How to Properly Grip Your Golf Club

Today we are going to talk to you about how to properly grip your golf club. You may be asking "Why? I think I grip my club just fine, why do I need some internet writer to tell me otherwise?"

The truth is that this may actually not be the case, and you may have been gripping your club the wrong way this whole time. This can make a huge difference in your golf game, as the correct grip can lead to more accurate shots, and an improper grip can send the ball flying into the woods... or worse.

So, even if you think you have no issues with your grip, you may want to take a look at this article just to make sure, as we talk about the best method for gripping your golf club.
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5 Tips for Your Grip

  • Keeping Your Arms Neutral: A big mistake that a lot of new golfers will make when gripping the club is that they hold their arms tight and stiff as if the club will fly away if they don't. On the opposite side, there are also golfers that think to let your arms hang loose like an inflatable tube man will help with the motion of your swing. In truth, neither method is preferred.

    Both tight and tense arms and extremely loose arms can lead to a loss of swing control, which will make your shots inaccurate. Instead, when gripping the club try to hold your arms as you would naturally. This will allow you the perfect amount of arm motion and helps you to keep control of the club.
  • How to Hold the Club: When you grab the club you will want to make sure that you grip it with your fingers as opposed to your palms, trying to maintain a firm, but not overly tight, grip. By holding the club in this fashion you are able to both keep the club from flying out of your hands and keep control of the club during your swing.

    For comparison's sake, you would want to use the same grip on your club as you would on the handle of a suitcase.
  • Hand Position: Your hands should be positioned with your dominant hand closer to the club head, gripping the point where the grip on your club and the shaft meet. Your other hand will be placed closer to the top of the club with your palm facing outwards. Your fingers should also be placed on the club as follows:

    Thumbs: Both thumbs should be pointed down the center of your club towards the club head. The thumb on the hand furthest from the club shaft should be tucked slightly under your dominant hand, producing a "V" like shape. Never place your thumbs down the sides of the club, as this can lead to less club control during your swing.

    Forefinger: The forefinger on your dominant hand should be wrapped around the base of you club grip, with your other forefinger resting just above the top of your dominant hand.

    Middle and Ring Fingers: The middle and ring finger should rest around the small crevices on your club grip, which will help to keep your hands on the club.

    Pinkies: Pinkie fingers, being the smallest and weakest finger on your hands, have a lot less effect on your grip and control. This means that pinkies can, essentially, grip the club in the way that makes you most comfortable.
  • Range of Motion: When gripping your club, try keeping your wrist from becoming too tense. Keeping your wrist stiff can limit your motion when following through on your swing, making it harder to make accurate and consistent impact.
  • Don't Adjust Your Grip: If you want to make sure that you get used to holding your hands properly and want to maintain consistent shots, don't constantly change up your grip. Changing grip prior to a swing or changing the way you hold your club constantly can have negative effects on your game and can lead to a lot of inaccurate shots and frustration.
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You may still think after reading this that you already know all there is to know about your own golf grip. In that case, congratulations, and I wish you luck on the course.

But if you happen to have learned a thing or two today, then I have done my job. Now that you got a "grip" on how to improve the grip on your golf club, it is time to get out to the golf course and put these techniques to practice!