bluetooth on your mobile device, you open the app, where all the data will appear when you swing the club.

The sensors are pretty similar between the two. The Phigolf 2 runs off Bluetooth V5.0 instead of 4.1 in the original. It also takes 1.5 hours to charge instead of two hours for the original sensor.

The sensor in the Phigolf 2 will be more accurate and give you a better idea of shot distance than the original Phigolf, but it is very close.

Winner: Phigolf 2

Size and Weight

The Phigolf 2 sensor is slightly bigger overall than the original. It is three millimeters longer and wider and 7 millimeters higher. It also weighs 1 gram more than the original.

This is relatively minuscule, as you cannot tell that the sensor is even on your club when it’s attached, which is what Phigolf intended.

Winner: Draw

Game Modes

phigolf 2 playing game modes

Phigolf and Phigolf 2 allow you to do many things as you would on the golf course. You can hit the driving range, play stroke by yourself, or play with friends. There are six different kinds of game modes to play once loaded into the app:

  • Stroke Play

  • Driving Range Mode

  • Multiplayer

  • Approach Game

  • Putting Game

  • Tournaments

New in Phigolf 2, though, is a Speed Golf and Rush game mode. This is where you will golf as you would typically while trying to finish quickly. After hitting your shot, you must run in place or on a treadmill with your Phigolf club.

The screen shows your feet moving down the fairway for each shot. This is a great way to exercise and is also very fun.

phigolf 2 speed mode

Winner: Phigolf 2

Number of Courses

phigolf 2 wgt app

Phigolf 1 offers nine free courses through the Phigolf app, including Pebble Beach and St. Andrews, and access to the Aviara course in E6 Connect and the Wolf Creek course in World Golf Tour. You can purchase separate subscriptions to either of these simulation software to get even more access to other real-life courses worldwide.

Phigolf 2 offers nine free courses through its app and access to 26 golf courses through the WGT Golf App and 41 golf courses through the E6 Connect app. The increase in free golf courses makes the Phigolf 2 worth it alone.

phigolf 2 real golf courses

Winner: Phigolf 2

Price Comparison

The original Phigolf is available for $249, whereas the Phigolf 2 simulator retails for $299.

For only a $50 increase, we recommend going with the Phigolf 2 as the upgrades well exceed the minimal price difference.

Winner: Phigolf 1


Overall, the team has done a great job improving the Phigolf 2 in a few key areas. The upgraded features, including the Speed Golf mode, compatibility with more golf apps, and a more efficient sensor, make Phigolf 2 a worthwhile investment for both seasoned golfers and beginners.

Despite the slightly higher cost, the enhanced features of Phigolf 2 justify the price difference, delivering value for money.

So, for anyone weighing the Phigolf 2 vs Phigolf 1, the answer is clear: Phigolf 2 offers more bang for your buck. It is a great way to stay warm in the off-season and practice swinging your golf game from your living room.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Phigolf 2 (FAQs)

Is Phigolf 2 better than Phigolf 1?

Yes, the Phigolf 2 is better than the Phigolf 1 system. A more durable sensor to prevent breakage, increased accuracy on live feedback, and more real-life courses are some of the various aspects of why it is better than the original sensor.

How realistic is the Phigolf simulator?

The Phigolf 2 simulator is very realistic regarding the feedback provided on each shot. The swing stick is also weighted to feel like an actual club.

Can you use real golf clubs with Phigolf?

Yes, the Phigolf sensor can be screwed right into the end of the grip on real golf clubs allowing for optimal feedback. All of the stat tracking is the same whether you use the Phigolf club or your own club to play sim golf.

Do you need to use real balls with the Phigolf?

No, the Phigolf club is weighted to feel like a real golf club. It has the mimic of a golf ball on the end of the shaft, but you do not need to use or hit any real golf balls in order to play.

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